25 Custom Drinking Glasses

March 1, 2023

Get inspired with the top 25 custom drinking glasses that are perfect for adding your logo and branding!

Looking for the perfect custom drinking glasses for your business? Look no further than our top 25 picks! Whether you're looking for a unique promotional item or simply want to treat your employees and customers to a nice glass of wine, these unique drinking glasses are perfect for customizing! Plus, when it comes to finding custom merch that’s just as practical as it is stylish and fun to give, custom glass cups, tumblers, and bottles check all the boxes—proving that the best swag isn’t just limited to custom office supplies and apparel. 

25 Best Custom-Made Drinking Glasses

Design glassware makes for practical and sustainable custom merch. And, with so many options on the market, you may be wondering how to decorate drinking glasses while keeping them on brand for your company. 

Custom Glass Cups

Whether you choose to add design to durable clear glass or choose glassware that is available in your perfect hue, make sure your logo is front and center. 

1. Screen Printed Custom Drinking Glass

Kind of like your favorite vintage drinking glasses from when you were young, only updated with a professional style and lightweight yet durable design. 

Shown: Poketo Drinking Glass

2. Drinking Glass Set Ideas

Whether you’re needing a custom design cups, saucers, mugs, carafes, or pitchers, you can easily create the ideal custom glass set for any occasion. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Essential Glassware

3. Organic Shapes Glassware

Offbeat shapes lend to a modern aesthetic that’s lightweight, yet durable thanks to the crystal clear Borosilicate glass. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Organic Glassware
Shown: Hawkins New York Organic Glassware

Custom Glass Cups

Need a little inspo for your cups custom design project? Look to fun patterns to help showcase your brand. And, speaking of your brand, Gemnote uses PMS color matching, because we know respecting your brand is a must when it comes to customization.  

4. Patterned Custom Cup Design

Checks, patterns, florals—when it comes to custom patterns, the sky (and the fluffy clouds) are the limit!

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Frankie Patterned Juice Glass
Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Frankie Pattern Juice Glass

5. Screen Print Pattern Glasses 

The great thing about adding patterns to a clear glass is the end result when your recipient fills it with their favorite beverage! 

Shown: Areaware Pattern Glasses 
Shown: Areaware Pattern Glasses 

Branded Drinking Glasses & Barware

Need drinking glasses bulk options for your custom barware? Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas on how you can customize toast-worthy styles like these! Or check out these ideas for creating a Happy Hour-themed Gift Box.

6. A Wine Glass

For wine, cocktails, and mocktails alike, a customizable wine glass with a silicone sleeve makes an ideal bar-themed custom gift. 


Shown: Porter Glass

7. Custom Highball Glass Set

High balls, shots, flasks…. if you can think it, Gemnote can help you customize it. Like this contemporary Highball set. 

Shown: Vie Highball Glass Set 
Shown: Vie Highball Glass Set 

8. Checkered Rocks Glass

A little color goes a long way with these checkered rocks glasses. Talk to your Gemnote rep on how you can create a similar style with your logo. 


Shown: Checkered Rocks Glass
Shown: Checkered Rocks Glass

Custom Etched Drinking Glasses

Glass etching is a popular design option when it comes to customizing your drinkware. Whether you choose a landscape like the one below or use the technique to pop your logo or tagline, the end result is a tone-on-tone professional masterpiece. 

9. Etched Whiskey Glasses

With so many options for adding custom-etched logos, tag lines, url’s, patterns, and more, the hardest decision will be picking your best design.  

Shown: Chicago Etched Skyline Whiskey Glasses
Shown: Chicago Etched Skyline Whiskey Glasses

Unique Drinking Glasses for Coffee & Brewing

The perfect custom glassware for coffee-lovers everywhere!

10. Double Wall Espresso Cup

Double wall styling means hots stay hot and colds stay cold longer, for convenient sipping and an enviable style. 

Shown: Kinto KRONOS double wall espresso cup
Shown: Kinto KRONOS Double Wall Espresso Cup

11. Cold Brew Carafe

Designed for easy holding, if you’re looking to customize a carafe, look for features similar to this one by Kinto which features heat-resistant glass, and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. 

Shown: Kinto UNITEA cold brew carafe 1.1L
Shown: Kinto UNITEA Cold Brew Carafe 1.1L

12. Brew Bottle 

The double-wall glass keeps your coffee hot and your hands comfortable. Plus, with a stainless steel filter, this Some Brew bottle offers all the taste with no sediment.

Shown: Soma Brew Bottle 

Mugs: The Perfect Drinking Glasses with Handles!

From camp mugs to glass mugs and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to design a mug for marketing power that lasts for seasons to come. Need a style to send out? Check out these 15 custom mugs for drop shipping.

13. Double Wall Mug  

Featuring hand-blown, Borosilicate Glass, this double-wall mug satisfies your need for durability as well as an elevated design. 

Shown: Poketo Double Wall Mug 
Shown: Poketo Double Wall Mug 

14. Custom Camper Mugs

When it comes to mugs best suited for outdoor adventures and travels, nothing beats a great camper mug like these from ETS Express. 

Shown: ETS Express 12-oz Camper Mug 

Shown: ETS Express 16.9-oz Camper Mug 

Branded Drinking Glasses & Bottles 

Your custom logo drinking glasses don’t have to stop at just cups. In fact, glass bottles are on trend and ideal for personalizing. 

15. Wide Mouth Bottle

With its wide mouth styling, which is perfect for adding ice, and the easy grip silicone sleeve, it’s easy to see why a style like this Porter Wide Mouth bottle is a great pick. 

Shown: Porter Wide Mouth 
Shown: Porter Wide Mouth 

16. Glass Sport Bottle

A Soma glass bottle with a smooth, ergonomic mouth design and a leakproof lid for no spills is always a great idea! 

Shown: Soma Sport Bottle
Shown: Soma Sport Bottle

17. Glass Water Bottle

With a taller, slim design and sturdy base, a custom glass water bottle like this one from Soma with a soft-touch silicone handle is perfect for everyday hydration. 

Shown: Soma 25-oz. Glass Water Bottle
Shown: Soma 25-oz. Glass Water Bottle

Custom Plastic Drinking Glasses

BPA-Safe drinking bottles offer lightweight drinkware that's perfect for customizing.

18. Elgin Drinking Bottle: 25 oz.

Made of durable 100% recyclable plastic, this Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Elgin bottle is BPA-free and is available in 7 different cap colors. 

Shown: ETS Express 25-oz Elgin

19. Wide Mouth Bottle: 34-oz.

Featuring Eastman Tritan Copolyester, this BPA-free wide-mouth bottle features a threaded lid and carrying handle, and is available in multiple colors. 

Shown: ETS Express 34-oz H2Go wide 2.0

Custom Engraved Drinking Glasses

Stainless steel and aluminum tumblers are perfect for your custom-engraved drinking glasses.  

20. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle: 20.9-oz.

The double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation is perfect for helping your recipient keep their beverages hot or cold longer. 

Shown: ETS Express 20.9-oz H2GO Concord 

21. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle: 24-oz.

Another double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle option that features a carrying handle for sipping on the go.  

Shown:  ETS Express  24-oz H2Go Ascent

22. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle: 32-oz.

For maximum bells and whistles that are still affordable and perfect for customizing, look to the h2go pine stainless steel thermal bottle that features a removable strap with buckles, and removable clasps. 

Shown: ETS Express 32-oz h2go pine

23. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle (Gala): 16.9 oz.

While designed to be smaller, this two-tone stainless steel thermal tumbler with clear push-on lid doesn’t skimp on the details. 

Shown: ETS Express 16.9-oz gala 

24. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle (Colt): 16.9-oz. 

Double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation, features a powder-coated finish that’s perfect for customizing. 

Shown: ETS Express  16.9-oz colt 

25. Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle: 10-oz.

Packed with features like a dual-opening lid and removable strainer and carrying strap, this 10-oz double-wall stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation is a go-to favorite for custom drinkware. 

Shown: ETS Express 10-oz h2go lure 

Which type of drinking glasses is best for your company? 

Vintage drinking glasses, plastic drinking glasses, even acrylic drinking glasses… when it comes to options, you have endless choices. With so many shapes, designs, and colors to choose from, you may be left wondering which custom drinking glasses are best for you.  

The type of drinking glasses you customize can depend on several factors. For example, you may want plastic drinking glasses for custom merch that’s easy and lightweight to ship. Or, if you’re giving your custom drinking glasses to outdoor enthusiasts or athletes you may choose sports bottles or even glass-like plastic cups.   

When trying to decide which branded drinking glasses are best for your company, here are 3 tips worth considering.

1. Who are your custom drinking glasses targeted to? 

Are you looking for the cheapest custom drinking glasses for your swag giveaways? Or maybe you would like to recognize an employee’s years of service? In that case, modern drinking glasses or a custom drinking glasses set may be more appropriate. Knowing who will receive your custom merch will help you decide what type of drinking glasses is best. 

2. How will you distribute your branded drinking glasses? 

Will you be looking to drop ship your drinkware to clients or having available to your customers or employees to pick up at your store or home office? Thanks to more durable design drinking glasses you can choose to ship your merch safely. However, you may want to choose lightweight options to save on shipping. Or 

3. What is your budget for branded drinking glasses? 

Knowing your budget is a great way to help determine the type of drinking glasses that are best for engraving. From inexpensive cups to custom drinking glasses no minimum, you’ll want to take your budget into consideration to save time. Talk to your Gemnote rep to see how you can get a curated collection of on-brand ideas that work with your budget. 

Ready to order custom drinking glasses? 

Whether you’ve found the cool drinking glasses you want for your custom business merch or you’d like to see more options, Gemnote is at your service. With an easy-to-use online portal, you can get started right away. Want more options or different product recommendations altogether? Talk to a Gemnote rep today about your brand and your budget so they can help you reach your swag goals!

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