Brand Highlight: Champion

August 11, 2021

There's a reason they are Champion, now see their winning merch!

Champion stays relevant and lit, like a True Champ! 

From Champion crewneck vintage shirts to the newer Champion hoodie reverse weave, Champion shows us how the times have changed and how they were able to adapt – even grow while adapting to this change.

We will be walking down memory lane of Champion’s finest creations and how it still captivates the eyes of consumers everywhere, even after all this time, get ready to see Champion’s multiple high quality products which show that they are more than just champion crewneck sweatshirts and champion hoodie reverse weaves, they are a brand that provides quality apparel for all.

Champion does not really need an introduction. Established in 1919, they’ve got their own champion crewneck vintage apparel and more. They also attracted the eyes of the nation when they collaborated with athletes producing sportswear for multiple sports events and groups and have become known as a number one sporting apparel at that time, with athletes wearing Champion hoodies, joggers, sweatpants and shirts! Let us now dig deep on Champion’s amazing journey and their amazing qualities that make them the great clothing apparel that they are!

How do we even describe a legend as big as Champion?

As the name suggests, Champion as a brand has very much champion-like qualities. We will be discussing each of these qualities in length. What makes a Champion? How do Champion athletes do it? We will explore the different qualities that are evident in Champion athletes as well as Champion, the brand that we know and love.

Champion: Composure, Poise and Presence

The first quality or rather group of qualities that makes champion athletes and is also present in Champion as a brand is – Composure, Poise and Presence.

How can we say that Champion has all these three qualities? Let us first talk about composure, there is no mention of composure without pressure, Champion has experienced the biggest loss in its 100-year run when it lost the support of its own company (when the company that bought it focused on food instead of its clothing apparels), because of this Champion even resorted to selling in supermarkets, instead of high end clothing stores. These popular items included:

  • champion reverse weave crewneck sweatshirts
  • champion hoodie mens and champion fleece hoodie
  • champion joggers black and champion joggers white
  • champion joggers costco and champion joggers target
  • champion t shirts

This was what Champion had to go through to prove their composure, poise and presence. Greatly rising from the ashes of being sold in cheap stores, having people call the once best champion joggers to cheap champion joggers, to their current relevance and popularity now! Yes, Champion did all that and more!

The next quality that Champion definitely possesses is Confidence in Self, Champion proved itself worthy of being called the best in its field, they pioneered collaborations with athletes in the 90’s and even created the popular hoodie, which everybody loves. Champion always had the confidence to produce products that do not just fit the athlete needs but the needs of normal people wearing everyday clothes! Champion has a line of joggers with different styles to fit everyone’s preference, they have – champion plain joggers, champion plaid joggers, champion core joggers, and champion cargo joggers! You can wear any champion joggers that you want to, depending on your mood, and Champion knows this will sell, because they have that confidence in their products and in their knowledge of their target market! 

Champion also has this quality that made them become great again, this quality is Eternal Hope! As the Champion clothing apparel that they are, they did not give up, they did not throw in the towel but instead they kept hoping that people will eventually bring them back on top, where they truly belong. Champion used to be known for having champion joggers target, since these were sold in target, instead of expensive shops. But Champion did not waver, they kept their hopes up, they continued creating quality clothing apparel like champion custom hoodies, champion sweatpants joggers and champion crewneck vintage shirts, not just champion vintage shirts for men but also champion vintage shirts for women!

Aside from eternal hope, Champion has amazing pacing skills!

Champion did not hurry back to return to its original top spot in the clothing apparel business, but instead they paced themselves with strategies on how to get there and also how to make sure they will stay there this time! Champion studied their target market, and knowing that the world has greatly changed they employed a technique that did not only give them the marketing they need for the newer generation but the “push” they need to make people notice, they collaborated with major brands which were making waves then and even now like – Supreme, Undefeated, Vetements, Monkey time, and Wood Wood.

Champion really worked hard to be cool again! Due to these pacing skills and collaborations, Champion was able to produce even cooler products than they did before and have mastered the champion hoodie men's and women’s styles. 

Champion now has quality jackets! Not just the usual jackets you use when you feel cold, these jackets will make you stand out in a crowd, without even trying, these are – Anorak’s jacket and coach’s jacket!

The following qualities definitely appear in Champion’s way of handling their comeback, these are: control factor awareness, self-awareness, and the ability to learn. These 3 qualities are evident when Champion swallowed their pride and acknowledged that during the 2000’s they became “uncool” they became – champion joggers Costco and champion joggers target, but they did not let this unfortunate event in their history books hold them back! They became “cool” again not by doing it alone, but by being self-aware and learning from their mistakes and asking help from the “cool” brands and even the “cool” celebrities which made them blow up in social media sites.

Champion started producing cooler and newer products that they did not have before like, beanies, blankets, hats and even bags!

Champion even has fanny packs now! They really proved that you can come back stronger and better than ever, as an athlete brand before – they really prove their coachability, since they accepted defeat, learned from their mistakes and now have the following cool products under their belt – champion fleece hoodie, champion hoodie reverse weave, and champion hoodie dark green. Champion truly has outdone themself.

Last on our list of qualities that star athletes and Champion have is a strong work ethic and commitment. Champion’s comeback came to be because of Hanes! After the company that originally bought Champion lost its focus, Hanes came to the rescue and literally rescued Champion from being obscured as a quality clothing brand. They should really have champion hoodie hanes as a tribute to the contribution of Hanes to the rise of Champion as the popular brand that it is now. Other than all the qualities mentioned that Champion definitely has, as a brand, Champion also focuses on gender equality producing clothes not only fit for men like – champion joggers boys, champion t shirt mens, champion hoodie mens, mens champion shorts and mens tennis shoes champion BUT they have made these clothes for women as well! – champion shirt womens, champion crewneck sweatshirt womens, champion joggers women and champion shoes women.


Champion has done a great job catering to everyone’s preferences. They have multiple colors available for any day or any color of shirt/hoodie/joggers you would like to wear depending on your mood - champion hoodie dark green, champion joggers grey (or black or white). In any situation or day you will never have to fear because Champion has your back! And if you ever lose hope that what you once had - glory, popularity, being number 1 – was somehow lost and you feel that you will never have these again, then take it from Champion! Do not be afraid to accept defeat, always know that there are Champion worthy qualities in everyone and you are not an exception! You have swag and Champion has swag too!

Champion has been around for more than 100 years. And, while not all 100 years were considered great, they are a brand with staying power. Which is why many people agree that Champion has the best champion joggers out there! Their persistence and patience paid off as they waited for their Champion qualities to resurface with the help from the “cool” kids - collaborators and social media stars and celebrities. From there, Champion rose from the ashes of defeat and flew back to the top of the clothing apparel food chain just like the Champions that they are meant to be!

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