Mastering the Art of Sweatshirt and Hoodie Swag

April 5, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about investing in hoodie swag, you should know it’s a great way to level up your swag game.

The first hoodie, designed by none other than Champion®, dates all the way back to the 1930s. The American brand designed the hoodie to be a type of “sideline apparel,” with the intent that athletes would wear it for practice and in between games. From there, the hoodie gained traction among both athletes and the general public. Today, the iconic hoodies remain a fashion staple that never seems to fall out of style. 

Types of Hoodies

Hoodies remain a top pick for companies looking to invest in custom merch. With a plethora of styles and brands to choose from and endless ways to customize, you can ensure that your swag hoodies stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Not sure where to start? By understanding some of the most popular styles on the market, you can better pick a style that best vibes with your audience. Here we list out some of the most popular hoodies on the market. 

Classic Hoodies

Nothing beats a classic! While this hoodie style fits similarly to its counterparts, swag sweatshirts, the overall fit is not too big or small. Even with its traditional cut, it is still a top contender by companies looking for a style that pleases more people. 

For upgraded features look for styles with a kangaroo pocket or dropped shoulders.  

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY NYC City of New York Hoodie

Shown: Marine Layer Relaxed Graphic Hoodie 

Pullover Hoodies

Just like it sounds, pullover hoodies are those that must go over the head to be worn and removed. These styles are available in many different fits, including classic, cropped, oversized, slim, and modern fits. 

Shown: Marine Layer Sunset Pullover Hoodie 

Zip-Up Hoodies

While many hoodies take after crewneck sweatshirts, just with a hood, full-zip hoodies are more like a jacket that’s easy to take on and off. 


Shown: Lacoste Men’s SPORT Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie

Partial Zip hoodie

Even with the zip, these hoodie styles remain in the pullover category. The benefit is they allow more room when taking them out. 

Shown: Vuori Ponto Performance 

Oversized Hoodies

Comfortable, fashionable, and casual, oversized hoodies continue to trend. While they are a popular choice for gen Z for their bigger is better style, they continue to trend for other generations as well. 

Shown: Lola Magnolia Brightside Hooded Sweatshirts 

Sleeveless Hoodie

For a style that makes a statement, you may just want to forgo the sleeves altogether, hence the sleeveless hoodie. Kind of like a vest but with comfort, a hood, and a pouch pocket built in! This style is great for customizing with patches like the one shown below. 

Photo courtesy of: Urban Outfitters; Shown: The Sex Pistols Distressed Sleeveless Hoodie Sweatshirt

Crop Hoodie 

Crop hoodies continue to trend in 2023, and remain a favorite among Merch Ideas for Your Gen Z Customers. If you’re looking to target a younger audience, you may want to consider this cropped-cut styling. 

Shown: AS Colour Crop Hoodie

Shirt Hoodie

Fabric weight is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right hoodie for your company. For spring and summer, you may consider going with a lightweight style or even a short hoodie like the one below. Similarly, for colder months, choose midweight and heavy fabrications that offer additional warmth.   

Shown: Marine Layer Lassen Heavy Slub Hoodie in Dusty Olive

Best Brands for Hoodie Swag 

With so many options for hoodie styles, it should come as no surprise, there are plenty of brand options for swag sweatshirts and hoodies. This is good for companies of all sizes, including startups,  that may have a smaller budget. 

American Giant Hoodies 

This American-made company designs sweatshirts for sustainability and durability. From pouring into their communities to keeping their merch out of landfills, you can expect high-quality styles from this company.   

Shown: American Giant Lightweight Hoodie

AS Colour 

As Colour is no stranger to custom apparel, including swag hoodies. Their focus on quality, details, and simplicity, make them a favorite for companies looking to customize durable apparel at a great value.  

Shown: AS Colour Heavyweight Hoodie 

Bella + Canvas

Another popular choice for companies looking to create branded apparel. Known for its premium basics and craftsmanship, this made-in-America company incorporates eco-friendly measures into its manufacturing process. In fact, by recycling almost all unused fabric, its LA home office produces nearly zero waste.

Shown: Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Hoodie


While Champion may have started the Hoodie, Carhartt is among the brands with the longest legacy. Founded in 1889, Carhartt is today known for its hard-working, durable apparel and gear. 

Shown: Carhartt Midweight Hoodies


The real OG of hoodies, Champion continues to make quality, name-brand hoodies that are perfect for customizing, including fashion-forward staples like this one. See more of Best Custom Made Tie-Dye Hoodies & Shirts

Shown: Champion® Reverse Weave® Scrunch-Dye Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt

Types of customizations for hoodies and sweatshirts

Ready to set your brand apart with customization? Here, we’ve listed out different ways you can customize a sweatshirt with examples from popular brands for inspiration. For more ideas check out these 24 trendiest sweatshirts for logo designs. 

Ready to make your swag hoodie? Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas or browse more styles and brands in our lookbook!


By stitching a design directly onto a  garment, you can achieve stunning embroidered customization. The technique, which is one of the oldest forms of decoration, offers both a detail-savvy look and added texture. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY Script Embroidery Hoodie

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Champion UO Exclusive Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of JJJJound; Shown: JJJJound J90 Hoodie 


By sewing a patch directly onto your swag hoodies, you can embrace patchwork customization. Whether you choose a tone-on-tone approach like the black style below for a low-key, cool look or choose a mix of patches and graphics for a bold, notice-me product is up to you. The end result, however, gives you on-trend swag sweat shirts that stand out. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Patch Hoodie 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Urban Outfitters Sex Pistols Anarchy Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt

Screen printing

One of the most popular and cost-efficient ways to create a custom design is with the use of screen printing. By printing a design directly onto the fabric with special ink, you can create vibrant swag sweat shirts with colorful logos. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown:  Aimé Logo Hoodie

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: Aimé Leon Dore Leon Dore Hoodie


Want to add a subtle touch to your swag hoodie design? You may want to invest in tags that can be applied to the inside of your garment as well as hems, pockets, and more. 

JJJJJound J70 Hoodie

Vuori Halo Essential 

Contrast Stitch

By incorporating customization using contrast stitching you can create your own, on-brand, yet unique swag hoodie. Contrast Stich is a popular way to design a swag sweatshirt. 

Photo courtesy of MadHappy; Shown: MadHappy Contrast Stitch Fleece Hoodie

Photo courtesy of MadHappy; MadHappy Pastels French Terry Hoodie

Browse all of Gemnotes Hoodie Swag

1. Adidas

Shown: Adidas Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt

2. AS Colour 

Shown: AS Colour Heavyweight Hoodie

2. Champion 

Shown: Champion Hoodie 

3. Lacoste 

Shown: Lacoste Men’s Hooded Cotton T-Shirt

4. Marmot 

Shown: Marmot Peak Hoodie

5. Vuori 

Shown: Vuori Sunday Element Hoodie

These are just some of the options you’ll find from Gemnote, however, we offer customization for so many more swag sweatshirt styles, including name brands like Nike and the North Face. For your one-stop shop for hoodies and sweatshirts, you can count on Gemnote to help you in all stages of swag and custom merch development. 

Whether you’re needing a guide for the best employee swag or inspiration for event giveaway ideas, you can leave the heavy lifting to Gemnote. 

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