Unique Gifts For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners 2022

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In today’s society, anyone can start their own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the riskiest, yet most rewarding experiences.

Whether you’re an employee who wants to give a cool gift to their entrepreneurial boss or are supporting a local or new business venture, finding unique gifts for business owners can be challenging.

So it’s important to remember that the best gifts for new business owners are special, memorable, and something they can enjoy over time. 


Striking the right mix of being thoughtful while still making sure gifts are functional, will be useful as your recipient embarks on this new journey in their career and also in their life. While you may want to default to desk items—which there is nothing wrong with—you will just want to make sure the items are unique, high quality, and something you would be excited to receive. 


‍Our list of gifts for entrepreneurs is simple, practical, and best of all fun to give and receive.


Best Tips for Giving Customized Gifts to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Whether you are on the hunt for gifts for business women or men or even looking for a gift for new business owner that’s on a budget, we can help you find something remarkable. 


Give a gift that you’ll be happy to receive

When thinking of personalized gifts for business owners, it’s easy to place too much emphasis on the ‘theme’. Whether you’re embarking on a Christmas shopping spree or hunting for the perfect birthday gift, the best way to approach gift-giving is to think about what would resonate with you. Not only will this make finding a gift for an entrepreneur or business owner easier, but it will make it more fun to give. 


Because of the time, effort, and money (or blood, sweat, and tears) entrepreneurs put into starting a new business, you can imagine that it carries over into much of what they do. They may even think of their new business as a home. That said, some of the most thoughtful gifts are ones that are both personal and professional. 


Ultimately, who you are gifting to doesn’t really matter as much as the thought behind it.  Below are some ideas that strike the right balance of being cool, thoughtful, and personalized.

Personal Organizer ($39), Appointed Notebook ($24)

Some of the best gifts for business travelers are functional, space-saving, and offer a first-class style, like these beautifully designed notebooks from Appointed. They’re a definite upgrade from the spiral-bound ones you used for school and they also make perfect gifts for the grand opening of business and business gifts for clients.

Buy a gift for new business owner that you’re excited to give

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve picked up a gift card because we just don’t have the time to pick out a gift, much less personalized items and gifts for small business owners. While there’s no shame in gift cards, handpicked gifts will resonate in the minds of your recipients which is really important when thinking through business gifts for clients. So taking the extra time and energy is worth it. 

Custom Frame 8x8, Terracotta Grow Kit ($20)

For unique gifts for business owners think out of the box! A custom frame with their favorite inspirational quote, mission statement, team picture collage, and more are surefire ways to leave them speechless. While appropriate for businessmen, these also make great gifts for female entrepreneurs on your list. 

You can also surprise them with a terracotta grow kit, which is budget-friendly, thoughtful, and a great way to spruce up their office. 


‍We like this one from Modern Sprouts. Thanks to the innovative design which features a glazed interior and nested coconut net pot that helps provide drainage this handy kit provides everything your recipient—even those with a black thumb—needs to get started. 


Best gift for entrepreneurs: think practical and useful!

As we curate gifts for some of the world’s top companies, we seek items that make life easier in one way or another. Whether it’s gifts for the grand opening of a business or a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with an essential oil diffuser that relieves stressful days, a smart plug for the office, or a Tile key tracker for those long days that make remembering anything, much less where you placed your keys. As gifts for business women and men who are always on the go, giving them thoughtful gifts of relaxation or convenience are always a win.  

Vitruvi Diffuser ($120), Essential Oil Set ($52), Tile Key tracker ($25), Smart Plug ($22)

These cool products for entrepreneurs are both useful at home or while they work tirelessly on their new business venture. 

Make it personal

Personalized gifts for entrepreneurs always feel more special. They are a reflection of your relationship and might even build on a moment that only you two have shared. Personalized gifts with a company name or logo on it will make you a champion of their brand and the business they’re working hard to build. Below are items they’ll love that are easy to customize and make unforgettable personalized gifts for business owners.  

Crow Canyon Mug ($12), Not Neutral Lino Mug ($18), Felt Laptop Case

Not just nice gifts for entrepreneurs, these also serve as a reminder of how far their new business has come and why each milestone is worth celebrating. While they might only need a few units of these items, in the beginning, the hope is that they will grow their business and their team large enough to need swag items in bulk. When that day comes, Gemnote will be there for them!

The best gifts for small business owners and entrepreneurs are relevant to their business. 

When thinking of a gift to celebrate a new business, try to make it relatable to what that business is. If they’re opening up a coffee shop, gifting them some cork coasters with custom branding would be a great gift. If they’re opening a daycare, maybe you want to send them cork bulletin boards where they can keep track of scheduling and notes that are important. Or maybe your friend is opening up a fitness studio. In that case, encouraging the use of reusable water bottles with an added bottle opener feature would be a great, thoughtful gift. ‍


When in doubt, remember, when it comes to gifts for small business owners you have a Gemnote rep on your side who can help you take the guesswork out of finding that memorable gift. In addition, they can help you find innovative ideas that are ready for customization and fun to give. 

Cork board with Post-Its, Cork Coaster Set, Bottle Opener Tumbler


Great gifts for entrepreneurs are not only practical, but should be useful to their business. If you have the opportunity to customize these somehow, that would make sure the product they’re receiving is one-of-a-kind.

‍Remember, the best unique business gifts for business owners don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it’s about making everyday, practical items extraordinary through customization, and Gemnote can help you every step of the way.   

A gift for new business owners should also focus on quality 

One of the biggest things our Buying team looks for when onboarding a new vendor is quality. gift for new business owners should focus also focus on quality. Is it useful? Is it durable? Will it last for years to come? While this might depend on the situation, we usually recommend spending more on 1 good quality item than diluting your budget with 5 cheap items. Some of the best quality entrepreneur items that we’ve found are listed below. They’re items that are useful for the everyday work day or commute and are from reputable brands that focus on the quality of the product. And, when you invest in quality items by reputable brands, they also make great business gifts for clients. 


Corkcicle 25oz Canteen ($30), RAINS Laptop Sleeve ($70), Custom Backpack


These gifts are not only useful for business but will be durable products that stand the test of time.


There are a plethora of colors, styles, and features you can add to these otherwise timeless essentials to make them truly especially. 


From customization options like embroidery and leather embossing on bags, totes, and laptop sleeves to personalized drinkware in a plethora of colors and styles to fit every entrepreneur’s taste and lifestyle, your Gemnote rep can help you find all the best and unique gifts for entrepreneurs and business owners on your list. 

The best gift for entrepreneur and business owners also tell a story. 

Imagine that your nephew told you he’s launching his own lemonade stand (we love that entrepreneurs can be of all ages!). A gift that would work with this type of business venture would be a gift set collection of useful items that are related to drinkware. Items can include an ice tray, custom straws, and a notebook to help him level up his business.

One thing is for sure... this is one lucky kid! While the ideas might seem like a no-brainer, trust us when we say a little thought goes a long way! It shows that you’re thinking of ways to show support and that you handpicked these items specifically for their new business venture. 


Peak Everyday Ice Tray, Custom Straws, Notebook

‍Have a small or local business you want to support? When it comes to the perfect gifts for grand opening of business, practical, everyday items that are thoughtful will go the distance!  Plus as a gift for new business owner recipients, they’re sure to be appreciated. 


Buy gifts and save money with bulk buying

Ready to invest in personalized gifts for business owners? These incredible gifts for entrepreneurs and awesome gift ideas for clients don’t have to break your budget. We always recommend buying gifts to celebrate new businesses in bulk since many times suppliers will offer discounts when you purchase higher quantities. 


To yield the most cost savings, make sure you add swag expenses to your yearly budget. After all, the best gifts for business travelers also make terrific onboarding gifts for your employees, as well as gifts for your sales teams and VIP clients. 


Gemnote can not only let you know how you can save per unit even with customization, but they can also help you find curated collections tailored to your business and offer tips on how you can save on your designs. 


French Press Mug ($20), Custom Transfer Sticker ($2), Drift Away Coffee with Custom Tag

Fun, functional and affordable! When it comes to sleek designs and innovative designs, you don’t have to blow your budget to give gifts that are sure to delight! These can be desk gifts for entrepreneurs or a gift set to celebrate a product launch. You can also repurpose items as appreciation gifts for friends and family investors, new clients, or even partners and suppliers who help you with your own business needs. The best part about this gift set for entrepreneurs is that it is super versatile and can be easily branded with your company logo and colors.

Choose gifts that will 'wow' them

We always encourage putting more thought into gifts because it will definitely show. When picking a gift, make sure to think of something that will impress them. Would you be impressed if you were a recipient? Would it make you feel appreciated?

Fellow Raven Kettle ($79), Cheese Knife Set, Hydropod ($33)


Some of the best gifts for aspiring entrepreneurs offer a pleasing aesthetic and functionality. The Hydropod Grow Pod for example is perfect for their office or kitchen. In addition to containing everything they need to start growing herbs, this low-maintenance plant is something they will enjoy seeing and smelling! 


You also can’t go wrong with a custom knife set or sleek kettle like this one from Fellow which offers that much-needed caffeine boost in the mornings or throughout the day. 


These are great gifts for entrepreneurs because they can be given to men or women in varying industries as well thanks to their timeless style and practicality. 

Get ideas from expert gifters!

At Gemnote, we’re constantly researching the best gifts and trends. If you find yourself bogged down for work and dreading thinking of gifts for aspiring entrepreneurs, we can help! Corporate gift shops have a team of curators that will put together the best ideas for your brand, budget and use case. Browse our other articles for new ideas and check out some of the work we’ve done.

We understand how difficult gift giving is, but we also recognize the importance of appreciating the people in your life, especially as a new business owner. Whether you’re saying thank you to some initial investors or you want to spread brand awareness about the new business you’re building, gift giving has proven to be an effective tool for relationship building. Professors Cindy Chan of the University of Toronto and Cassie Mogilner of the UCLA Anderson School of Management have studied this and stated:

“Often the focus is only on whether someone likes a gift rather than focusing on a fundamental objective of gift giving, and that is fostering relationships between giver and recipient."

Choosing the best gift to celebrate new business is incredibly important. You want to make sure that the gift you end up giving is personal, durable and will stand the test of time. Trust us, they will appreciate it and think of you every time they use or see that item.  


Send a gift for milestones that are sometimes overlooked

Gifting shouldn’t only be reserved for the larger milestones and this goes for the best gift for entrepreneurs too. For example, if your coworker decides to leave because they’re starting their own business, a nice farewell gift is always appreciated. These relationships with coworkers eventually become friendships, and you want to be able to show your support for them regardless of where they work. Check out some farewell gifts that are within budget.


As always, make sure to invest in modern gifts that are high-quality, functional, and memorable products for entrepreneurs. Need additional gift ideas that are good for any occasion? You can’t go wrong with these high-quality favorites. 

Stylish Organization

The items below are great gifts for entrepreneurs. As they leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, you want to give them things that will help them in their day-to-day. These are items that we consider practical gifts and a great value for the money spent.

Baggu Duck Bag ($30), Zip Case ($18)

Lunch Bag

Forget paper bagged lunches. Upgrade their lunch style with a durable bag like the below. This is insulated so it keeps items cool for 12 hours and holds up to six 12 oz cans. It’s sizable but not too large to carry around. This can also be a gifts for future businessman you can give.


Lunch Cooler ($25)


Air plant and Planter

This desk item is a gorgeous gift to celebrate new business. It’s a succulent plant that is low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about watering it every day. As gifts for female entrepreneurs as well as men, it’s perfect for their sprouting business! 


A Great Gift for New Business Owners: Books!

Books might seem boring, but it’s actually one of the best gifts for entrepreneur companies. Self-improvement or motivation books are always a great buy, but you can always gift a book that is more design-focused like Kinfolk. If this is good enough for your coffee table at home, it would be a great read for anyone that stops by to visit the office as well.



Chocolates and chocolate-related beverages are some of the most popular consumable items. It has a long shelf life and is universal to most taste profiles. Who doesn’t love chocolate? We have unique food items like cocoa drinks and chocolate bites, which are great treats that can’t be found in your corner grocery store.

Lolli and Pop Hot Coca ($12), Lolli and Pops Dark Chocolate Bar, Best of Pump Street Chocolate

Car Charger

This is one of the practical gifts for a businessman because it's a necessity. There’s nothing worse than having a dead phone in the middle of a busy workday. This car charger allows you to recharge your phones while on the go.

Car Charger ($17)


Custom Apparel and Bags

You can never go wrong with custom apparel and bags. The thing that really elevates these products are great designs, so we encourage being more creative than slapping a logo on it. Whether it’s a comfy sweatshirt, sustainable t-shirt or embroidered hat, these staple items are nice gifts for entrepreneurs. To celebrate anniversaries, you can gift high-ticket apparel like The North Face or Marmot. Another great swag item is a weekend bag that doubles as a gym bag. Any of these products would be well-received whether they’re branded or not.

Marmot Women's Tempo Vest ($91), Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt, North Face Gym Bag


Tasty Delights!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. People love food! Try gifting these bruschetta jars paired with the knives above as a gift for any occasion. Everyone loves trying new foods, especially if they’re given to them. That’s why consumable items are also great souvenirs because you know it won’t go to waste. ‍

Cucina & Amore Bruschettas ($12)

Portable Chargers

Similar to the car charger listed above, below is another charger that is small, easy to take on-the-go, and customizable. The universal heads make sure they’re compatible with any device. This is easy to keep in your pocket or in a bag, so you can stay connected and stay charged anytime, anywhere.

Portable Charger ($25)

Key Cables

You might be thinking, “Another cable?!” What makes this unique is the fact that it’s sleek, well-designed and functional. We love Native Union products for this reason. It’s a small gift for entrepreneurs, but one that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful as well.

Native Union Key Cable ($30)

Crossbody Messenger Bag

Bags are one of the top entrepreneur gifts. While it can be a higher price point, you want to make sure to think about what people would choose as a consumer as well. Make sure to factor in the brands here. Even if you haven’t heard of Rawrow before, you can tell their bags are sleek, minimal and easy to co-brand. Other popular brands are Timbuk2, The North Face, State Bags and Top Designs.

Rawrow Cross Messenger ($55)

In summary, what are the best gifts for entrepreneurs?

Cool entrepreneur gifts can be subjective, but if you follow the tips we’ve shared you can’t go wrong! However, we understand how difficult choosing the right item can be. In a recent study of Michele Lisenbury Christensen, she said, “Gift-giving in is often anxiety-producing and frustrating, because people get more focused on not getting it wrong than on how to have fun with the process and help their partner feel loved.” 

As long as you’re putting some thought into your gifts and making sure they feel personal, they’re items that will undoubtedly be treasured. Here are some final tips for picking fun gifts for entrepreneurs.

Know what they want

If you and your friend have conversations and you know exactly what they want, that makes your life easier! Always buy something that people want and will use. If you don’t know this, you can try getting it out of them or thinking about something that they will be able to use frequently.

Understand their business

Giving a gift for an entrepreneur is easier if you know their business and what they’re trying to accomplish. For example, someone who’s opening a restaurant could also use home or consumable products vs. someone who’s opening an office who could use desk supplies and basic swag. The most incredible gifts for entrepreneurs are ones that they would also purchase themselves because they need it.

Make their life easier

Functionality is one of the main focuses here at Gemnote. We always ask ourselves if it’s something we feel will be used, as we work to become a more sustainable company. Think of useful items like a daily planner, a tile key tracker, or a handy coffee press.

Recognize their achievements

Starting a business is incredibly hard, but an achievement that should absolutely be celebrated. In the beginning, your entrepreneurial friend may be stressed trying to get things up and running, so a token of appreciation goes a long, long way. As mentioned above, make sure it’s personal to them and their business- even better would be if it’s something they keep at their work to remind them of you and your support. You don’t need to break the bank to be thoughtful. The time and effort you spend to buy a nice gift for entrepreneurs is priceless.

Why should I gift to an entrepreneur?

Starting a business is incredibly tough, so entrepreneurs often lean on their network for support. Whether it’s listening to their ideas, celebrating acceptance into an incubator program or attending the grand opening, there are lots of milestones where they’re seeking help along the way. The best gifts for new entrepreneurs are ones that are personal and come from the heart.

Your gift expresses your support

Choosing the best gift for an entrepreneur can sometimes be daunting because you want to make the right purchase. It’s a symbol of your relationship with them and how you want to support them. It’s also a way of wishing them well on their new venture and reminding them that they have you to lean on as they embark on this new journey of their career.

You'll make them feel special

Whether the entrepreneur is a family or friend, your gift to them will reiterate that they’re not alone. Inspiring gifts for entrepreneurs can make them feel like they can accomplish anything, which is the mindset every entrepreneur should have. Items can be unique yet functional, so they know that you put some real thought into the gift. Ultimately, gift giving builds stronger relationships between you and the recipient. It’s rare that gift giving is not well-received.

It will motivate them to succeed

When you buy great gifts for entrepreneurs, you’re helping to motivate them. It’s a signal that their dream will or has become a reality, and will drive them to improve. If you’re giving swag, for instance, you’re giving the business a brand name and a community to work and work towards. People sometimes get emotional looking at their logo on a simple item like a pen because it signifies much more than that. It’s a culmination of their sacrifice, hard work, and success.

It’s a constant reminder

If it’s a good item, tangible gifts are often kept for more than a year. It’s a constant reminder of your support and the fact that you believe in them. This token of appreciation and support goes a long way in business, which can sometimes be purely transactional. Gift giving gives businesses a personal touch, which is always appreciated.


Bottom Line

Giving a gift to celebrate new business is exciting and extremely thoughtful. And when it comes to gifts for small business owners as well as your favorite entrepreneurs, there’s no need to stress about choosing the right gift. Even though there are many options to choose from on the market, you can easily narrow it down with a little help from Gemnote. In the end, all that matters is that you’re giving a thoughtful gift that your recipient will appreciate it. After all, leaving your job and starting a new business is scary, risky, and unknown. Any gift that comes from you will definitely be appreciated.

Still searching for the best gift for entrepreneurs? Check out our other blogs to see more exciting gifts to celebrate a new business.

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