Best Gifts For Entrepreneurs And New Business Owners

May 16, 2023

Looking for no-fail gifts for entrepreneurs? Get inspired with these product faves that are ideal for customizing!

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat! However, those that have done it know with a lot of hard work and dedication, it offers some of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you want to congratulate your favorite entrepreneur on a successful launch or offer support to a small business owner, you’re in the right place for corporate gifting!

In fact, we offer the best gifts for new business owners that are as functional as they are fun to give (and even better to receive!). From techy faves and office gifts to ideas for the home, office, and everything in between, here are the products to help celebrate the entrepreneurs in your life!

Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs in 2023

For the best gift ideas for entrepreneurs, you will want to strike the right mix of being thoughtful and practical. After all, the best gifts for new business owners are  functional and useful as your recipient embarks on this new journey. 

Tech-Savvy Gifts

For truly practical gifts for entrepreneurs that are everything but boring, lean on customizable tech favorites like these for ultimate appreciation and longevity. 

1. Wireless Powerbank

Not all chargers are created equally. What makes this Lexon Magbank a great gift idea is that it is designed for added convenience. With its weighted magnetic phone charging abilities, looking for a cord is a non-issue. Perfect for entrepreneurs who already have their hands full!  

Shown: Lexon Softpower Magbank

2. Wireless Earbuds 

Another really great gift idea for new business owners is a quality set of earbuds. Not only are the wireless designs an added convenience, but styles like this one that is designed with noise canceling, the ability to take calls or listen to tunes, and long battery life are much appreciated. 

Thinking about ordering branded earbuds for your entrepreneur gifts? Make sure you order extra for your favorite clients and hard-working employees since these will be a hot commodity.

Shown: JBL Noise Cancelling earbuds

Office Gifts

Whether your entrepreneur is spending all of their time at home or at their new business, these are the perfect reminder that you’re wishing them the best of everything! Consider adding a personal touch to their workspace by creating custom art or personalized items..

3. Custom Notepads

With so many styles and customization options available today, choosing a well-branded notebook for your entrepreneur gifts means never settling for boring or over-exhausted styles. 

Take for instance this beautifully designed therapy notebook with thought-provoking questions. Want more ideas? See more of our favorite branded notebook styles and learn why these continue to be a popular pick for custom merch. 

Shown: Therapy Notebook

4. Custom Markers

Dependable office supplies are always an affordable idea that make the best gifts for entrepreneurs—especially when added to custom merch kits and gift baskets. 

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Permanent Marker

5. Custom Mugs

You don’t have to be in the food or beverage industry to appreciate a well-designed mug. However, if you are searching for your favorite restaurant entrepreneur for grand opening gifts and the like, they’ll enjoy it just as much. 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: Employee Mug 

Affordable Gift Ideas

The best gifts for entrepreneurs should never break your budget. In fact, it’s better to downsize the number of products that make up your gift than to choose quantity over quality. The good news is even business owners on a strapped budget can score gift ideas for entrepreneurs that will be used and loved! Case in point: custom stickers, hats, and keychains!

6. Custom Stickers

What’s so great about a logo sticker? Well, aside from being a colorful addition to a swag basket, it’s also perfect for customizing laptops and office spaces while showing off a company logo.   

Photo courtesy of A24 Films and OnlyNY; Shown: Logo Stickers

7. Custom Hat 

Functional, stylish, season-less… the best custom hat swag ideas should check all the boxes. Plus, when it comes to affordability, your Gemnote rep can help you find great brands and styles to customize

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: OnlyNY Corduroy Cap

8. Custom Keychains

While we probably don’t have to underscore the importance of keeping up with your keys (just add that to an entrepreneur’s long list of things to remember), it’s probably worth mentioning the more balls we’re juggling in the air, the more likely one will be to fall (metaphorically, of course). Whether your favorite entrepreneur has a storefront, a locked office, or keys to his castle, a fun custom keychain can be used on repeat. 


Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Basketball Keychain 

9. Embroidered Loop Keychain 

Another great keychain option with a loop design for easy carrying and an upgrade with a monogrammed logo. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas on popular keychains (like hotel keychains are also having a moment!), as well as affordable and sustainable Baggu custom merch

Shown: Baggu Logo Kechain  

Sustainable Drinkware Gift Ideas

Gifts for young entrepreneurs don’t have to be limited to just drinkware, since these new business owners who are just starting out probably need just about everything. However, when it comes to sustainable giving, custom drinkware is always appreciated! 

10. Custom Water Bottle 

We all know the importance of daily hydration, yet sometimes it is life’s essentials that tend to fall by the wayside when we’re busy, kind of like an entrepreneur who is launching a new business. That’s just one reason custom water bottle make the perfect gift. The other reason? They’re a sustainable option to replace plastic bottles that can end up in oceans and landfills. 

Photo courtesy of Glossier; Shown: Custom Nalgene Water Bottle 

11. The Perfect Traveler Tumbler 

While hydration is a must, for healthy living, most days, caffeine can feel pretty high on the must-have list. If you’re looking for gifts for new business owners that are easy to customize and offer an assortment of features (life BPA-FREE, insulated for temp control, no leak design, affordable options, and more), a great tumbler delivers on all fronts. 

Shown: Miir 12-oz tumbler

Gift Ideas That Bring Comfort

Gift ideas for entrepreneurs aren’t just limited to their office or their commute. If you’re looking for entrepreneur gifts that offer comfort, style, and quality, you can’t go wrong with high-end basics that are made even better with customization.  Talk to your Gemnote rep about different options for adding personalization to your favorite textiles. 

12. Custom Towel

Unexpected and yet so essential. Who can resist a great towel? Plus as one of the gift ideas for entrepreneurs, there’s no end to the creative options you have for customizing. 


Shown: Baggu Towel

13. Branded Blanket 

Spoil your favorite entrepreneur with a soft custom throw that looks just as warm and inviting at home as it looks professionally in the office. 

Shown: Cotton Throw 

Best Apparel Gifts

Apparel continues to top the most-wanted list for custom corporate gifts. Whether it’s because there are styles for every brand, every budget, and every recipient or that they act as a marketing vehicle, we may never know. What we do know? They’re perfect your entrepreneur gifts!

14. A Great Hoodie

The best practical gifts for entrepreneurs always include branded apparel since it's an excellent way to market your or their business each and every time they wear it!

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Only NY NYC City of New York Hoodie

15. Custom Sweatshirt

Another basic that can’t be overrated is a well-designed sweatshirt! For the best gifts for entrepreneurs, choose soft comfortable styles with modern customization, like this one from Glossier.  

Photo courtesy of Glossier; Shown: Glossier Crewneck

16. The Perfect Pullover 

Custom pullovers, like this one from Marine Layer make some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs since they can also act as business attire when customized with your recipient’s logo. 

Shown: Marine Corbet Reversible Pullover 

Personalized Bags and Tote Gift Ideas

Unique gifts for opening new business ventures don’t have to be hard to find. For sustainable items that are useful and can be customized to reflect your recipient’s new logo and branding, bags always fit! 

17. Dopp Kit 

Small, portable, and perfect for keeping keys and other small items handy. We like this option since being organized is something anyone can appreciate!


Shown: Topo Designs Dopp Kit

18. Canvas Totes

Reusable totes make stylish, practical gifts for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and designs, making them an easy-to-customize affordable option. 

Shown: Baggu Custom Canvas Tote Bag

19. Color Handle Totes

How many ways can you customize a tote? It’s hard to know for sure. From color ways and fabrics to designs and features like pockets, creating a custom-branded tote that gets noticed is easier than you think! 

Ask your Gemnote rep for ideas on adding patches, labels, embroidery, and more for a one-of-kind design.  

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Only NY Custom Canvas Tote

Custom Duffels and Backpacks

Just as handy as the reusable tote options above, backpacks and duffel bags offer an extra punch with customizable styles with as little or as many features as you want! It's a universal option that accommodates unisex designs and one size fits all for easy bulk ordering.

20. Custom Duffel Bag 

Looking for practical gifts for entrepreneurs that are as versatile as they are stylish? A duffel bag, like this cheerfully branded style by Glossier, is just the ticket! From gym days to weekend getaways and of course those commutes to the office, a great branded duffel bag is an easy-to-customize favorite that gets noticed! 

Photo courtesy of Glossier; Shown: Glossier Custom Duffel Bag

21. Custom Backpack

Work commutes and weekend getaways just took a turn for the better with stylish custom backpacks like this one from Timbuk2.  

Shown: Timbuk2 Foundry Pack

Practical Gift Ideas

No one wants a useless gift, or what could be a great gift with poor quality, Luckily, when you partner with a company like Gemnote, you can leave the heavy lifting to them. From sourcing the best products to offering a curated collection of ideas that are within your budget, scoring on-brand and practical entrepreneur gifts just got easier. 

22. Custom Laptop Bag 

Ideal for gifts for entrepreneurs who are always on the go, will love receiving a quality laptop bag that helps keep them organized while protecting their tech. 

Shown: Topo Designs Briefcase

23. Custom Jacket

Gifts for entrepreneurs range from small affordable stickers to name-brand, high-quality apparel. When you’re looking to really spoil a business owner, choosing a practical product that also feels like a luxe gift is perfect for reinforcing business relationships and showing you care. 

Shown: The North Face Jacket

24. Custom Socks

Who couldn’t use a great pair of socks? Everyone wears them, yet no one really thinks about them until half of their pair goes missing from the wash or turns up with a hole in them. Plus, when it comes to gifts for entrepreneurs, you’ll have less sizes to contend with and too many design options to count.  

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY; Shown: Only NY x Extra Vitamins Flower Socks

5 Tips For Gifting Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Cool entrepreneur gifts can be subjective, but if you follow the tips below, you can’t go wrong! 

1. Know what they want

If you and your friend have conversations and you know exactly what they want, that makes your life easier! Always buy something that people want and will use. If you don’t know this, you can try getting it out of them or thinking about something that they will be able to use frequently.

2. Understand their business

The best gift for an entrepreneur is easier if you know their business and what they’re trying to accomplish. The most incredible gifts for entrepreneurs are ones that they would also purchase themselves because they need it.

3. Make their life easier

Functionality is one of the main focuses here at Gemnote. We always ask ourselves if it’s something we feel will be used, as we work to become a more sustainable company. Think of useful items like a daily planner, a tile key tracker, or a handy coffee press.

4. Recognize their achievements

Starting a business is incredibly hard, but an achievement that should absolutely be celebrated. In the beginning, your entrepreneurial friend may be stressed trying to get things up and running, so a token of appreciation goes a long, long way. As mentioned above, make sure it’s personal to them and their business- even better would be if it’s something they keep at their work to remind them of you and your support. You don’t need to break the bank to be thoughtful. The time and effort you spend to buy a nice gift for entrepreneurs is priceless.

5. Make it Personal 

Whether it’s a handwritten card, branded sustainable packaging, custom engraving on a product, or more, choosing personalized gifts for entrepreneurs makes the experience special and memorable. 

Browse Gemnote’s Lookbook For More Gift Inspiration

Gemnote makes giving a gift to celebrate a new business exciting and thoughtful with personalization. Plus, they can take care of as many of the details as you need. From sourcing, curation, and design to packaging, kitting, fulfillment, warehousing, and more, acing your corporate gifts just got a whole lot easier. 

Browse the products and brands in our Lookbook or talk to your Gemnote rep today about creating unforgettable gifts for entrepreneurs! 

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