Custom Yeti Cups | Yeti Bottles | Yeti Tumblers Guide 2023

April 15, 2021

Customized YETI cups and customized YETI coolers make noteworthy corporate gifts.

In this article we’ll cover:

  1. Why YETI is a coveted, gift-worthy brand 
  2. Our favorite custom YETI cups with handle and coolers for 2021
  3. Customization options 

A Superior, Sustainable, & Personal Gift

Roy and Ryan Seiders founded YETI Coolers in 2006 with a simple mission: build the cooler they’d use every day if it existed. Growing up, the Seiders brothers had a passion for the outdoors—hunting, fishing, wild game, and unfamiliar territory. They were tough on their coolers—standing on them as casting platforms when fishing—and their frustration with flimsy coolers led them to design their own. That’s how the YETI brand came to be and how the Seider brothers changed the cooler industry. The YETI brand is the benchmark by which all other insulated drinkware and coolers are now rated.

The original YETI Tundra cooler, legendary for its toughness and keeping ice for days, was only the beginning. Insulated drinkware soon followed. And it’s not only outdoors and sports enthusiasts lining up to buy YETI products. Plenty of hunting-and-fishing-phobic people swear by the brand, too. In addition to exceeding ordinary expectations for performance and durability, YETI products are right in line with the sustainability goals that are top of mind these days. Engineered with high-quality materials, they are built to last a long, long time (or as YETI states on their website, as long “as science allows.”) Not only does YETI drinkware keep plastic water bottles out of our landfills, they themselves will not be making that trip any time soon. It’s this performance, durability and sustainability that makes YETI a premier brand.

Customized Yeti Cups: Hardworking

YETI’s eco-friendly drinkware is coveted for the way it keeps cold things cold for 24 hours, and hot things hot, for 12 hours. Because, let’s face it, we don’t want to drink room-temperature water or lukewarm coffee, right? YETI admits on their website that their drinkware is “overengineered.” And isn’t that why we love it? And isn’t that what makes it a remarkable gift?


  • food-grade 18/8 stainless steel 
  • puncture-resistant, dent-resistant, and rust-resistant
  • double-wall vacuum insulation
  • smooth-sliding magnetic lids for splash-free travel
  • cup-holder compatible
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • trademarked No Sweat™ design

Works hard, plays hard: YETI’s DuraCoat™ powder coating means this personalized YETI tumbler 20 oz in aquifer blue will keep its good looks no matter how many miles it logs with you. The magnetic smooth-sliding lid helps maintain the temperature of the contents and prevents splashes on the go.

This personalized YETI tumbler 30 oz is perfect for those times when beverage refills are few and far between. Design makes it easy to hold and easy to fit into your vehicle’s cup holder.

Customized Yeti Cups: Personal

And while the classic stainless steel YETI bottles and tumblers will never go out of style, as the market appeal of this brand increased, YETI broadened their line to offer your favorite YETI tumbler in colors (bottles too). They offer an array of classic and fashion-fresh color options using their own trademarked powder coating process. Their baked-on DuraCoat™ process ensures your powder coated YETI tumbler or bottle won’t chip or peel, looking beautiful day in and day out, keeping your water, coffee, smoothie, or other liquid refreshment at the perfect temperature.

Personalized tumblers, bottles, and coolers are available directly from YETI. And, of course, you can order customizing YETI gear from many other companies as well. We recommend working with a reliable and well-known supplier of company swag or corporate gifts. You’ll find some rather amazing options to create customized YETI cups, including:

  • Custom glitter YETI cups
  • Custom dipped YETI cups (ombre glitter, anyone?)
  • Custom powder coated YETI tumblers
  • Custom engraved YETI cups

And for DIY custom YETI cups:

  • Custom stickers for YETI cups
  • Stickers for Yeti tumbler
  • Custom vinyl decals for YETI cups

You can get monograms, logos and custom text decals in glitter, holographic colors, plaids, florals and other patterns to take your DIY custom design YETI cups to the next level (or over the top). Such customization comes with a price though—hand washing will be required for your personalized tumblers and bottles.


Our Favorite YETI Tumblers & Bottles for 2021

1. Rambler Stackable Cups with Straw Lid

The 26 oz. Rambler Stackable Cup with straw lid is perfect for your favorite cold beverages and you get points for kicking the single-use straw habit. The top even has a molded-in stopper to keep the straw in place. Nice! Space-saving stackable design is another nice touch.

2. YETI Rambler Bottles with Chug Caps

You can pick your portion when it comes to YETI Rambler Bottles with Chug Caps—18, 26, 36, or 48 oz. Twist off the handle for the usual water bottle sipping experience or take the cap all the way off to get the bottle’s wide mouth. Because sometimes you just need to chug it!

3. Rambler Bottles with HotShot Cap

This Rambler bottle with HotShot Cap just might be the perfect to-go coffee container. It holds 12 oz. and the uniquely-designed cap lets you sip from anywhere. Plus, it’s 100% leakproof! When it’s time to celebrate your hardworking employees, you can’t go wrong with a Yeti tumbler in colors for every occasion and commute! 

4. YETI Jug 

Okay, technically YETI calls this a Jug... but for those of us looking for something to keep our day’s worth of beverage at the ready—at the office, in the car, on the golf course, etc.—this is a must-have. Comes in gallon and half-gallon sizes. Add your company’s branding and you’ve got great employee gifts for years-of-service gifts, birthdays and more!

The Ultimate Gift: Custom YETI Coolers & Small YETI Cooler Items

A custom YETI cooler lets you show your company’s team spirit whether you are at your next tailgate party, backyard BBQ, campout or team networking event. Everyone can use a long lasting high-performance cooler, and adding your logo just makes it better! There are a multitude of YETI cooler sizes and styles to choose from:

  • Custom YETI hard coolers
  • Custom YETI soft cooler
  • Custom YETI backpack cooler
  • Custom YETI cooler with wheels

And when it comes to customizing your YETI cooler of choice, there are some amazing options out there to choose from:

  • Custom decals for YETI coolers
  • Custom YETI cooler wraps
  • Custom YETI cooler skins

YETI’s legendary hard coolers come in a range of sizes that can be customized for your group. Plus you can find YETI cooler accessories to complement your faves! This gift makes a lasting impression and is perfect for spoiling your VIPs, showing employees appreciation, and using at your next conference! 

YETI’s Tank Ice Bucket

A DIFFERENT TYPE OF COOLER:  YETI’s Tank ice bucket is perfect for celebratory parties, company events, and tradeshows. Rugged and leakproof, it comes in two sizes with non-slip feet and military-grade nylon handles. The larger size can keep a keg cold for hours, plus you can have fun with your personalization to keep your marketing party going! 

More Cool Ideas from YETI

Have new employees joining your team? Show them the ropes with a fun onboarding gift, like a custom YETI soft cooler.

The Hopper Line from YETI 

The Hopper line of portable coolers are soft sided, but super tough and 100% leakproof thanks to a trademarked zipper. And, of course, they offer superior ice-for-days insulation.

YETI’s Daytrip® Lunch Bag

Now this is personal—YETI’s Daytrip® lunch bag and lunch box keep your lunch or snacks fresh and delicious with hours worth of insulation. And because they’re YETI, they can take a lot of abuse and still look great.

Your takeaway today is this: to build durable, long-lasting relationships with your group, make sure your gifts to them are not only something they will actually use, but something of quality—like YETI—that is durable and long-lasting.

Ready to order custom printed Yeti cups and custom printed YETI coolers? Gemnote can walk you through the process, show you how to save on design, and even offer Yeti cooler alternative items.

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