Best Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Help You Win More Customers and Clients in 2020

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Corporate gifting plays a big role when it comes to driving your company closer towards its intended goals. They have the potential to magnify good first impressions and influence decision making towards your favor. Read below to know more about the right kinds of gifts that will do exactly that.

Winning over customers is the lifeline and top priority to a business, so we want to show you ways you can engage with and impress clients to continue working with you. Many times, you can also get the attention of key prospects with direct mail or convince a lead to meet for a business lunch. Here are a list of premium gifts that will make your company look thoughtful and allow you to make the best impression.

An Emphasis On Creative and Meaningful Gifting: Why It Matters

In the corporate world, not all gifts are created equal. We all know that cool and trendy gifts always help you win more customers and clients and that’s one of the reasons why we give them and succeed on. Having said that, there is a greater emphasis on looking for unique client gift ideas that stand out in a sea of commonplace corporate gift ideas for employees.

One of the dilemmas that a lot of companies have to deal with is finding the best corporate gifts for clients who might seem like they are hard to impress. What corporate gifts for the clients who have everything? This is what we are going to see in this article, giving you original yet trendy ideas for clients who have everything. The choices you will see here aim to make gift giving a whole easier, with creative client gifts that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

Here at Gemnote, we already talked about some of the best corporate gift ideas, however today, we are going to focus on the ones that will help you win more customers and clients this year. With any luck, these creative client gifts will help you achieve the kind of targets you aim for this year – even if it’s just creating a better impression of your business

Native Union Eclipse Charger - $29.99

Is your client tired of having cables all around the desk waiting for a mobile or tablet to charge? Well, this might be the perfect corporate gift for them. This aesthetically pleasing charger unclutters one’s desk and lends it a chic and sophisticated feel.

Native Union Eclipse Charger Product

In fact, the Native Union charger is the ultimate gift that will give the wow factor to your clients in case they have an extended set of business devices that needs to be constantly charged. In the list of creative corporate gift ideas, this option always guarantees smiles all around.

This Eclipse Charger can charge up to 3 devices at the maximum speed and at the same time thanks to its advanced technology.

Other than that, it also has an elegant style that will fit in any desk.

This Eclipse Charger corporate gift

Apple Airpods - $199.00

Just like we mention in other previous articles, the Apple Airpods are an incredible corporate gift that will definitely give the wow factor to your customers and clients. A lot of people consider Apple AirPods as a highly coveted item, and receiving one as a gift can pretty much make their entire year.

Apple Airpods

Other than being a unique corporate gift, the Apple Airpods are simply the best earbuds on the Tech markets.

Apple Airpods with macbook

They are built with high-quality components and your clients will not only be able to use them at the office, but also in their personal life which is a fantastic gift to buy to your clients. When thinking of corporate gift ideas for employees, you should know by now that Apple AirPods are a no-brainer, always-welcome kind of gift – even for top tier execs!

Bezalel Futura X Wireless Charging Pad - $49.99

The wireless charging method is the revolutionary system of the decade. In fact, who doesn’t like just putting their phone on top of a charger effortlessly while it starts charging?

Bezalel Futura X Wireless Charging Pad

The Bezalel Futura X charging pad is the wireless charger of the future and you will definitely give the wow factor to your clients and customers.

Other than that, this item has over 80 positive reviews on their website which really plays in their favor. This indicates the mark of confidence a lot of satisfied users place on the Bezalel Futura X, so it’s definitely a good item to give as a corporate gift.

Nekteck Type C Car Charger - $15.99

Are your clients the typical business people that stay in their car many hours driving to their customers? Then this is the corporate gift for them. Instead of using a portable charger, a car charger is very efficient and practical.

This Nekteck item can charge up to 3 devices at the same (2 will be charged at 12W and 1 at 18W). The USB-C charging port is a nice addition, as more and more people constantly use gadgets that utilize this type of port. The fact to be able to charge their devices quickly will definitely help your customers while in the car, and you will most likely give the wow factor when offering it!

Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker - $299.95

Still on the music corporate gift ideas, the Bose SoundWear Companion speaker is a wearable speaker that you and your clients will be able to take everywhere. Forget about earbuds and headphones. Instead, give a chance to this wearable speaker that fits around your neck and won’t bother the ones sitting next to you. On a more business note, this speaker has a microphone integrated and is therefore great for online meetings. 

Larq Purifying Water Bottle - $95.00

Although there is another water bottle on this list, the Larq one takes things to a whole new level. First of all, and the most important feature, is that this water bottle is self-cleaning and uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle.

Larq Purifying Water Bottle gift

Secondly, it perfectly fits into your client’s bag, backpack and on their desk with its elegant and nice shape. Lastly, you will help your clients and customers avoid using plastic bottles and glasses which is very important to the planet nowadays. 

Ember Electric Heating Mug - $99.95

What’s better on a desk than an electric mug warmer when having a busy day ahead? Well, not much! Ember has brought a significant item to the market and made it a great corporate gift for clients. With this product, you will not need to worry about your drink getting cold, and rather be able to drink it in an hour or so. Moreover, it is certainly not as powerful as a microwave or a kettle, however, it is a great item that we highly recommend. It is very easy to use, in fact, you only need to turn the switch on and off to make it work, and you’re done!

Miir Wide Mouth Water Bottle 16oz - $27.95

Miir has created this Wide Mouth bottle to allow you to add some ice cubes to your drink and clean it more easily. It is an incredible gift to give to your customers and clients if this device can keep drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours! Who wouldn’t like that?

Lastly, it doesn’t sweat which is an amazing feature when taking it to meetings and company events. Miir is definitely a reputable and reliable company that we recommended before.

Herschel Retreat Backpack - $89.99

Herschel is one of the most famous retail brands on the market with over 10,000 points of sale in the world. Their retreat backpack is a beautiful item coming straight out of their catalog and that your clients will love. While it is certainly a premium backpack that comes with a higher price tag, however, it will give a wow factor to your clients and will most definitely last them a long time.

In conclusion, it is beautiful and features an internal media pocket with a headphone port and a padded and fleece-lined 15” laptop sleeve that is worth getting.

Blockitecture New York City Skyscraper - $40.00

The Blockitecture skyscraper is certainly not the typical business gift you would give to clients or customers.

Blockitecture New York City

The Skyscraper set is made of 14 wooden pieces and is inspired by the architecture and public spaces in New York City.

It is a decorative product for any desk and it isn’t difficult to assemble which means no waste of time. In addition, it is a unique corporate gift that your clients and customers will definitely remember.

Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle - $79.00

With its stunning design and the 3 available colors, the Fellow tea kettle is one of the most unique gift ideas to help you win clients and customers. It is definitely a more premium product, however, the price is justified.

With its steep-range thermometer that shows the right temperature depending on the color displayed and its integrated tea filter, this will make your clients and customers appreciate it even more.

Most importantly, the lid is made with silicone which is heat resistant and a good insulator. Therefore, it just won’t get hot, increasing safety at their workplace.

Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle in colors

Why Send Gifts to Clients? 

Finally, sending gifts to clients is an effective way to engage with them and it allows you to create a stronger relationship between you and your clients. Everyone loves to receive gifts and your customers are certainly not an exception, here are more reason why you should treat them from time to time!

As a plus, your business can mark these gifts as tax-deductible and write off the expense, how amazing is that? You may not have the budget to send a gift after every successful meeting or won opportunity, however a majority of businesses send at least once a year: the holidays. If you're looking for a partner to ship 50 to 50,000 gifts during the holidays, Gemnote is here for you. Feel free to "Start a Project" and talk to one of our Account Managers for more information. 

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