10 Must-Have Employee Swag for Your Company's Rebrand

January 20, 2021

Show off your company rebranding efforts with newly branded employee swag that gets noticed!

Company rebranding and branded swag go together like customers and service, art and copy, sales and marketing— you get the drift! After all, companies that need rebranding this year will soon need to debut and market their fresh new look. After all, companies that need rebranding this year will soon need to debut and market their fresh new look.

Your employees engage with your brands the most, so including them in your rebranding strategy and launch plans is vital for success. Not only will they feel included, but it also keeps employees feeling excited and engaged. More importantly, well thought out branded swag will not only market a rebrand, but will also make your employees feel valued and  help promote inclusion and teamwork. 

From remote employee swag kits to custom swag boxes and more, Gemnote offers cool swag ideas and customization for employees that incorporate all of the latest swag trends. However, before you identify which swag is right for your company rebrand, you may be wondering if your company needs rebranding this year. There are many  reasons companies rebrand, including company mergers, making products or services more relevant, overcoming bad press, and more. And knowing the best and worst rebrands will help keep your company on the path to a successful rebrand.

As retailers fight for their share of the market, creating and keeping memorable brands in today’s tough economy is more important than ever. Knowing not only how to rebrand and transform a company, but which swag items to use to market your efforts is crucial in making a successful impact. Our 10 must-have swag items incorporate swag trends so you can make the most of your marketing efforts.

Top 10 Must-Have Swag Items for Your Company's Rebrand

1. Tote Bag

The tote bag continues to be a top swag trend! Aside from being a sustainable choice and stylish substitute over paper and plastic bags, a custom printed Baggu Tote Bag can help level up your swag game.

Why your employees will love custom sustainable totes:
* customizable with your company’s unique design that will be appreciated by your employees
* high-quality oversized tote makes a great weekender bag too
* adjustable 40” shoulder strap & two short handles for easy carrying
* who doesn’t love an inside pocket that keeps your keys, wallet, or phone easily accessible

Bonus: Tote bags are also great additions to remote custom swag boxes! And when a tote bag just won’t do, upgrade to a designer backpack for an unforgettable swag option. 

2. T-shirt

Who can’t resist a great t-shirt? This is the quintessential swag item for a company’s new brand or refresh. Not only can this branded swag tee dub as a great way to identify employees at your next virtual or community event, conference, or team building day, but Gemnote offers the brands you and your employees will love, like Champion!

Why your employees will love it:  From Monday’s zoom call to casual Fridays and every work-from-home day in between, stylish branded swag t-shirts make getting ready a no-brainer. For tees that keep your employees smiling, look for features like those similar to this NYC logo tee:  

  • soft, high quality 
  • name brand
  • clothing essential

Bonus: T-shirts are also a great addition in custom swag boxes and remote employee swag kits. And, if you really want to show your employees the love, nothing complements a tee like a pair of customizable socks. 

3. Sweatshirt / Hoodie

After all that hard work rebranding, sweatshirts and hoodies are the perfect palette to show off your brand’s new creative. Customize yours with a catchy phrase and you can add conversation starter to its list of benefits. Ready to promote your rebrand with a customized sweatshirt or hoodie? Just don’t be surprised if your customers begin begging for one too.  

Why your employees will love it: Not only are these wardrobe staples the answer to chilly conference rooms and drafty offices, but a custom sweatshirt like this Glossier one features:

* classic crewneck styling
* raglan sleeves
* super soft, plush fleece inside  

Bonus: Sweatshirts and hoodies make great branded swag ideas for your sales team too. Plus, Gemnote carries high end outdoor brands they’ll love like Patagonia, North Face, Carhartt and more. 

4. Mug / Tumbler

Cold calls, hot projects, and deadlines that were on fire yesterday— sometimes, it’s all anyone can do to remember to eat lunch and stay hydrated. Thankfully, there’s a tumbler or mug with your name on it! For more great ideas on drinkware, custom drink glasses are also trending!

Why your employees will love it:  Not only are tumblers a better choice for the environment, they’re also great for hitting the gym, hiking, taking on the go. As for the perfect mug, treat your employees to a unique style they’ll want to keep on their desk. They’ll love fun features like the those found on this Debossed “T” mug:  

  • inspired by the New Your Times  
  • handmade in Brooklyn
  • microwave and dishwasher safe 

Bonus: Tumblers and mugs also make the perfect branded swag for employee gifts like birthdays and anniversaries. And, with top brands like S’well, Corkcicle, and more, there’s a style for everyone. 

5. Baseball hat

For good and bad hair days, a unique baseball hat is just as stylish as it is functional. And this customizable stacked logo hat inspired by the Times definitely hits a home run.

Why your employees will love it: Everyone loves a great hat, and your employees are no different. They’ll appreciate great features like:  

  • American made 
  • iconic design 
  • adjustable brass clasp  

Bonus: Baseball hats, as well as bucket hats and more, and are also an easy swag win for virtual events, and giveaways. Custom hats even appeal to your gen Z customers! 

6. Notebooks

Not only do paper goods reign supreme for swag trends but branded notebooks are still a top swag pick. As an everyday essential for staying on task and jotting down those ground breaking ideas, they also make an easy inexpensive swag idea.

Why your employees will love it:  For notebooks that please, look for doodle-friendly features similar to Poketo’s best selling Object Notebook that will never get lost in a desk drawer: 

  • durable, fabric-like pocket 
  • environmentally friendly tree-free paper 
  • 140 pages 
  • Smyth Sewn binding

Bonus: Notebooks make great employee onboarding swag and custom swag boxes. And, for more top selling brands like Field Note and Baron Fig checkout Gemnote’s office supplies.

7. Pens

Wondering why pens continually make the swag trends list since they seem to fit the “dime a dozen” category more? Pens have come a long way, and once you find one you love, you’ll understand all the buzz. Look for a stunning set that with features such as metallic styles and customization and smooth writing.

Why your employees will love it: There’s nothing more frustrating than not having a pen when you need it most. But for a pen your employees will love and keep track of, look for  features like those found in this Pocketo Logo Pen Set 4-piece set: 

  • designed in Los Angeles
  • smooth sleek design 
  • refillable ballpoint
  • .5 fine mm tips 

Bonus: Also great for corporate swag, employee recognition swag, as well as in your employee onboarding swag kits. 

8. Laptop Stickers

Want to make sure your rebranding launch sticks? A laptop sticker could literally be your answer. Not only insanely popular, but nothing markets your rebrand better than a cool customizable option from Gemnote, strategically placed on the coveted laptop. 

Why your employees will love it:  Seems like everyone has a laptop or tablet these days which is why employees will love differentiating theirs with a freshly branded sticker. For inspo they love, try choosing unique features similar to Urban Outfitters, who have “cool” down to a science:

  • funky tarot-inspired
  • perfect for tech 
  • wipes clean 

Bonus: Laptop stickers and accessories like luggage tags and passport holders are also perfect branded swag for celebrating employee birthdays and giveaways.

9. Enamel Pin

Pins have definitely made a comeback and offer the ultimate answer to “what is company swag”.  Great for upping the flair factor (we’re looking at you Office Space), enamel pins add the perfect amount of “extra” to backpacks, totes, and just about anything else you can stick a pin in. 

Why your employees will love it:  Pins are one of those fun extras your employees will love, but probably won’t invest in on their own. Spoil them with features similar to Poketo’s Squiggle Pins: 

  • 1” size 
  • rubber backing
  • designed in Los Angeles

Bonus: Enamel pins can also make great work from home gifts, as well as, volunteer appreciation gifts. 

10. Printed cards

What’s worse than looking at screens before you go to bed? Waking up to an overflowing email inbox. Cue the lost art of printed cards and snail mail. Then, add your fancy new rebrand, and you’ve got a company card that’s sure to stand out.

Why your employees will love it: A great one and done customizable card is perfect for networking, as a leave behind for sales leads, and more. Look for options like those found in this high-quality postcard from Moo that offer:

  • full color 
  • high quality paper
  • easy 4x6” size

Bonus: Companies that need rebranding this year should always incorporate printed cards to their rebrand launch plans. Customizable cards also make great swag to add to customer care packages as well. 

There you have it! Your 10 must-have items for employees that are perfect swag rebranding examples. And, if you really want to take your swag game to the next level, there are a slew of coveted tech gear just waiting to showcase your rebrand, including custom phone chargers and battery packs, Fujifilm Instax cameras, film, and printers, wireless chargers and earbuds and more! 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?