Custom S’well Insulated Water Bottles | Corporate Gifts

August 24, 2020

Get to know S'well! Their sustainable and chic company is making heads turn with quality drinkware that's perfect for customizing.

Everyone knows that when it comes to corporate gifting, your selections say a lot about the kind of company you are. When you give great gifts, and you are immediately placed in high regard for your esteemed taste and sense of style. Naturally, those who are tasked with choosing just the right present will want to fix their gaze on premium items that will communicate the very best traits that their company can offer – and one of those presents is a S’well Bottle

While water bottles have been a staple item for corporate gifting, it was only within the latter part of this decade that more and more people are seeking out premium quality water bottles and making them a status symbol. Suddenly, a branded water bottle became the accessory du jour – a sign of day to day sophistication that announced the owner’s discerning taste in even the most ordinary of things. Thanks to this, branded corporate water bottles have become so in-demand. 

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle: The King of Custom Water Bottles

Personalized S’well bottles enjoy the prestige of being one of the most (if not the most) sought-after brands for custom water bottles. S’well founder Sarah Krauss, began conceptualizing the brand as an answer to ridding the world of single-use plastic water bottles. Her intent for the original S’well bottle was to get people out of the habit of purchasing plastic bottles without giving them a second thought, and a good way for everyone to follow her lead was to create an insulated water bottle that was too stylish to be ignored. Since 2010, the Manhattan headquartered brand has had great success making sustainability so chic that everyone – including A-listers – was getting in on the habit. It was clear that the overall S’well water bottle target wasn’t to become a trend but rather a lifelong habit that also created a positive impact on the environment. 

S’well Bottles USA:  Study in Chic Sustainability

Every S’well bottle bottles review mentions how it is done with careful thought and impeccable taste. This was successfully presented in each item in their entire product line (because yes, they not only make custom water bottles but a bevy of drinking and dining items as well!). The sleek silhouette of a S’well water bottle is designed to make handling it very easy – from gripping the base securely with your hand to effortlessly unscrewing the lid so you can take a quick sip. The design is a far cry from its competitor, a custom Hydro Flask, which is industrially bulky in stark contrast to S’well’s sloping curves.

Practically every S’well water bottle review sings praises about its amazing ability to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. This is thanks to their innovative, triple-insulation technology that allows beverages to maintain their initial temperature for far longer a time compared to the more common double-wall insulation design of other water bottles. This triple-insulation also means this stainless steel water bottle does not sweat when it contains cold drinks or make the surface scalding hot when it holds hot beverages. 

Best S’well Bottles, All Types of Beverages

The most popular S’well bottles (a S’well bottle, 25 oz, Starbucks S’well bottles) is the go-to product for sustainability fans who wish to tote around enough water for the morning and refill it later in the day. However, it’s also perfect for other types of beverages both hot and cold:

Morning coffee

If you’re in a rush, you can simply carry around your S’well water bottle 17 oz filled with coffee that you can intermittently sip as you pore over your morning’s duties. 

S’well bottles

Evening tea

A cup of tea in the evening is a common practice for many, but you can take your time to enjoy hot tea for far longer when it’s in a S’well bottle (a S’well Pink Topaz is a popular choice among the female tea-loving set) instead of the usual tea cup. 

S’well bottles

Juices and smoothies

Juice and smoothie aficionados don’t need to rush to enjoy their cool beverage because it can stay cold longer when decanted into a S’well bottle. The same goes for other beverages such as cold milk, Boba tea (there’s even a S’well water bottle with straw, for those who enjoy sipping on Boba), sodas and everything in between. 

Suffice to say, if you can drink it – you can pour it into a S’well bottle and enjoy it cold or hot for an extended period! 

S’well collections

Why Use the Original S’well Water Bottle for Corporate Gifting

Knowing how easily S’well water bottles fit into everyone’s lifestyle should give you an idea of what a useful and practical gift it is, especially the Starbucks S’well water bottles. S’well is a top choice for corporate gifting because: 

1. It’s a well-known brand in the custom water bottle industry. S’well has been around for a decade, putting it at the forefront of the beverage sustainability movement way before any of its competitors were. 

2. There are so many colorways to choose from. S’well is a favored water bottle of choice by many popular corporate brands because its wide color range makes it easy to choose one or two that matches a brand’s primary color scheme. 

3. A wide product range. From the original 25 oz bottle, S’well has grown its product range to accommodate a wide variety of users and can fit into so many lifestyles. This is to the advantage of people looking for corporate gifts, because they have many options to choose from when they are looking for a custom insulated water bottle that fits their needs. 

4. Affordability. If you are thinking that you probably need to scout for S’well water bottle clearance in order to afford it, you have another think coming. S’well bottles start out on the affordable side, with the 9oz bottles at a reasonable $25. This is a really good price for something that is so well-made and can give out a huge return on your investment, which is to give a gift that remains relevant and will find constant use for. 

5. The design lends itself to customization perfectly. Companies who buy S’well products often want their water bottles engraved. S’well has thoughtfully added this feature to their list of services after seeing the growing demand for it coming from the corporate gifting sector. The clever placement of the S’well logo (discreetly positioned near the bottom of the bottle’s body) gives anyone a nice canvas to customize with all that space above it. 

A Top Choice for Top Brands

Corporate gift and custom promotional products brand Gemnote can attest to the popularity of S’well bottles as a choice pick for corporate gift items. The brand has been a consistent top pick for many brands that are on the hunt for customizable promotional products.


Well-known companies such as  Credit Karma, Gusto,and Amazon AWS (among others) turn to S’well bottles for their corporate gifting needs and have their brand logo emblazoned on the bottle’s body. The clean lines of S’well insulated water bottles make it easy to work with a variety of logo styles and shapes, allowing brands to enjoy a lot of room to prominently display their logo.


Depending on the brand logo and motif, you can choose to have a plain company logo printed horizontally or across the bottle’s body so it pops out against the fun colors of S’well bottles. Or, you can add unique themes and designs to go along with your company logo printed on the bottle.

Credit Karma

The popularity of S’well bottles as a top choice among many brands isn’t just limited to one particular sector or industry. From retail giants to globally-renowned software corporations, it is interesting to note that S’well bottles fit in quite nicely into so many different kinds of promotional campaigns geared towards uplifting the name and reputation of vastly different brands. While it may seem that water bottles are a safe go-to promotional item for any type of business or brand, the high demand for S’well bottles indicates that it takes established brands* like S’well to really bring forth the expected return of investments that companies make when purchasing products for promotional campaigns. Suffice to say, a generic water bottle brand just won’t cut it if you really want to make an impact on your clients, customers, and employees!

*Gemnote also works with other equally well-established global brands such as Klean Kanteen, Fellow, Ember, Miir, Corkcicle, and Larq – all with their own distinct style and product range

The Fun is in the Choosing

Knowing about the benefits of including a S’well water bottle in your corporate gifting catalogue should convince you to do so in no time. When you are set on it, you can then truly have fun in deciding which particular variant, size, and colorway to choose from. With so many stylish options, you will not worry about whether or not your best choices will be ooohd and aaahd over by your corporate gift recipients. And because you know that this stylish brand is backed by a strong sustainability commitment, you can place 100% of your confidence in an item that resonates with the best qualities of your own company as well – successful, relevant, committed, and backed by quality. 

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