Best Professional Gift Ideas For Lawyers

May 3, 2023

Looking for the best gifts for lawyers? When it comes to showing appreciation, here are the top lawyer gift ideas for 2023.

As a corporate executive, you know the value of relationships and connections. Building positive relationships with attorneys and lawyers has been an integral part of business and celebrating those relationships can be just as important. Show your appreciation for your partners in the legal profession by giving them something special. 

Personalized lawyer gifts are some of the best ways to reward your team (or the teams who help your company) after stressful and complex cases. Whether your company is looking for retirement gifts for attorneys, gifts for law students, thank you gifts for lawyers, gifts for new lawyers, and more, you’re in the right place! 

The best gifts for professional lawyers, as well as law students new grads are high quality, innovative and can stand the test of time. While clients are not always easy to please, and lawyers and law professionals may seem to be even harder to buy lawyer gifts, Gemnote can help you and your company navigate the process with a collection of curated lawyer gifts that are sure to delight. 

Furthermore, while lawyer gifts come in all shapes and sizes, it’s the added detail of personalization that makes any great gift feel truly extraordinary. And, after all those hours spent studying, these gifts for law students and lawyers alike definitely pass the bar! 

Personalized Lawyer Gifts 

From the softest textiles to high quality, innovative tech, here are the best lawyer gifts for the most memorable, customized gift giving

Best Ideas for Attorney: Office Upgrades

While at first glance, the idea of gifts for attorneys and lawyers that are based around office supplies might not seem very thrilling, the right items can make all the difference! For exceptional presents for lawyers, innovative office items like these are ideal lawyer gift ideas, even for companies with smaller budgets. 

1. Custom Utility Board

Lawyers have big shoes to fill. From juggling court dates, reviewing legal documents, and handling details on mergers and other corporate endeavors, juggling responsibilities is no easy feat. While a custom utility board can’t argue their case, it can help them keep their essentials close at hand and add valuable time to their day. 

The best gifts for lawyers are practical, functional, and offer a sleek yet minimalistifc design that easily blends into a professional environment. 

Shown: Baron and Fig Utility Board

2. Elevated Phone Cable

Want gifts for a lawyer that they are sure to use? Add a high-end charger to your gift basket or lawyer thank you gift. Aside from keeping their ear buds, tablet, and phone charged, choosing one with an intuitive design is key. 

We like this one from Native Union since it offers an extra long cable as well as a weighted knot to keep cables from slipping off the table once you unplug your device. It’s thoughtful details like these that your lawyer will appreciate! 

Shown:  Native Union Night Cable

Appreciation Gifts and Ideas for Lawyers: Home Goods

The best gifts for lawyers that show appreciation and thanks for a job well done are as practical as they are enjoyable. 

3. Move Essential Oil Diffuser

There’s something about a scent that can instantly take us back to a particular time and place. For unique attorney gifts, why not help them create a mood for their space? Whether it’s calming, peaceful, invigorating, energizing, and more, setting an ambiance with an oil diffuser is perfect for their home and office. 

As a gift for attorney you can’t go wrong a style like this Move Diffuser from Vitruvi that offers cordless technology, four and eight hour settings, and a sleek design that seamlessly fits into any space. Diffusers also make excellent gifts for new lawyers who are just starting out. 

Shown: Move Essential Oil Diffuser

4. Custom Blanket

For lawyer gift ideas that are every bit as functional and sustainable as they are stylish, a custom blanket is always appreciated. Whether it stays at the office for late nights, or earns a spot in their home that’s fit for displaying, its also tops out list of retirement gifts for attorneys. 


Blankets are the ideal canvas for customizing. If you want your company to be remembered, custom blankets should top your gift ideas for lawyers. From patches and labels to embroidery,  talk to your Gemnote rep about all the ways your can customize yours.  

Shown: Surya Torsten Custom Blanket

Best Presents for Lawyers: Luxe Essentials

Unique gift ideas for lawyers should focus on quality and design. Luckily, the dedicated team at Gemnote can help you find the wow factor you want for your recipient. 

5. Custom Jacket 

Attorneys have their professional wardrobe covered, so when it comes to classy gifts for lawyers, why not give them something they can enjoy after hours, like custom outerwear?  

For a style that stands up to almost adventure, choose a brand. Like Topo Designs, that’s known for durability. With modern functionality and a style that transcends the ever changing trends, it's a timeless gift they can use on repeat. 

Shown: Topo Designs Mountain Jacket

6. A High-Quality Reversible Throw

For late nights at the office or just adding a touch of color, interest, or texture to an otherwise sterile office, a quality throw makes the perfect gift for attorney groups.

Plus, when it comes to corporate gift ideas that feature customization, incorporating your logo and branding is easy. 

Shown: Zuni Southwest Reversible Throw

Best Graduation Gift Ideas

‍Graduation gifts for lawyers don’t have to set you back or disrupt your budget. With a little prep work, you can find gifts for a lawyer that are thoughtful and customized for a sentiment they’ll appreciate—and use—long after they retire their cap and gown. 

7. A Professional Folio

As a graduation gift for lawyers or as gift ideas for employee, a sleek folio, like this one from Poketo, is something every professional could use. 

Talk to your Gem note rep about ways to personalize corporate gifts. For example, leather embossing is perfect for adding your custom logo. 

Shown: Poketo Large 13" Minimalist Folio

8. An Upgraded Laptop Bag

The best business gift ideas for employee, a new grad, attorney thank you gifts, and more are those that your recipient can use immediately.   

We like this durable laptop bag from Rains for its modern, minimalistic design and waterproof fabrication. The perfect corporate gift idea for beating the elements in and out of the courtroom! 

Shown: Rains Laptop Bag

Fun and Tasty Personalized Gifts: Gift Baskets

Lawyers have a hard, demanding and stressful job that requires they give 100% in and out of the courtroom day in and day out. Make their day sweeter by treating them to personalized gifts, like customized chocolates and more that they can enjoy immediately! And for all those late nights studying for the bar, chocolate makes delicious gifts for lawyers.

9. A Tasty Treat 

Tasty snacks are proof that the best corporate gifts don’t have to break your budget. If you’re creating a gift basket don’t forget to make it sweet! 

For the best gift ideas for lawyers, you can’t go wrong with adding high-end chocolate Compartes Chocolates to the mix. Just don’t forget to add in something customized that they can remember your company by long after they finish indulging!

Shown: Compartes Chocolate The Everything Bar

10. Custom Candles 

If you’re looking for inexpensive gift ideas for employee teams or retirement gifts for attorneys, a creative candle is just the thing to complete your corporate gift basket. 

Talk to your Gemnote reo for ideas on custom labels, cards and more, to make your gift even more special!

Shown: Anchored Northwest Bookworm and Girlfriend Rustic Soy Candle 

Best Gifts & Ideas: Tech Faves 

When it comes to personalized lawyer gifts, there are many options that can show just how much you appreciate and value a law professional's hard work. Tech accessories like high-end earbuds and stylish smart-watch bands make excellent gift ideas. Not only are they practical and useful, but they also show the recipient your thoughtfulness and care. 

11. Professional and Timely Gifts: Watch

As with any gifts, the absolute best lawyer gifts, are those that your recipient wouldn’t normally buy for themself.  If your lawyer or attorney relies on a smart watch as much as anything else, a durable watch band will be the gift they truly appreciate. 

That’s one reason we like this durable band from Nomad that features a modern, yet rugged design for lasting durability. From the courtroom to their next adventure, the band is designed for lightweight, comfort, giving it 5 star rating with 100% of its reviewers (over 220!)saying they would recommend this product. 


Shown: Nomad Apple Watch Rugged Band

12. Custom Ear Buds

When it comes to the best gifts for professional lawyers, not just any old ear buds will do. Look for styles like this one from Beats, that offer superior sound, wireless convenience, long battery life, active noise cancelling and more. Perfect for employee gifts and corporate gifts, as well as lawyer gifts.  

Shown: Beats Studio Buds 

Gift Ideas for Attorneys: Home Goods

13. Anecdote Bottomless Mimosa Candle

Need gifts for new lawyers as well as retirement gifts? Believe it or not, they can be one and the same. When it comes to versatile gifts —whether for your recipient’s house or office— you can go wrong with home goods that help keep their space smelling fresh. 

With stylish candles like these Bottomless Mimosas from Anecdote, every day can feel like lunch with friends. 

Shown: Anecdote Bottomless Mimosa Candle

14. Linen Table Cloth

An upscale tablecloth like this linen one from Material Kitchen makes a unique gift for lawyers thanks to its modern style and durable designs. It’s ideal for adding to swag kits, gift baskets, or as a stand-alone attorney gift.  

Shown: Material Kitchen Linen Table Cloth

Attorney Presents: Coffee and Tea 

Not sure where to start when looking for the best gifts for a lawyer? Why not in the kitchen? Whether it’s in their home or in their office, these basic essentials shouldn’t be overlooked. With am elevated design and everyday functionality, they prove presents for lawyers aren’t just pretty to look at. 

15. Coffee Carafe

What makes a unique corporate gift? It’s all about the style and innovative design. After all you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your corporate gifts. However taking a basic essential and making it a functional piece of art makes a unique gift they won’t soon forget. 

For business gift ideas that check all the boxes on design and functionality, this coffee carafe by Hawkins and New York delivers thanks to the unique rocker stopper and glass insert that keeps liquids hot or cold for hours. 

Shown: Hawkins New York Vacuum Coffee Carafe

16. Pour Over Kettle

While a kettle might not top your business gift ideas list, maybe it should. After all, lawyer’s are known for having a keen eye that can zero in on details, and the right kettle offers design-rich details for added convenience.  

Take for instance, this Kinto kettle that offers a pour over spout for precise pour control and handle designed for comfort. It’s durable  stainless steel design rust-proof and is dishwasher safe. 

Shown: Kinto Pour Over Kettle

So What Makes the Best Lawyer Gifts?

Unique gift ideas (for lawyers or anyone else) should focus on quality and design. With customized quality products in a range of prices to meet your company's budget, your Gemnote rep can curate a collection of memorable personalized lawyer gifts. It’s like having your own gift guide for lawyers tailored to fit your needs! 

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