Best Holiday Ideas for Lawyers and Law Firms

September 4, 2021

Discover 15 holiday gift ideas for lawyers and law firms that live up to the hype.

So what are the best professional gifts for lawyers? First of all, avoid the usual generic gifts like planners and fruit-filled gift baskets for lawyers—they will surely receive more than one of those. Instead, select interesting, more personal work- or leisure-related gifts they might actually use. The best gifts for lawyers include:

  1. Gifts that help boost their productivity (so they can have a life outside the office)
  2. Gifts that help them relax and unwind after a crazy day
  3. Gifts that match their lifestyle

And, of course, need we remind you that impeccable quality is a priority? The quality of what you give will either reflect well on your company or it could well tarnish your image.

15 of Our Favorite Gifts for Lawyers

The following gifts are gender-neutral, complement a variety of lifestyles, and are excellent examples of tip-top quality, modern aesthetics and practical functionality—all of which we hope will simplify your selection process. There’s something for every budget as well. If you’re looking for funny gifts for lawyers, this list is not for you. But if your To Do list includes “find amazing thank you gift for lawyer” as a line item, read on!

1. Something to let them toast the holidays 

If your corporate gifts can include those of an alcoholic nature, then the Haus duo set of all-natural apéritifs is a unique and tasty gift for those with a sophisticated palate. And cheers to the eye-catching bottle design—it will add flair to any holiday table.

2. Sharp looking attire that’s perfect out of the office 

Everyone can use a lightweight, zip jacket for running around after hours—especially when it’s a premium brand like North Face with such sleek, modern styling. It’s windproof and water repellent as well, so you can throw it on and go even when the weather is iffy. 

3. A little pick-me-up between all those legal briefs 

Treat chocolate-lovers to a gourmet assortment that’ll fit nicely into their desk drawer—close at hand for any chocolate emergency that might arise. The Neuhaus name and eye-catching modern packaging elevates this box of deliciousness as a gift. And let’s not forget that chocolate can be good for you!

4. Something to savor during down time

A set of two Viski faceted crystal (lead-free) tumblers makes an elegant, eye-catching gift that looks a lot pricier than it is. Pair the tumblers with a bottle of fine spirits to take the gift up a notch. If you want to curate gift baskets for executive lawyers, you could start with these tumblers and add fine spirits, cheeses, meats, crackers, chocolates, nuts, and more.

5. Something to help take a load off 

Plushy soft Japanese-style room shoes are the perfect way to pamper anyone’s feet after a long day. Look for those made from Sasawashi fabric, a combination of antibacterial kumazasa extract and a breathable washi weave that absorbs moisture and odors. Training the dog to fetch them is not included.

6. Something that goes from the office to the gym or your next weekend adventure

Classic styling, in-demand brand, everyday functionality—you really can’t go wrong with the roomy Nike Brasilia duffle for a lawyer with an active lifestyle. A zippered bottom compartment lets you keep your clean and dirty gear separated. Multiple exterior pockets give easy access to things you need in a hurry.

7. A can cooler for winding down and enjoying the great outdoors

Slim can coolers are one of the newest additions to the insulated drinkware market. Hard seltzer, anyone? The Swig Life version will keep your slim can beverage cold for up to 12 hours (if you really think it will take that long to drink it down). A matte black style is perfect for everyone, but the Swig Life brand also offers an amazIng array of colors and patterns especially created with women in mind.

8. A smartwatch to keep up with their busy day 

When it comes to tech gifts for lawyers, a smartwatch tops the list as a productivity tool that’s always close at hand. However, many people prize their smartwatches more as a health and fitness tool. And, of course, it’s a handy way to tell what time it is at the flick of a wrist.

9. A pick-me-up for long days 

The world seems to run on coffee, but just any old cup of joe doesn’t quite cut it anymore.So when you give coffee as a gift, it’s got to be special in some way and, of course, seriously delicious. Verve Coffee Roasters fits the bill with amazing blends, plus their Direct Trade practice with their coffee farmers exceeds Fair Trade minimums every time, so their coffee makes a delicious socially-responsible gift to those who are mindful about the coffee they drink.

10. A multi-tasking, stylish briefcase that gets down to business

Lawyers might be the only ones carrying anything that resembles a briefcase these days, and when they do, it’s not a briefcase like dear ole dad used to carry. A rugged, lightweight fabric brief bag is a more modern choice, especially if you’re looking for gifts for law students or gifts for future law students. 

11. A Traveling Essential - Rains Wash Bag Small

Anyone who travels—even if it’s just to the office or gym—will get lots of use out of a Rains Wash Bag to corral toiletries and other small essentials inside a larger duffle, backpack or tote bag. Ditto for necessaries kept in a desk drawer.

12. Something special to help them keep their cool 

If you really want to spoil your recipient, a Yeti Roadie Cooler will surely do the trick. Yeti coolers are legendary for quality, durability, and, of course, keeping ice for days. The Roadie model is thoughtfully sized to hold wine bottles and two-liter soda bottles upright, making it one of the best gifts for professional lawyers. 

13. Something to help them relax and unwind

Aromatherapy essential oil diffusers are a very beneficial wellness tool, making them an especially thoughtful gift for busy law professionals. Depending on the essential oils used, diffusers will promote relaxation or energy and alertness. Plus, essential oil diffusers not only add a pleasant scent to a room, but they also help purify the air.

14. Great gear they can’t wait to show off

For your VIP recipients, a North Face Venture year-round rain jacket makes a perfect gift for a lawyer. Classically styled and breathable, it packs neatly in its own small pouch, so it’s easy to stash in a briefcase, backpack or suitcase. 

15. Something stylish to keep them warm 

While lawyers normally avoid making blanket statements in their legal briefs, these “blanket statements”—Woolrich Wool Blanket, Faribault Woolen Mill Blanket, or a Custom Sweatshirt Blanket—are sure to be embraced. They are versatile enough to meet the individual needs of very different people—campers, football fans, picnickers, and couch-lounging movie lovers, to name a few.

Gifting Guidelines

You have your list of recipients and your budget. No doubt, you probably have a tier of gifts in mind based on each recipient's level within the organization, etc. Something else you need to ascertain is whether an outside law firm has rules about acceptance of gifts. Sometimes individual gifts are not permitted, but gift baskets the whole office can enjoy are. If that’s the case, keep in mind that individually-wrapped treats are a better choice these days with Covid always looming around the corner. 

To Brand or Not?

When it comes to holiday gifts, it is often recommended not to personalize items with your company’s brand. However, there’s another school of thought that says it’s permissible if the branding is very subtle. Remember, your primary goal in this instance is to show appreciation to folks who already know you and have served you well. Good will, not marketing, is the essence of these gifts. And any gift given in the spirit of good will be more memorable. This include retirement gift ideas for judges given around this time as well. 

Closing Thoughts

Still feeling unsure about the next step? A company like Gemnote can help you select memorable personalized gifts for lawyers this holiday that will represent your company brand well and delight your recipients too. We can even help you design future lawyer gifts and gifts for future law firms. In addition to a wide range of in-demand products and brands, we also offer a variety of customization options plus fulfillment services like gift set assembly in a great container of your choice and drop shipping to your gift list.

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