25 Corporate Gift Ideas for Delighting Your Employees

March 12, 2020

It is not always easy to think about and find great corporate gifts for your employees to give them a wow factor. What are the best corporate gifts for employees? Will they like it? Will it benefit the business for the employees to receive gifts? There are many questions to answer together with finding unique corporate gifts within your budget. We will answer these questions in this article.

It was very important for us to focus on these 25 corporate gift ideas for your employees after having written about the Top 20 Premium Corporate Gifts to Elevate Your Business.

In our lookbook, we only advertise the best corporate gift ideas, no garbage and no waste of time. Here, you’ll find the best products on the market to offer to your employees at any price tag, nothing more, nothing less.

As mentioned in other articles, Gemnote has a team dedicated to researching the best unique corporate gifts ideas for employees for it to benefit the business and raise your employer satisfaction.



GOPRO HERO 8 – $349.99

Many big and international companies already chose GoPro cameras as a corporate gift, or reward, for their employees.

It is certainly not the cheapest corporate gift on the market; however, you will make your employees happy offering them the perfect Instagram camera they could get.

In addition to that, it comes with a 32GB memory card to start using it as soon as they receive it.


As mentioned in our previous article, the Apple AirPods are the best headphones to give as a corporate gift.

Other than always being a good choice for a corporate gift idea, your employees will be able to use anywhere on the go from the coffee shop to work and even when they’ll travel.

Apart from using them on the go, they will also use them at the office if you allow them, making their work environment distraction and cable-free.


On a more expensive note, or a more rewarding one if you prefer, this personal speaker will be a very enjoyable present for your employees.

As Techradar mentions on their website “for this size we would argue that you can’t get much better”, and our dedicated can only agree. For instance, your employees will be more than happy to receive such a nice corporate gift and will also notice that your company spends a little more on their hard work.

Whether doing exercise or working from home, this is a gift that the members of your staff will actually use.

​​Why is it important to give employees gifts?

It is important to give employees gifts to show your appreciation for their hard work and for their loyalty to your company. In addition to this, it greatly reduces the turnover as you’re giving them an extra reason to stay.

AMAZON FIRE HD 8 – $74.98

Tablets has become one of the must-haves for many people along with smartphones. In the past few years, it has become a common yet nice corporate gift idea and no employee seems to complain about it so far!

They’ll be able to throw it in their backpack or handbag and use it during their breaks to clear their mind and get back to work even more focused than before.

To sum up, the Amazon Fire Tablet is a great corporate gift idea and you should also bear with us until the end to combine it with a Netflix subscription!


FitBit has become a famous name in the tech market in the past few years, and many companies have already chosen their products to reward employees for their dedicated work.

With this smartwatch, your staff will always have somewhere to know the time without having to look at their phones, which is great to remain focus with no distraction.

In addition to this, it will motivate your employees to build healthy habits which is known to improve their work-life balance.


The Urbanears headphones are a nice, useful and definitely a nice corporate gift idea to impress your employees.

In addition, they are impressively flexible and they’ll give your members of staff a wow factor, making them share the great employer that you are on Instagram.

Last but not least, they will enjoy them everywhere they go and will help them focus on business with redefined sound making them focus on their work.


The Echo Dot with Alexa has become one of the most famous items in the Tech market and for a good reason.

Sure, your employees won’t be able to use it at the office, but is there really a problem with it? They will love it and will use it home which is the most important, or maybe you should consider making them work from home to enjoy their brand-new gift?

To sum up, all the reasons above and its unbeatable price make it a unique gift for your staff.


On a more affordable and handier unique gift, the Native Union Night Cable is definitely a unique gift for your employees.

The good thing about this cable is the fact that you can set it on the table, desk or any other surface and it just won’t fall on the floor. This means no distraction whatsoever in the office and more focus on their tasks.


Other than that, its extra-long range makes it practical to use even if your power socket is far away in the office.

If you think that this item is not good enough for your employees, think again! With over 550 reviews on Bestbuy.com, it is one of the best corporate gifts you can get for this price range.

How does it benefit the business for employees to receive gifts?

First of all, it spreads positive energy in the office and within the company, which your company NEEDS to run smoothly.

Secondly, it strengthens relationships. Whether your employee received a wrong impression a meeting with his superior or from updated company policy, it will make him strengthens his trust towards management.

To sum up, corporate gifts are great to improve your business by increasing your employees’ happiness and satisfaction.


Many people don’t realize how helpful a power bank can be, and some of your corporate employees (if not most) are certainly in that category.

The Jackery Giant+ Power Bank is a great idea for a corporate gift and all your employees will appreciate it.

For example, if they’re on their way back home from the office or don’t have any battery left at their desk and have an emergency, this power bank could help them a lot.

It is always important to treat your employees, no matter if the reward is big or not, and this 12000mAh capacity power bank will definitely make them happier and raise your employer’s satisfaction.



The Everlane Renew Transit Backpack is a fantastic corporate gift that your employees will definitely remember. Not only it is beautifully designed, but it is also very practical and they can always take it with them anywhere they go.

This travel-friendly backpack is made in different colors which will definitely help in finding the right taste for the members of your team. They are elegant and they can take it to work for the whole year.


A Yeti bottle couldn’t miss in this 25 corporate gift ideas list. In fact, as much as water bottles are one of the most typical and common corporate gifts, they are also one of the most useful.

This bottle is the best Yeti product you can get that’s also go into the dishwasher and that’s available in a few colors. Wherever your employees go, their drink will remain hot or cold wherever they travel.


The travel mug from Bodum is a fantastic corporate gift that everyone will love. It is great for your employees but also for the planet as it allows you to avoid using paper or plastic cups, and rather use this dishwasher safe cup.

Available in black and silver, you won’t have problems choosing it for your employees whether you have more ladies than men or vice versa.


An umbrella can be an excellent corporate gift for both men and women especially if you live in a city or country with many rainy days a year.

It is definitely not one of the most common corporate gift ideas for employees, however, it will most likely be very useful to them.

The Shedrain compact mini umbrella has been chosen by our team of experts for being very strong and long-lasting but also being compact and you’ll be able to carry it anywhere your employees go.


A notebook is a small but unique corporate gift for your employees and they will definitely not forget about it.

Sure, it is not a very expensive gift idea, but it is surely very helpful when taking notes, writing reminders or simply writing down business meetings not to forget.

In addition, your employees will be able to use it at the office or at home which makes it a nice object to reward them.


The Tanner Goods minimal card wallet is a fantastic and very common corporate gift as it will allow all your members of staff to go everywhere around without carrying their bulky wallets.

Rather than going to the office with all their documents risking to lose them all, they will only need to take this card wallet to stock their transportation and credit card. In addition to this, no stress worrying about losing their personal documents on the go!

For this reason, we really think that this minimal card wallet is an unique corporate gift idea.


Other than being a nice gift idea for your employees, offering them a custom hat will be beneficial to both your staff and your business.

In fact, what’s better than a happy employee advertising your business on their hat when going to the office?

In addition to this, it is inexpensive and you will, therefore, have more budget to buy them 2 corporate gifts instead of only one, making them even happier.


The custom jacket is a similar corporate gift idea to the custom hat. In fact, you will be easily able to customize it with your logo and they will happily wear it anywhere they go.

From the route to the office, to the coffee shop in town and even going to the gym, rest assured that many people will be interested in your business.

Advertisement is definitely not the only great thing about this corporate gift, as you have the possibility to choose many different jacket qualities and products.


Air conditioning too strong in your office? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In fact, the Faribault Wool Blanket is the perfect gift for your employees if they suffer cold from the air conditioning in your office.

Certainly, this is not the only reason to choose the blanket over some technological items. Other than keeping them warm in and outside the office, this product was also made with high quality tissue and they will remember it for a long time.


The Venque Balham is another elegant item to put in your basket to give your employees the ultimate wow factor.

It is beautiful, compact yet functional, and is also considered a business item to your employees. They can throw their computer in it with a notebook and other personal things and they would still have some room.

It is 100% water repellent so don't worry about them wetting their laptop on a rainy day.


The Cottonon Laptop Cover is an excellent corporate gift for your employees for many reasons.

Firstly, it is elegant while adding safety to your employee's laptop.

Secondly, there are many styles available for any taste whether you have more female employees than male and vice versa.

Last but not least, there is a pocket where to put pencils, cables, transportation cards and much more. Without a doubt, this is another corporate gift that your employees will enjoy!


The S'Well Water Bottle had to be on this list. In fact, other than being really practical, it is also very good for all your employees, for example when they exercise at the gym or go play basketball.

In addition to this, it could save hundreds of plastic bottles of water which is fantastic for the environment.

To sum up, the S'Well is an unique gift for a unique employee, and we couldn't recommend it enough.



As Headspace advertises on their website, live a healthier, happier and more well-rested life in just a few minutes a day.

The app launched in June 2014 and since then, they managed to become one of the best meditation apps on the market.

It is a very unexpected and unique corporate gift to offer to your staff and they will be able to use it on the go, in transit, and during their breaks if they have a stressful moment.

With an impressive number of 124,000 reviews on Google Play and 615,000 on the Apple App Store, you can be certain that your employees will appreciate and come to the office more relaxed and focused, no matter the job they have.

An entertainment subscription – Audible, Spotify, Netflix (h2)

Buying your employees an entertainment subscription will probably make them happy even if it is not the most common corporate gift.

Many companies offer these gifts as a reward for being the employee of the month or to have exceeded his target by far.

The most common subscription gift cards are the ones from Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Audible.


Amazon is one of the most famous companies on earth and they sell anything that your employees would enjoy from items made in America to elegant bags or exercise gear.

An Amazon gift card is not a common corporate gift but it is definitely very rewarding and your staff will have the chance to choose what they really want.


This is the ultimate corporate gift that you could ever offer to your employees. There are many amounts available from 10 to more than 100$ and your staff will be able to spend it in shops but also online.

It is probably the gift that most of the employees will prefer since they would use the money buying what it is they like the most.

This was our corporate gift ideas for delighting your employees in 2020. From tech gifts to retail ones and fit cards, we really hope that you learned something from our dedicated team and that you found this article useful.

There are certainly other corporate gifts to be offered to your employees, however, these are the best ones you could ever get them to make them happy and their work-life balance a bit more enjoyable.

Thank you for sticking with us until the end, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more.

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