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March 11, 2022

From TCHO chocolate gift items to baking chocolate, our TCHO chocolate review covers it...

TCHO calls Berkeley, California home. Given California’s innovative and technological streak, it’s not surprising that the Golden State birthed TCHO in 2007. The company’s name stands for TechCHOcolate. Founder Timothy Childs is known as a NASA tech wizard. In addition, Childs partnered with Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe who founded Wired magazine. Thus, they brought two more technological minds to the table.

Karl Bittong brought the chocolatier experience to the team as a 40-year industry veteran. Brad Kintzer keeps the flavors yummy as the company’s Chief Chocolate Maker. Plus, TCHO tasked him with forming partnerships with cacao farmers and finding new ways to deliver the best chocolate possible. 

Since Childs draws on his NASA experience, some believe that the company name takes into account his use of computer models, gas chromatography, & mass spectrometry. The company’s mission aimed to develop the best-tasting product and the most efficiently produced. An estimated 70% of the world’s cacao beans come from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. TCHO sources beans from Western Africa, the United States and more. 

TCHO invested in the infrastructure of their farming partners. They improved the number of usable beans from 20% to 80%. The company’s investments and innovation is said to produce the most special chocolate, and it strives to become TCHO new American chocolate.

In 2021, the TCHO chocolate company announced that its products officially became Certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic. Plus, customers will enjoy vegan, gluten-free, kosher treats derived 100% from plants. The company hopes to make its products animal-free by 2023, a move that will make TCHO chocolate ingredients truly pure.

By meeting meets social and environmental standards, TCHO also achieved Certified B Corporation status, a private certification for profit-turning organizations. 

TCHO Chocolate Review 

According to online reviews, others agree with the chocolate company. Individuals say that it's so smooth, it makes others feel like sandpaper. Keep in mind that individuals often find this brand through samples, giveaways, and visiting San Francisco. Thus, if you give away this treat as a corporate gift, swag promotional item, or to thank your staff, you score points for your company and TCHO.

TCHO Chocolate Review of the Top 15 Products  

1. Dark Duo 

The TCHO Dark Duo gives recipients the best taste of two single-origins, Peru and Ghana. The truffle includes a 75% cacao shell with a fudge and fruity taste. 

It’s a nice TCHO chocolate gift that comes in individually wrapped bars. 

Shown: Dark Duo

2. The Origins

Participating in food tastings allows you to experience a variety of samples. It’s one way to try a small amount before committing to a large portion, like the Origins. 

Recipients receive each of the six TCHO dark chocolate options:

  • Holy Fudge
  • Born Fruity
  • Dark Duo
  • Toffee Time
  • Choco Latté
  • Aww Nuts

Shown: The Origins

Many people look for TCHO chocolate where to buy places. Several end up purchasing them online. Another is TCHO chocolate Whole Foods. By gifting The Origins box set, you allow recipients to taste each bar before purchasing several. 

Another way to pick up products is to schedule private TCHO chocolate tours at the company’s Berkeley facility. However, all your clients probably don’t travel to the Northern California city. Therefore, you can bring the TCHO dark chocolate treats to them.

3. Toffee Time

Since TCHO sells dairy-free products, the company uses oat-based milk chocolate for its Toffee Time bars. The rest of the ingredients include vegan toffee bits and sea salt flakes.  

Shown: Toffee Time

4. Choco Latte

Some say that chocolate and espresso rank among the best flavor combinations. The TCHO Choco Latte offers a bold coffee taste. It sources the organic coffee beans from Blue Bottle Coffee and combines them with plant-based oat milk chocolate.

Shown: Choco Latte

5. Sweet & Sassy 

You’ll find TCHO chocolate in bars .83 ounce bars. You can also pick up TCHO baking chocolate such as their Sweet & Sassy in eight-ounce bags.

TCHO Sweet & Sassy features a 66% bittersweet dark chocolate blend. The recipients also taste dried cherries and roasted coffee flavors. This product, among others, is great for snacks, cooking, and baking.

Shown: Sweet & Sassy

For the baker in your life, consider picking up the Dark & Bitter TCHO chocolate discs. The company made the switch from TCHO dark chocolate critters to discs to improve the item.

The Dark & Bitter TCHO 100 dark chocolate contains no added sugars or flavors. It is ready to go right out of the bag and a favorite TCHO baking chocolate.

6. Hawt Chocolate 

Hot chocolate lovers will enjoy the TCHO drinking chocolate crumbles. Available in 8.8-ounce bags, recipients can enjoy the crumbles in their coffee, mocha, and hot milk. It also serves as a fun ice cream topping. 

Shown: Hawt Chocolate

7. Super Powder 

TCHO produces a diverse product line. In addition to TCHO drinking chocolate crumbles, TCHO also produces its Super Powder. Perfect for cooking and baking, the powder contains a high-fat content.

Moreover, the Super Powder contains no added sugars; it’s all-natural.

Shown: Super Powder

8. Crush This 

In addition to bars, crumbles, and powder, TCHO also sells nibs. The Crunch This nibs are the chocolate version of nuts. Nibs have a crunchy texture and a toasted nut flavor.

Shown: Crush This

A versatile TCHO chocolate gift, recipients can use the nibs as toppings. TCHO recommends placing them on top of ice cream, salads, and cakes. They can also use them in smoothies, home brews, and BBQ sauces. 

With a product like this, no limit exists to the possible and creative uses. 

9. Aww Nuts! 

To produce the TCHO Aww Nuts wrapped bars, the chocolate retailer sources the almonds from Maisie Jane's located in Chico, California.

The bar also includes TCHO dark chocolate, sea salt, and almond butter.  

Shown: Aww Nuts

10. Really Fruity 

The TCHO Really Fruity product is one of the most interesting. The TCHO chocolate discs taste like cherries combined with chocolate. Sourced from single-origin Peruvian cacao, the beans contain the fruit flavor without the need for fruit or additives. 

Shown: Really Fruity

Since Really Fruity comes in a larger size, the TCHO chocolate cost is higher than the bars, and the six, seven, and eight-ounce bags. The TCHO chocolate discs have a cost of $114.99 whereas the other products range from $5.99 to $7.99 per unit. 

11. Holy Fudge

Holy Fudge helps satisfy brownie cravings. The company fills the 75% cacao shell with TCHO dark chocolate. Plus, it incorporates the taste of crisp brownie edges.

Shown: Holy Fudge

TCHO sources the cacao beans for the Holy Fudge project from its farm partners in Ghana.

12. Classic Milk

A couple of decades ago, most chocolate products had simple flavors such as milk. As the population ages, they become nostalgic for the things of the past. Thus, every chocolatier sells a milk chocolate version. TCHO carries its Classic Milk bar with an adult twist.

To make the bar grown-up, TCHO incorporates caramel notes and hints of butterscotch, almonds, cacao, and vanilla flavors. More impressively, the company doesn’t add sugar. 

Shown: Classic Milk

TCHO sources the cacao beans for this product from Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Another milk chocolate product is the TCHO chocolate mokaccino. It received such a great TCHO chocolate review that it became an award-winning product.

13. Hella Dark

For those searching for a TCHO dark chocolate in the TCHO chocolate discs, they can pick up the Hella Dark product. Available in three-kilo bags, it lives up to its name with 81% TCHO dark chocolate. 

Shown: Hella Dark

The bar version of the Hella Dark contains hints of TCHO hazelnut chocolate. 

14. Origins Gift Box 

The TCHO Origins Gift Box set differs from The Origins TCHO chocolate gift box set. The box set contains all the TCHO dark chocolate options; the TCHO Origins Gift Box set contains two Holy Fudge, Born Fruity, and Dark Duo bars.

Shown: Origins Gift Box

15. Pairings Gift Box

The TCHO Pairings Gift Box complements the TCHO Origins Gift Box set. It contains two of Toffee Time, Choco Latté, and Aww Nuts! Bars. All the flavors rank highly among the company’s loyal customers. 

For corporate gifting and swag giveaway ideas, you can pick up a mix of the TCHO chocolate gift box sets. Then find creative ways to customize them through Gemnote.

Shown: Pairings Gift Box

As you browse the TCHO product line, you’ll notice that each package contains a list of the TCHO chocolate ingredients and TCHO chocolate nutrition facts. If you want to give these products to individuals who might have food allergies, you can pick the right items. 

Keep in mind that TCHO continues improving its retail line. When it’s available, you can find TCHO nutrition facts mint chocolate information too. 

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