Compartés Chocolate

December 21, 2022

Prepare for the ultimate indulgence with award-winning Compartes chocolate bars.

It’s hip, it’s buzz-worthy and surprisingly, it’s not new. If the name Compartés chocolate has been hitting your feeds, you’ll be surprised to know the chocolate brand actually got its start in 1950. Since then, it’s been reimagined by Jonathan Grahm, whom Carpartés refers to as a chocolate prodigy and even compares to the fictitious Charlie in Willie Wonka. 

In addition to his love for chocolate, and desire to create a “superior chocolate from the ground up,” you’ll also find his stunning artwork on the luxury chocolate bars packaging, making it a truly elevated experience even before the first bite. 

Thanks to Grahm’s desire to keep pushing the boundaries of chocolate, you’ll find a slew of out-of-the-box chocolate pairings, for example, 

  • Compartes Avocado Chocolate
  • Compartes Rosé Chocolate Bar
  • Compartes Vegan Kale Chocolate
  • Compartes Potato Chip Crisp

Named CEO of Compartes Chocolate at just 15 years old, the now Compartes Chocolate owner, Jonathan Grahm continues to make headlines, specifically the Forbes 30 Under 30, as well as being named to Ink Magazine’s Inc 5000 list

Here we take a look at some of the best Compartes chocolate bars around. And, with over 200 handmade chocolate items made daily, narrowing down favorites was no easy feat! 

29 Unforgettable & Best Compartes Flavors

1. Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

While it looks like a chocolate bar and acts as a drink, it’s actually cocoa powder (the Compartes chocolate ingredients) that’s contained in a gold foil wrapper and topped off with the unique chocolate bar packaging. And, since the famous hot chocolate is used in the bars, saying which is best, hot chocolate vs chocolate bar it’s hard to choose. 


Compartes chocolate reviews include Compartes drinking chocolate which was Voted best in America by Travel + Leisure and USA Today. 


  • Voted best in America by Travel + Leisure and USA Today 
  • High-end packaging

Shown: Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

2. Sticky Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar

One of the best Compartes flavors you’ll find is this sticky toffee chocolatey confection. 


  • Buttery toffee
  • Dreamy milk chocolate 

Shown: Sticky Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar

3. Linzer Cookie Chocolate Bar

This limited edition bar is infused with Linzer cookies and raspberry preserves. 


  • Handmade Linzer cookies
  • Gorgeous packaging 

Shown: Linzer Cookie Chocolate Bar 

4. Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Chocolate Bar

While it may be inspired by a hot summer’s day, we love that this rich indulgence can be enjoyed at any time!


  • Award-winning chocolate
  • Vanilla bean gelato-infused chocolate, ice cream cone bits

Shown: Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Chocolate Bar

5. Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar

There’s something about the holidays that has us dreaming of peppermint bark and Christmas movies. That said, this limited-edition chocolate bar doesn’t disappoint. 


  • Rich dark chocolate
  • Crunchy peppermint

Shown: Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar

6. Donuts & Coffee Bar

Another best seller of the Compartes chocolate flavors is with ingredients from the best donut and coffee shops in LA. 


  • Creamy Milk chocolate 
  • Donuts pieces and coffee grounds

Shown: Donuts & Coffee Bar

7. The Everything Chocolate Bar

What goes into a chocolate bar that has everything? How about everything and more! One Compartes chocolate reviews stated that it’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory. 


  • Cake, sprinkles, marshmallows, pretzels, rainbow sprinkles, 
  • Milk Chocolate 

Shown: The Everything Chocolate Bar

8. Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate

A plant based chocolate bar that’s more like a handmade superfood!


  • Non Dairy 
  • Soy Free Refined 
  • Sugar Free and Gluten Free

Shown: Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate

9. Pink Elephants Chocolate Bar

Inspired by animal crackers this confection is sure to delight and adults and children alike! 


  • Signature dark chocolate
  • Animal cookies and sprinkles

Shown: Animal Cookies Dark Chocolate Bar

10. German Chocolate Cake Bar

For dark chocolate lovers everywhere the German chocolate cake bar is a divine treat. 


  • Homemade German chocolate cake
  • Toasted coconut and coconut frosting and delicious roasted pecans.

Shown: German Chocolate Cake Bar 

11. Vegan Granola Chocolate Bar

Called Endurance, this  organic chocolate is non dairy, gluten free and filled with vegan granola and sprouted seeds. And, did we mention, it made the list of Oprah’s favorite things? 

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  • Vegan granola 
  • Organic chocolate 

Shown: Vegan Granola Chocolate Bar

12. Starry Night Van Gogh Chocolate Bar -Salted Caramel

A true masterpiece inspired by none other than Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. 


  • Dark chocolate 
  • Salted caramel 

Shown: Starry Night Van Gogh Chocolate Bar-Salted Caramel

13. Maple Walnut Chocolate Bar

Another one of Compartes chocolate flavors that is only available around the holidays. 


  • White chocolate premium Vermont maple syrup 
  • Crunchy fresh California Walnuts

Shown: Maple Walnut Chocolate Bar


14. Drive-In Milk Chocolate Caramelized Popcorn Bar

With flavors like Compartes avocado chocolate bar, we should never be surprised at the brilliance that goes into the creation. However, between the pretty packaging to the caramelized popcorn within we were hooked. 


  • Signature milk chocolate 
  • Traditional candy corn, kettle corn and caramelized movie popcorn 

Shown: Drive-In Milk Chocolate Caramelized Popcorn Bar

15. Tie Dye Rainbow Chocolate Bar 

This white chocolate masterpiece is another of the Compartes chocolate flavors faves. However, it’s a limited edition so if this is the chocolate you want for your next swag gift, order fast. Love tie dye trend? Check out more Best Custom Made Tie-Dye Hoodies, Shirts and more!


  • Strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon chocolates swirled together 
  • Gluten Free 

Shown: Tie Dye Rainbow Chocolate Bar  

16. Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Bar

One look at the galactic design packaging and you know Compartes chocolate flavors like this one are going to be out of this world. 


  •  Milk chocolate 
  • Chunks and chips of chocolate chip cookies

Shown: Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Bar

17. Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate Bar

The smokey packaging is almost as good as the best-selling whiskey-infused decadence inside!  


  • Dark chocolate 
  • Finest whiskey 

Shown: Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate Bar

18. Cookies and Cream Oreo Cookie Chocolate Bar

Give as a gift and your recipient will be coming back for more. It’s an easy favorite among the Compartes chocolate flavors. 


  • Special blend of white & dark chocolate
  • Yummy sandwich cream cookies

Shown: Cookies and Cream Oreo Cookie Chocolate Bar

19. California Love Dark Chocolate Salted Pretzel Bar

This best-selling vegan bar takes inspiration from its homestead, California, which shines through on the packaging. 


  • Signature dark chocolate 
  • Crushed San Francisco sourdough pretzels

Shown: California Love Dark Chocolate Salted Pretzel Bar

20. Bourbon Pecan Pie Chocolate Bar

This limited-edition holiday chocolate bar combines all of our favorite things. 


  • Chunks of homemade pecan pie
  • Bourbon whiskey infused chocolate

Shown: Bourbon Pecan Pie Chocolate Bar

21. Salted Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar

Inspired by Compartes salted pistachio truffles it’s every bit delightful as the green packaging. 


  • Signature dark chocolate
  • Roasted jumbo pistachios and sea salt

Shown: Salted Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar

22. Churros and Horchata Chocolate Bar

One reviewer states, “It’s legit Hispanic taste” while another claims “It’s tastier than churros at the fair!” As for a chocolate bar that is truly unique, this one takes the cake, or should we say churros? 


  • White chocolate 
  • Churro pieces and sweet rice milk Horchata

Shown: Churros and Horchata Chocolate Bar

23. Tiramisu Chocolate Bar

While ordering Tiramisu may be an indulgence for dining out on special occasions, this beautiful bar is perfect for any day. Perfect for adding to swag bags and employee gifts. 


  • Creamy milk chocolate
  • Notes of coffee, mascarpone, cookies, cocoa, and liquor

Shown: Tiramisu Chocolate Bar

24. Cereal Bowl Chocolate Bar

Of all the Compartes chocolate flavors, this one is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and every kid at heart. 


  • Creamy Compartés white chocolate
  • Crunchy cereal and colorful marshmallows 

Shown: Cereal Bowl Chocolate Bar

25.  Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Bar

While this concoction should be no surprise, since Compartes has their thumb on everything hot in LA, this bar is infused with only the best matcha from Japan.


  • Luxury white chocolate 
  • Premium ceremonial grade matcha tea

Shown: Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Bar

26. Honeycomb Crisp Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar

A candy collab featuring chocolate and honey? Yes, please! Perfect for personalizing, gifting, and adding to onboard baskets. 


  • Gourmet Dark chocolate 
  • Pieces of homemade honeycomb 

Shown: Honeycomb Crisp Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar

27. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Bar

Cinnamon Toast crunch is known for great collabs, like candles and even Crocs. So, it's no surprise it was added to the line up of mouth-watering Compartes chocolate flavors.


  • Lots of cinnamon toast crunch goodness
  • One of the most popular holiday chocolate bars

Shown: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Bar

28. Blonde Bombshell Strawberry Champagne Chocolate Bar

Celebrating is always in season! So it’s no surprise the Compartes chocolate ingredients for this handmade bar include something bubbly. Perfect for toasting without the glass. 


  • Dried strawberries
  • Splash of champagne

Shown: Blonde Bombshell Strawberry Champagne Chocolate Bar

29. Lavender Purple Chocolate Bar

Boasting a dreamy lavender hue and infused with lavender flowers straight from the California Farmers Market, this unique chocolate bar is almost too pretty to eat. 


Shown: Lavender Purple Chocolate Bar

Where To Buy Compartes Chocolate

Looking for a Compartes store? There is a Compartes Chocolate Los Angeles store, however, you will also find many Compartes chocolate retailers and Compartes chocolate stockists across the country. In addition, you can always search “Compartes chocolate near me” for a nearby seller of the Compartes chocolate shop.  

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