20 Customized Water Bottles for Employees

July 28, 2023

Get memorable customized water bottles that your employees will use again and again!

While you can find a ton of customized water bottle options on the market, you'll want to zero in on ones that are safe to use, sustainable, do give your company branding the love it deserves! While we've listed some of the crème of the crop brands, talk your Gemnote rep for even more great options!

Types of customization options for water bottles and tumblers

Ready to bring your customization ideas to life? Below are some popular ways for creating logo water bottles to show off your brand and impress your hard-working employees!

1. Screen Printing 

One of the best ways to create branded water bottles is with a process called screen printing. Popular for many different types of swag, including bags and apparel, screen printing allows for colors, type, graphics, logo, and colors. 

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker; Shown: Custom New Yorker Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle

2. Laser Engraving

Another option for personalizing water bottles with logo designs is through laser engraving. This is done with a powerful laser beam which creates permanent markings. It’s a popular option for stainless steel water bottles. 

Photo courtesy of Ace Hotel; Shown: Ace Hotel Custom Klean Kanteen 

3. Full Color

Custom colors not only give your water bottle or tumbler personality but also helps breathe life into your company’s branding! And when it comes to color options, there are a rainbow of hues waiting to be explored. 

Photo Courtesy of Glossier; Shown: Glossier Custom Nalgene Bottle 

4. Custom Stickers

A fun and popular way to customize a water bottle is with stickers. Not only does this offer your employee a chance to get creative, it also allows their bottle to stand out in a unique way.  In addition, they can continue adding new stickers for a water bottle that shows off their passions. 

Shown: Nalgene Water Bottle and Stickers

Top Trends in Branded Water Bottles 

From impressive silhouettes and design to features made for convenience, custom logo water bottles continue to be a top choice for companies looking to create memorable gifts for their employees and clients. In addition, they’re easy to add to new-hire onboarding and swag kits and corporate holiday gifts as well. 

1. Stanley Ice Flow Water Bottles

A social media sensation, this over-sized insulated water bottle from Stanley went viral and continues to sell out. Interestingly enough, this same style was on the chopping block in 2019 because of such dismal sales. However, the internet, or more specifically, the some very passionate and persistent women from thebuyguide.com, made this favorite a top favorite that still trends. 

Double-wall vacuum insulation for 10 hours hot, 15 hours cold, and 60 hours iced. Made with recycled stainless steel, and the FlowState™ lid and straw. Best of all, it fits in cup holders!

Shown: The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate™ Tumbler (Soft Matte) | 40 Oz

2. Glass Water Bottles 

While some bottles are designed for rough and tumble outdoor adventures, others are made to be sleek, modern, and designed to feel like you are drinking water from home as opposed to on the go. That’s one reason why the glass bottle is a fan fave. They’re also a designed for durability, don’t have an aftertaste, are an eco-friendly option, and easy to clean. 

Shown: Soma Drinkware Sport Glass Water Bottle 

3. Custom Stainless Steel Bottles 

Stainless steel water bottles are durable, resistant to rust and stains, and chemical free. They are a popular choice for companies of all sizes. In addition, they are perfect for adding to swag kits and pairing with other accessories like carabiners and bottle slings. 

Photo Courtesy of Prada; Shown: Custom Prada Swigg Bottle

The 20 Best Customized Reusable Water Bottles

When conceptualizing your company’s personalized tumblers with straw or twist cap lids, you will definitely want to pick from the crème of the crop. Featuring the best brands and styles that your employees (and customers for that matter) will love,  creating water bottles with names for your company just got a whole lot easier! Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas. 

1. Mirr Water Bottles and Tumblers

Another name brand fave—and for good reason. Their beautifully designed drinkware goes beyond the aesthetic; they ensure that each piece is responsibly and sustainably made to give people on the go the perfect drink bottle. In addition the company prides itself on giving back and your employees can use the bottle’s giveback code to see how your gift paid it forward. 

Shown: Miir Tumbler and Wide Mouth Bottles

2. S’well Teakwood Bottle 

Thanks to the Therma-S’well® Technology, this stylish bottle features triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction to keep beverages colder or hotter, longer. Best of all, the teakwood design offers a great neutral background that’s perfect for branding!

Shown: S’well Teakwood Bottle

3. Kinto Water Bottle

Help your employees achieve their hydration-goals with this sleek, modern water bottle from Kinto, that's also lightweight and compact for easy carrying. Made of high quality transparent copolyester, the durable and scratch resistant bottle brings style and innovation wherever they go.

Shown: Kinto Water Bottle

4. Custom KeepCup

With its aesthetically pleasing design that’s perfect for branding. The wide silicone band in the middle of each Keep Cup is ideal for water bottles with company logo. 

‍Shown: KeepCupHelix Thermal - 12oz and Brew Cork - 16oz

5. Camelback Podium Dirt Series 

When it’s time to hit the trails, mountain bikers want custom-insulated water bottles that keep dirt out and hydration in, like the innovative Podium Dirt Series. However, you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to appreciate the clever design (think high flow, self-seal cap, and easy-to-clean features).   Plus, with its easy-squeeze styling, the Podium Dirt custom cycling water bottles are winning the war on dehydration. 

Plus, all parts can be separated for easy, thorough cleaning. Made with BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free TruTaste™ polypropylene with Hydroguard™ so you and your recipients taste only your water.

Shown: Podium Dirt Series 21 oz

6. Nalgene Water Bottle

Nalgene needs no introduction as it’s practically a household name and is an easy favorite among companies looking to show off their logo. For easy sipping on the go, a narrow mouth style is perfect for car rides and commutes. For adventures, choose a wide mouth style like this one below that’s ideal for adding ice. Either way, you have a good canvas for creating your custom logo water bottles. 

Shown: Nalgene BPA-Free Wide Mouth Bottle

7. Custom LARQ

LARQ is the perfect marriage of hydration and technology, as it became known for being the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. Its unique UV-C LED light rids water of almost all microbes, offer an extra dose of clean no matter where your employees adventures take them!

Shown: LARQ Bottle PureVis™

8. Custom Stojo Cup

It’s hard not to love the dishwasher-safe Stojo cup! Thanks to its collapsible design its perfect for hydration on the go and when not in use toting or stashing away. A total space saver for remote and in-office employees as well as anyone on the go. 

Shown: 24 oz Custom Stojo With Straw

9. Ocean Bottle Water Bottles 

For a hard-working custom logo water bottle that looks as good as it performs, the Ocean Bottle Water bottle stops 1000 plastic bottles from going to sea. Not to mention its sleek minimal design is ideal for customizing. Favorite attributes among this award-winning bottle (it was a Red Dot award winner for 2020) include its anti-leak design and dual openings. 

Shown: Ocean Bottle Water Bottle 

10. Custom Alex Bottle

The sleek, understated look of the Alex Bottles are ideal for any occasion! Plus, they're BPA-free, dishwasher safe, feature a spill-proof lid and stay Insulated for 3 hours hot and 8 hours cold.

‍Shown: Custom Alex 12-oz Insulated Traveler

11. Soma Glass Bottle

Soma’s glass water bottles are not just stylish, they’re durable too! Featuring a protective silicone that adds a punch of color and a style your employees will appreciate! The Sport Bottle is a popular choice for customized water bottles, thanks to the one-handed functionality that makes it easy to tag along.

Shown: Soma Sport Bottle Drinkware

12. Custom Klean Kanteen

For durable water bottles, Klean Kanteen offers a no-fuss design that's ideal for customizing! Plus, as a company, they are Climate Neutral Certified and give 1% for the planet. Not to mention, their bottles are BPA-free, chip resistant and dishwasher safe!

‍Shown: Insulated TKWide 32 oz with Loop Cap 

13. Porter Bottle 

The narrow mouth styling makes staying hydrated a breeze, while the borosilicate glass delivers durability and the stylish BPA-free silicone sleeve offers an instant upgrade! Your employees will also love that it’s dishwasher safe!

Shown: The Porter Bottle - Terrazzo

14. Custom Kinto Tumbler

Sleek, modern, and sophisticated, this vacuum insulated tumbler delivers heat and cold retention, while maintains the aroma and flavor of drinks for a long time. Not to mention, it can only get better with when you personalize it show off your brand!

Shown: Kinto Travel Tumbler

15. Custom Fellow

Fellow’s minimalist take on drinkware certainly delivers a good dose of Zen every time you take a sip, making them a refreshing alternative to the usually personalized glitter tumblers. The simple, pebble-like aesthetic coupled with impressive heat retention makes it a great option for employees who value both form and function in their drinkware.

Shown: Fellow Carter Move Mug + Splash Guard

16. Stanley Adventure Quencher

the one that caused a social media sensation! A brand known for their heavy duty drinware and loyal mass following, you can’t go wrong adding your logo to any of their tumblers and bottles.  Talk to your Gemnote rep for more Stanley Drinkware options. 

Shown: Stanley Adventure Quencher Water Bottle 

17. Custom Coleman

From being a staple item during camping trips, Coleman has evolved in the right direction by creating great options for custom reusable water bottles for their loyal customers. They understood that in this day and age, not everyone will make the effort to lug around their iconic gallon jugs and quickly pivoted to slim, insulated tumblers. Their new range of personal water bottles are smartly designed to fit and keep up with any and all lifestyles.

‍64 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Growler and Brew Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler 

18. Stanley 30-Oz. The Iceflow Flip Straw Tumbler 

Another favorite from Stanley! Over 15 colors and plenty of room to quench their thirst, this tumbler makes great corporate employee gifts and employee giveaway ideas. For perfect personalized insulated water bottles, Stanley can help make everyone’s hydration goals come true. 


Shown: Stanley 30-Oz. The Iceflow Flip Straw Tumbler, $31

19. ETS Express H2Go Series

Available in seven colors, the h2Go Lure features double-wall, 18/8 stainless steel to keep water nice cold, a threaded dual-opening lid with removable strainer, and a carrying strap for the ultimate convenience!

Shown: ETS Express: h2go Lure

20. Custom Corkcicle

Corkcicle drinkware comes in plenty of colors, styles, and sizes to impress your dedicated team. Ideal for personalization, their drinkware is BPA-Free and the canteen style like the one below offers triple layer insulation.

Shown: Corkcicle Canteen

Customized water bottles are a favorite among promotional products! Not only are they a sustainable option that can be used and appreciated again and again, but they are a summer swag staple that continues to trend.  

Custom Branded Water Bottles with Gemnote

Ready to create your own water bottles with company logo? Leave all the details to Gemnote! They’re the easiest way to create beautiful merch with modern designs—and water bottles are just the beginning! From branded apparel and custom drinking glasses to tech, home decor and more, browse their Lookbook for even more ideas!

Plus, with Gemnote, you can get help managing your entire project, from beginning to end. From getting a curated assortment to fit your company’s brand and budget to even help with design and development, they can also help with sourcing and production, kitting and warehousing, and more! 

In addition, with sustainable packaging options, you can be confident that your water bottles with logo branding are perfect for gifting to your employees!  Browse all of Gemnotes branded drinkware for customization → 

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