20 Best Custom Diner Mugs

February 27, 2022

Discover 20 customizable diner mugs you’ll be proud to customize.

Mugs have come a long way since their inception in 1475. Made mostly of wood, it wasn’t until World War II that there was a need for a better mug, and the request came from the US Navy whose crew needed a mug that could stand up to tough days at sea. It was then in the early 1940s that the Victor Insulators (from Victor, New York) won the bid. Designed for the navy without handles that could easily break off at sea, the iconic Victor diner mugs were born. 

Now you can find these classic American diner mug staples (with and without handles) in a plethora of brands, styles, and color options to suit your company’s needs. However, with so many diner mugs wholesale options, it may feel more like a guessing game when you’re trying to decide on the best one for your company. 

As with any of your personalized swag merchandise, you shouldn’t leave your custom printed diner mugs investment to chance. From trustworthy brands to high-quality products, we’ve laid out the best custom diner mugs to help you ace your swag goals.

20 Best Custom Diner Mugs

1. Kinto Stacking Mug  

With a focus on both usability and aesthetics, the Kinto stackable mugs offer a space-saving design and a sleek style.  

What makes these mugs a favorite: From the cool hues to the funky silhouette of the base and handles, who says a minimalistic style has to be basic? 

2. Joey Double Wall Ceramic 

From matte black to custom white diner mugs, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of high style with these thick ceramic custom diner mugs from Fellow. 

What makes these custom ceramic diner mugs a favorite: Hands down the sleek copper bottom that won’t leave unsightly rings thanks to the double-wall design that both prevents condensation and keeps the heat. 

3. Fellow Carter Move Mug

The Carter Move Mug by Fellow captures the capacity to travel in style without sacrificing the experience of a diner mug beautifully. Featuring 18/8 stainless steel, a BPA-free plastic lid, and inner ceramic coating you get the same relaxed coffee experience while on the go. 

What makes these mugs a favorite: Whether it’s the array of colors to choose from or the snap-in splash guard and slim design, what’s not to love?


4. MiiR Camp Cup

It’s like your favorite classic American diner mug but designed for on-the-go sipping. 

What makes these colored diner mugs a favorite: It could be the double insulation that keeps your coffee hot (or cold if you prefer), the minimalist styling with an ergo handle, or the durable lid that prevents splashes? Or, maybe it’s the cool Give Back code.  

5. Hasami Porcelain Mug 

A step up from your average ceramic diner mug, these mugs from Hasami are made of porcelain so you get a fine, smooth appearance that’s perfect for gifting to your best clients. 

What makes these custom diner coffee mugs a favorite: Aside from the minimalistic style which plays nicely with almost everything, the clean squared-off lines in the mug handles offer an elevated design.

6. Bodum® Bistro 2-Piece Mug Set

Have you heard? Clear is the new black. When it comes to custom diner coffee mugs, finding a style to suit your swag needs and your recipient's taste could prove to be a challenge. Thankfully, these modern clear glass mugs juggle a modern style and durable design beautifully.  

What makes these mugs a favorite: Aside from the minimal clear glass design, these mugs are made of durable, tempered glass. Plus, they’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-friendly. 


7. Crow Canyon Stinson 16 Oz. Large Mug

Like your favorite heavy diner coffee mugs but in porcelain-covered steel that’s both lightweight and durable. Plus it’s one of our best branded mugs for drop shipping.  

What makes these mugs a favorite: The Stinson Mug is easy to clean without plastic coating so free of BPA. Plus, the shatterproof design means it’s tough enough to handle young kids and clumsy adults. 

8. Kinto 11oz Mug 

Designed with smooth porcelain, these mugs are the epitome of a calming ambiance. 

What makes these mugs a favorite: They’re like your favorite heavy diner coffee mugs but with an elevated design boasting organic shapes and dreamy ombré hues to delight even the toughest coffee critics. 

9. Lino 10oz Coffee Mug 

The Lino mug by notNeutral replicates your favorite retro brown diner mug of years past but in a palette of colors that are perfect for personalizing with your company’s branding. 

What makes these mugs a favorite: With a following from baristas coffee aficionados from around the world, we too can’t get enough of the iconic styling (just like your favorite custom diner coffee mugs). 

10. Soma Ceramic Mug 

Like your favorite ceramic diner mug, this ceramic mug upholds pure taste and is perfect on-the-go. 

What makes these mugs a favorite: Beautifully designed, the Soma ceramic mug was also a 2018 Design Lab Vessels Award recipient. You’ll love temperature its retention (think: hot liquids stay hot, cold liquids stay cold) as well as the leak-proof bamboo lid.  

11. S’well Pyrite Mug 

The Pyrite mug by S’well is free of BPA and BPS for the perfect reusable mug that’s dishwasher safe.

What makes these mugs a favorite: No condensation, Therma-S'well® Technology mega insulation, and a design that fits most cup holders.  

12. Poketo Double Wall Mug 

Extra insulation keeps your coffee nice and toasty while the five color options can only be made better with your logo.  

What makes these mugs a favorite: Designed with Borosilicate glass which is  resistant to thermal shock it’s the perfect mix of enviable style and durability. 

13. W&P Porter Mug 

The durable ceramic design keeps your taste pure while the matte silicone sleeve and a BPA-free press-fit lid are the added conveniences your recipient didn’t know they were missing.  

What makes these custom diner style coffee mugs a favorite: Whether it’s the rainbow of color options or the terrific terrazzo pattern, one thing is for sure, you’ll be itching to brand it yours. 

14. Stanley Camp Mug  

Why mess with a classic? With its hard working construction and no fuss design, you’ll be proud to customize. 

What makes this one of the best custom diner mugs: It packs all the things we love into one amazing camp mug, durable 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free construction, double-wall vacuum insulation and a Tritan™ drink-through lid. Although they had us at dishwasher safe. 

15. Ember Mug - Metallic Collection 

When it comes to custom printed diner coffee mugs, you don’t want to add your logo to a subpar product. Luckily, the one-of-kind Ember mug is truly smart and comes with a free app for your iPhone or Android

What makes these mugs a favorite: You’ll love the metallic color options almost as much as being able to personalize your perfect temperature setting for the ultimate cup of Joe. 

16. Corkcicle Wood Grain Coffee Mug

Like a traditional brown diner mug updated with a wood grain pattern for an organic design by Corkcicle. 

What makes these diner mugs custom a favorite:  You’ll love the durable stainless steel construction as much as the triple insulation which keeps coffee and tea hot for three hours or more. 

17. Hudson Tumbler 

The no fuss tumbler that earns a permanent spot with our favorite mugs. 

What makes these custom printed diner mugs a favorite:  This stainless steel thermal tumbler has everything we love: copper vacuum insulation,  push-on lid with thumb. Plus, it’s just as affordable as it is hard working. 

18. Stojo 12 Oz. Cup 

Featuring an innovative design—it’s collapsible— and LFGB Certified construction, this Stojo 12-oz cup is different from your classic heavy diner style coffee mugs, but in all the ways you and your recipients will love. 

What makes these custom diner coffee mugs a favorite:  World's safest silicone? Dishwasher safe? Near perfect rating? Space saving design? It really is a toss up.   

19. KeepCup Nitro Tumbler‍

The Nitro tumbler by KeepCup can be used with or without the lid and features a drafted vessel for the perfect pour. 

What makes these diner mugs custom styles a favorite:  With a closure that keeps the lip closed off when not in use and leaves room for your nose when its is, it’s design is as forward thinking as its construction which has none of the bad stuff: BPA, BPS, phthalates including DEHP, lead and cadmium.

20. Areaware Confetti Cup

Designed by High Gloss, this Confetti Cup from Areaware offers the appeal of victor diner mugs but with an art forward silhouette.  

What makes these diner mugs custom options a favorite:  Whether it’s the space saving design thanks to the handle-free style and ability to stack up neatly, or the three-dimensional side shapes, this is the updated colored diner mugs you’ve been looking for!

Whether it’s custom vitrified diner mugs you are looking to personalize for your growing business or durable personalized tumbler that’s perfect for traveling, a Gemnote rep can help you find exactly what you need to ace your swag goals. Talk to them today about retail custom diner mugs no minimum or your customization needs. They can work with you on everything from design options to order and fulfillment

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