Best Employee Gift Ideas for Holiday 2024

November 14, 2022

This year give memorable gifts to your employees & teams without breaking your budget.

Christmas gift ideas for employees that are sure to bring all the extra feel-good joy this holiday season are easier to find than you may think! By partnering with a company like Gemnote, you can find hassle-free (and dare we say, fun) customized gifts for everyone on your list. Plus, they’re the gifts that will yield the desired results—delighted employees who will really feel appreciated. 


We’ll brainstorm with you to come up with great corporate gift ideas for employees and/or holiday gift bag ideas for employees that fit your company’s demographic profile and budget.  You can also take advantage of services like assembling themed gift sets and drop shipping to remote employees. 


Christmas gift ideas for employees: Your Holiday Gifting Strategy

Holiday gifts for employees, the ones that will leave them smiling, are out there! It might be hard to think about holiday gift ideas for office staff in the middle of the busy season, but now is the best time to begin planning your holiday gifts for employees—and clients too!

3 Tips when Finding Holiday Gifts For Employees

1. Employee Christmas Gift Ideas: Develop your budget & timeline

  • Christmas gift ideas for employees are best planned in advance. 
  • Your budget may already be fixed, but you need to break down your list of employees into different gift levels—upper management, middle management, exempt employees, etc. and come up with a price range for each. 
  • Remember to allow plenty of time for ordering, production, customization, packaging, and distribution (shipping to any remote employees).

2. Employee Gift Ideas: Research your gift options

  • Christmas gift ideas for employees should leave a lasting impression. Choose sustainable, high-quality items for good gifts for employees that go the distance. 
  • Personalization will add value to your employee gifts. Make sure you allow time for that, so you can get the best gift for employees without having to spend money on expedited shipping. 
  • Think about the demographics of your employees and also the mission and profile of the company. For help with cool holiday gift ideas that reflect your culture and budget, talk to your Gemnote rep. 
  • Holiday gifts for employees differ from other corporate gifts. Make sure they stand out by including a special handwritten message or card. 
  • Think through your packaging and presentation. When it comes to employee gifts for Christmas, don’t skimp on the packaging and presentation. Even if you're on a budget these are the details that can make a gift feel special. Talk to your Gemnote rep for money-saving ideas. 


3. Employee Gift Ideas: Get help if you need it

Holiday gifts for employees are important! So if you’re the person whose superpower is coming up with amazing DIY gift ideas for office staff—terrific! For those feeling insecure about their gifting creativity or trend awareness, Gemnote is your go-to source to find highly-desirable, quality items that people actually want and can actually use. They are up to the minute on what’s cool, what’s trending, and which products are worth the investment. Plus they can help you find the in-demand brands, so you can claim that gift-giving hero title. 


Budget breakers? No way. A great Christmas gift for employees should be something you want to give as much as they want to receive it. There are plenty of economical options when it comes to holiday gifts for employees—even for those on a budget that can only be described as skimpy. Remember, creativity and a high “coolness factor” can seriously elevate the value of a gift item, and your Gemnote rep can help you shine in all areas.  

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees (including Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees):

Employee gift ideas whether given for the holidays, anniversaries, or any other occasion should be special. Check out some of our top picks below.  

1. Best holiday gifts for employees: Campfire Classic

Some of the best employee gift ideas bring out the simple pleasures in life. Think campfires, s’mores, and adventures! For companies with a youthful, outdoorsy demographic, these gender-neutral gifts are the direct path to warm the hearts of their staff. To make these the best gift for employees, select a product from a reputable brand and then add customization to make it memorable for your recipient. 

Holiday gifts for employees that can be used in and outside of the office, like a classic campfire mug, Stanley cooler, vest, or beanie will be used on repeat! Just don’t forget the personalized note to turn your cool holiday gift into something unforgettable. 

2. Office Christmas gift ideas for a Family Fun Night

Employee gift ideas for everyone, even the kiddos! Give the gift of gratitude with The Family Game this holiday season, when our tidings of joy so often get derailed by our irritation at one or more aspects of our tribe. Or maybe a family fun night for a couple without children is being curled up under a cozy knitted throw, with Netflix and mugs of frothy sweet hot chocolate. Oh, and don’t forget the healthy treats. Not all are prolific holiday bakers!

Holiday gifts for employees become unforgettable when you can include their family in the fun too! Just make sure you personalize it so the whole family can appreciate your thoughtfulness every time it’s used. 

3. Christmas gift ideas for employees: Always Be Celebrating

Holiday gifts for employees should be worthy of a celebration and the high-end modern design of these party-perfect items are a feast for the eyes. Get creative with how such items might be used in order to broaden their appeal. 

Best holiday gifts for employees include Viski faceted coupe glasses that make unique bowls for desserts and shrimp cocktails. 


Christmas gift ideas for employees with style can definitely include this organically shaped wooden cheese board which could hold a candle pillar or two. If your corporate gifts can include those of an alcoholic nature, then the Haus duo set of all-natural apéritifs is unique and tasty for those with a more sophisticated palate.


Office Christmas gift ideas should reflect your company’s culture while delighting your recipient. You can turn good gifts for employees into great ones by choosing sustainable gifts that can use again and again in the new year. ‍

4. Employee Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hip Holiday Traveler 

Employee Christmas gift ideas are fun when they’re centered around a theme. And, getting home for the holidays—or traveling anytime—is a little easier with holiday gifts for employees in the form of travel essentials and helpers.  


Best holiday gifts for employees for an ample budget: 

Employee Christmas gift ideas that will take them from a winter wonderland well into the new year are filled with customized favorites. Pack the weekender duffel with the other items shown, then add a customized travel blanket in your company’s branding. 


Employee Christmas gift ideas for tight budgets: 

Employee Christmas gift ideas that won’t set you back can still include customized items. Try slipping the insulated bottle and eye mask into a less expensive, personalized drawstring backpack or gym sack. 

5. Employee gift ideas: Be S'more Social

Best Holiday Gifts for Employees can be tasty! Everybody loves to gather ‘round the fireplace or fire pit for delicious, ooey, gooey s’mores—the dessert treat that’s a fun social activity in itself! You can elevate the s’mores experience by selecting unique, artisan-crafted ingredients and presenting them in a reusable tote. 


Employee Christmas gift ideas can also include marshmallow skewers and a set of holiday dessert plates to up the gift value a notch or two. Here are more gift basket ideas for office staff.

6. Mobilo cards

For employee gifts for Christmas, why not give them a leg up with the Gift of Smarter Networking. 

Mobilo is the perfect gift for savvy professionals this Holiday season. Bring physical and digital networking together with a Mobilo smart business card. Share contact info, gather leads, and connect with apps & CRM tools. With just one card, the opportunities are endless. 

Mobilo cards come in multiple material options, like plastic, wood and metal. They can be endlessly customizable and designed to perfection with your logo and brand. Modern networking is just one tap away. Network smarter, with Mobilo.

Want a physical Christmas gift for employees that you can pair with a digital card? You can’t go wrong with these employee favorites →

7. Employee Christmas Gift Ideas to Stay Warm and Cozy

Holiday gifts for employees that are memorable leave us feeling all snuggly! Classic gender-neutral styling and a neutral color palette make these cozy essentials easy to give and receive when your office staff is young (or should we say young at heart) and modern. If possible, stick to items that can be worn year-round, and, if adding your branding, make it subtle. 

For remote teams and commuters, you can’t go wrong with branded throws, custom hoodies, and personalized coffee tumblers.

8. Best Holiday Gifts for Employees that are Sustainable

Holiday gifts for employees that are sustainable will support your company’s values. When being eco-friendly is top of mind for your company, you definitely have to “walk the talk” with your gifts. So, whether you’re giving food, apparel, accessories, etc., it’s best to not only choose items that support sustainability but buy them from companies that are well known for being committed to sustainable practices as well.

9. Employee Gift Ideas: A Shareable Gift Box

Holiday gifts for employees that rock also soothes the soul and can satisfy a sweet tooth. And, the achievement of many a deadline has been fueled by coffee and chocolate! That’s why they make a perfect pairing for a shareable box of holiday treats. Take your holiday gift set to the next level by selecting gourmet treats and a spiffy presentation box. Gemnote can assemble your gift sets into a container of your choosing, and also drop-ship gifts to remote employees.

10. Office Christmas Gift Ideas For Wellness and Health

Nothing shows you care about your employees like investing in their well-being. Particularly if yours is a fast-paced industry, employees will appreciate serenity-enhancing gifts like healthy soy candles with botanical fragrance oils, and super comfy leisurewear (otherwise known as office attire for those working remotely!). The set of Calm Cards is a savvy, must-have gift that employees of all ages will appreciate. 

11. Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees & The Most Popular Employee Swag

Christmas gifts for employees can feature a range of price points and gift items. They’re popular picks because they are gender-neutral and support most corporate profiles. These distinctively modern gift items can stand alone or shine as part of a curated gift set.

1. Christmas gifts for employees: the quilted vest

It’s an essential wardrobe layer that goes anywhere these days, even the office. A premium brand like North Face makes this a great gift for your VIPs. 

2. Christmas gift ideas for employees: Backpacks

Always a fave for students and hikers, backpacks have become the new briefcase. Choose a covet-worthy brand like Topo Design to really impress.

3. Employee Christmas gift ideas: the insulated bottle

Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love and use include insulated bottles for their favorite beverage at home, on the go, or in the office. Invest in a top-rated brand to make it special. This Miir tumbler is on everyone’s list of holiday gift ideas for employees under $50.


4. Office Christmas gift ideas: A bluetooth mini speaker

It is a small but mighty (pleasing) gift that gets the party started and keeps it going for hours. This Lexon speaker is one of the top holiday gift ideas for remote employees.

Best holiday gifts for employees with cool tech gifts can be gift-worthy and affordable. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas, brands, and ways to customize them.

5. Employee gift ideas: A comfy throw

Office Christmas gift ideas they’ll sure to love are those they can use year-round at home or in the office. A soft throw is the perfect essential for warming up a living/working space just by its presence alone. 

Tip: Office Christmas gift ideas for sports lovers

Depending on the demographic of your employees, you might choose a stadium blanket for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, a fold-up-small travel blanket, etc.

6. Best holiday gifts for employees: zippered bags and dopp kits

Employee gift ideas that are perfect to organize small essentials (office or otherwise) and can be used in a gym bag, backpack, or suitcase include Dopp kits and bags. This particular one by Rains, uses sustainable, water-resistant material to keep your essential amenities clean.

Office Christmas gift ideas that include travel or organization gear are always favorites for sales teams too!

7. Christmas gifts for employees: Fun socks

An essential item and cool fashion statement on so many levels, especially when you can design a custom pair for your team or clients. Pair them with a mug, headphones, and a throw for a “cozy listening” gift anyone would love.

Best holiday gifts for employees have two things in common. First, they are designed with quality, and second, they have all the extra details you love. Ask your Gemnote rep for ideas on the best cashmere socks and embroidery customization options for a gift they’ll love for years to come.  


8. Best holiday gifts for employees: Wireless noise-canceling headphones

Employee Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for allowing you to listen while you work include quality headphones. We love these from JBL for their ease of shutting out surrounding noisy distractions. JBL is a leader in sound systems and audio accessories. Anyone getting these as a holiday gift will be very, very happy.

Best holiday gifts for employees are those that they’ll actually use which makes headphones an instant winner. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more styles, colors, brands and of course ideas for personalization. 


9. Employee gift ideas: Coffee mugs 

Office Christmas gift ideas that are sure never to go out of style—especially when they look this smart and are personalized—always include coffee mugs. Make a more impressive gift with a pair of mugs coupled with a bag of special-grind coffee and yummy gourmet snacks. This beautiful ceramic mug is by Hasami, which is a Japanese brand focused on modern design, quality materials and sustainability.

Christmas gifts for employees aren’t limited to just one style or brand. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more great drinkware options. 


10. Employee Christmas gift ideas: Contemporary coasters 

Best holiday gifts for employees are like functional artwork for your desk or tabletop. This Areaware set of Optic Table Tiles can be configured to form a trivet for the dining table, too. 

Best holiday gifts for employees under $25 are like Areaware coasters that look much pricier.

Christmas gifts for employees : Why Your Gift Choice is Important


Christmas gifts for employees that are memorable make your employees feel genuinely appreciated. And as a bonus, they are more productive and more loyal. Being smart about employee retention is more important in 2021 than ever, and that means employee appreciation gift ideas should be high on your priority list


Christmas gifts for employees have become one of the major ways companies show appreciation. An obviously thoughtless gift can damage the employer-employee relationship more than you might think. So don’t blow off the importance of unique gifts for employees or put off the task of selecting your holiday gifts until the last minute.


Christmas gifts for employees shouldn’t be left to chance. 

Office Christmas gift ideas for employees (and clients for that matter) should be special. When it comes to meaningful gifts for employees holiday giving, it really is “the thought that counts.” But if you’re feeling a bit daunted by the prospect of selecting holiday gifts for your employees, you might also recall that “two heads are better than one.” 


Christmas gifts for employees are Gemnote’s specialty! They can help you find gifts that will warm the hearts of your employees because of their creativity, thoughtfulness, and on-trend coolness!


Office Christmas gift ideas come in all shapes, sizes prices. Luckily, Gemnote can help you find the ones that speak to you. Plus they can help you curate a collection of outstanding gifts for your management VIPs on down the corporate ladder, including virtual holiday gift ideas for employees. 


Christmas gifts for employees: That’s a wrap!  

And we mean literally, since you can take advantage of services like kit assembling, gift wrapping, warehousing, and drop shipping, as well, to make your life a little easier and your holiday a lot merrier!


Christmas gift ideas for employees are ready for gifting! Contact your Gemnote rep today. 

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