Most Innovative CBD Branding and Swag For

February 8, 2021

The CBD business is booming and to stand out in the marketplace it’s vital for organizations to elevate their marketing strategy. One of the best ways you can advertise your company or brand is by creating promotional products for your employees and customers, as well as contest giveaways.

Not only does this help solidify brand loyalty, but sustainable swag also keeps your marketing efforts going for as long as that product is used. Whether you are just starting out in the CBD business or are needing help elevating your marketing, we’ll break down which CBD companies have the most innovative CBD branding and swag for beauty, food and beverage and supplements. 

From CBD workout supplements to CBD supplements for weight loss and beauty, you’ll discover just how important a role branding and swag/merch play in this ever growing industry. Plus, with the right CBD packaging design or CBD label design, you’ll be able to stand in on a retail shelf or e-commerce website.

The CBD Breakdown: 

What it is:
CBD stands for cannabidiol which is an active ingredient found in cannabis or the marijuana plant.  CBD is directly derived from the hemp plant and does not contain the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, a psychoactive. In other words, CBD will not get you high but it should make you more relaxed.  

Reported benefits: While not backed by the FDA, CBD has gained popularity in recent years for product claims of treating addiction, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and a ton of other health issues. CBD and magnesium supplements are even claimed to help with depression. And not to be left out, CBD beauty boost young living as well as a plethora of other CBD beauty companies are said to help with redness, wrinkle reduction, moisturizing, calming the skin and more. With claims like these it’s easy to see why this business shows no signs of slowing down. 

So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the most innovative CBD Branding and Swag for 2021 broken out by category. 

Innovative CBD Brands & Swag: Food & Beverages

Who: Lord Jones

What: As a manufacturer and distributor of CBD-infused food (think gummies and chocolates, yum!), they also sell supplements, award-winning skincare, apparel and more. Among other things, their brand and products focus on high-quality, natural ingredients.  

Where: Lord Jones calls California home and can be found in many states across the country. 

Why it works: From the timeless serif font found in the Lord Jones logo to the artistic nature-loving graphics depicting a deer and a hawk, the overall aesthetic boasts a refined elegance, while their tagline “World’s finest CBD infused products” reinforces their brand’s image.  

CBD Oils and Swag
While sometimes the use of animal-themes can come off as trite or cartoonish, Lord Jones branding offers a regal effect that’s effortlessly cool on hats, water bottles, tees and bandanas. Plus, their more low-key approach of a tone-on-tone logo that graces a simple black sweatshirt or small discreet logo on their two-tone duffel bag, leaves us wanting to know more. And, when it comes to marketing, that’s half the battle!

Swag CBD review:
Their CBD packaging design puts major emphasis on even the smallest details like their sleek apparel and goods. Ranging from $20-$75, one thing’s for sure, when your branding is this solid, adding swag is win-win. 

Who: Camino by Kiva Confections 

What: Once a small family-owned business, now Kiva Confections is the  #1 edibles brand in the country which includes Camino gummies which are “a premium collection of innovative cannabis confections.” 

Where: With the slogan infused with adventure, Camino is from sunny California and was inspired by the 600-mile El Camino Road which runs between San Francisco and San Jose. 

Why it works: Their branding feels like a day at the beach even on the shortest, coldest days of the year. The swag CBD gummies vibe perfectly with their product’s positioning. Featuring nine flavors that range from Yuzu lemon and pineapple habanero to sparkling pear and watermelon lemonade, they are designed to “evoke the enchanting experience of travel and exploration.”

Swag CBD review: Camino is all about color, from hue-happy sunsets to the cool blue nights on their CBD label design, a lot of thought went into the branding. The swag tees designate a smaller area to incorporate their colorful branding which makes these CBD swag and promotional items easier for anyone to wear and everyone to love.

Who: Recess

What: One peek at Recess’s website, and you just know this CBD beverage company is the embodiment of calm, cool, and collective even before the words float into their funky blue sky. Their sparkling water is available in blood orange, coconut lime, black cherry, peach ginger, blackberry chai, and pomegranate hibiscus that advertise a calm, yet focused feeling.    

Where: Recess, a New York City based start up was founded in 2017 with the tagline an antidote to modern times which still holds true today in the midst of a pandemic. 

Why it works: While their luminous branding targets the creative community, you don’t have to be an industry insider to appreciate the extra chill vibe that carries over to their hemp promotional products. Think serene and tranquil not Cheech & Chong.  

Swag CBD review: Their “canned a feeling” motto may relate to their sparkling water, but we all know, they’ve also found the success ingredient to euphoric clothing and accessories that also makes for amazing promotional ideas for CBD. Whether it’s the rainbow of colorful products or their conversation-starter apparel, this innovative brand is the perfect for inspo for your swag goals and CBD merchandise.  

Innovative CBD Brands & Swag: CBD Supplements

Who: Cannuka

What: From body bars and cleansers to balms and creams, Cannuka is known for its natural elements and combining CBD and Manuka honey for its CBD beauty benefits. Their philosophy on skincare focuses on using as few ingredients as possible.  

Where: Originating in Columbus, Ohio, Cannuka is said to be “a breakthrough natural product line that pushes the boundaries of not only skincare, but the medical cannabis industry.”

Why it works: With a clean approach to design, Cannuka features minimalistic branding that is similar to their no-frills ingredient list. With its signature bumble bee which reflects the Manuka honey that’s harvested exclusively in New Zealand and Australia, the CBD beauty benefits come alive in their branding as well as their hemp promotional products.  

Swag CBD review: Playing off of their simple bright green color palette, they make the most of their clean branding and natural products by keeping their swag as simple and desirable as their product line. It’s a less is more approach that makes them one of them one of the best CBD beauty products 2021.  

Who: Prima

What: Prima is a health and wellness brand that focuses on clean and sustainable plant-based ingredients. From soothing body butters to facial oils, restorative creams and mineral soaks for relaxation and recovery, these feel-good products are backed by major beauty and fashion influencers like, Elle, Glamour, Goop, Vogue and more.       

Where: Made in Santa Monica, California from single-origin, family farms, their products boast “unparalleled standards of purity, potency and transparency.” 

Why it works: All one has to do is surf Prima’s Instagram to know that nature plays a huge part in their marketing efforts. And when it comes to beauty, nothing beats natural ingredients (especially when you know where said ingredients are sourced from). With fresh branding that’s usually no more than their logo, their creative exudes clean CBD beauty benefits without saying much more than a word.  

Swag CBD review:  In addition to the actual wording, CBD label designs need to support the CBD beauty benefits found inside. By focusing 100% on the Prima logo, their tees, hoodies, drinkware and jar swag boast nature-loving colors like green and amber to become just another extension of this magnificently innovative brand. 

Who: Vertly

What: With a focus on “garden-to-bottle skincare” that expands on how their plants are grown, harvested, and slowly extracted, Vertly’s award-winning products and CBD beauty benefits have a cult-like following that’s been promoted by major players like Forbes, Shape, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, and more. 

Where: Vertly’s clean, consciously-sourced ingredients are grown in California  by local herbalists and farmers who market small batch production for freshly extracted botanicals. 

Why it works: While highlighting the CBD beauty benefits are crucial, so is knowing where and how the products ingredients are made. This is vital in solidifying consumer confidence that they are purchasing the best CBD beauty products. By clearly addressing these concerns and elaborately detailing out the slow extraction process (over 3-weeks!), Vertly’s marketing efforts feel every bit as organic and relaxing as their products’ natural, high-quality ingredients.

Swag CBD review: Like Prima and Cannuka, Vertly focuses on a nature-based color palette utilizing deep greens and sandy neutrals with subtle nods to their botanical process. The combination of high-quality merchandise that can be seen in their swag cbd flower mug and sweatshirt further propel their brand image. 

Innovative CBD Brands & Swag: CBD Supplements

Who: Feals

What: Feals is a modern wellness brand that helps manage anxiety, pain, and sleepless nights, for better *feels* without any fuzzy side effects. Focusing on using full spectrum hemp extracts means the ingredients in their CBD supplements for stress offer max potency. And, just one look at Feals Stories, and you get a sense of the product’s potential straight from their customers. 

Where: From sourcing to packaging, Feals is produced in the United States with products grown and harvested by Colorado and Oregon farmers. 

Why it works: Feals upscale packaging, clean messaging and approachable  branding helps them stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace. With a calming effect built into their branding and cannabis promotional products every encounter feels more like a stroll in the woods. 

Swag CBD review: Featuring earthy pastels like sandy beaches, red rocks and evening sunsets, the brand and its CBD oils and swag subconsciously highlight their CBD supplements for stress-free living.  

Who: Asystem

What: Bold. Intentional. Exhilarating. While the previous brands tout a calm, cool and collected branding, Asystem, a CBD wellness company, takes an opposite approach and it totally works. Their systems for better living is about making you feel, look and perform your best. And with CBD post workout supplements, that means feeling good even after you break a sweat. 

Where: Residing in Los Angeles, Asystem products are marketed for all of you—from the inside out.

Why it works: One look at the surfers, skateboarders and other athletes taking a hit or a death-defying plunge, and you can’t help but think, “if the products work for them…” 

Asystem’s CBD swag and promotional items also embody an understated cool factor. Because we all know if you’re trying too hard to be cool, you’re not. 

Swag CBD review: Much like their product, you wouldn’t know it’s about CBD workout supplements or any other kind of CBD recovery. However, the bold colors, networking spheres and engaging designs aren’t easily missed and leave you wanting more. Throw in tie dye hoodies and socks and you’ve got hemp promotional products people will be talking about on repeat. 

Who: Remedi

What: Once a brand for patients with medical conditions, Remedi, is a wellness brand for people who want relief from pain or help sleeping. Its products Rest and Relief contain CBD and THC and come in capsules, tinctures and RSOs so consumers can find their perfect balance to manage discomfort. 

Where: Based in Chicago, IL and available across the country, Remedi’s mission is to “to normalize, professionalize, and revolutionize cannabis.”

Why it works: Like an exclusive spa tucked away in the mountains, Remedi’s branding capitalizes on soft, serene colors and neutrals to invoke a sense of ease and comfort. 

Swag CBD review: The simplicity of their design paired with soothing colors gives their hemp promotional products and CBD oils a high-quality presence. Whether the focus of their swag is on their Remedi brand logo or just their iconic graphic, the overall look is professional and inviting. 

Ready to take another look at your own CBD branding and how you can create swag that really captures your brand’s essence? There has never been a better time! In fact, according to Statista: CBD sales in the Us will reach around 1.8 billion by 2022, and sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. are projected to hit 23 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. 

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