What Is HR Professional Day? Activities & Gifts to Celebrate It

December 15, 2022

Discover Human Resources gift ideas and ways to celebrate National HR Day.

When it comes to your Human Resource Teams, celebrate them with gifts that show your appreciation for their hard work. The best gifts for HR professionals aren’t limited to just HR Professionals Day, which happens annually on September 26th in the US and internationally on May 20th. Whichever day you decide to honor, the day should be geared toward giving accolades to those in the Human Resource field. 

There are many ways in which you can celebrate and pay tribute to your HR Team no matter the season. Understanding the job duties associated with the team is one way you can recognize them personally for their continuous hard work and ability to overcome challenges. 

Top 4 Ideas for Celebrating Human Resources Day

1. Take It Offline

Happy hour, office party, special dinner, and the like. While celebrations don’t have to be contained to the office they should be fun and inclusive for all invited. For coworkers wanting to give funny HR gifts this also provides a safe space outside of work. 

2. Host a Special Event

There are many reasons you may prefer to keep the celebrations in the office. One way you can recognize this steadfast team is by creating a special onsite event where their service to your company is acknowledged during business hours. From pizza parties and luncheons to an intimate catered ceremony, keeping the focus on your HR team is important. 

3. Invest in Your Team 

While a bump in salary is always appreciated, there are other ways you can pay tribute to your team on Human Resource Professional Day. Whether it’s the gift of additional PTO so they can take time to refresh or offering reimbursement for higher education, certifications, or even a special HR-focused conference you know they will enjoy. The benefit of investing in your team is that you’re also investing in your company while creating a positive work environment. 

4. Give Them A Personalized Gift

By gifting custom merch and personalized swag you can give employees something extraordinary while reminding them they are an intricate part of your company. To make your gift special, make sure you add a personalized thank you card or choose your gifts based on your recipient's tastes. 

While funny gifts for HR professionals may feel like a grand idea, if it’s coming from your company, make sure it’s done with taste. Otherwise, the team or employee you’re meant to celebrate may feel slighted that you don’t appreciate the professionalism they bring to the table. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you with ideas to gift ideas for HR manager teams and associates. 

16 Gifts for Celebrating Human Resource Professional Day 

For ultimate kudos, when it comes to HR gift ideas look for valuable qualities that reflect your employees. Items that represent quality, professionalism, and high style are always a win. Otherwise, no matter how good your intention is, funny HR gifts have the potential to do more harm than good. Remember, this is the corporate team that brings their A-game into every conversation and upholds your company’s core values. 

1. Customized Cooler 

Hosting countless interviews, training, and employee evaluations is no piece of cake. With a gift that reminds them to take a much-needed morning or afternoon snack and encourages them to brake for lunch, respecting their time in the office is always appreciated. 

We love this insulated cooler from Baggu which comes in 5 cheerful styles, offers insulation, and offers sustainable features like recycled ripstop nylon and recycled PET poly fill. 

Shown: Baggu Puffy Cooler

2. Stackable Cups 

Whether they stash these cups at home or in the office, they’ll appreciate the unique design as much as the practical space-saving design they offer. Plus, when given as a token of appreciation, it’s a great way to raise your glass to your favorite HR team! 

Tip: As a farewell gift for HR manager, create a gift basket of sweet treats, chocolates, and other goodies, then top it off with personalized letters from management and employees.  

Shown: Areaware Confetti Cups

3. Custom Desk Accessories

Need a birthday gift for HR manager? Or, maybe you’re wanting gifts to celebrate Human Resource Professional Day? Regardless of the celebration, nothing beats decor and accessories that can be used at home or in the office. When it comes to custom desk accessories, a photo frame is a great way to help your employees feel connected with their families and friends while they are hard at work. 

Features to love: For a go-with-anything style look for designs in neutral hues, or choose acrylic styles like this frame from Poketo.  

Shown: Poketo Acrylic Photo Frame 

4. Custom Travel Mug 

You can’t have a Hero or Heroine without HR. Sure we're just talking letters, but in company terms, your HR team carries a larger-than-life, hero-like load. For a birthday gift for HR manager or as HR gift ideas for distributing to the entire team, nothing beats a great travel mug for staying hydrated as well as caffeinated. 

Looking to personalize? Choose a reputable brand like Miir that you’ll be proud to share space with. Thanks to its transparent giving through their trackable give back codes, it’s a custom gift that can easily reflect your core values. 

Shown: Custom Miir Travel Mug 

5. Custom Duffel

Duffel bags are great for having on hand regardless of how much you travel. Whether it’s just commuting to the office, heading to the gym, or even a quick getaway, a custom bag offers practicality that your recipients will appreciate. 

For more great duffel bag styles to celebrate your employees talk to Gemnote rep. They can help you find the perfect duffel bag for your budget as well as styles to complement your corporate branding.  

Shown: Marine Layer Custom Duffel

6. Custom Polo 

Polos are closet staples that stand the test of time. Invented in the mid-1920s by a French tennis player, René Lacoste, it’s the iconic essential you can feel good about gifting. Today you can find fashion blogs from the likes of GQ and Refinery29 covering its timeless wearability.

As the best gift for manager farewell parties or to celebrate Human Resource Professional Day with your team, a polo continues to be an ideal pick. Just don’t forget to customize it with your logo for extra props. 

Shown: AS Colour Men’s Polo

7. Custom Cap

As far as human resources gift ideas go, you can’t beat the versatility of a custom hat. Not only are they perfect for event giveaways, and onboarding kits, they even make a fun birthday gift for HR manager since they are so easy to customize and show off your company’s brand. 

Shown: AS Colour Cap 

8.  Custom Fleece Hoodie 

Hoodies also make perfect gifts for HR Professionals. While hoodies may seem like the perfect gift for cooler days, they also make a regular appearance during hotter months when the air conditioner stay on full blast. When it comes to customizing a hoodie, you’ll find a plethora of styles, colors, and even brands to choose from. Not to mention, ideas for branding it and making it your own. 

Photo courtesy of Madhappy; Shown: Madhappy Classics Fleece Hoodie

9. Custom Crewneck 

When it comes to gifting branded apparel, the classic crewneck is another ideal pick when it comes to the best human resources gifts. With all of the on-brand choices that the hoodie offers, it’s another style that can year round depending on the fabrication you choose. 

For ultimate props, play up the color and the fun with customization. Crewneck sweatshirts are also perfect for adding personalization like embroidered logos, patches and more. 

Photo courtesy of Madhappy; Shown: Local Madhappy Optimist Fleece Hoodie

10. A Custom Mug 

Whether it’s a Happy HR Professionals Day you’re celebrating or as a farewell gift for HR manager, you can’t go wrong with a great mug. If you were looking for something a little more substantial why not add in a gift card to your employee's favorite coffee shop? Custom mugs also make great additions to HR gift baskets too. 

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker;  Shown: The New Yorker Onward and Upward Edition Mug 

11. Custom Tee 

Even the most compact capsule wardrobe has a tee or two, while most consist of dozens. Tee shirts seem to be the one clothing piece we reach for again and again. For work, for play, for lounging, for sleeping… tees seem to be the universal clothing item that continues to be recycled. That said, branding with your logo, and your marketing power may just be amplified. 

Just make sure you think through important details like soft fabrication, modern design and timeless features. 

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker;  Shown: The New Yorker Rea Irvin’s Classic T-shirt 

12. Custom Tote

If you’ve been brainstorming best gift ideas for HR manager or employees, look no further than an all-around reusable tote. Available in a rainbow of hues, sizes, and patterns with features like straps, snaps, zippers and pockets, there are more design options than probably thought possible. 

Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas on customization as well as brand favorites. 

Perfect for customizing: Rains tote, Baggu reusable bag, Huson Cotton Tote.  

Photo courtesy of Bon Appetite; Shown: Bon Appetite The Natty Wine Tote

13. Custom Candle 

In light of all the things your HR team does, a custom candle with a welcoming scent offers a touch of fun. Not to mention, as gifts for HR professionals go, this one is full of symbolism. Whether they are the spark to your company’s joy or the employee no one can hold a candle to, it’s a thoughtful gift that’s also affordable. 

Want more customizable candle ideas? Talk to your Gemnote rep today.  


Photo courtesy of Bon Appetite; Shown: Bon Appetite The Fig Candle

14. Custom Diffuser 

It’s all fun and games until someone calls HR. What makes funny gifts for HR professionals? It’s hard to say, considering it takes a lot patience to juggle the many tasks and challenges they do on daily basis. So if you’re looking for a gift you know they’ll love or maybe just want to “metaphorically” clear the air, the Vitruvi Stay diffuser is a crowd pleaser. 

Think of these like the Cadillac of diffusers with scents that go beyond the norm, like the Slow Dance and Mixed Feelings essential oil blends. 

Shown: Vitruvi Stay Diffuser

15. Custom Mugs

The best gifts for HR professionals don’t have to be rare to be fully appreciated. Case in point, this unique mug from Fellow which also goes above and beyond with it’s space saving stackability, impeccable design (sans handle), and ability to keep hots hot thanks to the double wall ceramic. As a birthday gift for HR manager or just as a job well done, it’s the gift that works almost as hard as your recipient. 

Shown: Fellow Monte Milk Art Mugs

16. Custom Travel Tumbler

While your HR team may be in-house or fully remote, a travel tumbler still makes a fun and functional gift. In addition to being sustainable, it’s perfect for on-the-go schedules, weekends and just about anywhere else their days takes them. 

For a stellar pick, look at features like this vacuum insulated stainless steel Kinto Traveler Tumbler that’s available in 8 colors. 
See a product review → 

Shown: Kinto Travel Tumbler

While these cover some of our favorite professional gifts and ideas for your HR team, there are a lot more gift-worthy products that are perfect for customizing. From tech conference-swag and even home decor, talk to your Gemnote rep for more innovative gifts to help celebrate your teams in style. 

And, if you’re still wanting to gift Funny Gifts For Hr Professionals they can help you gift and brand that too! 

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