How to Create a Swag Store in Time for the Holidays

July 16, 2021

The holidays are quickly approaching and you'll want to share your merch!

What is a swag store?

Before we dive into the logistics of setting up a swag store, it’s important to understand what this type of store is exactly. In the most basic sense, a swag store carries merchandise that features your company’s branding and logo. Now, why is that beneficial you may ask. Well when you can get your customers and employees to wear your brand, it’s like free marketing to everyone they encounter. 

Benefits of selling your company branded merchandise 

There are three main benefits of having a customer or employee swag store. They are to increase exposure, build brands and enhance team culture. For more information on why this is important, check out Gemnote’s blog on how online swag stores can help you scale your brand and business in 2021. 

And if you're wondering  which company’s do this successfully, take a look around the next time you are at the grocery store, park, concert or other event. More than likely you will see people wearing company branded gear who are not on the clock. 

What’s even more significant, is that you may recognize the brand, without having even researched or shopped for them. That’s one of the best things about the power of brand exposure. The more times you are exposed to it, the more likely you are to remember—and recall it. 

And when you have customers who are advocates for your product or service, well, they make some of the best marketers around. Case in point, Glossier’s famous pink hoodie sweatshirt was originally designed just for its employees. However, after being requested on repeat by its customers to purchase one of their own, Glossier made the smart decision to sell it. Like the brand, the pink hoodie has a cult following that customers are happy to promote for free (or for the cost of their sweatshirt) on social media. So for swag distribution, taking the time to create a swag store is worth the effort.

Creating company merchandise

It’s a lot easier than you think! In fact if you already have your company’s branding and logo assets, you are almost there. By partnering with a company like Gemnote they can help you find the best ways to create your company’s merchandise. Whether you are looking for screen printing, embroidery, leather debossing, glass etching, imprinting and more, their helpful curators will help you discover how to best showcase your branding while respecting your budget. For more tips check out the Top 5 Design Tips For Making Stylish Swag in 2021. And remember, ordering holiday gift distribution in bulk you could save your company money.

Best merch to create a swag store

For the best company swag store, you’ll want to look for items that boast quality, fashion and function. After all, if you’re going to invest in merch to represent your brand, you don’t want something that won’t stand up to the fabulous image you want for your company. And don’t worry, you can still carry name brand products that are designed to last while still customizing with your brand. And once you set up your customer or employee swag store (don’t worry, we’ll show you how), you can still promotional offer swag redemption online

Popular picks for your swag store:

1. Quality Jackets

While it may seem too hot to think about sweaters — especially the heavyweight fleece kind, remember, the holidays are closer than you think and people love gifting quality, name brand items that are just as cuddly soft as they are stylish. And, with a name brand like The North Face, you know it’s going to be designed to last! Best of all these fleece sweater jackets for men and women are partially constructed from recycled fabrications for a more environment friendly option. These are great options for your customer holiday gift redemption page.


The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket

2. Feature-Loving Backpacks

What swag store is complete without name brand packs that are loaded with features to choose from? Plus, you can’t go wrong with styles like Carhartt, Timbuk2, and Nike that are known for their rugged durability and hard working style. Because the are ideal for employees who commute, don't forget to include backpacks on your employee swag redemption page.

Timbuk2, Carhartt, Nike

3. Customized Tees

So if the whole Swag Store concept has you sweating over your finances, rest assured, you can offer comfy, personalized tees without blowing your budget! For the most bang for your buck, check out brands like American Apparel and Bella + Canvas for tried and true faves that won’t let you down. 

American Apparel fine jersey  +  Bella + Canvas TRi Blend 

4. Sweatshirts

Who couldn’t use an extra sweater around the holidays? It’s the perfect go to item for weekends, casual Fridays and all the laid back holiday vacay days in between! Ask your Gemnote rep how you can get the coolest styles like these brand faves from Urban Outfitters. You can also so about how to take advantage of cost savings when ordering holiday gift distribution in bulk.

Champion: women’s hoodie + men’s crewneck

5. Baby Gifts

It may be an online swag store for your employees and customers, but don’t forget baby! Employees, especially parents-to-be, will love showing off their little one in gear from their company. 

Silky swaddle blanket + Rabbit Skins Baby Body Suit + Silicone Baby Bucket Bib

6. Functional Office Supplies

For remote workers, your field teams, and those who are back in the office, having promotional swag redemption online for office supplies is always a win. Especially when you’re offering quality products like these from Field Notes, Native Union, and Poketo planners.  

Field Notes + Wireless Charger Native Union + Planners

7. Luxe Blankets

Holidays or not, a good throw or blanket is always in season. Not to mention it does wonders for making any room seem warm and inviting. If you are thinking about offering blankets for swag distribution in your online swag store, look for brands that boast style and quality like these from Marine Layer, Areaware, and Verve Culture. Blankets also make unique birthday gifts delivery options.

Marine Layer + Areaware Cairo throw + Morroccan Blanket

8. Fun Consumables

When it comes to creating your store, don’t forget lower cost items like reusable straws (hello, sustainable!), sweet treats, and tea packets. They’re perfect for employees who want to treat their coworkers and customers who can even use a customer swag redemption code to order as well.

Poketo Glass Straws + Candy Club Cupcake Bites + Art of Tea

9. Stylish Tumblers

Help your employees stay on top of their game by keeping hydrated. Not only will these fun and functional tumblers work overtime to keep coffee and tea hot and water, juices, sodas and more cold, but stylish tumblers like these really have become a very popular carry along. For bonus points offer stickers for personalization on your customer holiday gift redemption page.

Miir, S’well, Kinto 

10. Cool Joggers

Nothing quite says comfort like a pair of great joggers! And the only thing better than these are styles that also feature your branding on them. For extra points look for features like drawstring waist, leg cuffs, and pockets like these from none other than Champion. 


Launch the best company swag store with employee and customer swag redemption pages .

Gemnote makes it ridiculously easy to set up a swag management platform and employee holiday gift redemption page so you can effortlessly send, track, and view your orders online. Plus, they’ll help you manage all your inventory in one place! And, in addition to shipping to over 90 countries, they can help you with swag distribution as well as the following:

  • Manage / store inventory including swag distribution
  • Receive shipments
  • QA products
  • Ship individual packages
  • Gift wrap / kitting
  • Include greeting cards
  • Return / exchange processing
  • Customs form declaration

Talk to a Gemnote rep today to see how you can create a swag store with an employee swag redemption page and customer swag redemption page that can launch in time for the holidays.

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