Brand Highlight: Corkcicle Insulated Tumblers, Water Bottles and More

June 17, 2021

Stylish sustainability plus high-performance functionality, get to know Corkcicle.

Corkcicle Tumbler Review

When it comes to the Corkcicle tumbler vs Yeti tumbler, they are considered the top two choices for insulated tumblers in today’s market. Corkcicle tumblers are crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation to keep beverages refreshingly cold for 9 hours or satisfyingly hot for 3. They feature a slip-proof silicone bottom, shatterproof acrylic lid with sliding closure, and signature easy-grip flat sides

With insulated tumblers and bottles now an everyday necessity for most, the classic 12 oz. Corkcicle Tumbler makes a great addition to your onboarding swag for new associates or as corporate event giveaways.

The Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Tumbler, with its shimmery opalescent finish, is an enchanting sipper for anyone in touch with their inner princess.

The Corkcicle wood tumbler (shown above with matching canteen) will have special appeal for those who like a rustic, natural aesthetic. And those serious about their morning caffeine on the go just call it their Corkcicle coffee tumbler.


If you’re in the market for a Corkcicle insulated water bottle—you need to know they call them Canteens. Whatever the name, a Corkcicle water bottle keeps drinks ice cold for 25 hours or warm for 12—without breaking a sweat! The screw-on Corkcicle water bottle lid keeps the contents well contained until you’re ready to pour.

Choosing which of their trend-inspired colors to go with might take a minute. Plus, Corkcicle water bottle sizes include 16 oz., 25 oz. (which holds an entire bottle of wine) and a party-size 60 oz.—perfect for sharing mojitos, margaritas and more. 

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ with a Star Wars Corkcicle tumbler or canteen (canteen shown with Darth Vader design). Other out-of-this-world Corkcicle Star Wars designs include: Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker/Rebel Pilot, Stormtrooper, C-3PO, and R2-D2. 

The Corkcicle Sport Canteen comes in 20 oz. or 40 oz. sizes with thoughtful design features like a wider mouth opening for easy addition of ice cubes, a screw-on cap with fold-down drinking straw, and a handy metal handle that folds out of the way when not in use.

The unique 20 oz. Prism Hybrid Canteen is for anyone preferring a glass bottle for sipping at home or in the office. The stainless steel insulated base keeps beverages cold for hours and twists off for easy cleaning. This Corkcicle hybrid water bottle is perfect for anyone who likes to infuse their water with fruit or food-grade essential oils. 

The limited-edition stainless steel Flat Canteen is double-walled to keep 17 oz. of your favorite beverage hot or cold longer. The ergonomic design slips easily into a backpack, tote, or briefcase bag.

Cups, Mugs & More

Corkcicle’s mugs make every morning better by keeping your coffee (or tea) perfectly warm down to the very last sip (unless you take more than three hours to drink it). The shatterproof lids with sliding closures prevent sloshing when you’re still half-awake! And if you’re wondering, “Is the Corkcicle coffee mug dishwasher safe?” In the past, Corkcicle has always recommended hand washing their products, but as of January 2020, some Canteens, Tumblers, Stemless Wine Cups, and Mugs were categorized as top-rack dishwasher safe. You should refer to the product label when purchasing a new Corkcicle product.

Meet your favorite insulated corkcicle wood grain coffee mug! Corkcicle cups come in more than 15 finishes/patterns to suit your personal style and get every day off to a great start with 16 oz. of your favorite hot beverage. 

The cozy and iconic sweater-knit design of the Corkcicle Fairisle coffee mug design makes it perfect for winter gift giving.

This Corkcicle floral coffee mug is modern and feminine. Choose either the Corkcicle gloss cream coffee mug or the gloss mint. They also offer a Blue Hydrangea design.

If you’re looking for a Corkcicle tumbler with straw, the Stemless Cup, originally designed for wine, works for any beverage. The silicone straw is reusable, so good-bye single-use straw guilt! Corkcicle also sells stainless steel straws to use with your 16 or 24 oz. tumblers.

The Corkcicle Rocks Glass Set features a modern, double-walled design of durable yet lightweight glass to maintain your 12 oz. drink’s hot or cold temperature longer and prevent condensation. Engraved with your company’s logo, these cool-looking glasses are great for home or office use.

More Cool Ideas

Corkcicle’s line goes beyond drinkware to include some really clever products that will make extra cool swag when you add your branding.

The double-walled stainless steel Slim Artican features a freezable twist-on base to keep 12 oz. cans cold up to three hours—twice as long as average can coolers. Choose from 10 no-sweat finishes.

Whether you’re packing a few snacks or an entire lunch, the insulated Nona Roll-Top Lunchbox adjusts to fit snugly and keeps everything securely buckled up in transit. Pack a Corkcicle lunch box with a Corkcicle tumbler and healthy snacks to create an event swag bag that will promote your brand long after the event is over.

The Mills 8 Soft Cooler makes a great container for your onboarding swag or VIP gift sets. Of course it will also hold eight canned beverages or two bottles of wine, too! 

The Corkcicle Ice Pack is available in two sizes to slide easily into your favorite Corkcicle lunch bag or cooler. Simply freeze and pop in with food, drinks and more for maximum chill all day long.

Ice Ice Baby

In Corkcicle’s line-up of amazing products, these are some of the “coolest.”

The Today Show’s lifestyle expert called it a “genius” ice bucket because this sleek stainless steel baby keeps ice cold for 48 hours! Perfect for spoiling your VIPs. 

What better to fill your ice bucket with than perfect spheres of ice. Clearly cool! The Invisiball Kit includes Invisiball ice form mold and a 24-ounce Gloss White Tumbler. 

Add some moxie to your mixology and elevate your ice cubes with the Ice Wedge from Corkcicle. The silicone ice wedge tray comes with a reinforced lid to keep ice fresh and allow stacking of trays. 

Similar to the unique product that started it all (the in-bottle Corkcicle wine chiller), the Chillsner is an in-bottle, drink-thru beer chiller. Just freeze, insert into your standard 12 oz. beer bottle, and enjoy icy cold beer to the very last sip. 

As you can see from this array of products, Corkcicle is an innovator with a keen eye for modern aesthetics and high-performance functionality. As they state on their website: As we grow and evolve, our mission is still the same: “Make every sip an experience. How can we tweak commonplace things to make them better? How can we add value to everyday moments? These challenges excite and push us to create cool stuff with meaning.”

Ready to customize some Corkcicle products for your corporate swag? Contact Gemnote, your source for customized high-quality, in-demand brands like Corkcicle, to create swag that reflects well on your company and elevates your brand. 

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