14 Custom Camelbak Water Bottles

August 19, 2022

Discover the best Personalized Camelbak promotional water bottles for cycling, hiking, roughing it, and more!

What do you call biking 100 miles in the stifling summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas? Hotter'N Hell 100. Sound rough? It is, but thankfully, Camelbak Water Bottles have your back. 

As for that hot, grueling four-day road race? It’s actually the inspiration behind the Camelbak backpack, or what is known as the Camelbak water bottle! As one can imagine, bicyclists participating in this summer race have a major challenge—staying hydrated! With few places available to stop for water, bicycle enthusiast Michael Edison, who is also an emergency medical technician by trade, created a genius workaround that would also save him valuable time. 

Using an IV bag, tube sock, hose, and clothespin—his innovative, out-of-the-box thinking led to a system for hands-free hydration—one that is still used today, with a few tweaks, of course! 

Camelbak Water Bottles: A Leader in Hydration Solutions

Today Camelbak is the world's leading maker of hydration solutions and with their innovative lineup of products, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for branded water bottles to add to your company’s merch store, event swag, employee onboarding kits, and more, these custom-insulated water bottles are definitely worth checking out. 

In addition to their great price point, you’ll find multiple sizing options including Camelbak water bottle 1 liter and plenty of colors to choose from. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more customization options

Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle Ideas and More

Summer can be brutal. So when the going gets hot, how about delivering innovative swag that can help your recipients stay cool and hydrated all year long? Here, we take a look at some of Camelbak’s best custom water bottle ideas as well as reservoirs that are just right for personalizing with your company’s logo. 

1. Camelbak Water Bottle Options: Podium 

For custom water bottles for cycling that don’t include the hands-free camelback, Podium is a terrific option that features antimicrobial technology and a safe, tasteless design. Available in 21 oz size or 24 oz., the bottles feature HydroGuard an antimicrobial technology to inhibit bacteria growth Plus, they feature TruTaste polypropylene which is safe for food and cannot be tasted. 

Shown: Podium 24 oz

For times when you don’t need an insulated water bottle, the 21-oz. Podium Camelbak Water Bottles are just the ticket and ideal for company’s wanting to add promotional water bottles for cycling to swag line up. 

Tip: By adding creating a company swag store, you can have an easy option for your internal team to purchase additional merch, like personalized Camelback water bottles, as well as custom apparel and accessories, office staples, additional drinkware options, and more!

Shown: Podium 21 Oz

2. Promotional Water Bottles For Cycling: Camelbak Podium Chill and the Insulated Podium Chill 

‍If keeping your drink cold is what matters, just think chill. With the same great features as the Podium, like HydroGuard and TruTaste, the Podium Chill lineup offers double-walled construction for keeping your water twice as cold. 

‍When it comes to custom cycling water bottles, it’s not hard to see why the Insulated Podium Chill is an easy favorite! Plus, this Camelback Water Bottle features Jet Valve for easy sipping and no spilling. 

Shown: Insulated Podium Chill 21 Oz

Shown: Podium Chill 21 Oz 

Shown: Podium 24 Oz

3. Custom Camelbak: Podium Dirt Series 

When it’s time to hit the trails, mountain bikers want custom-insulated water bottles that keep dirt out and hydration in, like the innovative Podium Dirt Series. However, you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to appreciate the clever design (think high flow, self-seal cap, and easy-to-clean features). 


Plus, with its easy-squeeze styling, the Podium Dirt custom cycling water bottles are winning the war on dehydration. 

Shown: Podium Dirt Series 21 oz

Personalized Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle Options

‍Whether you choose the Eddy for its innovative filtering princess that’s found in the Eddy + Straw version or stick with the basic Eddy style, it’s a great option for meeting your hydration goals. Plus, for companies looking for personalized Camelbak water bottles, it’s a top contender. 

4. The Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle

Available in multiple sizes including a Camelbak kids water bottle and a Camelbak toddler water bottle, additional Camelbak water bottle parts are also available. 

Shown: Eddy+ 25oz

Shown: Eddy Bottles - 20oz

5. Camel Back Water Bottle: The Eddy+ Lifestraw 

Unless you find yourself on an adventure-series reality TV show competition, The Eddy + Life Straw is the perfect companion for enjoying the great outdoors as well as the wilderness. 

While not a Camelbak cycling water bottle, this innovative Camelbak water bottle features not one, but two filtration steps. The first filtration step removes bacteria, parasites, and micro-plastics—things you definitely don’t want swimming in your water! As for the next stage, the Eddy+ Lifestraw reduces lead, taste and odor, chlorine, and other chemicals. The end result? Clean, pure water no matter where you are. 

Shown: The Eddy+ Lifestraw 20oz

Custom Water Bottle Ideas: the Chute Mag

Available in multiple sizes, including a 50 oz. which offers more fluid ounces than the Camelbak water bottle 1 liter, there’s a size for everyone!


6. Custom Camelbak Water Bottle: The Chute Mag  

What’s so great about the Chute Mag custom Camelbak Water bottle? How about its lightweight design? Or you might like that the sustainable water bottle you already knew and loved got an even more sustainable upgrade and now features 50% recycled material— thanks to the Tritan™ Renew. Although it may be the innovative design of the magnetic top, which stays out of the way when you are trying to drink, that makes this Camelbak water bottle your favorite. 

And if you’re looking for the best custom engraved water bottles from Camelbak, this stainless steel insulated Chute mag bottle is an easy pick. 

Shown: Chute Mag 20oz

Shown: Chute Mag 25oz

Shown: Chute Mag 50oz

Shown: Chute Mag Stainless Steel 

7.  Personalized Camelbak Water Bottles: All Clear Purifier

In addition to the Eddy with Life Straw product, the All Clear Purifier Camelbak water bottle offers another clever design that is worth taking note of. By effectively neutralizing microbiological contaminants to EPA standards by using UV tech, this product is able to purify water in 60 seconds! Best of all, one bottle can treat up to 16 gallons of unfiltered water, and features a pre-filter and LCD screen. 

Shown: All Clear Purifier


8. Custom Camelbak Water Bottle: The Camelback Carry Cap 

If variety is the spice of life, then versatility is the best of swag. Lucky for you, and more so for the recipient of this Carry Cup does double duty keeping drinks cold thanks to the double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel, leak-proof, handle that’s perfect for on-the-go travels. 

And as for versatility? Well, the Carry cap plays nice with the Camelbak Eddy, Chute Mag, and even the Hot Cap vessels. Plus, like its predecessors, the Carry Cup is easy to clean and BPA, BPS, and BPF free.

With so many key benefits and features, for companies looking for custom Camelbak items, but not necessarily custom water bottles for cycling, the Carry Cap is an ideal pick!  

Shown: Carry Cap 25 Oz

9. Personalized Camelbak: Quick Stow Flask 

Staying hydrated wherever your travels take you, just got easier. Whether you stash it in a pocket, your vest, belt, or just carry it… this leakproof flask goes where you do. Plus, the large mouth opening means you can fill it with ice too. If you’re looking for custom merch with all the conveniences, your recipients will love that this one not only features volume indicators, a dry hanger loop, and collapses for easy storage when empty, but it’s dishwasher safe on the top rack. 

Shown:  Quick Stow Flask


Camelbak Bottle Free Options 

You can think of these as the Camel Back water bottle option for ultimate hands-free hydration!

While custom-insulated water bottles are great for biking and other sports, sometimes activities call for more hydration and an easier way to access more water. Kind of like that Hotter than Heck fire race that became the inspiration for what is now known as Camelbak and personalized Camelbak products. And of course, these Reservoir Camelbak products deliver! 

10. Fusion Reservoir 

With its durable design, waterproof closure, and universal hanger filling the Fusion Reservoir replaces the standard cap with a toothless zipper for easier use and cleaning. Plus, it’s lighter than the Crux line. Check out Bike Rumor’s review. 

Shown: Fusion Reservoir

11. Camelbak Crux Reservoir 

Keep your recipients hydrated on their next adventure with the Crux reservoir. Featuring 20% more water per sip, hydration comes faster and easier. Best of all, the cap and handle feature the widest opening on the market for easy cleaning and refilling. There’s also a leaf-free ergonomic Big Bite Valve for easy shut-off. 

Shown: Camelbak Crux Reservoir 

12. Crux Lumbar Reservoir 

Designed for CamelBak Lumber Reservoir packs, features a horizontal design for lower weight distribution that’s perfect for biking or even for running stations. Plus, the wide opening offers easy filling with water and can even be used to add ice. See Enwild’s review. 

Shown: Crux Lumbar Reservoir

When it comes to adding your company’s logo to any product it’s important to know that what you are in essence supporting is not only well-crafted but also safe for consumers to use. Companies will appreciate that all of Camelbak’s products from custom cycling water bottles to custom insulated water bottles with straw details, and reservoirs are 100% free from BPA, as well as BPA substitutes, BPS, and BPF. 


Custom-insulated water bottles are not all designed the same. When it comes to adding your logo to a Camelbak water bottle, you can rest at ease that your recipient is getting quality merch. 


In the event there are Camelbak water bottle problems, users can find tons of helpful videos online to help get their Camelbak custom-insulated water bottles back on track. In addition, the Camelbak website offers plenty of FAQs to help easily problem solve any issues should they arrive. 


Finding the Best Personalized Camelbak options & Custom Water Bottles For Cycling 

Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can find the best customization options for your Camelbak Water Bottle. Looking for custom-insulated water bottles with straw accessories? They can help you find custom-printed Camelbak water bottles in an assortment of colors with all the accessories you need to delight your recipient, and can even assist you in setting up a swag merch store before the holidays


And, if you’re still not sold on what water bottle style you want for your custom merch, Gemnote partners with only the best brands and can help you find the one that is just right for your company. They can even offer a customized, perfectly curated list of Custom Camelbak products that in addition to being excellent options for branding also work within your budget. 

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