Best Restaurant Grand Opening Gift Ideas

November 7, 2022

Raise the bar with restaurant opening gifts. Make your premiere with novel party favors.

Starting a business is no easy task; it takes blood, sweat, and tears. By the time the restaurant opening announcement finally arrives, you’re exhausted. Having already put in so much effort, thinking of shop opening ideas just sounds like more work. You might even be unsure of what to bring to a restaurant opening. 

We know how hard you’ve worked to get here. That’s why we came up with this list of the best gifts for someone opening a new business.  

Our grand opening gift ideas for owner can be customized for any invent, including:

  • cafe opening
  • coffee shop
  • shop inauguration
  • office opening
  • restaurant opening

While you’re going over your restaurant grand opening checklist, remember to celebrate! Treat yourself to a personalized gift for restaurant owner. Go above and beyond typical restaurant grand opening ideas by sending your guests home with a unique party favor. 

No matter the need, we’ve come up with the best gifts for someone opening a new business. 

Top giveaways under $10

Need a gift for shop opening ceremony? Fun freebies like exclusive t-shirts and chic keychains make the best gift for new shop opening. Giveaways get people talking and your business growing.

1. Poketo Vivid Gel Pen in Cool

Working in the hospitality industry means going through hundreds of pens each year. Your grand opening coffee shop ideas gift list needs a classic, yet modern pen. This black ink gel pen by Poketo gets the job done. Give these away at your restaurant opening announcement and your customers will do the advertising for you. With pens frequently being stolen from the workplace, these will also make great office opening gift ideas. 


  • Refillable ink
  • Comfortable grip


  • Slower drying

Shown: Poketo Vivid Gel Pen in Cool

2. Beau Water Bottle with Handle - 20 oz. 

Our impact on the environment has been a growing concern for decades. More and more people are investing in reusable water bottles in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Carrying one around also has many other benefits. With the reusable water bottle industry valued at 8.64 billion in 2021, there’s no doubt that a free water bottle will be the best gift for new shop opening. Your attendees will love bringing your branded water bottle to their next visit to the gym.


  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Vivid colors to choose from


  • No insulation
  • May not fit in all cupholders

Shown: Beau Water Bottle with Handle - 20 oz. 

3. ETS Express Mug - 12 oz. 

If you’re looking for grand opening coffee shop ideas, look no further than the ETS Express Mug. With its curved shape, matte finish, and trendy unglazed base, anyone can appreciate its modern design. You’ll want to keep one for yourself as a personalized gift for restaurant owner. After all, you can never have too many mugs. There are plenty of creative ways to store them.


  • Made of durable stoneware
  • Fashionable unglazed base


  • Hand wash only
  • Not safe for microwave

Shown: ETS Express Mug - 12 oz. 

4. Custom T-Shirt

Everyone loves to take home a t-shirt. If you’re really struggling with what to bring to a restaurant opening, you can’t go wrong with a name brand style like this one.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Unisex sizing


  • Less novel giveaway
  • Limited color options

Photo courtesy of Only NY, Shown: Shop T-Shirt

5. Happiness - Letterpress Coasters

Here’s a unique grand opening store gift idea: customized coasters. Make them remember you with this fun freebie. Whether it’s your logo or a tagline, making your mark is easy with ultra-thick card stock coasters like these modern ones from Letterpress Coasters. Consider them as gifts for your office inauguration. Of course, coasters do a lot more than just look cute on our coffee tables. 


  • Fits most glasses
  • Perfect for customization


  • Not waterproof
  • Card stock only allows for limited use

Shown: Happiness - Letterpress Coasters

6. Custom Sweatshirt

Unite your staff with branded apparel. Whether you choose 100% organic cotton like this style from madHappy, or go with a hoodie style, you'll win lots of favor.


  • Classic fit
  • Neutral style


  • Limited color options
  • Use is limited by season

Photo courtesy of Wood Wood; Wood Wood Jess Arch Sweatshirt

7. Custom Stickers

Stickers make bold statements and allow people to express themselves. They’re also one of the best ways to promote your business since there are so many places to put them! Stickers create opportunities for extra marketing. You can guarantee you’ll get exposure if you hand these out. Should you take a gift to a grand opening? Yes, and they should be stickers. If you need a logo that will stand out on a sticker, start a project with Gemnote today.


  • Inexpensive
  • Popular with all ages


  • Only good for single use
  • Difficult to remove from surfaces

Shown: Custom Stickers 

8. KeepCup Stainless Steel Pint Cup

Stainless steel belongs in the kitchen, that’s why this pint cup will make the perfect gift for restaurant opening. Its industrial look is both durable and classy. Equipped to hold warm or cold liquids, this pint cup can be used in every season. Add it to the swag for your grand opening coffee shop ideas and your guests will be sure to see their cups as half full. 


  • Removable lid
  • Lots of branding space


  • Hand wash recommended

Shown: KeepCup Stainless Steel Pint Cup

9. Custom Hotel Keychain

The best gifts for new shop openings start a conversation. You’ll be the talk of the town when your patrons leave with these trendy keychains. Their rounded, diamond shape is nostalgic by nature but made modern as they are offered in a variety of bold colors. If you prefer to have less clutter on your keyring, don’t worry. There’s plenty of ways to wear them.


  • Lightweight
  • Collector’s item


  •  Keep away from heat
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals

Shown: Custom Hotel Keychain

10. Enamel Pin

Where stickers can’t go, enamel pins can. Poke them through a bucket hat, a t-shirt, or the strap of a bag and they’re sure to catch someone’s eye. Similar to the Hotel Keychain, enamel pins are also collector’s items. Just watch any of the hundreds of YouTube videos showcasing people’s pin collections as evidence. Some people will even go as far as collecting them from every place they've traveled. Guarantee your place on someone’s pin board by customizing your own today.


  • Easy to wear
  • Collector’s item


  • Tend to be more expensive 
  • Sensitive to the elements (water, heat)

Shown: Enamel Pen 

Top Employee Custom merch for Grand Openings 

Our shop opening gift ideas extend to your staff. Make your employees feel welcomed and valued in custom merch. With options ranging from accessories to apparel, our grand opening store gift ideas are waiting to receive your personal touch. 

11. AS Colour Chambray Shirt

Gift this classic button-up to your staff and they’ll be wearing it on and off their work schedule. This denim is mid weight, providing durability without sacrificing comfort. This 100% preshrunk cotton shirt will only get better with age. Help your staff look sharp in or out of the kitchen with this customizable top. The perfect custom gift for new business owner, you'll also want one for yourself.


  • Longer in the back
  • Ready for screen printing or embroidery


  • Sizes do not exceed Large
  • Separate sizes for men & women

Shown: AS Colour Chambray Shirt

12. Raw Bar Denim Chef Apron

Show your employees you care with the gift of a quality apron. This raw denim apron is ethically made in the U.S. in Los Angeles. Its brass hardware and hidden phone pocket show an unmatched attention to detail. Add your logo or embroider their names to make an impression. Don’t forget to remind your staff how to tie an apron like a pro.


  • Sturdy fabric
  • Adjustable neck strap


  • Take care when drying: tumble dry on low or hang dry

Shown: Raw Bar Denim Chef Apron

13. Custom Coaster

Another restaurant grand opening gift idea is a fully customized coaster. Your employees will appreciate this quaint piece on their coffee tables. Go all out with custom leather, embossed coasters, glass etching, or digital printing. Leaving your mark where you want it – as opposed to a ring on the furniture – is definitely win-win. Bring your business straight to their home. 


  • Choose any color and size
  • Choose any design
  • Multiple customization mediums available


  • Some people don’t use coasters
  • Not all surfaces need them

Shown: Custom Coasters

14. Feat TreeCell Long Sleeve Tee

Really spoil them with this ultra soft, high performing tee. Designed with Feat’s trademark TreeCell fabric, the wearer enjoys lightweight comfort and moisture-wicking technology. Add your logo and create the ultimate uniform for your workers. Be sure to add this the list of gifts for your restaurant grand opening ideas.


  • Ultra soft
  • Moisture-wicking


  • Hang dry recommended
  • Order a size up if between sizes

Shown: Feat TreeCell Long Sleeve Tee

15. Escuyer Stripe Socks

Being on your feet all day means your feet deserve the best. These crew socks cradle your feet with 100% Italian cotton yarn. The white stripes on these black socks offer a timeless sophistication that could only be produced by a family-owned factory in Italy. These crew socks will make any front-of-the-house staff feel classy and comfortable. Want the quality in a different color? See what else we offer from Escuyer.


  • Classic look
  • 100% Italian yarn


  • Works best with long pants
  • Placement is difficult for promotion

Shown: Escuyer Stripe Socks

16. Denim Pouch

Give your workers something sturdy and stylish to store their stuff. Cash, pens, make up, and more will stay safe in this zippered denim pouch. Its simple design makes it the perfect pouch for grab-and-go. Don’t forget to give this gift for shop inauguration


  • Zip to close
  • Sturdy fabric


  • Single compartment
  • No handle or wrist strap

Shown: Denim Pouch

17. Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack

If you’re looking for a pack with more color and compartments, you’re sure to love the Del Dia. Cotopaxi’s bold color blocking tells a story that represents your fun and lively brand. With pockets designed for your wallet and phone, you can store everything you need. The adjustable belt includes a buckle that adds extra security for staff riding a bike to work. The best fanny packs come in a multitude of colors, fabrics, styles, and features, making them perfect for customizing.


  • Convenient storage
  • Two-zip access to main compartment

Shown: Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack

18. Custom Beanie

Keep your crew warm in this tight gauge acrylic beanie. One-size-fits-all gifts make swag simple. Offered in eye-catching colors, this Only NY will grab attention on your morning commute. While streetwear continues to be a mainstay in mainstream fashion, you can’t disappoint with a custom beanie. For more ideas on gifts for cafe opening, check out these best custom hats.


  • Easy to customize
  • One-size-fits-all


  • Interfere with your hairstyle

Shown:  Flight Logo Skullcap Beanie

19. Miir Bottle

Keep your staff happy and hydrated with a Miir water bottle. Their conscious effort to help the environment sets them apart from brands like Yeti and Nalgene. This thermoregulated bottle keeps whatever you’re sipping on chilled for hours. Your employees will thank you for putting it on your grand opening store gift ideas. 


  • Thermoregulation
  • Environmentally friendly


  • May not fit in all cupholders
  • Not intended for hot liquids

Shown: Miir Bottle

Should you take a gift to a grand opening?

Our answer: yes. Nothing sets you apart more than giving a gift for restaurant opening. If you’re still not sure what to bring to a restaurant grand opening, you can't go wrong with these ideas, or even picks similar to the custom merch food and beverage companies send to influencers.

Don’t let your guests go home empty handed. Pull out all the stops and invest in the best gifts for shop opening. Not only will novel gifts like the 20 oz. Beau Water Bottle with Handle or a Hotel Keychain impress your crowd, but they will be fun reminders to visit you again soon. Stickers and enamel pins turn laptops, notebooks, and bucket hats into free advertising for your business. Exclusive party favor

Deck out your kitchen staff with a special gift for new restaurant opening: The Raw Bar Denim Chef Apron. Long hours in the kitchen call for consistent hydration. Keep your cooks cool with a Miir water bottle. The Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack is a fun gift for restaurant opening that your employees can sport on their days off. 

Finally, remember that the best gift for opening ceremony is one made just for you. Wear your brand with pride with top notch custom apparel. Make sure that a personalized gift for restaurant owner is at the top of your restaurant grand opening checklist.

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?