Brand Highlight: Kinto

April 22, 2022

It’s possible to make drinking coffee, tea, or water a special experience. Gemnote...

KINTO believes that your day should be filled with the things that inspire you. The producer of drinkware, accents, and kitchen furnishings, you can see this belief integrated into their stunning collections of products. Case in point, when you shop the Kinto Collection you’ll find KINTO coffee mugs and Kinto Unitea Glass items. You’ll see they are not just a mug or tea cup; they are a balance of beauty, aesthetics, and usability.

Established in 1972, KINTO continues manufacturing its products in Japan, not China. Therefore, you can expect to purchase a KINTO travel tumbler or a KINTO sepia jug that reflects Nihonjin traditions. 

The company puts several resources into developing the best KINTO coffee maker and KINTO cast coffee cup. After all, the Japanese developed the Kaizen concept. Masaaki Imai studied the production principles used by Toyota. Then, he founded the Kaizen Institute to promote it in the United States and Europe.

KINTO hand makes its products. Moreover, they remain dishwasher and microwave safe including the KINTO sepia tumbler. It’s possible to heat your favorite beverage in KINTO mugs in the microwave. However, for long term use, avoid overheating them, including the water bottles, and washing them in the dishwasher often. For KINTO glass products, place them in the top basket to reduce the pressure on them. 

Those who decide to wash the KINTO coffee cups by hand should avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools. Instead, opt for a soft sponge and dish soap.

The prices for the KINTO Collection range anywhere from $5 to $200 on average. If you are looking to give them away as corporate swag, your company can purchase them in bulk. Versatile items like the KINTO cast coffee cup, which pairs well with the KINTO coffee stand and KINTO coffee maker are great options. 

When you want to woo a client, recruit a new employee, or onboard a hire, a KINTO coffee pour over will impress the recipients. Then, make the product more special by customizing it through Gemnote. 

Popular Items from the KINTO Collection

Discover the 15 top products from the KINTO collection that companies can distribute as corporate swag or purchase to treat themselves.

Kinto Coffee Cups

Several coffee cups exist on the market. Some individuals want to make their coffee consumption a special experience. That’s why they go the extra mile and purchase a KINTO coffee stand for the KINTO coffee maker. They also look forward to the results that a KINTO coffee pour over will provide.

When it comes to versatile coffee cups, KINTO covers all the bases.

1. KINTO Sepia Cup And Saucer

The KINTO Sepia Cup And Saucer adds style to a kitchen or office. Moreover, it’s a versatile 

When you shop the KINTO Sepia Cup And Saucer
, you’ll find that it pairs well with the KINTO pour over kettle. 

2. KINTO Coffee Scs-S03 Mug 

KINTO believes that drinking a mug of coffee is an experience worth savoring. Individuals can do that with the KINTO Coffee Scs-S03 Mug. 

The aesthetically pleasing KINTO coffee cups help the consumer take it slow.

Within the same collection is the KINTO Sepia Tumbler and KINTO sepia jug.

3. Clk-151 Tall Mug 360ml / 12oz

The handmade process ensures that no two KINTO Clk-151 Tall Mug 360ml / 12oz
  have exact features. Although it measures 12 ounces, it could have a slightly taller length. 

KINTO makes these tall mugs in partnership with local craftspeople. Plus, it’s made from porcelain. 

In the mug category, another well-received product remains the KINTO glass mug.

Kinto Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles remain a hit with business professionals and the public. KINTO has several options to pick from. 

4. KINTO To Go Water Bottle

The KINTO To Go Bottle is an engineering and aesthetic feat. It features double walls to help maintain the cool temperatures of the recipient's favorite beverage. 

In addition, the bottle includes a comfortable handle for easy carrying and travel. The mouthpiece is made from soft silicone material for comfortable drinking through a reusable straw.

Kinto Glass Canister

Glass canisters provide high-quality storage results. The ones from KINTO receive rave reviews.

5. Bottlit Canister

Every kitchen requires storage. The Bottlit Canister is one KINTO glass canister available in several varieties including the KINTO tea canister. 

You’ll find the canisters in several sizes such as 1L / 34 oz, 150mL / 5oz, 300 mL / 10 oz, and 250mL / 9oz. Items that recipients can store inside include dried foods, drinks, and homemade dressings. The tight seal will keep them fresh and the shape provides for easy pouring.

6. Baum Neu Canister 800 Ml / 27oz

The KINTO Baum Neu Canister 800 Ml / 27oz
 is one example of the KINTO glass canister options. It is the perfect size for storing granola, coffee beans and pepper flakes.

KINTO Kitchen Must-Haves

It makes sense that KINTO also carries kitchen essentials. 

7. Nonslip Tray 160x160mm/ 6x6in

The KINTO Nonslip Tray 160x160mm/ 6x6in is a reasonably priced must-have kitchen item. Customizing trays remains an easy task, especially through Gemnote.

For example, have us monogram a corner with your company’s logo. You can also monogram the tray with the recipient’s initials. 

Another must-have kitchen essential in Japanese homes is the KINTO ceramic steam cocoon. It steams vegetables, meats, and fish easily. The cocoon works perfectly on gas and electric stoves.

KINTO for Brewing

A well-rounded coffee cup set includes at least one brewing tool. KINTO sells the best. 

8. Unitea Tea Pot 

Another KINTO glass product, the Unitea Glass Tea Pot showcases your favorite tea as you brew and serve it. 

Even though the pot will become hot, the handle allows for burn-free pouring. Like the KINTO glass canister options, the range of tea pot includes several sizes. Plus, buyers can pick from different shapes and types.

 In addition to porcelain teapots, you’ll also find beautiful KINTO ceramic teapot options.  

9. Lt Teapot 600ml / 20oz

The Lt Teapot 600ml / 20oz
 from KINTO is great for brewing tea in Japanese tradition. Recipients can remove the strainer and brew several teas in it. Moreover, the teapot fits into modern kitchen decor seamlessly.

10. Capsule Cold Brew Carafe / 34oz

A different take on the cold brew tea and coffee carafe, the KINTO Capsule Cold Brew Carafe / 34oz
 is another engineering feat.

When the recipient tips it, the lid opens automatically. Then, set it upright to close the lid.


KINTO Travel Tumbler Options

Tumblers have gone mainstream for a few reasons. They help regulate the temperature of the contents without sacrificing taste. Plus, they help the environment.

11. Hibi Tumbler 220ml / 7oz

You’ll find the KINTO HIBI tumbler in sets of four. Therefore, you can distribute the set or in singles. A basic essential, it’s available in two sizes and five colors.

Produced from soda glass, recipients can place it in the dishwasher and microwave. However, they should not overheat the product.  

12. Active Tumbler 

Tumblers have two purposes - travel and hydration for active individuals. Recipients can easily fill the tumbler with size through the wide mouth. When they want to enjoy the contents, recipients can comfortably drink through the straw.

Moreover, it’s a nice KINTO workout bottle option. 

KINTO didn’t leave out the kids. However, sometimes a kid-proof tumbler is great for adults too. We took a look at more than one KINTO play tumbler review - the public loves it! Speaking of the kids, KINTO also created a product for expectant mothers, the KINTO bottle warmer. It warms milk quickly and features a timer.

13. KINTO Travel Tumbler 350ml / 12oz

Available in two sizes and eight colors, travelers, digital nomads, and weekend warriors will enjoy receiving the goods KINTO Travel Tumbler 350ml / 12oz

The KINTO vacuum insulated travel tumbler keeps the contents cold or hot. 

14. KINTO Day Off Tumbler

Another KINTO vacuum insulated travel tumbler, it keeps the contents hot or cold. The handle makes carrying while traveling comfortable. Plus, the goods KINTO travel tumbler is available in fun colors. They are perfect for business professionals who take a day off from work and head to the mountains, coast, and desert to enjoy hiking, meditation, and adventures. 

15. To Go Tumbler 360ml / 12oz

The KINTO To Go Tumbler 360ml / 12oz is worth the investment. A versatile tumbler, it’s available in two sizes and six colors. 

KINTO points out that the tumbler can handle the daily commute, travel, and office environment. It keeps the contents warm or cold thanks to the vacuum insulation. Moreover, the tumblr doesn’t change its flavor. 

A bonus that KINTO collection recipients will enjoy is the option to mix and match products. The KINTO sepia tumbler and KINTO sepia jug come from the same collection. However, recipients can start with their gifts and add to them by purchasing additional water bottles, canisters, and cups. 

Companies can impress recipients with products such as the KINTO cast coffee cup that turn drinking coffee, tea, or water into something special at home or the office. 

The public wants reusable and durable corporate swag items. When you give away a customized goods KINTO vacuum insulated travel tumbler to your staff, clients, or event attendees, you will create happiness. Plus, you can help them create an experience with the KINTO coffee pour over and KINTO coffee stand for the KINTO coffee maker.

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