20 Best Custom Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Employees and Customers

March 1, 2021

For the best corporate gifts, think customizable sweatshirts like these.

Sweatshirts and hoodies rose to popularity last year when “shelter in place” replaced office attire with remote attire. And, today, as many Americans continue working from home in spite of easing restrictions by state, the loungewear turned workwear trend continues to rise in 2021. Plus, with consumers seeking out more sustainable and comfortable clothing, we don’t see the sweatshirt’s spike in popularity going anywhere any time soon.

So whether you’re looking to show your customers the love, boost employee morale, host virtual networking events, or add it to your onboarding strategy (because really, who can resist a new hire swag kit?!), you can’t go wrong with premium custom sweatshirts for employees and customers. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself the 20 best custom sweatshirts and hoodies around.  

1. The Champion Sweatshirt

There’s something to be said for the timeless custom Champion hoodie sweatshirt, like this one from Urban Outfitters. Whether it’s the loose, boyfriend cut, soft brushed interior, or kangaroo pockets, we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, why mess with a good thing?  

TIP: Popular hoodie brands for men and women, similar to this one by Champion, will always score high with employees. Plus, they make excellent “uniforms” for events and conferences where your working team members need to be easily identified. 

2. The Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt

Sometimes when deciding on the best online custom sweatshirts for employees and customers, it all boils down to the overall quality, available colors, like the features found in this unisex Eco Cozy fleece sweatshirt from Alternative. 

TIP: Sweatshirts with a more tailored fit that are available in a rainbow of colorways make great corporate gifts for even your best VIP customers.

3. The Marine Layer Sweatshirt

Who knew a sweatshirt could have so many bells and whistles? If you’re looking for the creme de la creme of styles, you can’t beat features like reversible design, quality quilting, and two tone piping that are similar to those in this custom Marine Layer sweatshirt option.

TIP: When your merch looks this good, you should probably be selling it. Yes, swag stores are a thing and when done right are perfect for helping you build brand awareness and maximize your marketing efforts.

4. The ASColour Sweatshirt

A preshrunk heavyweight cotton french terry hoodie with a kangaroo pocket—yes please! For a hoodie your crew will live in long after the work day is done, features like those found in this relaxed fit custom ASColour hoodie in  enviable muted shades and everyday neutrals will go a long way.

TIP: Custom embroidered hoodies for employees are a great alternative to screen printing. In addition to the unique design, adding an embroidered texture is always a win and offers an instant update to an otherwise basic style staple. 

5. The Independent Trading Sweatshirt

Everything old is new again, including tie dye. If you're looking for an on trend sweatshirt to set your brand apart, you can’t go wrong with a fun retro design like this midweight premium ring spun cotton hoodie from Independent Trading Company. 

TIP: Once you settle on a cool print or pattern, make the most of your branding efforts with complementing merch like masks or socks. These are perfect for using as giveaways or adding to your swag bag essentials. 

6. The Bella Canvas Sweatshirt

Sometimes, all you need to fight the chill is a great layering piece. Plush sponge fleece fabric makes this custom Bella Canvas sweatshirt incredibly soft and warm. Perfect for chilly home offices and weekend outings. 

TIP: For door prizes, drawings, and product launchers, why not replace your tees with sweatshirts? Event and conference rooms are notorious for feeling like a meat locker, so in addition to giveaways, you may want to think about having some on hand for purchase. Your attendees will thank you!

7. American Apparel Sweatshirt

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. A handwritten card, a homemade goody bag, peppered heathering on your sweatshirt swag… If you’re all about the little details, look for features similar to this custom American Apparel sweatshirt. 

TIP: To make this sweatshirt even better, add embroidery! When it comes to details, custom embroidered sweatshirts for employees and customers make everything better. 

8. The Patagonia Sweatshirt

Looking for corporate gifts that reflect your company’s core values? Seek out features similar to this 95% recycled crew custom Patagonia sweatshirt that’s Fair Trade Certified™.   

TIP: When it comes to adding your brand logo to products for your customers and employees, don’t skimp on the quality. Afterall, word of mouth advertising is free advertising and you want yours to end on a high note.

9. The M. Singer Sweatshirt

Like your favorite pair of jeans, that ragged tee you refuse to part with, or those dress shoes you finally broke in, nothing compares to comfy duds, like this cozy soft fleece pullover hoodie from M. Singer.  

TIP: The only thing better than a super cozy hoodie is a custom hoodie sleeve design for customer or that rock star employee. For extra bonus points,  designate a unique design that’s only gifted to employees who reach a certain milestone, like a sales goal, five star review, or years of service.   

10. The Everlane Sweatshirt

Sometimes too many choices can make deciding on your ultimate sweatshirt a difficult task. In that case, look for high-rated reviews like those found in this well-loved french terry crewneck by Everlane. 

TIP: Want employee feedback on your organization? Try offering an incentive (like free screen print sweatshirts for employees!) for filling out an anonymous form or submitting recommendations. This is also a great motivator for customers to join your mailing list, download your app, and more. 

11. The Nike Sweatshirt

Really, the swoosh says it all. Nothing beats a classic, which is why you can’t go wrong with high quality custom hoodies for employees like this classic fleece pullover sweatshirt by Nike. Additionally, make it a custom Nike Sweatshirt with your logo or artwork.

TIP: Good quality custom hoodies for employees and customers come in mens, womens, or unisex styles, colors, and sizes. To make sure your merch is well received, why not let your intended audience vote on their favorite color, style, brand or design.     

12. The Carhartt Sweatshirt

Want a sweatshirt that works just as hard as your employees? Look for features like triple-stitched main seams, drawcord hood, rib-knit cuffs and waist, and hand warmer pocket, that are similar to those found in this midweight cotton custom Carhartt sweatshirt. 

TIP: Have a crew working a job site? Give them a no-frills professional sweatshirt to market your business wherever they go. 

13. The Topo Designs Sweatshirt

This custom Topo Designs Sweatshirt is “the quintessential varsity sweatshirt.” For a high-quality design with similar vintage details (because what’s old is definitely new again), look for features such as crewneck styling, raglan sleeves, and a straight fit.

TIP: For head-turning sweatshirts with logos for employees and customers don’t shy away from color. And if you find an irresistible hue you think your employees and customers will love (like Topo’s bright blue Juniper!) but it clashes with the colors of your brand, try reversing out your logo to white for a solution  everyone will love!

14. The North Face Sweatshirt

Similar to your all-star employees who always go above and beyond, styles like  the textured classic fleece fabric found in this quarter zip North Face  sweatshirt always deliver. Plus, when you go with a top brand like North Face, you can expect high quality and long lasting durability, whether your employees are climbing the career ladder or hiking that 14’er. 

TIP: To really go the extra mile, invest in a similar quarter-zip style that’s topping the sweatshirt trend. And, if you're looking for features that take your merch to the next level, you can’t go wrong with front and side pockets and a cozy warm interior. Embroider your logo or artwork to make it a custom North Face Sweatshirt.

15. The Arc'teryx Sweatshirt

Who wouldn’t want to add a logo to this sleek modern pullover? For styles that are just as fashionable as they are functional, look for winning features like those found in the men’s  1/2 zip custom ARC'TERYX sweatshirt. From the technical performance fleece to the wool sweater styling, it’s easy to see why this easy to wear sweatshirt is one of the leaders of the pack. 

TIP: To ensure you score good quality custom hoodies for employees and customers, look for features like sweatproof, wrinkle resistant and durable fabrics so nothing gets in the way of your company’s branding! Then leave it to the owner to rock the look

16. The Hanes Sweatshirt

Probably the OG of custom crewneck sweatshirts for employees, Hanes has been around since 1901 and is known for its affordable basics. If you're looking for a dependable, classic pick that won’t let you down, try styles similar to the tried and true Hanes Sweatshirt. Hanes is one of those brands where you get the biggest bang for your buck, so add a logo onto the front and make it a custom Hanes sweatshirt for your team or new loungewear brand.

TIP: You can get affordable options without sacrificing on style. Just let your branding do the leg work! Try a half and half custom hoodie for employees. By designating a large space for your logo, you’ll get an employee-approved design that markets like a pro!

17. The Los Angeles Apparel Sweatshirt

For teams that always give 110%, choose a one of a kind pigment dyed heavy fleece hooded sweatshirt like this one from Los Angeles Apparel sweatshirt with rich colors and unique textures.   

Not sure how you want to brand your sweatshirt. These fun hoodie designs will help get your creative juices flowing so you can think outside of the box and make it a custom Los Angeles Apparel sweatshirt. And, however you decide to design your sweatshirt, remember to place your logo in a prominent place so your swag can advertise your brand whenever it’s worn.  

18. The Dress Forum Sweatshirt

When your swag calls for an on trend lightweight hoodie with feminine details, nothing compares to styles like this french terry Dress Forum sweatshirt with muted drawstring. This casual hoodie is easy to layer and love for winning company branded merch!  

TIP: Sweatshirts and hoodies are not one size fits all. If you’re looking for a unique custom sweatshirt online for men and women that stands out from the pack, think about details such as pockets, piping and trim color, quality fabrications, necklines, collars and the overall fit.  

19. The Next Level Sweatshirt

It’s easy to find a perfect fit for your brand when there’s a slew of colors and sizes to choose from, like the fleece pullover hoody from Next Level that’s available in 14 colors and sizes XL to 3XL. And, with got-to-have-them details like ribbed cuffs and waistband, a lined hood and natural drawcord, you can’t go wrong. 

TIP: If you’re up for providing different digital printing hoodies for employees in styles for both men and women, you could generate even more excitement. Especially since trends for women include cropped lengths and split side hems whereas the 2021 men’s sweatshirt trends focused more on the hoodie. 

20. The Hylete Sweatshirt

For a laid back hoodie style that outplays the competition, look for attention-grabbing details like those found in the custom Hylete sweatshirt. From the durable, semi-slick exterior fabric to the waffle texture interior, this Flexion pullover breathes for true comfort and temperature regulation. 

TIP: You can’t go wrong with pockets! Afterall, having somewhere to stash your keys, phone, or just your hands when they’re cold could make the difference between a sweatshirt they like and a sweatshirt they wear on repeat!

A really good sweatshirt is like a best friend. It’s there for the good and the bad, comforting you on the toughest and chilliest of days no matter the season. So when you want to show your appreciation, foster teamwork, or even market your company’s launch or rebrand, invest in custom embroidered hoodies for employees and customers. And, if it’s your BFF that needs spoiling, nothing says “you’re my ride or die” like custom best friend sweatshirts. 

“The customer is the final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear. I’m not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum.”  – Marc Jacobs

While Marc Jacobs might not have been talking about the sweatshirt, we can be sure it’s the one clothing article too loved to end up in a dusty museum! And, along with staying safe and prioritizing loved ones, our shelter-in-place time has also taught us the importance of doing and wearing things that make us happy.    

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