Best Merch For Your Beverage and Alcohol Brand

July 8, 2022

The best alcohol promotions are memorable long after your contest, event, or promotion is over. To ensure your marketing strategy is unforgettable, incorporate branded merch that can be worn or used time and time again. Whether you choose alcohol brand hoodies, liquor brand t shirts, customized mugs, or the like, will depend on your recipient, goals, and budget. 

Our list of alcohol and liquor brand swag ideas will help you get inspired. Best of all, high quality swag can also be used as incentives for your liquor promotion ideas. From fashion-forward essentials like jackets and custom caps to fun extras like pool floats and even dog toys, there are endless swag options to make your company shine!

Not sure what promotional alcohol merchandise is best for your company? Talk to a Gemnote rep. They’re the experts when it comes to unique liquor store concepts and swag. Plus, they can help you create a curated collection of custom merch that you’ll be proud to add your logo too. 

7 Alcohol Advertising Examples From Companies With Great Swag!

When it comes to cool alcohol brand merch ideas, these companies definitely put the fun in liquor brand swag. 

1. 818 Tequila

Named after the northern LA area code, 818 Tequila launched in May of 2021 and quickly (as in 7 short months later) became the best selling new tequila in the USA! And as far as best alcohol promotions go having Kendall Jenner as a Founder goes a long way. 

The Branding: 

Bold and modern with a fun, yet understated style, 818 Tequila’s minimalistic style is worthy of a toast. 

The Merch: 

Much like their branding, the merchandise is simple and clean with minimal green hues—perhaps a reflection of the sweet agave found in their tequila— the fun, yet basic, custom merchandise proves swag doesn’t have to be over-the-top or expensive to make an impact. For unique liquor store concepts, their branded merch can definitely double as giveaways. 

2. Jaja Tequila

With its massive online presence (like 89.5K instagram followers), it is no wonder Jaja Tequila was founded by three millennials with major social media chops. 

The Branding:

The coastal inspired branding is just as fresh and free-spirited as their small batch tequila which has us dreaming of days spent lounging surf side in a hammock. Maybe this is where the unique liquor store concepts begin? 

The Merch:

Fun-loving— of course! However, when it comes to styles we actually want to wear, Jaja Tequila’s collection of custom hats, liquor brand t shirts, totes, and even bandanas are definitely serious business. Even their branded dog toys and barware has us raising our glass.  

Tip: If liquor brand t shirts are topping your list for store advertising ideas, know that they also make great uniforms for your store employees too.  

3. CANN 

It’s not just liquor promotion ideas that made our list. One of the best selling Cannibas beverages in the country, Cann launched in 2018 and continues to find success. 

The Branding: 

Fresh, fun, and filled to the brim with playful colors, the Cann branding is just as whimsical as their slogans and love of Cann puns. 

The Merch:

With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy for a brand’s merch to go a little rogue. But, not Cann.  By keeping to their basic palette, they’ve also “canned” their mech for success. From cards, to fresh tees and sweatshirts, it's swag like this that make us want to launch our own swag store in time for the holidays

4. Titos

America’s original craft vodka, Titos comes out of the Lone Star State and is handmade in the oldest legal distillery you’ll find in Texas. How old? Founder Bert “Tito” Beveridge obtained the first legal permit in 1995. 

The Branding:

Classic, sophisticated, and inviting, the branding is the perfect representation for this award-winning vodka. In addition, when it comes to the best swag for best alcohol promotions and giveaways, it’s an easy winner. 

The Merch: 

While Tito’s may be serious business when it comes to crafting their small batch, handmade, gluten-free vodka (seriously it’s one of the top 100 alcohol brands) their merch is perfect for showing off their playful side. From golf tee towels and dog toys to fun tees and must-have barware, it’s easy to see that merch this good is perfect for restaurant swag ideas too. 

For clever bar promotions, live in the moment, like Titos did. When life handed us a pandemic, they made 24 tons of hand sanitizer

5. Vybes 

Just like their feature in Gestalten’s High on Design book which features the brands, designs, and creators behind the cannabis revolution, Vybes boats the high quality ingredients we want in a cannibas drink.  

The Branding: 

Minimal, simple, clean… just like their plant-derived adaptogens that help us to naturally adapt to stress or the CBD isolate, the purest, most potent form of CBD which is found in their CBD beverages. 

The Merch: 

Vybes seems to have cornered the market on low-key cool. While their branding isn’t colorful like Cann or Jaja Tequila, it’s the casual, easy-going style we want to wear in and out of the house. 

Want more CBD beverage marketing ideas? Check out our Most Innovative CBD Branding and Swag post. 

6. Recess 

Recess is a 2017 New York City based start up that sells CBD beverages. It’s also the inspiration we need for restaurant swag ideas as well as liquor promotion ideas. 

The Branding: 

Soothing colors, easy fonts, and a vibe that underscores cool, calm, and collective (just like their mantra), their overall branding really does want us to Take A Recess (just like their website). 


The Merch: 

We’re not sure if it’s the clever copy (kind of like their tagline: an antidote to modern times) or the cool designs of their custom merch that gets us in the mood to shop, but one thing’s for sure, we’d be happy to receive these items!

Tip: The best bar promotion ideas feature season-appropriate products your recipient can wear and enjoy immediately!

7. Lone River

It should come as no surprise that Lone River calls the Lone Star State of Texas home. It's the proud maker of hard seltzers, as well as, Lone River Ranch Water. 

The Branding: 

With its Texas roots and a cowboy flair, we're inspired to follow it out west! The branding is fun, approachable, and leaves us ready to two step on over. 

The Merch:

Their Best Of The West Merch Store features swag favorites like tees, caps, camp mugs and stickers. While their branded bandanas, cutting boards, paddle ball sets, and leather embossed koozies bring the southern charm. 

Wondering just how effective merch is for your company? 

In addition to increasing profits, according to Social4Retail merchandise is one of the most cost effective marketing efforts you can do! And, the alcohol market is the place to be. Whether you’re an up and coming business in the alcohol sector or just looking to increase your profits through alcohol promotion swag, it’s a booming industry that continues to grow. 

According to Statista’s Alcoholic Drinks report, as of this year in the US alone, revenue from alcohol drinks amounted to $1,664.00 bn. A further breakdown shows that beer holds the largest segment making up $643.00 bn. 

So if those vintage alcohol shirts had you wondering if you could create your own promotional alcohol merchandise, the answer is yes! Liquor store promotional items such as alcohol brand graphic tees and branded beer t shirts continue to be a favorite giveaway item.  

Furthermore, there’s never been a better time to create alcohol brand hoodies and branded beer t shirts. In fact, Statista went on to report that the market is expected to see continued growth of 6.78% year after year.   

Remember, when it comes to creating innovative promotional ideas for your business, no matter which sector you are in, branded swag can help to increase your marketing, brand exposure, and bottom line. For those in the alcohol beverage market you’re in luck! Not only will your unique liquor store concepts for merchandise increase you’re branding efforts, but when it comes to apparel, it’s still trending! 

Vintage Alcohol Shirts 

In fact, you’ll find alcohol brand graphic tees, including vintage alcohol shirts, at popular stores such as Urban Outfitters, Buckle, and more! So why not turn your beer promotions ideas and liquor store promotion ideas into solid merch efforts?

Gemnote can help you turn your merchandise dreams into  reality with alcohol brand graphic tees, branded beer t shirts, alcohol brand hoodies, custom jackets, marketing materials, sustainable drinkware and so much more!

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