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January 13, 2024

25 Eye-Catching Custom Activewear Items to Elevate Your Brand.

Wondering if creating custom activewear and products is right for your company? According to Statista, in 2022 the fitness, health, and gym clubs made up about 30.6 billion U.S. dollars. with projections for 2024 set at 5.11 billion dollars. So whether or not your company is in the fitness sector, chances are, your clients and customers are invested in their own health and fitness goals. Below we’ll share 25 of the hottest custom made activewear and show you how you can create your own enviable products regardless of your company’s industry. 

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Why Choose Custom Activewear and Gear?

For companies in the fitness sector, custom active wear or items like bags and branded water bottles are a no brainer. However, companies outside of the fitness realm can take advantage of branded activewear to market their brand, increase their sales, and acquire new customers . In fact, here are a few reasons quality custom activewear and gear continues to be a top selling item. 

  1. Health and Fitness Trends: The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated—both mentally and physically. From heart pounding HIIT workouts to yoga and  meditation, health and fitness is a

  2. Athleisure Fashion: You don’t have to be a fitness guru to want custom active wear in your clothing rotation. While some credit the style’s influence on our culture in the late 19th century and pointing to 2010, one thing is for sure, athleisure is comfortable for everyday wear and here to stay.

  3. Comfort and Performance: When it comes to innovative designs, athletic wear is well versed. From seasonal comfort—like moisture-wicking fabrics, breathability, and lightweight or winter-ready construction to features like pockets, and stretchability, today’s activewear is made to go the distance.

  4. Lifestyle Changes and Remote Work: Changes in work culture, such as remote work, have contributed to a shift in clothing preferences. Activewear is comfortable for both workouts and casual work-from-home setups, aligning with the evolving lifestyle choices of many individuals.

  5. Social Media Influence: Activewear products and gear activewear are easily recognizable on social media platforms everywhere. Take for instance the TikTok and Instagram-famous Stanley Tumbler that continues to trend. According to Tonic, the vital always-sold-out Adventure Quencher water bottle has over 3.4 billion TikTok views with sales up 300% year over year. 

Shown: The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate™ Tumbler - 40 Oz

Top 25 Custom Products to Market Your Brand! 

REady to create your own sought after athletic apparel and gear? Get inspired with these favs and see how you can create your own new and noteworthy products. 

1. Embroidered Custom Hoodie

There’s just something about a well-designed custom hoodie that makes us reach for it again and again. From the perfect fit, soft fabrication, and quality construction that can stand the test of time—from outdoor treks to the washing machine, style also plays an important role. When it comes to branding, take notes from the best, with a simple embroidered script logo.  

Photo courtesy of Only New York 


2. Premium Custom Shorts with Screen Print logo

Looking for mens custom activewear that’s gym-approved and style conscious? You can’t go wrong with heavyweight brushed back french terry pre-shrink cotton like this pair from Only NY.  As for the branding, you can keep it low key like this tone-on-tone style or opt for a color that really pops activewear logos.

Photo courtesy of Only New York 

3. Custom Logo Sock Sets

When it comes to basic essentials that everyone needs, a great pair of socks is always in order. Not only will you appreciate the reduced sizing options, your recipient will love having more quality picks in their athleisure—or athletic rotation. 

Photo courtesy of Only New York 

4. Garment Dyed Logo Tee

Looking for a name brand partnership similar to Aimé Leon Dore and New Balance? Choose a top custom activewear manufacturer, like Gemnote, to create your perfect collab. From Nike, Adidas, Next Level and Champion to The North Face, Patagonia and more, they have tons of apparel and products that will fit your brand to a “tee!”

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore 

5. Nalgene Bottles

You’re probably no stranger to the Nalgene water. With a plethora of options for customizing from colors and design to adding your logo, these BPA/BPS-Free bottles are made from 50% waste plastic. Talk to your Gemnote rep for options, like this wide-mouth style that’s dishwasher safe. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters 

6. Branded Leggings

Looking for custom made women's activewear that really makes the grade? Vuori understood the assignment when it came to their AllTheFeels Leggings. Featuring a high-rise styling (that’s perfect on or off the mat) they offer lightweight support and performance stretch all in an incredibly soft fabrication. 

Shown: Vuori AllTheFeels™ Legging

7. Custom Men’s Hoodie

This ultra soft hoodie is perfect for fighting the chill without compromising their style—or your brand. It fits like a sweatshirt— yet has all the bells and whistles we love—like sustainability, pockets, and a full-zip for easy wear. Plus, there’s no end to your branding options. 

Shown: Vuori Men’s Seaside Hoodie 

8. Not Your Basic Tank Top

When it comes to custom made women's activewear the cut matters. Case in point, this P.E. Nation Undefeated Tank Top that features a cropped styling, high neck and boxy fit that’s designed just for her. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

9. Small Duffle Bag with Logo 

You can’t have a list of custom fitness apparel and gear without a durable duffel, like this one from adidas. With so many branding options, think screen printing, embroidery, patches, and tags, you’ve got a huge palette for letting your brand colors—and logo— shine while also being that go anywhere essential. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: adidas Defender IV Small Duffle Bag

10. Custom Stretch Joggers

From running errands to downward dog and of course lounging, when it comes to versatile mens custom activewear, he’ll appreciate well-designed stretch joggers. Talk to your Gemnote rep for fun ways to infuse your branding and logo.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Take It Easy Pant

11. Custom Fleece Pullover

Some say the more the merrier—and when it comes to features, we couldn’t agree more! So if you're looking for a fleece pullover that’s sure to turn heads, let A24 Films pullover be your inspiration! From the zip pocket, easy snaps, and color blocking and coordinating trim to the patch logo, it’s styled for everyday yet still ready to party.   

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: Party Half Snap Fleece 

12. Custom Scrunchie Set

One in her car, one in her gym bag, another on her wrist…and this doesn’t even include the one in her hair or several stashed in her room. When it comes to custom made women's activewear—don’t skimp on accessories like scrunchies. Add your logo on a tag like these from Vuori for marketing that goes beyond the home and gym. 


Shown: Vuori Mini Scrunchy 3 Pack

13. Sustainable Custom Cross Body Bag

Whether you’re looking for the sustainable gear to pair with your apparel or just great athletic apparel that doesn’t require size variants, a custom Neoprene Cross Body Bag—like this one that’s been featured on Live With Kelly And Mark, Good Morning America & The View is a game changer. For ultimate branding props pair with a customizable water bottle that fits inside.  

Shown: Custom Neoprene Cross Body Bag

14. Women's Insulated Vest

Looking for seasonable athletic wear that’s easy to layer and strands up to the elements? If you’d rather not add heavy duty outwear to your athletic apparel collection, an insulated vest is just the ticket! For the best vibes—and features, think relaxed fit, water-resistance, soft woven stretch and insulation, like those found in this one from Vuori. 

Shown: Vuori Canyon Insulated Vest

15. Champion® Cropped Sweatshirt

Fun fact: Champion is credited with inventing the hoodie over 80 years ago. The American apparel brand continues to champion its proud heritage with style forward picks that go from the court to the sideline with ease. Browse more Champion custom picks that are perfect for personalizing in the Gemnote Look Book.

Shown: Champion® Women’s Reverse Weave® Cropped Sweatshirt

16. Hip Pack 

A custom hip bag offers hands-free convenience for the gym class, weekend errands and even commutes. Plus, with the plethora of colorways and styling options, you can create your own one-of-a-kind style with ease. 


Shown: Custom Hip Bag 

17. Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt

The adidas hoodie is a stylish basic that goes from their workout to their weekend effortlessly. For an unbeatable style, think soft lightweight cotton and front pockets similar to these from  Adidas—which also make the best hoodies for your employees.

Shown: Adidas Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt 

18. Custom  Fleece Sweatpants

American Apparel calls these relaxed fit sweatpants reimagined, recycled, and ReFlex Fleece for  your next evolution of fleece. Available for customization in six colorways, they’re perfect for companies looking to partner with an American Made brand that’s known for quality. 

Shown: American Apparel ReFlex Fleece Sweatpants

19. Nike Legend Tee

When it comes to athletic apparel that stands up to even the toughest sweat sesh, a lightweight tee is in order. Appropriately called Legend, this Nike tee features your favorite swoosh and Dri-FIT technology to wick away sweat. Plus, it’s available in 13 colorways. 

Tees are a popular choice for just about every industry from beverages and alcohol merch to employee onboarding kits and more. So when it comes time to custom print t-shirt activewear, Gemnote gives you quality customization you can count on. 

Shown: Nike Legend Tee 

20. Custom Lightweight Tank

Casual wear, yoga, that next pump session… a versatile tank with an on-trend styling is always a win. Perfect for displaying your logo, pairing with leggings, athletic shorts, and more, it’s just as in-demand as it is easy to customize.  

Shown: High Neck Cropped Lightweight Tank 

21. Custom Towel Sets 

Another option for those looking to create the ultimate swag kit or giveaways are custom towels. It’s perfect for companies looking for cost saving options that can be purchased in bulk and are looking for products that are one-size-fits-all and unisex. 

Shown: Green Striped Workout Towel Sets

22. Long-Sleeve Lightweight Tee

Aptly called a Feather, Vuori describes this an impossibly lightweight tee, made possible. For your own custom activewear shirts, you can’t go wrong with incredibly soft fabrics, lightweight coverage, and, of course, your logo. 

Shown: Vuori Women’s Long Sleeve Tee

23. Customizable Fleece Vest

For a name brand vest that’s just as performance ready as it is Friday casual, Eddie Bauer delivers! The brand known for creating enviable fleece, like the vest (below) or its legendary pullover(see #25) one thing is for sure, it’s the branded jacket employees and customers alike will appreciate. 


Shown: Eddie Bauer Fleece Vest  

24. Vuori Water Tech Hat

For brands looking to customize a website or tagline along with a logo, draw inspiration from Vuori tech hat that offers plenty of athletic features like breathable panels, comfort stretch sweatband, and snapback closure. 

Shown: Vuori Water Tech Hat

25. 1/4-Zip Fleece Pullover 

If you’re looking for personalized custom activewear that’s just as professional as it is functional, the Eddie Bauer ¼-zip pullover has you covered. Featuring a contrast rolled top collar, embroidered logo and zippered chest pocket, its polyester fleece incorporates Low Impact Technology™ for enhanced softness and performance. Talk to your Gemnote rep for customization options. 

Shown: Eddie Bauer Fleece Pullover 

Looking for information on print on demand athletic wear options, bulk shipping, swag stores setups, or just more great collections to draw inspiration from? Your Gemnote rep can help! They can even create a curated collection of customizable products tailored to your brand and your budget. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?