Brand Highlight: Adidas

July 22, 2021

Known for its 3-stripes, Adidas continues to be an all-star brand.

Brand Highlight: Adidas

Adidas, a well-known powerhouse of sportswear and lifestyle apparel where high quality meets on-the-loop trendy fashion. Adidas has become such a famed conqueror of both comfort and practicality in everyday wardrobe that the quality of their brand is seldom questioned. Fashion trends come and go but the three-striped brand stayed true and strong throughout the years.

Adidas Company History

It was in the year 1924 that one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world arose, and from a modern perspective, it’s such an astoundingly small beginning for the highly stupendous Adidas brand which was founded by Adi Dassler

Just imagine: in his mother’s washroom, that’s where the first Adidas shoes were made. Adi worked with his brother, Rudolf Dassler. By then, the company was registered by the German name Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik or “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” in English. The Dassler brothers’ initial achievements were by the support of Adidas-wearing athletes, who were consistently winning sports and Olympic events. 

They manufactured their shoes according to the practical needs of the athletes. Indeed, it was unbeknownst then but those moments were the first wave of Adidas custom shoes. Lina Radke’s pair prioritized being lightweight, made with a snug fit and thin frame. The gold medal afterward exacerbated the brand’s rising fame.

A New Beginning

Due to unfortunate circumstances and rivalry, the two brothers parted ways. Rudolf went on to pioneer Puma and Adi with Adidas. This new beginning isn’t entirely ill-fated, however. It actually kicked off the start of Adi’s global successes. In August 1949, Adi Dassler renamed the company into the familiar “Adidas Sportschuhfabrik” and catered primarily to athletes through innovations and feedback-based improvements. 

In the 1970s, products and apparel other than shoes, along with the distinctive Adidas trefoil logo were produced. Once they were successful in the multi-sports, Adidas became involved with newer variations while the advancement of arts and technology reigned. As the new era approached, the brand began working the sporting spirit into streetwear and the general lifestyle. Their motto today ‘Own the Game’ promotes the company’s consumer-centered initiative whereupon “consumer experience” and “sustainability” are put as the linchpin of success. Full detail on their global successes is available on their website. For more ways your company can invest in worthwhile swag and gifts, check out our list of sustainable gifts for every price point. 

Adidas Business Strategy

When one discusses business strategies, the center of attention would inevitably fall into the company’s branding. For Adidas, its brand hinges on promoting a good image of their products and services, and the consumer experience while not straying away from the sports trait they evolved from. Their business strategy thus integrates a sporty attitude in the industry. The Own the Game initiative is this plan: to focus on brand credibility, consumer experience, and product sustainability---of which we can interpret as combining the Adidas name with a product-centered on comfort and being economic-friendly.

Adidas Branding

Looking at the company’s history, the sports realm has been their seed of change and international success. It’s no wonder that the Adidas brand positioning revolves around one mission: to integrate the sports trait in everything. The company thoroughly believes that, using their own words, “through sport, we have the power to change lives”. 

Building Credibility

Adidas places importance on authenticity and trust, perhaps owing to how Adi Dassler developed his shoes based on athletes’ feedback. This is also why they don’t go out of their specialization. If their success was built on sports, why should they focus on other themes? Adidas knows its strengths and credibility and simply reinforces it. With this initiative, they’ll be developing products in which sports is molded as a ‘lifestyle’, where sportswear can be worn for style but should also be practical by nature.

Implementing Sustainability

Adidas themselves set the goal of having 90% of their products be environmentally-friendly within 4 years. According to them, this can be done by transforming their manufacturing methods into 3 things: “made from recycled materials, made to be remade, or made with natural and renewable materials”.

Adidas has an annual report about its brand strategy. Their latest article, the 2019 Annual Report, is located on their corporate strategy page. 

Brand Spotlight Adidas Shoes and more...

Adidas custom shoes kicked off the brand’s popularity and they still find success with their ever popular adidas shell toe custom which are  heavily used by basketball players as they are said to be extremely comfortable on the court and feature a stable cushion and improved “heel lockdown”.

And while their Superstar Shoes continue to rock their custom adidas sneakers category, you can be proud of the fact that these stylistic pairs are made of recycled materials and how the company has been consistent with their sustainability initiative.

But adidas lifestyle shoes and adidas custom shoes are just the beginning. 

Adidas Golf Shirts

The company has also been investing outside of footwear since there are plenty of market opportunities in the golfing community. And so, a category of Adidas Golf Clothes was made. For upper sportswear, they have tons of high-quality performance golf shirts for both men and women. They come in various hues as well, including the ever-popular green Adidas golf shirt or your staple white Adidas golf shirt. You'll find all performance shirts are hard working for outdoor activities and deliver on style in the office.

Performance Sport Shirts

Cotton Blend Shirt

These men’s and women’s cotton-blend sport shirts have both style and comfort. Made from both cotton and recycled polyester, the men’s have a three-button placket while the women’s v-shape is outlined by a self-fabric collar. 

Cotton Blend Sport Shirts

Adidas Hat/Visor

Headwear is beneficial while golfing really enjoying any activities outdoors. You need as much protection from the sun as you can but not too much that it impedes your performance. Adidas offers three types of headgear that are perfect for this: the Adidas Core Performance Cap, the Limited-Edition Golf Sun Booney, and the Adidas Poly Textured Visor. The Core Performance Hat and Visor both have adjustable buckles to make it a perfect fit while the ALE65’s wide brim is suitable for nape protection. Stay shaded and comfortable during sunny days with these perfect-fit headgears.

Core Performance Hat + ALE65 Golf Sun Booney + Adidas Visor

Men’s Mélange Tech T-Shirt + Women’s Mélange Sport Shirt

Good for both sportswear/gym and everyday clothing. The Adidas Mélange is made off of moisture-wicking fabric so you stay dry and comfortable.

3-Strips Sport Shirt

A combination of sporty and casual while boasting the ever-distinct quality of the 3 stripes, the Adidas 3-Striped Polo Shirt shines comfortably under sunny weather with its lightweight, stretchy fabric.

Men’s 3-Stripes Chest Sport Shirt + Women’s 3-Stripes Shoulder Sport Shirt

3-Stripes Jacket

The 3-striped style isn’t only available in shirts, and if we’re talking sports practical---think pockets, waterproof, and soft fabric---then the Adidas 3-Striped Jacket is up to snuff. It’s durable, it’s water repellent, it has zip pockets; it’s everything that you could ask for in a single product. The jacket is especially suitable for running or trekking activities.

Men’s 3-Stripes Jacket + Women’s 3-Stripes Double Knit Full-Zip

Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts could be the coziest type of clothing ever conceived. And in this Adidas hooded sweatshirt, you can dance or groove to your heart's desire thanks to its stretchy and lightweight fabric made for free movement. The hoods are adjustable via the drawcords. You can also keep your essentials in the easily accessible front pockets if you want.

Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Adidas Quarter Zips

These Quarter-Zip Jackets boast heat management properties and all-day comfort for its breathable fabric. The zip up-front makes the pullover good for both cold and warm weather.

3-Stripes Double Knit Quarter-Zip Pullover + Lightweight Quarter-Zip Pullover

Adidas Bags

Let’s not forget Adidas’ all-around distinctive bags, available in various shapes and sizes for different activities like going to the gym or exercising in a sports field. How and where you carry your stuff says a lot about you as an athlete and person. But aside from sports activities, you can also use them on a casual day. Take advantage of the practically designed compartments in these Adidas bags.

Heathered Backpack + Tonal Camo Sack + Stripes Duffel Bag

Adidas Shoe Bags

If you want a specific container for easy travel, separating your workout gear for organization, Adidas also offers shoe bags and gym sacks. Both are woven out of durable polyester and are aesthetically colored by nature. 

Tonal Shoe Bags + Gym Sack

Is Adidas a Good Brand?

Adidas can be considered an extremely good brand based on the success of its initiatives and increase of popularity and partnerships. The fame and revenue do not lie, and these two are more or less representative of consumer loyalty. According to their statistics, their direct-to-consumer and online businesses had expanded favorably while their net income has reached 502 million euros from 2020s 26 million profit and is expected to grow in the following operations. 

Is Adidas a Luxury Brand?

In general, a luxury brand is three things and Adidas captures all of them: 

  1. Expensive (but not overly high)- However, you will find the price points for custom adidas sneakers, custom adidas jackets, or a custom adidas track suit are comparable to similar name brands. 
  2. Quality- This can be found throughout the entire line of Adidas apparel and shoes and reinforces the  is adidas a good brand
  3. Elite- this can be seen in the distinct way they spotlight  their brand image in a positive light. 

Rarity is also the main attribute for luxury brands which is why Adidas features sneakers made with original designs. They stated that the Adidas Originals reflect Adi Dassler’s iconic inceptions, thus a celebration of their history and permanence. The fact that Adidas has its own style that’s distinct from other brands makes it luxurious.

Customizing Adidas Apparel

Custom Adidas products are distinct from their original designs because you can blend your own logo or embroidery with theirs. It can be quite the catch seeing as you’ll be wearing your trademark alongside that highly distinguished three-stripe logo.

Make no mistake, however, Adidas themselves are no longer doing the customization process. They once had a customization program called MiAdidas that boosted the creativity of its consumers. Multi-colored designs were the rage then. Unfortunately, Adidas closed the program in 2019 because they’re planning for a better consumer experience in the future. It’s highly probable then that a new customization program is currently in the works. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in customization for your company that features adidas golf apparel and more.  

Can you customize Adidas clothes?

Yes! If you are looking for customization, reach out one of our Gemnote reps to see how you can personalize your Adidas gear with your company’s logo or tagline. 

  • Custom Adidas Hoodies
  • Custom Adidas Polos and T-shirts
  • Custom Adidas Full Zips & Track Jackets
  • Custom Adidas Caps
  • Custom Adidas Pants
  • Custom Adidas Shorts
  • Custom Adidas Backpacks & Duffel Bags

What companies does Adidas Own?

As of the current year, one of their core brands, Reebok, is currently in the process of being divested as part of the Own the Game initiative, while Five Ten, and Runtastic, remain as strong subsidiaries in the Adidas family.

Adidas Collaboration

Adidas boasts their collaboration with a couple of celebrities as a way to “represent the expression of craft, creativity, and culture”. They believe that the vision behind the product will be most expressed through artists and musicians. 

And if you're wondering who Adidas supports, the brand collaborates with several distinguished celebrities and companies. Ivy Park is an “activewear” brand managed by the internationally renowned singer, Beyoncé. The Adidas x Ivy Park collections have been consistently successful with their themes of gender neutrality and size inclusivity; of brands representing “uniforms in power”. For updates on their activities and newest collections, follow their Instagram page @weareivypark.

Following this, Pharrell Williams’ latest Adidas brand, Hu NMD, was first launched in 2014 as part of the Adidas Originals. Williams described his brand vision as something that explores and celebrates the “diversity of humanity.”  

For Adidas, the best attire is achieved by acquiring a passion for sports. They truly believe that fitness is a positive influence on lifestyle, both in the essence of performance and aesthetics. This is why the heart of every Adidas product is embedded with a sports theme. Indeed, why separate practicality and fashion when one can achieve both? Everyone innately craves an all-around type of clothing that incorporates custom adidas shirts and adidas lifestyle shoes and more.  

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