Best Swag Ideas for Health and Wellness Startups

May 4, 2021

Explore the best swag ideas for your health and wellness startup.

But not just any small business swag will get the job done for positive brand awareness. Boring items and cheap quality can torpedo your image in a heartbeat. The quality of the swag represents the quality of your company. And because you’re in the health and wellness industry, any swag you offer needs to adhere to sustainability goals. So you could punch in “company wellness swag 2021” on your computer and try to figure out by yourself the best swag to invest in. But if you were going to do that, you probably wouldn’t be reading this! So let’s get started.

Best Company Wellness Swag

Any fitness gym swag or relaxation-related items will support the goal of better health and wellness, but here are 15 of the most popular health startups swag bag items:

1. Custom Bella Canvas Cotton T-shirt 

Tees are the number one choice of swag for many organizations because they’re such a visible canvas for your company logo or message. Choosing a brand like Bella Canvas, known for their ethically-made products and sustainability practices, gives you instant credibility by association. The buttery softness of the fabric and made-to-last construction will delight recipients whether they recognize the brand or not.

Tip: If tees are making your short list for fitness swag bag ideas, you may want to invest in features that wick away moisture, dry fast and ready for working up a sweat!

2. S’well® Insulated Traveler Bottle

Reusable water bottles are a recognized symbol of health and eco-friendly practices. This stainless steel, insulated S’well bottle is a smart choice not only because it’s stylish as well as functional, but because the S’well brand is known for its commitment to sustainability and charitable endeavors.

Tip: Whether you're hard at work or working up a sweat, hydration is key, and a sustainable bottle like this makes great fitness or wellness gifts for employees. For extra points, look for an easy-to-grab-and-go silicone handle like this 40oz Pyrite Traveler.  


3. BAGGU® Canvas Tote

BAGGU is another brand known for ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices. This ample canvas tote is created using recycled cotton and is built to last, keeping your company name out there for a long time. 

Tip: When it comes to health startups swag bag ideas, a go-anywhere canvas bag is perfect for keeping essentials close at hand when you’re on the go. For conferences and tradeshows, this is also an ideal way to distribute corporate wellness swag. 

4. Paddywax® Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy using essential oils is widely used to promote health and wellness in salons, spas, hospitals, chiropractor clinics, yoga studios, and meditation sites. This white ceramic Paddywax diffuser has a higher price point but will make points for your business when donated as fundraising/auction prize or as a gift to a corporate executive contracting with you for employee wellness services.

Tip: When it comes to health startups swag bag ideas, oil diffuser is not only unique but will leave your recipient thinking of your company every time they use it.  

5. Custom Art of Tea® Collection

Tea has long been a health and wellness staple, but choosing an Art of Tea collection makes sense for more reasons than that. Their delicious blends of tea, herbs and botanicals, coupled with stand-out modern packaging, make this tea set a cut above.

Tip: Rewarding your employees will go a long way in ensuring a positive company culture and low turnover. When you’re looking for wellness products for employees, think out of the box with special tea that’s just right for any season, like this one from the Art of Tea Collection.  

6. Touchland® Hand Sanitizer Mist

The elegant packaging of this health must-have, combined with a fresh, effective product experience makes the Touchland Hand Sanitizer Mist a hands-down favorite when it comes to budget-friendly wellness swag. Plus, it’s nice to be associated with a company known for its TouchLives charitable initiatives.

Tip: Need healthy goodie bag ideas for adults? Make sure to add in hand sanitizer mist to your bag of goodies for safer travels. 

7. PosiCharge® Competitor™ Face Mask Pack

This face mask, made from the same moisture-wicking fabric as the PosiCharge Competitor tee, is targeted to active people for athletic use. That makes the five-pack a perfect choice for health and wellness swag when you have it embroidered with your logo.

Tip: Even with more and more people getting vaccinated, masks will still be appreciated long after the mask-required bans lift. If you’re looking to add this to your wellness swag ideas, look for features similar to this one with adjustable sizing.   

8. M. Singer® Custom Sweatshirt

Elevated wardrobe essentials, like the “Teddy Bear” fleece pullover below, are what the M. Singer brand is known (and loved) for. Since this wardrobe staple is so well-made, plus the fact that a classic like this never goes out of style, it will be showing off your brand for years!

Tip: Not all sweatshirts are created equal, so when you’re looking for top-notch wellness swag bag ideas, invest in features like those in this M. Singer sweatshirt like a drawstring and ample sized kangaroo pocket. 

9. Reborn® Pour Over Coffee Packs

This is not your standard instant coffee. Reborn has patented a whole new way of producing award-winning, eco-friendly, sprouted coffee that is just the brew you need for cut-above wellness swag. 

Tip: The perfect pick me up for your customers and hardworking team! When it comes to wellness swag bag ideas, nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee right when you need it most!

10. Custom W&P® Porter Straws 

These stainless steel, rust-proof drinking straws are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws. With four to a set, you can have one at home, in the car and at the office, with one to spare!

Tip: Reusable straws are not just a great choice for the environment but also a much appreciated healthcare marketing swag idea. If you’re thinking about investing in reusable straws, look for a set that comes with a brush for easy cleaning like this set of Porter straws. 

11. Outdoor Voices® Custom Cap

Classic ball caps are perennial swag favorites. But as a health and wellness startup, this is the cap you want for keeping your brand top of mind, because Outdoor Voices is committed to sustainability and the cap is engineered to last.

Tip: Whether it’s medical promotional items or wellness swag bag ideas, a classic ball cap branded, of course, with your logo is a great way to promote your company! Plus, as extra protection from the sun and an easy fix for bad hair days, it’s a swag item that won’t go to waste. 

12. Custom Enamel Pin Set 

The young and hip crowd will love, love, love a set of custom enamel pins to decorate a backpack or moto jacket. It’s affordable art that goes with you, and it’s so very Instagrammable.

Tip: Healthcare swag comes in all shapes and sizes, so be sure you make yours unforgettable with a colorful, enamel pin that’s also a more affordable option for healthcare swag bags.   

13. PF Candle Co.® Custom Candle

Dim the lights, fire up a candle, and you instantly feel more relaxed, right? And then there’s the aromatherapy aspect of this one, too. Plus when you choose a custom candle in a reusable tin you’ll have stellar wellness swag that lasts after the candle is gone.

Tip: Whether it’s creating an ambiance or just adding a fresh accent to their decor, nothing beats a pretty candle. It also makes perfect wellness gifts for coworkers! 

14.  Munk Pack® Granola Bars

Healthy treats that are low-sugar are a welcomed addition to any swag bag. And don’t forget, dark chocolate is considered healthy—so an artisanal bar of dark chocolate could be used when you want a more sophisticated treat. 

Tip: For the best swag for doctors, why not invest in something that will satisfy their hunger and their sweet tooth and that they can feel good about eating!

15.  Topo Designs® Y-Pack

This backpack fuses classic style and modern functionality. It’s an excellent choice for employee onboarding and donations. It’s sleek and compact, yet roomy enough to hold your laptop and enough essentials for a weekend trip or day hike.

Tip: If you’re looking to go all out with your company wellness swag, invest an item that’s durable, functional and in a design they’ll love to show off season after season—like this no- fuss, go-anywhere Y-pack backpack from Topo. 

The Right Swag, The Right Way

So now you have ideas for swag items you might want to use as you launch your health and wellness startup. The next step is to find a no-headaches swag supplier who will help you fine tune those ideas and curate health and wellness swag with the kind of image your new company deserves. Gemnote is one way you can create swag with in-demand brands customized to you and your business, whether you’re looking for fitness swag ideas or health startups swag bag ideas. We offer superior quality merchandise in a range of prices from budget-friendly to pricier spoil-them-rotten merchandise, a variety of customization options, low minimum orders, timely on-demand fulfillment (we can overnight swag if needed), plus warehousing storage if you need it. Gemnote can help you set up an online store so you can keep track of your orders.

Before you order your branded health and wellness swag, here are a few general pointers:

  • With everyone focusing on sustainable goods and services these days, you will want your branded merchandise to be a good representation of wellness and sustainability. Sometimes this means investing a bit more in an item, but the positive association and longer lifespan of your swag plus its message about you will be worth it.
  • An in-demand brand choice can boost your company image by association, so when selecting a tee, consider brands like Glossier, Nike or Champion. 
  • Remember that branding is more than a logo—the quality, usefulness and design of an item speak volumes about your and your company. A company like Gemnote can collaborate with you to curate customized swag that is a creative and a cut-above.
  • Make it memorable. Customize it in a unique way that makes people pause and go “Whoa, I love that.” That doesn’t mean the design has to knock you over. For instance, the subtlety of tone-on-tone embroidery for your customized tee or hat that makes your swag stand out by virtue of its elegant simplicity.
  • Do your homework on Gen Z—they are currently the largest generation in America, comprising 40% of all US consumers. And because Gen Z takes a holistic view of health, emphasizing physical fitness, healthy eating, and mental well-being, they represent prime potential customers.

Remember, launching a successful startup in the growing health and wellness industry is going to be easier when you use impeccable, branded wellness swag to introduce your company and begin creating brand awareness in the marketplace. Building positive brand awareness is job number one for any startup, and swag is an essential tool for accomplishing that. 

When you’re ready to create customized swag for your company, Gemnote has the most-wanted brands plus creative advisors, fulfillment services, and more all in one place. They can handle your customized swag project efficiently and carefully from start to finish. Plus, they can even help you curate a set of products for your company swag boxes and pre-package them together in the box of your choice for a stellar presentation aesthetic. One less thing for you to worry about as you launch your new business. We think that makes Gemnote the perfect partner for busy entrepreneurs like you!

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