25 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Coworkers in 2021

November 19, 2021

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Don’t let this season pass you by without letting your coworkers know how much they mean to you. If you’re like most of us, you couldn’t imaging getting through the workday without them! And, when it comes to showing your appreciation, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a thoughtful gift. 

Even unique homemade Christmas gifts ideas like cookies, roasted almonds, jams, and fruit baskets are great during the holidays. And, for unforgettable and unique personalized Christmas gifts our list of 25 items will help you celebrate every type of coworker you have. With our simple inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers, you won’t have to work overtime staying on a budget or searching the globe for items that aren’t already in all the mass retail stores. 

Meaningful Christmas Gifts 

Coworkers by trade, and friends by choice! There’s nothing better than having great coworkers. From having someone to laugh with and make the work week fly by to that shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough. If your coworkers are like family, meaning you didn’t pick them but are so happy to do life with them, then you’ll want to surprise them with meaningful Christmas gifts this season. 

Plus, if you’re a business owner who wants affordable and unique Christmas gifts employees, we’ve also got you covered! In fact, our list even offers items that make unique Christmas gifts for bosses. So no matter how you classify your work family, there’s definitely something for everyone and every budget. 

25 Unique Gifts For Coworkers At Christmas

1. Glass Tea Pot

For the coworker who never seems to have time for tea, give them a gift they’ll appreciate! This living infuser mug is perfect for making their favorite teas and infusions. Plus, they can keep it on their desk.  

Shown: OGO Living infuser mug $19.46

2. A Confetti Cup

Celebrate your coworkers who love all things modern and minimal, with these stackable handle-free cups from Areaware. They’re the unique Christmas office gifts for coworkers that are sure to bring joy!

Shown: Areaware Confetti Cups $22

3. A Personal Fireplace

A unique Christmas gift idea for that coworker who is always cold no matter the season, this personal fireplace tops the list of pretty things to get for Christmas that are functional too! 

Shown: FLÎKR Fire®  $99

4. A Modern Calligraphy Set 

For that coworker who loves to doodle, this gift offers a fun approach to hand lettering that’s also a great way to relieve stress and even combat anxiety. And with a price point that won’t look like your kissing up, these make thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts for bosses too!


Shown: Modern Calligraphy Set  $35

5. An Awesome Oil Diffuser 

Not your typical diffuser set, these cool unique Christmas gifts offer a decorative way to spread oil throughout your home and mix. Relax with your favorite essential oils and a mix of rose and orange diffusing stones

Shown: Aromatherapy Crystal Stone Muguet Fragrance Oil Diffuser Set $28 

6. A Self Cleaning Water Bottle

For the coworker who likes things nice, neat, and clean, a LARQ bottle is one of the best unique Christmas gifts around! Not only will it keep them hydrated in style, but they don’t have to worry about germs or bacteria growth. Now, if only we could say that about the community microwave! 

Shown: Larq Bottle PureVis $95

7. The Perfect Puzzle 

Navigating office politics can be more than puzzling. Luckily for unique coworker Christmas gifts that keep things fun, this colorful puzzle from Areaware keeps things simple. 

Shown: Areaware puzzle $15

8. Something Pretty & Sweet 

For the coworker who is always hitting up the vending machine, give them something extra special to savor with these yummy gummy bears. And with the fine packaging, it’s one of the pretty things to get for Christmas. And because these come in bulk they make great unique Christmas gifts employees too! 

Shown: California Gummy Bear Gift Box $64.95 for a case of 12

9. A Therapy Game

For those coworkers who say talking to you always makes them feel better, this card game asks questions they can ponder and learn more about themselves. When it comes to the most unique Christmas gifts this is a winner! 

Shown: Therapy Card Game $30

10. High-end socks

While a cashmere sweater will probably exceed your budget for personalized gifts for coworkers, a high-end pair of socks, like these Italian-made Escuyer won’t toe the line on your budget. 

Shown: Escuyer Socks $22

11. An Extra Charge

Who doesn’t want a little power at work? And, no, we’re not talking the power hungry kind. While this charger won’t give extra leverage in a meeting, it will keep devices powered up should which could come in handy if you recipient needs to reach out for a lifeline. Plus, they’ll stop stealing yours!

Shown: Lexon Fine Tube Power Bank $29.90

12. A Key Finder

For your coworker who is always misplacing their keys, wallet, and just about anything else not attached to them, this Orbit Key Finder will help keep their wits and valuables intact!

Shown: Orbit Key Finders $29.99

13. A Multi-Tasking Bottle

Pour-over coffees, cold brews, loose leaf teas, this stylish glass bottle does it all and is perfect for your coworker who is always on the go!

Shown: Soma Brew Bottle $40 

14. Something Divine!

For yummy unique Christmas gifts coworkers style, gift marshmallows, dark chocolate, and graham crackers all in one! This decadent Compartés Campfire S'mores chocolate bar is the ultimate for chocolate lovers and makes unique Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10. 

Shown: Campfire S'Mores Chocolate Bar $9.95

15. Travel Companion

The best unique Christmas gifts are fun, functional, and sustainable. Your coworkers will be delighted to receive the Baggu Trippy Checker set thanks to its versatile design and unisex styling. Sometimes it’s easier finding Christmas gifts for female coworkers but this set works great for him too!

Shown: Baggu Go Puch Trippy Checker set $38

16. A Great Camp Cup

If you’re looking to invest in personalized gifts for coworkers, look no further than the Miir stainless camp cup that’s perfect for home, the office and traveling thanks to its press-fit slide lid. 

Shown: Miir Stainless steel camp cup $19.95

17. The perfect tote

Through thick and thin, rain or shine, this Rains quilted tote is for the coworker who always has your back. With a stitch-free quilted fabric design and waterproof coating, it’s every bit as dependable as your recipient.  

Shown: Rains Quilted Tote bag $95 

18. A Mini Happy Hour 

Or at least the nostalgia of one! For the best unique Christmas gifts for your coworkers, these wine gummies offer the perfect surprise and treat! For extra kudos throw in unique personalized Christmas ornaments or a framed photo of your favorite time together for more unique Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10. 

Shown: Wine Gummies $10

19. A Helping hand!

Fanny packs… sure they have a funny name, but when it comes to function, they’re strictly business! Luckily this one from Baggu incorporates style too! 


Shown: Baggu Fanny Pack $48

20. A Great Lunch Date

While a bowl might now seem like an interesting Christmas gift, this stylish one from Porter will change your mind. Thanks to its roomy one-liter size, durable design with a lid, and low maintenance features like being microwave and dishwasher friendly!

Shown: Porter Bowl Ceramic $40

21. A Sleek Wallet 

Cool unique Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but this folded wallet is one of our favorites, thanks to its slim design and snap coin pouch.  

Shown: Rains Folded wallet $50 

22. Reusable Popcorn Popper 

For those coworkers who love the planet and are always looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint, The Popper is one of the unique gifts for coworkers at Christmas that will be used and talked about for years to come. It’s waste-free, dishwasher safe, and features 100% premium LFGB-certified silicone.

Shown: The Popper $20

23. Something to toast to!

Unique homemade Christmas gifts ideas like wine markers are fun, but this set felt from Graf Lantz keeps it fun, colorful, and professional. Plus, i’s perfect for smaller budgets.   

Shown: Graf Lantz felt wine marker charms $19

24. A Cool Classic 

For cool unique Christmas gifts that bring the fun, this retro Bluetooth wireless speaker features high-quality sound, supports all devices, and has a Built-in Mic for hands-free calling. 

Shown: Retro speaker $30 

25. The Perfect Reusable Tote!

If you’re looking for Christmas unique gifts that are sustainable, the standard Baggu individual bag is here to serve! You’ll love the lightweight gift option, especially if you have to mail it to your remote coworkers or employees while they’ll love the handy tote and cool design. Talk about win-win!

Shown: Standard Baggu Trippy Checker $12

Looking for more personalized gifts for coworkers? Talk to your Gemnote rep for additional Christmas ideas presents. From custom Christmas ornaments for business or the best unique Christmas gifts that for tech-lovers, they can provide you with a curated list of products to fit your budget!

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