Brand Highlight: Under Armour

September 8, 2022

Under Armour continually ranks among the best athletic apparel brands. In 2016, its Curry Two basketball shoe sold out, bringing the Under Armour shoes men more prominence. A slew of celebrity endorsements and marketing agreements with high-profile athletes help show off Under Armour football pants, Under Armour boots, and Under Armour jacket womens. 

Although professional athletes wear an Under Armour jacket waterproof while training, the public can also wear it to and from work. After all, the athletic apparel as office wear trend remains strong, which makes Under Armour a great brand choice for corporate swag.

Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996. In 2022, he continues to navigate the company as executive chairman and majority shareholder. A former college football player, Plank sought to develop high-performance apparel that athletes and individuals could enjoy wearing. Most physical activity leads to puddles of sweat, from sports to hiking. Thus, Plank’s apparel would keep the wearer dry. Plus, apparel rubs up against the skin during movements that impedes performance - another issue Under Armour intended to solve.

As corporate swag, customized and branded Under Armour brand t shirt options for staff, event attendees, and business partners are well-received items. The performance apparel is great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday wear. 

The Shorty became Under Armour’s first product. Similar to a white undershirt, The Shorty acted as a base layer and wicked away sweat. Athletes wore it to keep themselves dry in competition and during training.

Now, the company sells product lines that include Under Armour shoes, Under Armour t shirts, and Under Armour sweatpants. Moreover, the shoes category includes an array of options, such as Under Armour basketball shoes, Under Armour football cleats, and Under Armour golf shoes.

Under Armour Apparel

Like other athletic brands, Under Armour sells mens, womens, and kids apparel. Under Armour apparel highlights include the:

  • Men's UA Tech™ Polo
  • Men's UA Playoff Polo 2.0
  • Women's UA Tech™ Twist V-Neck
  • Women's UA Play Up Shorts 3.0

Let’s look at some apparel items in more detail.

1. Under Armour Men's Ultimate Short Sleeve Buttondown

The collared dress shirt is a favorite among fans of the brand. Its flattering cut fits most individuals regardless of size or shape. 


  • Lightweight performance
  • Signature Moisture Transport System
  • Easily customizable

Drawback: Limited colors

Shown: Under Armour Men's Ultimate Short Sleeve Buttondown

2. Under Armour Men's Ultimate Long Sleeve Buttondown

Those who like the short sleeve version of the ultimate button down can also pick up the long sleeve style. The long sleeve option performs as well as the short sleeve and it protects the wearer’s arms during particularly sunny days or cold ones.


  • Lightweight
  • Signature Moisture Transport System
  • Easily customizable

Drawback: Sleeve length might be too long or short on some wearers. 

Shown: Under Armour Men's Ultimate Long Sleeve Buttondown

3. Under Armour Men's Qualifier 1/4 Zip

The Under Armour Men's Qualifier 1/4 Zip has become a welcome alternative to the Under A Armour hoodie. Many have found that the garment is true to size and slips on and off easily. Moreover, it’s a stylish piece that team members can wear to conferences and corporate events.


  • Durable fabric
  • Sweat wicking material
  • Layering piece

Drawback: Although it’s true to size, some might be more comfortable order one size up.

Shown: Under Armour Men's Qualifier 1/4 Zip

4. Under Armour Ladies' Qualifier 1/4 Zip

Differences do exist between men and womens fits so if you like the ¼ zips for men, you’ll like the Under Armour Ladies' Qualifier 1/4 Zip. 


  • Lightweight
  • Stretches for comfort
  • Easily customizable

Drawback: Slim fit hugs the body

Shown: Under Armour Ladies' Qualifier 1/4 Zip

5. Under Armour CGI Dobson Soft Shell

The Under Armour CGI Dobson Soft Shell is great for the cold days of the year. It keeps the wearer warm without adding weight to their person. Plus, it’s comfortable enough to exercise outdoors or to wear on the commute to work.


  • Lightweight
  • Keeps the wearer warm
  • ColdGear Infrared® technology

Drawback: Might need to order one size up

Shown: Under Armour CGI Dobson Soft Shell

6. Under Armour Men's Playoff Polo

Polos and the game of golf go hand in hand, and the Under Armour Men's Playoff Polo is a winner. It pairs well with Under Armour golf shoes, Under Armour shorts, and Under Armour sunglasses. You can also pair Under Armour polo shirts with Under Armour pants and Under Armour sneakers when you plan to hit the links.


  • Available in 30 colors and patterns
  • Additional stretch allows comfortable movement
  • Wicking material keeps the wearer dry

Drawback: Lighter than other Under Armour polo shirts so might wear out faster

Shown: Under Armour Men's Playoff Polo

7. Under Armour Men's Spectra Quarter-Zip Pullover

Made from fleece, the quarter-zip pullover keeps the wearer comfortable and warm. It’s a nice layering piece that works for the office environment. The fashionable style makes it a great customizable piece for your staff.


  • Lightweight
  • Material wicks away sweat
  • Grid pattern makes the pullover breathable

Drawbacks: Fitted - most need to purchase one size up

Shown: Armour Men's Spectra Quarter-Zip Pullover

8. Under Armour Ladies' Corporate Performance Polo 2.0

The polo style for shirts remains popular for professional environments and marketing purposes. It’s not a surprise that it’s also a top-selling item for men and women. The ladies version features 4-way stretch that doesn’t impede mobility.


  • Anti-pill fabric
  • Wicks away moisture and dries fast
  • Lightweight

Drawbacks: Loose style, but best to check the fit beforehand

Shown: Under Armour Ladies' Corporate Performance Polo 2.0

9. Under Armour Men's Corporate Triumph Cage Quarter-Zip Pullover 

Apparel companies like Under Armour understand their customer base - it manufacturers quarter-zip pullovers for physical activity and corporate environments. The Triumph Cage version offers an additional feature, a splash of color on the shoulders to complement the standard hallmarks.


  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • UPF 30+

Drawbacks: Limited color options

Shown: Under Armour Men's Ultimate Short Sleeve Buttondown

10. Under Armour Ladies' Corporate Windstrike Jacket

The Windstrike Jacket features a longer length than other options.


  • Windproof protection from the outdoor elements
  • Storm protection technology that repels water
  • Drawcord cinches the waist

Drawbacks: Best for cold weather

Shown: Under Armour Ladies' Corporate Windstrike Jacket

11. Under Armour Men's ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket 

Since athletes perform in various weather conditions, Under Armour makes warm and cold-weather apparel. The ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket is among the warmest that the company manufactures. 


  • ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket
  • 3-layer softershell material
  • 4-way stretch material

Drawbacks: Best for cold weather. 

Shown: Under Armour Men's ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket

12. Under Armour Ladies' ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket

The ladies can also wear a stylish jacket that shields them from the elements. It’s great for layering and wearing during outdoor physical activity. Moreover, your team can wear it to events. The construction will make them look professional and coordinated.


  • ColdGear® Infrared lining
  • Windproof construction
  • Lightweight

Drawbacks: Best for cold weather conditions. 

Shown: Under Armour Ladies' ColdGear® Infrared Shield Jacket

Under Armour Accessories

Like other athletic apparel brands, Under Armour started with one focus and expanded into related others, such as accessories. Some of the popular accessories Under Armour lunch box, Under Armour sunglasses, Under Armour hats and more. For Under Armour accessories, the UA Hustle 5.0 Backpack continues to receive rave reviews. Let’s explore some other options.

13. Under Armour SS Tumbler 

If you have taken a look at all the apparel your company can order and customize but are not 100% sure it will work as corporate swag for all your marketing needs, tumblers are a great alternative.

You don’t need to worry about sizing fits and colors. Instead, you pick out a best-selling tumbler, order it in bulk, and have a third-party, like Gemnote, customize it for you.

Ordering bulk stainless steel tumblers has several advantages. For example, you’ll obtain a better price. Keep them in their original packaging if you need to store them. Then, bring them out when you’re ready to give them away.

Looking at the tumbler market, you’ll notice that you have several versions to browse. Thermos® manufacturers the Under Armour SS Tumbler and the apparel company sells it under an exclusive license. Therefore, you purchase and distribute quality tumblers that have two well-known brand names behind them.


  • Vacuum insulation for optimal temperature control
  • Stainless steel material
  • Leak-proof drink lid

Drawback: Limited sizes

Shown: Under Armour SS Tumbler

Keep in mind that you can also pick from Under Armour water jug and Under Armour water bottle varieties. You’ll notice that many people on their way to work, school, and the gym carry their reusable water jugs and bottles. Each has become a fashion statement and are friendly for the environment.

14. Under Armour Ladies' Chino Adjustable Cap

No athletic apparel line is complete without headwear. Headwear is so popular that even non-clothing apparel establishments produce and sell them. Others purchase them, customize them, and sell them as marketing tools.

For example, the Under Armour Ladies' Chino Adjustable Cap is a simple Under Armour cap version. It’s a practical cap that comes in three solid colors. Therefore, marketing teams can easily customize it by placing their logos on the front or sides. It’s great for daily wear and better for intense exercise. Instead of letting sweat drip down the wearer’s face, the cap retains a good portion in the built-in Heat Gear sweatband. 

As a marketing tool, caps remain a cost-effective option for those seeking to purchase in bulk. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable back closure
  • Moisture wicking technology 

Drawback: Limited colors

Shown: Under Armour Ladies' Chino Adjustable Cap

Under Armour hats focus on a distraction-free fit. Some hats don’t seem to fit quite right. Therefore, you’ll see individuals re-adjusting them during walks, jogs, and exercise. Plus, you receive quality behind the product. 

Other Under Armour accessories to consider are lunch gear and backpacks. You can turn an Under Armour lunch bag or Under Armour backpack into cases for corporate swag kits and boxes. For example, pick up an Under Armour storm backpack and insert an Under Armour face mask, Under Armour brand t shirt, and Under Armour water bottle and you have put together a nice corporate swag gift that the recipient can use and reuse. To optimize the marketing power of your corporate swag gift, remember to strategically place your company’s logos on the items.

For example, if your company decides to gift an Under Armour duffle bag, embroider your company’s branding on any of the four sides. 

If you want to know how a Jansport backpack ranks against those from Under Armour, Under Armour receives ratings in the 90% while Jansport ranks in the 80%. Some believe that Under Armour uses more durable material. Therefore, the products will last longer. 

Under Armour Shoes

If you’re interested in Under Armour shoes, consider the Men's UA HOVR™ Sonic 5 Running Shoes are a top pick for Under Armour shoes men. The Women's UA HOVR™ Infinite 3 Running Shoes continue trending well for Under Armour shoes women options.

It’s possible to customize Under Armour shoes for marketing purposes. Your team simply needs to ensure that they have the right sizes of the recipients before placing their orders.

In terms of price, you’ll find Under Armour and Nike on the scale. Each carries several tiers. For example, you can pick up low-priced tank tops and mid-priced boys sneakers in each brand. Their starting point is the difference between the two brands. Since Under Armour started with a focus on creating the best sports performance apparel, it uses different materials than Nike. Nike still dominates the athletic sneaker market. However, Under Armour has made inroads in that area.

Under Armour’s ability to remain relevant and popular comes from its consistent quality and strategic partnerships with athletes. For example, Tom Brady signed on with the brand in 2010. The company does outsource its manufacturing. Products that you purchase from Under Armour might come from manufacturing factories in China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. However, the company has made efforts to manufacture in the United States. It launched the Arris Project in 2017. The company manufactured women’s leggings and bras in the United States for the first time, an effort to boost local Baltimore jobs and American manufacturing.

If you’re interested in picking up high-quality performance apparel, Under Armour has set itself apart from the competition. Some advantages of customizing their apparel is that it’s fashionable and long-lasting. Under Armour continues innovating. Therefore, their apparel continues improving.

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