25 Premium Gift Ideas to Impress Your New Hires in 2023

March 17, 2020

This is a hot topic to every company employing new members of staff and willing to treat them before their first shift to motivate them even more.

Why give gifts to new hires? First of all, it welcomes them properly in your company and makes them more motivated and comfortable on their first day. Secondly, it will give a better image and reputation to your company as new hires will share their gift with their friends and on social media.

Business gift ideas to impress your new hires are important if you want to level up your employer's satisfaction from the very beginning. For this reason, in this article, we will go through the best gift ideas to impress your new employees in 2020.

What are some of the best gifts for new hires? Well, you’ll discover it below sticking with us till the end!

Klean Kanteen Classic Water Bottle 27oz - $19.95

What’s better than welcoming a new employee if your company with an environmentally-friendly gift?

The Klean Kanteen Classic Water Bottle is an excellent and unique gift for new employees. It will surprise them, make them happy on their first day and above all, it will save you a ton of money on plastic glasses.

Baggu Packable Backpack – $36

The Baggu Packable Backpack is an amazing employee gift to receive while joining a new company.

Firstly, whether they come empty-handed on their first or with a bag, you will make them happy in any case.

Secondly, it is a great gift to give as they will be able to throw their laptop, pens, notebooks and anything else.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger – $26.99

A portable charger is an extremely practical employee gift and we should all consider getting one sooner or later.

It can be useful in urgent private moments when they don’t have battery left on their phone. However, it can also be used for professional purposes. 

For example, if your new hire is coming to the office but he is stuck in traffic and doesn’t have any battery left. Well, charging his cell phone with this portable charger for a few minutes, he will be able to give a call to his supervisor to warn about potential lateness. 

To sum up, the Anker PowerCore 10000 should definitely be a business gift for new employees. 

Kinto Ceramic Mug Tumbler 200ml - $20


The Kinto Ceramic Mug is a more common employee gift compared to the other products on this list. However, not because it is a common gift that it has to be excluded!

Whether it is used to pour their coffee in the morning, a soda during their break, or simply some water to stay hydrated during the day, it is very useful and you know they will use it.

In addition, it will save you lots of money on paper glasses and also help to save the environment!

Field Notes Pocketbook Signature - $14.95


The Field Notes Pocketbook is not only an essential gift for new employees but it is also a notebook made with high-quality paper.

All the Field Notes pocketbooks are made in the USA and offer different styles to please everyone, men or women.

Lastly, think about all the important to-do lists and notes that will be written down and remembered!

Not Neutral Lino Coffee Mug - $18

 The Not Neutral Lino Mug is, just like other products on this list, a fantastic and elegant corporate gift for new employees.

Made with fine porcelain and being dishwasher and microwave-safe, rest assured that it will please your new hires like any other cup!

It fits well on any desk whether at the office or at home working remotely and both you and your new hires will save some precious cash on single-use glasses.

P. F. Candle Co. Diffuser - $24


These P.F Candle Co. diffusers are a business gift idea for a cool company like yours.

It is certainly not the gift they will wait for from their new company and you’ll make them a nice surprise on top of giving them some motivation. Also, they have 14 different essential oils with different smells which they can exchange with their new colleagues if they like.


While it’s probably not recommendable setting off these diffusers at their desk or in the office, it’s definitely a nice gesture from you and they’ll be able to use it at home remembering how nice their new employer is!


Sugarfina Ice Cream Cones Candies - $7.95


The Sugarfina candies are a gift for new employees that will definitely make their first day a lot sweeter!

Why don’t add these inexpensive candies to another gift on this list to make a beautiful set full of surprises?

Everyone needs a nicer day especially when you start a new career in a new company, and that’s what Sugarfina’s candies are for!

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker – $34.99

We already listed Tile’s products in the article about the best corporate gifts and we still think the Pro Bluetooth Tracker is an incredible gift for new employees.

With its range of 400 ft, it is the perfect business gift for anyone that is overloaded and might forget things around. Whether for new hires during onboarding or more senior staff, you will definitely make them happy.

To sum up, we highly recommend getting the Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker to all your employees to find stuff they lost around in the office, at home or at the gym.

Custom Beanie - $10.96

A custom beanie is a nice little gift for new employees that could benefit both you and the company.

In fact, with your business logo on it, they will automatically advertise your company while on the way to the office or back home.

In addition to this, it will make them keep warm during the cold winter days outside when they have no choice than coming to the office!

Baggu Duck Bag - $34

The Baggu bag is a fantastic and comfortable bag to be given as an onboarding gift for new employees.

Your new employees will be able to carry everything they need from a laptop, cell phone, make-up, notebooks and much more.

It is available in different colors and can fit both men and women.

Kanso Delfonics Wooden Ballpoint Pen - $10

Kanso is a well-known brand for its nice and elegant accessories.

The wooden ballpoint pen was made from natural wood to make it comfortable in your hand while writing. This is a great thing for new members of staff as they will need to write down notes and internal procedures.

Combined with other articles on this list such as the Cork Cactus Office Memo Holder, it would make a great set for new employees!

Why give gifts to new hires?

There are several reasons why you should give gifts to your new hires. First of all, it will help them get familiar and build relationships with their new colleagues. Second of all, it will make them happy and that's one thing not to underestimate during onboarding as the first days are always the most difficult.

Lastly, it will make them feel welcome in your company which is an important factor. Not everyone is easy going and social, therefore, it is important to find a way to make them more comfortable and welcome and giving them a gift is the perfect way to do that.


Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Stemless - $27.95


Originally created to keep drinks at a cool temperature, the Corkcircle unicorn magic cup is the perfect gift for new employees.

Firstly, it has a reasonable price for its quality but cheap enough to buy something on top of it to make your new hires happy.

Secondly, it can keep your drinks at a cool temperature for over 9 hours and hot for 3. This means that if your new employee is pouring some cold water, it will remain cold for the entire shift. How amazing is that?

Last but not least, just like the KleanKanteen Classic water bottle, it is environment-friendly and your new staff will not need to use paper glasses, which is good for your business and even the environment.


iLuv Party on Air In-Ear Earphones - $19.99


The iLuv Party On Air is the ultimate business gift idea for your new hires during onboarding.

Here at Gemnote, we have a dedicated team of experts that research the best company gifts and we can’t recommend this product enough.

In fact, these earphones have noise isolation to keep your new employees focused and free of distractions from their colleagues talking on the phone or between them.

Other than that, their battery lasts 8 hours which makes it durable for their entire shift.

This iLuv corporate gift can also be used in their private life in public transportation or at the gym after work.


Lasko Ultra Slim Tower Fan - $29


The Lasko Tower Fan is a fantastic and unique gift idea for new employees. It can be beneficial in so many ways.

For example, imagine your employees disagreeing that the room is too hot and some of them sweating and requesting air conditioning? Well, this is exactly what this fan was made for.

The ultra-slim tower fan is very quiet and can be placed on tight spaces making it perfect for desks.

Other than being great in the office, your new hires will also be able to place it on their bedroom nightstand or kitchen at home.

Last but not least, it is important to say that it has 2 quiet speeds not to annoy their new colleagues sitting next to them.

InkoTimes Bamboo Charging Station - $29.99


A new employee business gift coming to you straight from Amazon is the Inkotimes Bamboo Charging Station.

We really recommend getting this product to your new employees as it is really useful.

For instance, if your new hire got too nervous and forgot to charge his phone before his first shift.

Well, he will be delighted to be able to charge his phone with the Inkotimes Bamboo charging station!

With over 600 good reviews, Inkotimes is a reputable company for creating good and durable products that will most likely make a good new employee welcome to your company!


Enter Key Button Punch Bag - $15.99

Of course, we all want our new hires to feel calm and awesome during their onboarding. However, it is not always the case.

This enter key pillow from VAlinks will definitely help your new hires break the ice with their new colleagues and getting more relaxed! 

It is, essentially, a USB pillow that your new employees will be able to use as an “Enter” button and punch it to get less stressed out but also to have a quick laugh with their new colleagues.

We can’t recommend it enough as it will make your new members of staff laugh and more comfortable with this unique corporate gift.

Cork Cactus Office Memo Holder - $11.85


The Cork Cactus Office memo holder from Suck UK is an excellent business gift idea that our dedicated team found brilliant.

The reason for this is that it is nice to see and fits well on any desk. Of course, its design is not the only reason why we love it.

It is a great note holder to remember anything you might forget from meetings, team outings, an important call. Your new hires will probably forget something out of all the information and procedures you will give them, so it’s good to have an item remembering them the most important pieces of guidelines.

Custom Socks - $15.99

Custom Socks is a unique corporate gift idea that can make your new employees happy and receive something they will actually use.

It is certainly not the typical business gift that employees are used to receiving. However, it is a great addition to another custom gift or to another Amazon product provided by your company.

We would recommend getting different styles for both men and women so that your members of staff can exchange them and would contribute to team building and networking!

Last but not least for new hires, a sock exchange can make them encounter and get to know more senior employees which is always good in business.


Juvale Double Sided Chalkboard Stand - $10.99


Just like the Cork Cactus Memo Holder listed above, the Juvale Chalkboard stand is an extremely useful gift for new employees.

First of all, it is small and can fit on any desk, home office, kitchen and wherever you can think of.

Second of all, you will have room to write important notes like meetings, business travels, and more. Yes, it is small, but that’s the reason why it is so practical since it will perfectly fit everywhere on your desk.

Lastly, it is a fantastic item and you’ll be able to write a nice welcome message to your new hires on it and place them on their desk before their first shift!

XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack - $100


The XD Design Bobby Backpack has become one of the very famous corporate gift ideas and for a good reason.

With all the features that this anti-theft backpack has, it’s difficult to start somewhere. In fact, its hidden zippers and pockets, it will be impossible for potential thieves to rob your new hires.

In addition to this, it has an integrated USB charging port that is great to charge your mobile on the way to the office. It is important to note that the XD Design backpack was made with water repellent fabric and therefore will protect laptops and other goods from getting wet.

Moreover, it perfectly fits a 15.6” laptop together with other things like notebooks, desk accessories, but also private goods like a tablet or headphones.

To sum up, it comes at an understandably more premium price, however, all the features listed above, its quality and its usefulness make it worth the investment.

A Custom Calendar - $19.99

A custom calendar is a helpful, clever, and original gift for new employees.

To start with, calendars are customizable with your logo, photos of past events or conferences or team outings, and that’s a great way to start a relationship with your new hire.


Lapgear Home Office Lap Desk - $29.98


The LapGear home office lap desk is the perfect company gift for new employees.

Apart from being really comfortable, it is very helpful for new hires working from home. In fact, it has a mouse pad integrated to the surface and a very practical cell phone slot.


Other than making your new employee welcome, it will also help to keep the computer safe without any risk of dropping it on the floor.

To sum up, the price is reasonable and using it is very easy and nice. We can’t recommend this item enough!

Mindspace Office Desk Organizer With 6 Compartments - $14.99


Mindspace’s office desk organizer is a common yet so useful employee gift. It is certainly one of the best business gifts to give to your new hires.

Giving this business gift to your new hires will allow them to start getting organized and decorating their brand new work environment. For example, it will make your new employees much more comfortable by having some personal touch to their desk such as a photo, an important object for them or simply their notebook.

In conclusion, the Mindspace office desk organizer is a great way for your new hires to start their new career in your company organized and nicely decorated.

Amazon Gift Card


While an Amazon gift card can seem an impersonal gift for new employees, however, it is actually a very nice corporate gift for many new hires.

For instance, many people prefer buying gifts by themselves choosing an item that they really like. Remaining realistic, some people might have been out of a job for a long time and therefore with not much money, and a gift is actually much more useful than we can think.

In conclusion, an Amazon gift card can be an excellent gift for new employees and will them happy for sure as you can always find something you like on Amazon!

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