Custom Swag & Personalized Swag Gifts For Companies

October 18, 2021

Give your brand staying power with the best custom promotional products.

Your custom printed swag would always feature your company’s logo and when possible, what your organization stands for. Your custom swag does not have to cost much. You can get cheap custom swag that would represent your brand just fine. It is also advisable to buy custom event swag in bulk to maximize the cost. From personal grooming to stylish hoodies and water-resistant speakers, here are the best company custom swag ideas in 2021. 

20 best personalized custom swag ideas for companies

1. Men’s Service Jacket 

Military-style multipurpose jackets for modern men. 

The first customizable company swag on our list is a men’s service jacket. These multipurpose clothing apparel have become popular for their durability and versatility, just like other adaptations of military uniforms. With this custom swag idea, your clients and employees can pull off multiple looks flawlessly. Whether recipients are ready for a day at the office, a fun camping trip, or anything in between, service jackets project confidence, charisma, and warmth. 

What’s more? They cost less than $100. The higher the quantity, the less you pay for each product. Men’s service jackets are affordable, long-lasting, and very fashionable. Plus, they’re great for when you sell custom swag on website. 

2. Confidant Hardcover Notebook 

A true confidant that keeps secrets and builds dreams. 

Another custom unique swag is this Confidant Hardcover Notebook. It is a great way to build productivity amongst employees. It can be used as a journal, notebook, and even a sketchbook. All swag boxes for new hires should include this hardcover notebook. It has a stylish cloth cover design, and it opens flat, which means that workers and clients can get the most of its 192 pages. It comes in multiple warm and cool colours for the conservative and stylish and appealing colours for the bold. 

The traditional pen and paper method has been found more effective for focus, memory retention, and idea generation than modern note-taking forms, and the Confidant Hardcover Notebook is at the top of the ladder. Everyone would love this swag merchandise as it helps productivity, focus, brainstorming, and creativity. Confidant also grows a tree for every notebook purchased. So, you would be building your brand and supporting mother Earth for less than $20.  

3. The Perfect Denim Shirt 

Swag idea for the classy, stylish and simple. 

Another way to get a custom logo swag is the ASColour Denim Shirt. This preshrunk, long-sleeve, button-down denim shirt is an absolute crowd favorite. The longer back design oozes class and simplicity for people that want to look modern and stylish while keeping everything simple. When it comes to custom team swag, you can’t go wrong with denim!

It is also suited for different forms of screen printing and embroidery.

4. Modern Sprout® Find Balance Take Care Kit – Aloe 

Aloe grow kit and Reed diffuser for restoration, growth, and inner peace.  

Help your clients and employees clear their minds and lungs with this aloe grow kit. It comes in a colourful package containing an aloe grow kit and seeds and a Reed diffuser with a brass accent. All recipients will feel relaxed with the lemongrass and clary sage diffuser while having something to nurture and protect, all in a great package. 

If you want to keep your brand in the minds of business partners, clients, and others, this is a great custom swag idea for you.

5.  Marine Layer Pullover hoodie

Fashionable eco-friendly hoodie for all. 

The Marine Layer Pullover Hoodie is your best custom swag hoodie idea. It is made from a blend of Supima Cotton and Micromodal, which is made from recycled beechwood. The lightweight, soft, eco-friendly material makes this a great promotional swag for all companies. 

6. Timbik2 Laptop backpack 

Water-resistant Laptop backpack with Daisy chain lock.  

Of all custom swag bags, the Timbik2 Laptop backpack easily stands out due to its amazing features. It is water-resistant, and the water beads that form on it can easily be rubbed off with a cloth. It also has a U-Lock ready daisy chain that can provide additional storage space for items that don’t fit into the big bag. 

It would come in handy for employees that commute with their laptops and other personal items. It is spacious yet extremely lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds. The brand is also well-known for its durable products.

7. A Cool Surf Cap 

Top-quality surf cap for the stylish.  

The second ASColour product is the ASColour surf cap, also representing the quality brand on our list. If you need ideas for swag boxes for virtual events, this item is a great addition. It can also serve as small business promotional items. It is affordable, lightweight and suitable for different printing techniques. It pairs nicely with casual shirts and trousers to project a laid-back, stress-free work environment for all. 

8. MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler - 12 Oz. 

Insulated tumbler for drinks of all temperatures.

Tumblers don’t get as classy or as useful as this MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler. If you need a more generic custom company swag, this product is great for you. It has several amazing features, including a double-wall insulation technology that protects your skin from scalds and preserves the temperature of your drink. 

It also has a high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel that preserves the taste of your drink for as long as you want. This tumbler is one of the great custom ideas for travel swag. It can fit into all cupholders in cars and bags. For every MiiR tumbler you buy, you would also be supporting the company’s charity donations. 

9. Igloo® Maddox XL Cooler 

Keep up to 42 cans cold while on the go! 

The Igloo Maddox XL cooler is another great custom idea for travel swag. It has high-quality materials and linings to keep food and drink cooler for longer while keeping germs out. It also has padded shoulder straps and dual-side grab handles for extra convenience and comfort. The cooler is a great tool for picnics, field trips, camping trips and vacations. Your clients and employees will feel extremely appreciated with this luxury company swag. 

10. CORKCICLE® Classic Arctican 

Can holder with a cooling base for extra convenience. 

This can holder is a great custom corporate swag for clients, employees, and other associates. It has a simple design and can hold most standard bottles and 12 ounces aluminium cans. The cooling base easily comes off and fits back on without stress. The product will keep items cold for up to three hours. 

11. Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

Fitness, class, and style in one package. 

This fitness tracker is a great addition to branded swag boxes for companies. You want your clients and employees to stay healthy and happy while staying classy and stylish. Recipients can easily monitor their heart rate, track their sleep and more. Plus, it's swim-proof and can last for up to seven days. 

12. Anker® Soundcore Mini 3 Pro Bluetooth® Speaker

A great tool for music lovers any day, anytime. 

The Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker was designed with all music lovers in mind. Its completely waterproof design makes it convenient to use anywhere, even in the bathroom. Who does not want a long soak in the bathtub with their favourite song playing in the background? The speaker has lovely LED lighting that alternates between pulse, phase or flow depending on what you listen to. Its BassUp technology also makes it pleasing to the ears. 

It lasts for up to fifteen hours after a full charge and can easily fit into a small bag or purse because of its sleek and compact design. Give your clients and employees the gift of great music with this great device. 

13. JBL Wireless Earbuds

Music is even better when it is wireless. 

Like the Anker Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Wireless Earbuds are a popular choice for music lovers everywhere. As thoughtful and stylish gifts go, these earbuds are the real deal. If you want to create simple swag boxes for employees, they're a great addition.

14. Rains Backpack 

A rucksack has never looked so attractive.  

The list of custom swag bags is incomplete without Rains Backpack. This classic bag has everything, a laptop compartment, a secret compartment for phones, and another compartment for other essentials. It has a matte finish and is completely waterproof. Devices, files, and personal items will stay dry and safe as long as they remain in the Rains Backpack. It also has adjustable straps and magnetic closings for extra convenience and class. 

15. Cotopaxi Bataan Hip Pack 

Think color and convenience, think Cotopaxi fanny pack.  

These custom swag bags come in vibrant colours that appeal to all. They can be a nice accessory to lift your dressing while also acting as a store for essential items. Like other small items on this list, they would be a great addition to custom swag boxes. They also make good custom event swag for promoting your business. 

16. iHome Rechargeable Water Resistant Speaker

Bring the music anywhere. 

Fitted with IP65-rated water-resistant and slip-resistant fabric, this iHome speaker is another great way to appreciate music lovers everywhere. The rechargeable device is portable enough to be used anywhere, but its size does not compromise its sound. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and even has its voice-powered personal music assistant, Melody. 

17. Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera w/ 10 Count Film, Charcoal 

Capture every moment with Instax Mini 11.   

With a selfie mode, stylish and compact design and camera case for easy transportation, Instax Mini 11 is one of the best custom swag chain on the list. As your clients and employees capture every moment, even in the dark (thanks to the camera’s advanced technology), they will never forget your brand in a hurry. 

18. Nike Dry Fit Vapor Polo

No-sweat custom swag apparel that's on trend.

The Nike Dri-Fit Vapor Polo features the Dri-Fit moisture management technology to keep wearers comfortable even while exerting themselves on a sunny day. It has a simple design with a two-button placket, rolled forward shoulder seams and the famous Nike logo on the left sleeves. If your clients are sportspeople, you can invest in this best value custom swag. 

19. The North Face Backpack 

Stylish backpacks for all occasions. 

Like Rains, The North Face is another notable name in the backpack industry. It is known for its dependable, spacious and colorful backpacks, any of which would make great custom interesting swag ideas. North Face has different designs for people of all ages and genders. 

20. Stojo Travel Cup

Last, but certainly not the least... 

The last item on our personalized swag gift list is the Stojo Travel Cup. The collapsible, spill-proof travel cup comes in many attractive colors and is under $20. It is great for carrying liquid while camping, traveling or commuting due to its 100 percent spill-proof technology. When there is no liquid in it, you can collapse it to only 2-inches and store it anywhere.

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