10 Best Professional Gift Ideas For Lawyers In 2020

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Gift ideas for lawyers are most probably the best way to reward them after a stressful and complex investigation on your case. These gift ideas for lawyers are suitable for a number of different occasions such as birthdays or graduation days and include a variety of unique items from tech ones to more elegant ones.

Gift ideas for lawyers are most probably the best way to reward them after a stressful and complex investigation on your case.

Whether you’re looking for some retirement gifts for attorneys or more simple gifts for new lawyers, you’re in the right place and you should stick with us until the end of the article.

In this article, we will be going through the best gifts for professional lawyers but also law students, jurists, and judges. Clients are not always easy to please, and lawyers and law professionals tend to be even more difficult to satisfy.

These gift ideas for lawyers are suitable for a number of different occasions such as birthdays or graduation days and include a variety of unique items from tech ones to more elegant ones.

1. Native Union Smart Hub - $59.99

The Smart Hub from Native Union is one of the nicest gifts for new lawyers and that you should definitely consider for your attorney as well.

First of all, it is a very useful item that most people need and use on a daily basis. Of course, everyone needs to charge their devices and this unique corporate gift will definitely improve their experience on a daily basis.

Native Union Smart Hub

It is a smart hub due to the fact that it can charge up to 3 devices at the same without sacrificing the charging speed quality when all 3 are connected. 

Secondly, it has 2 classic USB ports to charge a cell phone, a power bank, a tablet or any other device. In addition, it features a 30W max USB-C port to fast charge your devices or computer. Imagine all the room that the cables usually take in a luggage suddenly freed thanks to this device only!

Lastly, and above all, it includes three travel adapters to help you charge your devices all around the world and this is what makes it part of the best gifts for professional lawyers.

2. Orbitkey Key Organizer Leather - $39.90

The key organizer in real leather from Orbitkey is a one of the most classy gifts for lawyers and only a look at it will prove it to you.

As we just mentioned, the key organizer was made 100% in natural leather and has so many advantages that it makes it one of the best gifts for professional lawyers.

Orbitkey Key Organizer Leather

In fact, your lawyer will be able to say goodbye to key jingles, key scratches on their mobile screen, but also to stop carrying many different keyrings in his pocket.

This organizer was created to carry up to 7 different keys, including car keys, and that is what we particularly like here at Gemnote.

Moreover, it is available in many different styles (10, to be precise) and it is therefore suitable to anyone and you won’t have difficulties finding the right one for your lawyer or attorney.

There’s really nothing that separates this gift from being one of the best corporate gifts on the market.

What to Gift Lawyers?

While this list has different categories with various items for several uses and situations, it is sometimes better to describe what to offer rather than showing the article itself.

What to Gift Lawyers

Lawyers, attorneys, judges, and law students are honest and serious people and so should be the gift, other than being useful.

You should try to go for a gift that matches their personality, but in case you don’t know anything personal about them, go for something general. Gift baskets and tech gifts are always nice to receive and are suitable for everyone most of the time.

3. Newestor Refillable Leather Journal Notebook - $25.72

This refillable leather journal notebook from Newestor is a great gift for law professionals.

Newestor Refillable Leather Journal Notebook

First of all, lawyers, judges and attorneys always need to take notes. In fact, they spend most of their days investigating complex cases and they will need a notebook to write down everything they need to defend their clients.

Second of all, this notebook is made with real leather and it feels sturdy, which makes it one of the nicest and best gifts for professional lawyers.

Newestor Refillable Leather Journal Notebook

To sum up, if you’re looking for a beautiful and practical gift for law professionals, you should definitely go for this one. With over 700 good ratings on Amazon, you know the quality is going to be high.

4. Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket - $200.00

The Faribault Wool Blanket is a sublime gift to give to your law professional friends or partners.

It was not only made 100% of virgin wool and made in the States, but the fabric that Faribault uses is simply extraordinary.

Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket

They have over 200 reviews online for an overall score of 4.9/5, which couldn’t be any more impressive.

They offer three different sizes: Twin, Queen, and King, and all three are made 100% of virgin wool. In addition to this, it is soft mid-weight, which means that it is light enough to use it everywhere and heavy enough to keep you warm at all times.

Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket

It is one of the greatest classy gifts for lawyers, but also one of the nicest retirement gifts for attorneys.

Yes, it definitely comes at a higher price tag compared to other wool blankets, however, the price is more than justified and we can’t recommend it enough.

5. Kika’s Treats Large Treat Gift Box - $54.00

Regardless of what your lawyer or judge might like, there is one thing that everybody likes and that is chocolate and sweets.

Kika’s Treats did a great job bringing this large treat box on the market. First of all, we list it as one of the best gifts for new lawyers as it is composed of: 

  • Dark Chocolate, 
  • Caramelized Grahams in Milk Chocolate, 
  • Cocoa Nib Chocolate Shortbread in Dark Chocolate
  • Coconut Shortbread in Dark Chocolate, 
  • One 9-piece gift box of their award-winning Salted Crunchy Caramels.

In addition to that, it comes in a beautifully designed packaging closed with a modern and elegant wrapping paper.

Kika’s Treats Large Treat Gift Box

The actual chocolate boxes have light colors and not too flashy, which gives it a professional corporate gift look.


Apart from the gift boxes, and if you have a more limited budget, you can also get some treats for as low as $5 and they will still be nicely wrapped and packed.

If you happen to be in San Francisco, make sure to visit their shop as they have amazingly good products that are not for sale online, such as their Brazilian cheese bread. 

Oppositely, online, you can order a custom gift adding all the chocolate and caramel products that will form a fantastic gift basket to give to your lawyer. Read below to know more about gift baskets.

What are good gifts for lawyers?

Lawyers have a hard job that can be very challenging depending on the day and case they have to defend. Also, lawyers can be strict, smart, and honest as well.

Whether you’re giving a gift to your lawyer friend or to an attorney that helped you win a case, it is a sign of appreciation that is always appreciated. 

A good gift for lawyers should not only be nice and practical, but also some gift ideas for lawyers can be everyday gifts, tech ones, and definitely gifts with a premium touch to it.

Bear in mind that many lawyers will not accept or won’t be able to accept your gift simply because it can be considered as bribery. However, there shouldn’t be any problem giving a gift when your case is finished or sometime after that.

6. Bellroy Tech Accessories Zip Pouch - $59.00

The Tech Zip Pouch from Bellroy is the perfect mix of practicality and elegance. In fact, while it can suit pretty much anyone, it is one of the gifts for new lawyers that they will appreciate a lot.

Bellroy Tech Accessories Zip Pouch

In addition, it is also a great corporate gift idea that your employees will be able to use anywhere. 

This pouch is essentially everything they need to carry their charger, their cables, their mouse, their earphones and much more. Lawyers can carry a lot of papers with them depending on the case they work on, and this pouch can be really useful not to lose anything on the way.

Bellroy Tech Accessories Zip Pouch

Other than the quality being great, we like the fact that it can be used both at the office and in their private life, which is another reason to justify its price.

To sum up, it is one of the fantastic gifts for new lawyers that we decided to list for its practicality and versatility as it can be used anywhere and by anyone.

7. Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz - $35.00

As mentioned in other articles, our dedicated team here at Gemnote likes water bottles for various reasons. In fact, they look much nicer than plastic bottles, they are good for the environment and they make you want to drink more water.

Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz

This is the case for the Kosdeg water bottle. They managed to take a beautifully designed bottle to the market without sacrificing the quality. In fact, rest assured that the quality of this water bottle is excellent

Lawyers need to stay hydrated to remain healthy all day long not to lose their focus, and this is why this copper water bottle is one brilliant corporate gift idea for lawyers.

Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz

Other than that, it is also very durable and your lawyers or attorney will be able to use it for a very long time. Kosdeg’s customer service team is very experienced and the clients that dealt with them had a great experience.

This bottle of water has over 500 good reviews on Amazon which is highly impressive and that’s another reason for which it is one of the best gifts for professional lawyers on the market.

What Type of Gift Baskets do lawyers like?

Although gift baskets are sometimes overlooked, and we totally understand why. Our dedicated team here at Gemnote always search for the best corporate gifts on the market, the latest employee gifts, and in this case, the best gift ideas for lawyers.

Gift baskets are not so cool anymore and people do not want them anymore. For this reason and more, we do not recommend giving gift baskets to your lawyer or attorney.

Obviously, if you’re giving a gift basket to your lawyer or attorney, don’t expect him to refuse it. However, we actually recommend purchasing a single gift (or a package, for that matter) and we can assure you that it will be much more appreciated than a common and old school gift basket.

Sure, there are still people interested in gift baskets, but they are impersonal and banal nowadays and that’s why we think they’re not cool.

8. Prodir QS Stone Pens

Other than the notebook listed above, a pen is also a very useful gift to give that will not leave your attorney unimpressed and rather, give the wow factor you’re waiting for.

What we like about the Prodir pen is the originality of its design and its originality. In fact, it is not made out of plastic nor metal, but, as its name describes, it was made out of stones.

There are 3 different models of stone pens with different colors which is great depending if your lawyer is a man or a woman.

Prodir QS Stone Pens

Moreover, the fact that they have built their pens in stone reduces the amount of plastic in every casing by an impressive 60% and we think that it is a success for the planet.

One last thing that we recommend this pen for is that it looks very professional and, needless to say, makes this product one of the nicest gifts for new lawyers.

9. Apple Watch Series 5 - $399.00

Apple has managed to revolutionize the smartwatch market with their brand new Apple Watch Series 5 and its unlimited features.

For instance, it calculates your exercise results, it is waterproof, it measures your heart rate, sends or receives money to or from your friends and much more.

Apple Watch Series 5

Moreover, there are a number of apps compatible with the watch that will definitely be added to your lawyer’s routine. The best apps for Apple Watch among the most downloaded ones are Headspace, MyFitnessPal, Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker and many more.

In addition to that, they offer a very vast number of customizable options from sportive ones to casual and elegant.

Bear in mind that the price varies depending on the model you choose. 

Apple Watch Series 5

For example, the sportive look starts at $399, however, it goes up to 1,499.00 for their Stainless Steel Hermes model. It definitely comes at a higher price tag, but rest assured that it is one of the most classy gifts for lawyers you should go for.

Lastly, it is a suitable gift for any occasion such as graduation gift, a birthday, Christmas and more.

Needless to say that your lawyers or attorneys friends will appreciate it.

10. Basik Candle - $35

Basik Candle is a company based in San Francisco and that managed to bring a product that has become one of the best corporate ideas on the market. 

The scented candles from Basik Candle are a more premium version of common candles that were also placed in a professional and elegant pot.

Basik Candle

In addition, their collection of candles is large and they offer many versions such as the grapefruit one, the blood orange or even the Mediterranean fig tree candle. That is a lot of choice and you’ll probably be able to find one for your lawyer or attorney.

Why is it a good gift for lawyers?

Being a lawyer can be very challenging and stressful at times and they all need a moment of relaxation at some point during the day. This is where this candle will help.

Basik Candle infused their candles with different types of essential oils such as patchouli, lemon, black pepper, or even cedar wood depending on the version you choose.

Lastly, their candles usually last around 35 to 40 hours which is a long time. For instance, the candle will last them over a month if they use it an hour a day, and that gets another thumbs up from us.

Our Bottom Line

As mentioned above, lawyers are not always easy to please and we can only recommend doing some personal research and see what they will like before purchasing anything.

There are obviously many unique gift ideas for lawyers that you can think of depending on what your law professional likes. However, these were the best ones that our dedicated team here at Gemnote decided to go for, and that are probably going to create the wow factor to your employee, lawyer, or colleague.

Now that we covered the best gift for professional lawyers, make sure to do some research about what they like, what they usually like to receive, and ultimately, what they might need.

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