Best Snack Bag Ideas For Holidays

September 3, 2022

For employee goodie bags your team will be talking about into the new year, don’t skimp on tasty treats that are better than your average vending food snack. The best thing about adding snacks like rich chocolates, sweet candy, high-end nuts, and more to your unique gift bag ideas is your ability to indulge in elevated snack ideas that are still budget-friendly. 

From reputable brands to premium ingredients, you would be proud to give your own family and friends, we’ve curated a list of snack bag gift ideas that are perfect for infusing into your company holiday spread, end-of-year events, and even as take-home party snack bag ideas. 

As you think through your snack ideas as well as small gift bag ideas for adults, here are a few things to look for to ensure all of your snack ideas shine this holiday season. 

The Best Snack Ideas & Healthy Goodie Bag Ideas have:

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Unique items 
  • Elevated packaging 

23 Best Snack Goodie Bag Ideas for Employees & Clients

Unique brands, yummy products, unexpected flavor combos, and more make these snack bag ideas for adults winners!

Chocolate Snack Bag Gift Ideas

Creamy milk chocolate as well as the healthier dark chocolate options are always a win when it comes to snack bag ideas adults and these definitely make the cut!

1. Salted Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar

A delightful blend of roasted jumbo pistachios and dark chocolate and topped off with a dash of sea salt makes this pistachio-truffle-inspired bar an instant hit among unique gift bag ideas. 

Shown: Compartes Chocolate Salted Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar

2. Compartes Chocolate *NEW* Rum Raisin Milk Chocolate Bar

Worthy of a spot at any festivity, the rum raisin milk chocolate bar is one of our favorite unique gift bag ideas. While a festive option for elevated holiday gift  baskets, these chocolate bars also make perfect travel snack bag ideas for your sales team. 

Shown: Compartes Chocolate *NEW* Rum Raisin Milk Chocolate Bar

3. Sprinkles Chocolate Covered Pretzels

There’s something about sprinkles that just makes everything more fun. And your big and small business goodie bag ideas are no exception! For party snack bag ideas that will have your recipients coming back for more, add Fatty Sundays Sprinkles chocolate-covered pretzels to your list. 

Shown: Sprinkles Chocolate Covered Pretzels

4. Ritual Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate 

For healthy goodie bag ideas for adults still featuring chocolate, give these Ritual chocolate bars a try! With a mellowing effect from the oak whiskey barrel, the chocolate offers a pleasant aroma and aftertaste. Due to this unique aging process, this limited edition dark chocolate is extremely pleasing.  

Shown: Ritual Chocolate Bourbon Barrel Aged, 75% Cacao

Snack Bag Ideas for Sports

Featuring quality ingredients that are healthy and protein-rich, these travel snack bag ideas also double as perfect sports snack ideas. 

When it comes to the holidays, it’s no surprise Americans tend to let go and consume more calories at the end of the year. From gingerbread houses, fruitcakes, cookie exchanges, and more, usually healthy habits are put on hold in lieu of holiday parties and family meals with all the fixings and extra desserts. 

So for memorable snack basket ideas for sports that pack an extra punch of flavor with good-for-your nutrition, opt for healthy options like these. Your recipient will thank you for it! 

5. RXBAR® A.M. Oats Vanilla Almond Oat Cups

A winning combination of egg whites, almonds, dates, and oats it’s got all the primo ingredients you want for sports snack ideas with none of the extra nonsense. 

Shown: RXBAR® A.M. Oats Vanilla Almond Oat Cups

6. RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bar

As snack bag ideas for sports, event giveaways, or additions to your holiday gift baskets, these protein bars are a notch above the rest! Plus, they are a great dairy-free snack that your lactose-intolerant recipients can enjoy as well!

Shown: RXBAR® Blueberry Protein Bar

Healthy Goodie Bag Ideas

Here’s proof that healthy goodie bag ideas for adults don’t have to be boring. With healthy snack bag ideas this unique and yummy you may just help them get their new year’s resolutions off to an amazing start!

7. Organic Mulberries by Sun & Swell 

These healthy snack bag gift ideas definitely don’t skimp on the fun or high-quality ingredients. Featuring Turkish mulberries that are ethically sourced, they are 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free! 

Featuring antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, mulberries make a tasty and good-for-you snack. In fact, according to WedMD, mulberries can help fight free radicals to limit oxidative stress. 

Shown: Sun & Swell Organic Mulberries

8. West Coast Trail Mix Blend Snack Packs by Sun & Swell 

Healthy is just part of the allure! These tasty nuts and seeds trail mix is also perfect for your sports snack ideas too. When it comes to vegan, organic, and gluten-free leave it to Sun & Swell to deliver!

Shown: Sun & Swell West Coast Trail Mix Blend - Snack Packs

9. Crispy Roasted Organic Curry Chickpeas 

Another healthy option that can also top your list of sports snack bag ideas, these chickpeas serve up a curry-inspired snack of pure delight! So if it’s out-of-the-box snacks you’re after, just think crispy roasted organic chickpeas! 

Shown: Crispy roasted organic chickpeas - curry

Goodie Bags For Coworkers

What would we do without our favorite co-workers? They are the ones who make laugh on good days and lift us up on bad ones. So when it comes to snack bag gift ideas for your favorite crew pick snacks that are just as unique as they are!  

10. Himalayan Sweetness Organic Popcorn by Lesser Evil

Made in the USA, these healthy goodie bag ideas for adults feature unrefined organic cane sugar for a touch of sweetness in a yummy simple snack. 

For extra props, why not include a custom bowl and card in your gift? Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas!


Shown: Himalayan Sweetness and Himalayan Pink Sale Organic Popcorn by Lesser Evil

11. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans by Jocelyn & Co.

Featuring diving chocolate-covered expresso beans, they’re the perfect pick-me-up! Featuring luxe artwork on the front, these snack bag gift ideas by Jocelyn & Co. make ordinary snack bags extraordinary. 

Tip: If your company is looking to upgrade its employee swag kits or on event giveaways, adding fun snacks such as these will leave a memorable impression. Talk to your Gemnote rep today for more custom offerings. 

Shown: Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans by Jocelyn & Co.

12. Big Heart Tea Cozy Night 

Commutes are tough, deadlines are stressful, and the daily grind? Well, that can sometimes get the best of us. For travel goodie bag ideas for adults that show you care, why not treat your favorite coworker to a Big Heart Tea, like this Cozy Night herbal variety that brings the calm? 

Shown: Big Heart Tea Cozy Night 

13. TCHO Sweet & Sassy 

For the best in travel goodie bag ideas for adults that are unique and tasty, look to Tcho to bring the flavor! With tastes of dried cherries and roasted coffee flavors, it’s great for snacking, baking, and taking on the go as sports snack ideas. 

Shown: TCHO Sweet & Sassy 

Goodie Bag Ideas For Employees

Looking for snack bag ideas for adults who are kids at heart? Fill your employee gift bags with snacks that are sure to delight their inner child! 

14. Caffeinated Bar, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Do you know what your recipient will love about these Verb Caffeinated Chovolate Chip Banana Bread energy bars? Well, when it comes to low-calorie small gift bag ideas for adults, this tasty bar packs as much caffeine as an expresso! Not to mention, the sweet, satisfying taste that will leave them asking for more. 

Shown: Caffeinated Bar, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

15. California Gummy Beverly Hills Sour Strawberry

Organic, Vegan & Sustainable— as healthy snack bag ideas go, these California Gummy Bears creations top our list of faves. Best of all they’re made in small batches in Los Angeles for an amazingly fresh taste from a bag that is not only sustainable but also compostable and biodegradable! 

Shown: Beverly Hills Sour Strawberry by California Gummy Bears

16. Maple Sugar Seasoning by Saltery

Sweet and spunky, just like your hard-working team! When it comes to healthy goodie bag ideas for adults, don’t forget the condiments! Sometimes, it’s all about the extra details that make holiday gift giving — especially the corporate variety, more fun! 

This Maple Sugar seasoning from Saltery is perfect for adding to small business goodie bag ideas on smaller budgets thanks to its elevated appeal.  

Shown: Maple Sugar Sweet & Salty Seasoning Salt by Saltery

17. Fly by Jing Zhong Sauce

Fly by Jing had us first with their Chili Crisp that accompanied pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, and oddly enough, ice cream—check out the review here!

So when it comes to travel goodie bag ideas for adults, why not go with a brand that already makes mouths water? Serve up their sweet and savory Zhing Sauce for another tasty condiment that makes almost anything better!

Shown: Fly by Jing Zhong Sauce

18. Grain Zero Fig & Apricot Granola

Looking for unique small gift bag ideas for adult employees? Little Belgians company brings the favorite cookie of Belgium, Speculoos, to America.  Their homemade cookies feature 100% organic ingredients. Plus they have no GMOs, no preservatives, and no palm oil. 

Shown: Little Belgium Cookies

Unique Snacks For Goodie Bags

Whether you’re on the hunt for small gift bag ideas for adults, thank you goodie bag ideas, or even sports snack ideas, these unique ideas will leave a smile on your recipient’s face! For gifts that really bring the zing add in a personalized card or branded company swag that they can use on repeat. 

19. Grain Zero Fig & Apricot Granola

With no refined sugars, added flavors, or fillers, this hearty granola is a top contender for healthy goodie bag ideas for adults. Plus, it can also dub as one of your travel snack bag ideas for your sales team or employees with long commutes. 

With plenty of fruit combinations available and filled with hearty healthy ingredients, it’s the snack you’ll be proud to feature in your company break rooms as well as in your assorted goodie bags.  

  • healthy snack bag ideas 
  • team snack bag ideas
  • sports snack ideas
Shown: Grain Zero Granola 

20. Sangria Party Snack Bag Ideas

Keep the festive vibes coming with a gift of Sangria complete with instructions and packaged in a reusable mason jar! 

Featuring oranges, lemons, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and citrus-infused sugar that is all made in the USA, they can be made into a mocktail or a cocktail, leaving the choice up to your recipient! Talk to your Gemnote rep for more sustainable gifts, swag, and giveaway options. 

Shown: McKinnon's Dry Craft Cocktails Sangria

21. Organic Macadamia Nut Butter

Is everything better with butter? Sure seems like it, and this organic macadamia nut butter brings all the goodness of organic ingredients and beautiful packaging while enhancing the flavor of your favorite recipes. It’s a great addition to your team snack bag ideas! 

As a corporate leader, you know the value of having a great presentation. For more options that are just as tasty as they are modern and professional, talk to your Gemnote rep!

Shown: Organic Macadamia Nut Butter

22. Organic Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Let your recipient get creative with their recipes by adding an organic marmalade to your holiday or thank you goodie bag ideas. Made in small batches in the USA it's a yummy combo of sweet and tart. 

Shown: Organic Meyer Lemon Marmalade

23. Wild West Animal Crackers by Persephone Bakery

Sure, at first glance animal crackers might not seem like the most unique cookies, however, these aren’t your average animal crackers. Inspired by 8 animals you can find on the Jackson Hole Safari, these favorite cookies are made in the USA cookies are from the Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Shown: Wild West Animal Crackers by Persephone Bakery

Need more small gift bag ideas for adults or snack bag ideas for sports? Check out Gemnote’s list of 20 Best Food Items For Corporate Gift Baskets, for thank you goodie bag ideas, holidays, and more!

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