25 Best Christmas Gifts for Clients

August 18, 2023

Explore the best Christmas gifts for clients at prices to suit every budget!

'Tis the season of joy, gratitude, and giving! Show your appreciation this year with the best holiday client gifts that are not just memorable, but professional too! 

Why give Christmas gifts?

When it comes to business relationships are the foundation of any connection. While the exchange of goods and services accounts for the bottom line,  it's the personal aspect that truly solidifies customer loyalty and stronger relationships. This is where the act of giving Christmas gifts to clients comes into play. Beyond the tinsel and festivities, gifting during the holiday season presents a unique opportunity to foster and nurture these relationships. 

23 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Customers!

As the holiday spirit fills the air, let your holiday gifts for clients further celebrate the season. Whether you're aiming to strengthen business relationships, leave a lasting impression, or simply spread cheer, you’ll find inspiration here! From inexpensive yummy treats to luxury gifting that merges practicality with panache, our list of unique holiday client gifts is designed to accommodate every budget—starting at under $10. 

Under $10

Looking to dazzle your recipient with inexpensive corporate client holiday gifts? You can’t go wrong with these budget-friendly tasty treats and customizable travel accessories and caps!

1. California Gummy Bears, $7.95 

Not just any gummy bear, these west coast faves are the real deal! Ethically and sustainably sourced, they’re also organic and vegan. Plus with recyclable packaging, these delicious treats are also embodied in biodegradable, compostable, nontoxic, and plastic-free boxes. 

Shown: California Gummy Bears Fruit Mix Gummy Bears - Holiday Edition 2023

2. Salted Caramel Cookies $8

Every Christmas shopping list needs a few mouth-watering gourmet goodies. Let these yummy cookies by Rustic Bakery be the star of the show! With the perfect combination of rich cream, butter, sugar, and salted caramel, they’ll leave your recipients wanting more.

Shown: Rustic Bakery Salted Caramel Shortbread 

3. Leather Luggage Tag $8.70

Help fuel their dreams of a holiday getaway with customizable leather luggage tags with adjustable leather straps. Not only are they easy to customize, but they’re small and lightweight for easy shipping. 

Shown: Customizable Leather Luggage Tag

4. Branded Cap $9.60

This all-cotton semi-structured, low-profile cap with adjustable snap-back closure is ideal for customizing. 

Shown: Spacecraft Color Block Cap

Under $20 

What can you get for less than $20? You’d be surprised! Just check out these fun gifts for clients’ Christmas. 

5. The North Face Beanie $16.50

Looking for a name-brand product to customize for your corporate client holiday gifts? Look no further than the North Face Beanie! Not only is it perfect for the season, but each time your customers wear it, your logo will be on display. 

Shown: The North Face® Circular Rib Beanie

6. Nalgene Water Bottle $16.99 

Whether you know the name or not, Nalgene bottles are a staple among drinkware brands, and with good reason! They’re BPS- BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and the Nalgene Sustain product line is made from material derived from 50% waste plastic. 

Photo Courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: Custom Wide Mouth Bottle


7. Custom Slides $19.99 

Summertime calls for slides, but winter? YES! Slides make a fun custom gift that won’t just serve your customer on their island getaway this weekend. They’re nice for hot tubs, saunas, indoor pools, and even around the house. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown Aimé Leon Dore X New Balance Slides

Under $30

Looking for a gift that’s durable, memorable, and still in budget? These $30 client Christmas gift ideas make the grade.    

8. Carhartt Beanie $20 

Want to up your client relationship? Give them a sustainable gift that’s designed for long-lasting wear and longevity. The no-frills beanie by Carhartt is just as cool as it is hard-working. Plus, with 9 color choices and the ability to customize, it can only get better. 

Shown: Carhartt® Watch Cap 2.0

9. Calm Cards $20 

What if your Christmas gift ideas for business clients could also help with handling life’s frustrations? Think of these calm cards as an emotional wellness tool of sorts  with, as The School of Life, describes “ironic humor, consoling cultural references, and a small amount of pessimistic wisdom, they help to summon up our best and calmest selves.” 

Shown: The School of Life Calm Prompt Cards Set

10. Lunch Cooler $20.81

Think of this elevated PVC-Free cooler as an updated twist on the lunch tote. With a modern style (that can only be made better with your branding) it features recycled fabric and webbing made from plastic bottles and a front zippered pocket for storing accessories and an insulated main compartment. Lunch just got a whole lot better. 

Shown: Renew rPET Lunch Cooler

11. Toiletry Bag $20.81

Another basic essential is made better by design improvements and recycled materials. Plus it’s perfect for branding! Meet the new and improved toiletry bag that is designed with recycled fabric and webbing made from plastic bottles. It’s ideal for companies looking to impress their recipients with personalized client holiday gifts that are also sustainable. 

Shown: Renew rPET Toiletry Bag

12. Collapsable Cup $25

There is something to be said for convenience— and this cup has it in spades! From the collapsable space-saving design to the roomy silhouette, it’s got all the bells and whistles we love for on-the-go, splash-proof sipping.  Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Shown: Stojo Collapsable Cup - 24oz. 

13. Bottle Sling $27.76 

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. However, carrying a water bottle around isn’t always convenient. When it comes to the best Christmas gifts that are practical, this customizable sling has your back— or theirs! 

Tip: Looking to place a large order? You could get this bag starting as low as $19.98 per piece.  

Shown: Restore Hydration Bottle Sling

14. Apple Airtag  $29 

Name brand √. Customizable √√. Practical √√√. Who wouldn’t love the added convenience of always knowing where their (insert favorite belonging) can be found? Perfect for keychains, luggage, bags, and more!

Shown: Apple Airtag

Under $40

Check out these elevated Christmas gift ideas for business clients that offer major functionality and don’t skimp on the fun—and still come in well under $40. 

15. Small Duffel Bag $31.02

This small but mighty duffle bag gives your clients added convenience while offering plenty of color options so your branding shines through!

Shown: Customizable Duffel Bag

16. Carhartt Hip Pack $33

This Carhartt hip pack offers all of the bells and whistles they love— durability, Rain Defender® for water repellency, an added mesh pocket, key FOB, and a compact size that’s perfect for toting keys, money, phone, and other small essentials. 

Shown: Carhartt Hip Pack

17. Carhartt Cross Body $33

Another great pick from Carhartt, this durable cross-body pack with a slash pocket, key fob, and adjustable shoulder strap, hits the trend list and is easy to brand. 

Shown: Carhartt®Crossbody Zip Bag

18. Bluetooth Speaker $39.90

For unique holiday client gifts that are music to their ears, this floating Mino Bluetooth speaker delivers! Perfect for those customers you’re really trying to impress! Plus, it’s available in nine colors (including black and white) so nailing your branding is a breeze. 

Shown: Lexon Mino X Speaker

Under $50

Need further proof that you don’t have to spend over $100 on Christmas gift ideas for clients to strengthen business relations and show appreciation? Perfectly practical and fun to give, customization makes these gifts even better!  


19. Eddie Bauer Soft Fleece Pullover $41

Scoring better gifts for clients for Christmas just got easier, thanks to this modern pullover from Eddie Bauer. Featuring smooth-faced, brushed-back fleece and contrast stitching, it offers a sleek, low-profile fit. Plus, it’s available in 4 neutrals. For an elevated look, choose embroidery for your customization. 

Shown: Eddie Bauer Soft Fleece 1/2 Zip

20. Laptop Sleeve $41.71

Looking for sleek gifts for clients’ Christmas that are affordable? Whether your recipients are daily commuters or like to take their laptops on the go, these customizable sleeves are practical and fun to brand. Choose from 48 sleeve colors, 43 zipper colors, and endless color options for personalization. 

Best of all, you can get this sleeve for under $30 a piece when you order higher quantities, so you may want to add your employee swag to your count.  

Shown: Custom Laptop Sleeve

21. Mercer+Mettle Backpack $43.98

The best holiday client gifts are ones they’ll use on repeat. Kind of like this modern rolltop backpack with a streamlined silhouette and minimalist details. It’s the perfect rucksack for work thanks to the separate padded laptop sleeve that zips open for easy access. When it comes to weekend adventures, the rolltop stays in place with a quick-release buckle closure while the padded back provides additional comfort so your recipient can stay on the go. 

Shown: Mercer+Mettle™ Rucksack

22. Eddie Bauer Blanket $47

It’s hard to believe this name-brand customizable blanket comes in under $50—making it an easy contender as one of the best holiday client gifts! Talk to your Gemnote rep about ways to make your branding stand out. From embroidery to patches and tags, creating an elevated look just got easier!

Shown: Eddie Bauer® Quilted Insulated Fleece Blanket

Under $85

For the coolest client holiday gifts that are still well under $100, you can’t go wrong with a sustainable water bottle or backpack. 

23. Contrast Duffel Bag $50 

Duffel bags continue to top the list of best gifts for clients for Christmas since they are perfect for everything from commutes and errands to trips to weekend getaways and trips to the gym. Plus, thanks to the sleek, durable design, it’s the one they’ll reach for again and again. Available in all your favorite neutrals, when it comes to personalizing, you can ensure the spotlight will be on your logo.

Shown: AS Colour Duffel Bag

24. Stanley Tumbler  $50.40

For the coolest client holiday gifts, look no further than the brand known for outdoor adventures! For a sure win, this Stanley Quencher became an internet sensation, making them one of the sought-after drinkware brands and proving there really is a custom Stanley cup for every occasion.  

Shown: Stanley The Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler 30oz

25. Heritage Backpack $84.02

Still, well under $100, this modern silhouette Heritage backpack doesn’t skimp on details like Hardware's signature hound's-tooth nylon lining, a padded laptop holder, and leather accents, it tops the list for high-end Christmas gift ideas for clients that are still under $100. 

Shown: Hardware Heritage Canvas Backpack

6 Tips For Memorable Gifting 

When it comes to finding business Christmas gifts for clients—or really any custom gifts your clients will rave about, remember these are the items that will represent your company. To ensure your corporate client holiday gifts make a lasting impression, take into consideration these six tips.

1. Quality. It’s important that your Christmas gift ideas for business clients exude quality. Remember, this is a direct reflection of your company. And just like you wouldn’t want your goods or services to be represented by something that was haphazardly made, cheap, or was overall not functional or aesthetically pleasing the same can be said for your corporate client holiday gifts. On a tight budget? You can still find inexpensive custom products that will stand the test of time. Talk to your Gemnote rep for a curated list of ideas. 

2. Sustainable. Let your company’s ethics and values guide finding and giving sustainable products. From recycled materials to ethical sourcing, let the dedicated staff at Gemnote help you find quality, sustainable products by brands you’ll be proud to partner with.

3. Professional. While gag gifts make memorable White Elephant or Secret Santa gifts, they probably don’t convey the professional quality your business Christmas gifts for clients should. So when it comes to professional gifts, keep your company’s branding and corporate image be your guide. 

4. Practical. The best gifts are the ones your recipient can use over and over again. And, the marketing power of items like this cannot be stressed enough, especially if you add your company’s logo to it. The repeated exposure to your branding will make your company stand out among the pack, especially in a crowded marketplace. 

5. Aesthetic. Quality, sustainability, professionalism, and practicality all have their place when choosing unique client gift ideas for holidays, but for the unexpected wow factor, don’t forget a pleasing aesthetic. While you may not know each client’s personal styling preference you can’t go wrong with clean lines, a modern appeal, and earth tones or complimentary neutrals that allow your client to add to. 

6. Presentation. In business, the goal is to always put your best foot forward and it’s no different when it comes to the best Christmas gifts for business clients. At first glance, it helps elevate the notion of what’s inside, and with thoughtful, sustainable packaging and a professional vibe, your presentation can also reinforce your company's culture. 

Looking for more holiday gifts for clients? 

There are more Unexpected Corporate Gifts Under $100 where these came from! Talk to your Gemnote rep or browse our Lookbook to see how we can help you with all of your gifting and custom merch needs. 

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