Brand Spotlight: Custom Topo Designs

May 27, 2021

Topo Designs is loved for its colorful apparel, accessories, and more. Learn more.

Luckily, Topo Designs thrives in capturing designs, sustainability, domestic manufacturing, and more. Read on to discover their best-selling items and how they maintain their social responsibility!

Popular Backpack Brands

Though, every individual doesn’t wish to hop on the bandwagon — it’s an instinct, and brands like Topo Designs are worth following for their style and quality. 

However, shoppers must be keeping an eye out for popular merchants and retailers who voluntarily extort resources and labor. Now, it may sound like plenty of work to research a brand before purchasing their product, but, a little research will go a long way to ensure you don’t invest in Products that are Made with Sweatshop Labor.  

There are plenty of articles and pieces that have done the research for you, regarding which brands to avoid. 

The key here is to support brands like Topo Designs — and here’s why:

What is the Most Durable Backpack Brand?

According to Travel Away, they have nominated Topo Designs backpacks as “Best for Outdoor Adventure.” More specifically, the Topo Designs Rover Pack Classic, which is the best Topo Designs backpack, is made out of the intensely durable 1000D nylon base fabric that is also lightweight and water-resistant. With that said, Topo Designs commits to the durability of their backpacks.

What Kind of Backpacks Do High Schoolers Use?

There is absolutely no time like the present to cop the trendiest backpacks for the upcoming school year. When it comes to backpacks for high schoolers, it must hit the key points of modern and minimal design, optimal functionality, and lightweight — no one needs the extra weight on their shoulders!


Why is Topo Designs a Leading Brand?

When a brand rises to its fame, people tend to question how they got to where they are. In other words, as Topo gained its spotlight — the question became: is Topo Designs a good brand?  While “good” may be subjective, some aspects are objective. The retailer’s designs may or may not satisfy your taste in backpacks and their other products, but they can surely win you over with their placed values. First off, they inspire individuals to live an active, adventure-filled lifestyle for pure happiness and fulfillment. Second, they do not slack with their placed values: care for the environment and care for the people.

Topo Designs: Sustainable and Ethically Made?

As their very own products draw in the fame they have gained, Topo Designs’ efforts in sustainability and local, ethical labor soar. 


Topo Designs has set their goal for the fall of 2021.

As they strive for sustainability to grow as Topo grows as a brand, the goal is to have every single product in their catalogue consist of a sustainable component. Whether this is utilizing a material that was responsibly extracted or a final product that was manufactured responsibly, it is Topo Designs’ goal. Apart from this, they partner with factories that reduce their water, energy and waste, while increasing their efficiency of use and shipping.


Ethical Labor

From the very start of Topo Designs’ existence into its industry, their code was straight to the point. As their co-founder and current CEO has stated since 2011, “Our code has been driven largely from how we’ve been treated in the working world.” Mark Hansen goes on to discuss what goes behind their code with Well Spent’s Brad Bennett. The brand consistently gets featured in pieces that cover ethical and sustainable products, especially for its role in kids and teens to start making the right shopping decisions early in life.

Topo Designs Made in the USA

Many well-known brands save on labor and production costs as they outsource materials, factories, and labor. It all started in Colorado — the Topo Designs headquarters. Colorado’s Topo Designs has always been committed to domestic manufacturing. As the brand started out with local Colorado talents to join their team, they now look into highlighting global talents. To be more specific, Topo now has partners in Mexico, Canada, and Vietnam. Additionally, their work is dedicated towards repairing, and not replacing through global rehab centers.


Best-Selling Custom Topo Designs For You

As Topo Designs offers a series of products and collections, here is a guide to help you pick what’s best for you and your needs. 

1. Topo Designs Premium Collection: Rover Pack Premium

With the known features of Topo Designs Rover Pack, the highlights are its sleek design, spacious main component, padded laptop sleeve up to 15-inch devices, and a large zipper front pocket.

2. Topo Designs Mountain Jacket

For your next adventure, you can trust this piece with waterproof nylon oxford fabric to keep you warm. Enjoy the four dimensional cargo pockets and carry your essentials with ease — coming in five sizes for men and women and three colors!


3. Topo Designs Global Hat

This is your essential accessory for your next sunny trip. With a custom, comfortable fit, you can enjoy the breathable mesh back and easy cleaning by washing machine. It also comes in four different colors! 

4. Global Case

Its trademark lies in its diverse use — whether you have an office meeting or an outdoor adventure, the Global Case is for you. Stay organized with its internal panels, padded sides, and zippered mesh security pocket! It also comes in sleek black.


5. Topo Designs Sport Hat

Conveniently, their Sport Hat was designed for hot and sweaty days. Through the Topo Designs custom and internal absorbent band, you no longer have to suffer from sweat dripping into your eyes. 

6. Light Pack

No matter the trip, you can travel light while carrying everything you need. The Topo Designs Light Pack ensures the safety and organization of your belongings. Experience it with its padded base and sides, laptop sleeve, and attachment loops.


7. Topo Designs Camp Hat

Hence its name, it is designed for camping and all camping-related activities. With its lightweight, you can easily pack it into your Light Pack, Global Case or Topo Designs Rover Pack. The Nylon Camp Hat comes in seven colors!


8. Topo Designs Rover Pack Classic 

It would be an understatement to say that this very design is what makes Topo Designs the brand that they are today. The Rover Pack Classic is known for its durability, lightweight, water-resistance, accessible pockets, and more. Not to mention, it’s available in 18 colors!


9. Topo Designs Work Pants

Topo Designs work pants have never been better with the Men’s Dual Pants. Look good and maximize its perks of intricate design and features. 


10. Dopp Kit

The brand recognizes the importance of packing light. With that said, bring all of the essentials with a convenient kit. All you need to hear for persuasion can be found in a Topo Dopp Kit review.


Other Topo Designs Products

While these are their best-sellers, the Topo catalogue is filled with other products like day, quick, mountain, and core packs, mountain and travel jackets, work pants, commuter briefcases, Klettersacks, and travel bags and kits. Plus, with exclusive Topo Designs collaborations, you’ll find coveted pieces like the Madewell Topo belt bag and more. 

Where Can I Buy Topo Designs?

When it comes to purchasing Topo Designs products, you have multiple options. If you’re looking to purchase in-store, you can head to the nearest Topo Designs store. Alternatively, the brand has partnered with a variety of retailers to carry their products. For a specific list of these stores in your area, the Topo Designs official website provides a search database. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase online, you may do so through their official website or their partner online merchants. Likewise, a complete list of online authorized sellers are on the website. You can also reach out to their Topo Designs customer service.  

How Do You Clean a Topo Designs Backpack?

As they commit to durability, it not only applies to rigorous outdoor activities, it also applies to deep cleaning and washing. Before anything, some don’ts are using a dryer or washing machine and bleach. Now, there are two types of cleaning, spot and deep, and these both vary for the type of Topo Designs backpack you carry based on material and features. For a fully detailed guide on how to care for your backpack, visit the official website and remember — keep them clean!


The Reason Behind the Price

A common reason behind customers hesitating to invest into a Topo Designs product is its price. Though, customers should note: Topo Designs does not sacrifice the quality and durability of their products. 


It is crucial to understand that the price is higher than other brands because it is Made in the USA. This is the precise reason that many retailers opt for outsourcing labor and materials. However, study shows that customers prefer products that are locally manufactured, such as Topo Designs. This evokes a sense of trust and reliability — knowing that the materials and the labor came from their home country, the USA.  

For any further questions, get in touch with the Gemnote to see how you can get quality brands like Topo Designs customized with your company’s logo for the best, high quality swag around.  

Happy shopping!

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