Best Custom Box Of Chocolates

October 13, 2022

Create a customized box of chocolates that will be the envy of all gifts.

If your company is on the hunt for a unique gift that is guaranteed to produce smiles, consider giving a customized box of chocolates. Not only can you create custom chocolate boxes packaging to reflect your brand, but the choices to fill it offer a decadent and memorable gift.  

Not just for Valentine’s Day, creating a custom box of chocolate works for any occasion. From incentives and years of service to goodie bags at your next event, when you invest in custom chocolate box packaging, you can create a branded giveaway item that will be talked about for months to come. 

One of the best things about gifting a custom box of chocolate is its versatility. From luxe brands and an endless variety of flavors and even products, chocolate has come a long way since Hershey produced its first American-made chocolate bar in 1900. It was even earlier than that when Joseph Fry sold a proper chocolate bar in England in 1847, 

Today, chocolate remains a favorite treat whether gifted solo or as part of a snack gift basket. According to Dame Cacao, the global chocolate industry in 2022 is worth $127.9 billion USD. Furthermore, their research indicates that over 90% of Americans plan to give chocolate as Christmas gifts.  

If you’re looking to set your gift apart, don’t forget to take note of the chocolate boxes packaging to set your brand apart.  

Top 15 Customized Chocolate Gifts

Ready to add hot chocolate kits or custom made chocolates to your gift list? Here are some of the top-of-the-line chocolates that will help flex your branding!

Ideas for Colorful Custom Box of Chocolates

1. Chocolaterie DuPLESSIS Set “Pretty Motifs”

What makes this custom chocolate box printing unique? Their gourmet chocolate Neapolitans from France are a true work of art each wrapped in fancy chocolate packaging for a true delicacy that will be talked about long after it is gifted. 

It’s not about the biggest box of chocolates, it’s about the best. When it comes to presentation, chocolate boxes packaging is part of the gift so don’t leave it to any chocolate box suppliers. 

For the best of both worlds, look for a custom chocolate box printing company and a quality product. 

Shown: Chocolaterie DuPLESSIS “Pretty Motifs” Set 

2. Compartes Chocolate Lemon Shortbread 

From the brand that brought you custom box of chocolate flavors like apple fritter donut chocolate and Mexican Hot Chocolate Bar (with Cayenne & Cinnamon!), Compartés knows a thing or two about designing custom chocolate packaging and filling it with mouth watering goodness. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep for custom chocolate bar packaging ideas—like a photo on the wrapper! Then fill it with sinfully delicious bars like this one boasting homemade lemon preserves and crunch-loving shortbread cookies. 

Shown: Compartes Chocolate Lemon Shortbread 

Ideas for Modern and Minimal Personalized Chocolate Boxes

3. Mast Mint Chocolate

Inspired by the gourmet mini chocolate left on the pillow of fancy hotels, this mini mint chocolate is meant to be treasured after a long day—with slippers optional!

Featuring organic ingredients like Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Mint Leaves, and Organic Vanilla, it’s not just an exquisite gift wrapped up in fancy chocolate packaging.  Mast Chocolate offers a masterpiece from that’s perfect for adding to your holiday gifts baskets, employee appreciation and onboarding kits and more.  


Shown: Mast Mint Chocolate

4. K+M Milk Chocolate 55% Truffle Fries

Perfect for chocolate kits, K + M extravirgin chocolate is has spent half a decade perfect its methodology of creating complex chocolate that preserves the cocoa beans naturally occurring antioxidants.

Based in Napa California, the award winning chef Thomas Keller excels at creating excellence unparalleled in American cuisine. Topped off with modern chocolate boxes packaging and it’s a professional treat you’ll love to gift. 

Shown: K+M Milk Chocolate 55% Truffle Fries

5. Deux Cranes Dark Chocolate with Miso Almonds

Looking for a customized box of chocolates that almost anyone can enjoy? Deux Cranes offers a 70% dark chocolate bar that’s dairy free. 

The esteemed chocolate is handcrafted in Los Gatos by French-trained chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey while the gorgeous presentation and custom chocolate bar packaging is designed by creative director Ayaka B. 

Shown: Deux Cranes Holiday-Only Chai Milk Chocolate Bar

6. Raaka Chocolate 82% Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate Bar

Raaka chocolate is a hidden gem when it comes to chocolate since they are one of the best Fair Trade chocolate brands not owned by a corporation. While fair trade doesn’t ensure better-tasting chocolate, it does stipulate that there is no forced labor, which chocolate aside, makes for a better gift. Bonus: your recipients can see a transparent trade report on th einside of the wrapper. 

Raaka chocolate is captures the brighter, bolder and fruitier side of cacao for extraordinary box of chocolate flavors. Talk to your Gemnote rep for beautiful custom chocolate bar packaging ideas. 

Shown: Raaka Chocolate 82% Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate Bar


7. The Chocolate Society Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Society describes this bar as next level indulgence, and we can see why thanks to the perfect merge of sweet caramel, Halen Môn sea salt, and creamy cocoa blonde chocolate. 

Throw in customized chocolate boxes, and you’ve got a gift that will even impress your creative team.  

Shown: The Chocolate Society Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar

Ideas for Customized Sweet Boxes

8. Date Better Snacks Almond Java Crunch

What do you get when you combine organic fair trade chocolate that’s free of preserviatives and emulsifiers with a healthy date? A delicious, gluten free, vegan treat with only 1 gram of added sugar. 

Add in custom chocolate box packaging and you have a gift that’s not just tasty but nutritious. 


Shown: Date Better Snacks Almond Java Crunch

9. Hot Chocolate Kit Gift: Sjaak's Organic ChocolatesDark Drinking Chocolate

For hot chocolate kits gifts, this dark drinking chocolate will make you proud. From the professional packaging to the smooth taste that’s perfect on chilly nights, it’s a gift worthy of sweet memories.  

Want to elevate your hot chocolate gift? Add a customized diner mug for something they’ll remember long after their last sip. 

Shown: Sjaak's Organic ChocolatesDark Drinking Chocolate

10. Wooden Table Baking Co. Lavender Chocolate Cookies

Why use natural flavorings when you can use actual lavender? That is exactly what the Wooden table baking company did when they created this lavender shortbread no-gluten ingredients cookies smothered in artisanal dark chocolate. 

For the biggest box of chocolates (and applause) talk to a Gemnote rep, one of the best chocolate box suppliers, to create your perfect masterpiece.   

Shown: Wooden Table Baking Co.Lavender Chocolate Cookies

Ideas for Charming Design Chocolate Box

Whether its old world classic the bee’s knees or even a pop-star inspired package you’re after, a Gemnote Rep can help curate customize gift box ideas to get you started. 

11. Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Vanilla Milk Chocolate

A dreamy chocolate bar featuring the highest quality Brazilian cacao and old-fashioned organic milk from Alexandre Family Farm, for a heavenly box of chocolate flavors.  The perfect gift right down to the custom chocolate box packaging. 

Need  chocolate box packaging ideas? Whether you want old world charm like this from Dick Taylor craft chocolate, or are hoping to have empty chocolate boxes as a clean slate for youe own branding, Gemnote can help you with all of your custom chocolate box printing needs. 

Shown: Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Vanilla Milk Chocolate

12. Ritual Honeycomb Chocolate 

Ritual Chocolate started in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado before settling down in a mountain town of Park City, Utah. This honeycomb bar pays homage to Utah which is known as the Beehive State and features local Hollow Tree Honey, which is carefully sourced. 

From the carefully crafted chocolate down to the customized boxes for sweets, the end result is memorable gift that is every bit as tasty as it is pretty. 

Shown: Ritual Honeycomb Chocolate 

13. Custom Box of Chocolates: Chouquette Harry Styles Harry's House Chocolates

Who says professional gifts have to be stuffy? Definitely not Chouquette, as their  Harry Styles Harry’s House chocolate collection proves. 

From chocolate box packaging ideas to the yummy treats, make your marketing gifts unique for gifts that are “One Direction” and spot on!

Shown: Chouquette Harry Styles Harry's House Chocolates

Ideas for Create Your Own Candy Box

14. Forte Chocolate 5-Piece Box of Classic Dark Truffles

While it’s not the biggest box of chocolates, it certainly is one of the tastiest featuring melt-in-your-mouth dark truffles and intense cocoa aromas. 

Looking for personalized dark chocolate in your brand? Start with an empty chocolate boxes and add in branding with foils imprints, screen prints and more. For the finishing touch talk to your Gemnote rep about PMS matching labels, cards, or ribbons to your brand. They can also help you with creating sustainable options for customized boxes for sweets. 

Shown: Forte Chocolate 5-piece box of Classic Dark Truffles

15. Sweeter Cards Chocolate Bar + Greeting Card in One

For chocolate box packaging ideas that send a message you can’t go wrong matching your box for chocolates to the card, like this one. 

Need a little inspo to build own chocolate box and card? Follow us on Instagram for show stopping custom merch ideas. 

Shown: Sweeter Cards Chocolate Bar + Greeting Card in One

It’s all about the details when it comes to quality chocolate and a logo on empty chocolate boxes. From organic ingredients to standout design details, you don’t have to go off brand for the best in chocolate box packaging ideas. Just look to Gemnote when it comes to chocolate box suppliers and helping hand from start to finish. 

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