Brand Highlight: LARQ

October 28, 2021

With a LARQ self-cleaning water bottle, you’ll always have clean water.

Your water bottle serves a singular essential purpose: to provide refreshingly clean and safe water for optimum hydration. It sounds like such a distinct, easy purpose, but not all water bottles are created equal. Many bottles are hard to clean properly with twists, turns, texture, and crevices that harbor harmful bacteria. The LARQ water bottle is available in a variety of colors to fit every taste. 

Why the LARQ Water Bottle is the Perfect Choice 

The LARQ bottle is a self-cleaning water bottle that provides you with purified, safe water. Whether you are biking in town and want a refreshing drink of cold water or you are staying in the backcountry where you have to purify your water from rivers and streams - the LARQ water bottle will meet all of your drinking needs! 

The LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle 

Customize the appearance of your LARQ with a colored sleeve, then talk to your Gemnote rep on how you can get your company’s logo added to further your marketing reach. With the LARQ water bottle, you can safely store and transport clean and safe water for consumption when you need it the most. The stainless steel bottle purifies water within 60 seconds.  Check out the LARQ Bottle Movement review.

Shown: Bottle Movement Sleeve

Innovation at its Best!

An innovative water bottle, the LARQ is the best self-cleaning water bottle available. The environmentally friendly bottle relies on UV-C technology to effectively remove 99.9999 percent of bacteria and 99.99 percent of viruses from the water when the bottle is set in its highest self-clean mode. Plus, replacement lids are available so you never have to go without.

All in all, LARQ is a winner in innovation, and even won the 2019 Reddot best of the best award!  

Shown: LARQ Bottle PureVis™ Cap

Activation Cycles

The LARQ water bottle will activate every two years for a 10-second cycle to ensure no bacteria are growing in your water. You can see when the sanitization has activated when the indicator light on the caps lights up. If the light is on, you should always wait for the light to turn off before removing the lid to enjoy a drink. 

How does the LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle Work? 

Within the confines of the LARQ water bottle waterproof lid is an LED light. The LARQ water bottle instructions are easy to follow. To activate the purifier, screw the lid firmly onto the stainless steel water bottle. The lid will grow orange if the lid is not threaded correctly. Once the lid is affixed correctly, the water bottle glows green. 

Stainless Steel Design Coupled With UV Light for Purification 

There is a built-in micro USB connector that lets you charge the lid. Once charged, the cap lights up green and will hold a charge for up to once a month. The interior of the water bottle is fashioned from 18/8 stainless steel, which acts as a mirror to the UV light emitted by the lid to evenly distribute the light throughout the water for effective purification and disinfection. See why LARQ is a great bottle for travelers

Shown: LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis™

Features of the LARQ  

  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • LED lighted sanitizing lid 
  • UV charging
  • Up to one month of use between charges 

Is There a Filtration System Inside of the LARQ UV Water Bottle? 

The LARQ water bottle does not have a built-in filter - nor does it require one. This is a huge perk because you never have to worry about replacing it. The water bottle functions and purifies water for more than 100,000 uses. 

Choose the LARQ pitcher which works like the water bottle and is ideal for camping, traveling, and at home. Cleaning the LARQ water bottle and pitcher is a breeze. Unlike conventional water bottles that often require a bottle brush, the LARQ pitcher is self-cleaning.  The bottle’s unique design and UV sanitation make it the best self-cleaning water bottle on the market. 

Shown: LARQ PurVis Pitcher

Purification of all Nooks and Crannies 

Every bottle area is effectively sanitized, such as the corners of the neck and other hard-to-reach areas. You never have to worry about harmful microbes growing in your bottle because of ineffective cleaning. 

The Unique Design and function of the LARQ 

Everything about the design of the water bottle showcases it as an upscale piece that fits your hand like a glove. You can easily hold the water bottle. The double-walled design of the bottle and the fact it is vacuum-sealed helps keep fluid cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Not to mention, the LARQ bottle also won the Dezeen Awards for 2019 Design of the Year

Water Safety 24 Hours Per Day 

You never have to worry about unwanted microbes that can make you sick. Feel free to fill your LARQ insulated self-cleaning water bottle with water from a backcountry stream, pond, or even lake without fear of getting ill. See why the LARQ bottle is better

Shown: 25-ounce Bottle PurVis

Say So Long To Smells!

You have probably smelled other water bottles with a dank, unpleasant odor if the water sits in the container too long or if you don’t effectively clean the bottle’s interior. With the LARQ, you can say, ‘bye-bye’ to unpleasant odors. 

The sanitization process of the self-purifying water bottle leaves your container to smell fresh and crisp when in use or between uses! 

LARQ Water Bottle Instructions

Fill the antibacterial water bottle with liquid. Within 60 seconds of screwing on the LED lighted lid, the UV light water bottle sanitizes the water. If there is no liquid in the water bottle, the lighted water bottle will self-clean its interior surface of any harmful bacterial overgrowths. 

LARQ Water Bottle Waterproof Price 

The LARQ water bottle retails for an affordable $95, which is significantly less than competitors. If you compare the LARQ vs. Crazy Cap, the price is a consideration, but so are many other aspects. Remember, the LARQ uses the same sanitizing technology relied on by hospitals and other healthcare institutes. 

Shown: Insulated Bottle

Net Worth

You’ll want to consider the LARQ water bottle net worth when making your decision because the success of the company clearly shows that this is no lark. The patented technology of the state-of-the-art water bottle has helped the company earn $300 billion with a $50 million valuation for LARQ. See the original pitch on Shark Tank.  

Innovative Technology 

It is an impressive technology that makes purification quick and straightforward. Dip it in a stream, double click the lid, wait a few minutes, and you’ve got 24-32 ounces of water that’s ready to drink. Plus, with a easy to carry LARQ sleeve, it's great for on the go.

Shown: LARQ Sleeve

Features of the LARQ 

  • Measurements: 9.6 inches (243.7 mm) high by 2.7 inches (69 mm) wide
  • Weight: 1.=3.5 ounces (0.38kg) 
  • Rechargeable battery (lithium polymer)
  • Capacity: Holds 17 ounces (500ml) 
  • Material: Constructed from BPA-free stainless steel (polished)
  • Cover: LARQ water bottle waterproof cover with LARQ bottle sleeve

Shown: Bottle PureVis 

Here's what the LARQ lights stand for:

  • Moving Blue: Purifying and cleaning
  • Pulsing orange: Safety
  • Yellow: low battery
  • Red/purple: there is a problem
  • Steady green: charged

The LARQ is a fantastic water bottle for daily use or when hiking/camping in the backcountry. If you seek reliable, safe drinking water in an easy to clean water bottle that keeps the water cold then look no further than the LARQ for all of your needs. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep on how you can get LARQ bottles customized for all of your company’s marketing needs. They can also create a curated collection of customizable marketing swag to fit your budget by all the best brands and even provide additional sustainable gift ideas and giveaway merch

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