25 Best Gifts for HR Professionals

April 15, 2022

HR professionals have several tasks at work. That’s why it’s a good idea to acknowledge..

The Human Resources professional in your life has a full plate at work. Their tasks include recruiting candidates, onboarding new team members, and enforcing company policies. To thank them for their dedication, the business world celebrates HR professionals twice a year. Since 2001, HR Professional Day has taken place on September 26. In 2020, members of the industry adopted International Human Resources Day on May 20 and celebrate it annually. 

You don’t need to wait until an HR Professional Day rolls around to acknowledge the work of your in-house rep with HR appreciation gifts. Clients and coworkers can also show their appreciation with human resources gifts. If you must shop for an HR department, its size depends on the number of total employees. We’ll suggest cost-effective options that staff will love.

Common reasons why companies give gifts to employees include:

  • Birthdays
  • Incentives
  • Achievements
  • Anniversaries at work
  • Holidays such as HR Professional Day
  • Thank you’s

Gemnote has found HR gifts that clients, coworkers, and companies can purchase in bulk. HR professionals can double as recruiters and work independently. Sometimes they find stellar job opportunities that merit high-end human resources swag as a thank you.  

All departments have a manager including human resources. You might need to pick up gifts for HR manager to celebrate major accomplishments. 

No one knows better than human resources professionals that gift giving in the workplace requires tact. Funny HR gifts exist for the right moments. For example, funny HR gifts can double as a farewell gift for HR manager. Funny gifts for HR manager do require some tact. 

When you need customized Human Resources swag, Gemnote provides easy solutions. We’ll outline our top 25 Best Gifts for HR Professionals and break them down into categories such as gifts for new professionals HR. Then, we help you customize them to make the presents for HR more special.

Let’s take a look at our 25 picks for HR appreciation gifts.  

HR Team Gifts

There is no shortage of research and surveys that try to decipher what makes employees happy. They also attempt to figure out what gifts employees will appreciate the most. When you need to find gifts for a team, you can’t go wrong with tasty treats. 

1. Mast Sea Salt Chocolate

A nice pick for HR gifts to employees and presents for HR is Mast Sea Salt Chocolate
. You can purchase the cost-effective gift in bulk and hand it out as a treat.

Ingredients include organic cacao beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. Recipients will also taste hints of vanilla and sea salt. 

2. Jacobsen Salt Co. Bulk Salty Classic Caramels

For HR gifts to employees, consider picking up a few boxes or jars of Jacobsen Salt Co. Bulk Salty Classic Caramels
. The chewy caramels are sure to spark joy among the recipients.

Ingredients include sugar, butter, and sea salt.

3. Pocketo Everyday Notebook

Even though most individuals take notes on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, there is room for notebooks such as the Pocketo Everyday Notebook

Notebooks double as a farewell gift for HR manager ideas. 

4. Corkcicle Commuter Cup

Sometimes you need to purchase gifts for HR department that has 10 or more staff members. The Corkcicle Commuter Cup
 in one option that pleases a crowd. 

An insulated travel coffee mug available in 11 colors, it features a spill-proof lid and ceramic coated interior.

Gifts for HR Managers

The larger the HR department, the more responsibility the manager carries. Sometimes managers need funny HR gifts to lighten the mood. Other times they benefit from receiving human resources merchandise. 

5. Public Supply Embossed Soft Cover Notebook

When you need a farewell gift for HR manager, check out the Public Supply Embossed Soft Cover Notebook
. Whether they plan to head out to greener pastures or into retirement, a notebook is great for journaling or keeping notes.

If you pick this notebook, Gemnote helps you customize it.

6. InCase EO Duffel

For HR professionals who travel for work, consider picking up the InCase EO Duffel as gifts for HR manager at your company. 

Most managers work at the office. However, some enjoy traveling when their vacation days roll around or they turn into weekend warriors when the clock strikes 5 pm on Fridays. The lightweight and tech optimized duffel features water resistant panels.

7. Accessory Organizer With BIONIC®

The Accessory Organizer is available in four colors. More impressively, the company produces their products from recovered plastics found in coastal environments. 

It easily organizes wires, charges, power banks, and small tech devices.

8. Travel Case

Escuyer travel cases are great for HR gifts to employees. Made from full grain leather, it holds enough items and toiletries for travel on a plane or to the gym. 

Whether the HR department wants to reward employees for meeting a sales goal or helping to cut down costs, it’s a nice thank you gift from Italy.

9. Fell Zip Backpack

For the outdoor enthusiast and weekend warrior, the Fell Zip Backpack
 is one of the best presents for HR professionals. 

The ergo friendly backpack features several pockets, an adjustable chest strap, and carry handle.

10. Hip Pack Classic 

The Hip Pack Classic from Topo Designs combines features from crossbody bags and fanny packs. It includes several compartments for easy access to keys, wallets, and tech devices. 

Made from 100% recycled nylon, recipients will enjoy the spacious main compartment and compression straps. 

11. Rains Tote Bag Rush  

HR professionals sometimes carry around stacks of papers, pamphlets, and books to and from conferences and seminars. Other times they carry several electronic devices. Thus, the Rains Tote Bag Rush comes in handy.

The simple tote consists of one inner pocket and one main compartment. It’s durable and water-resistant. 

12. Vuori Ace Polo

Although fewer men make the HR professional career path, the ones at your company or your client list will enjoy wearing the versatile Vuori Ace Polo. 

The dressy polo keeps the wearer cool during everyday activities and outdoor adventures.  

13. Vuori Wide Leg Flare

Clothing doubles as nice presents for HR professionals including the Vuori Wide Leg Flare
 pant. Joggers remain on-trend. The leg pant style might go from skinny to flare and back to skinny in a few years. Nonetheless, it’s about finding a comfortable fit for the recipient.

Made from DreamKnit ™ fabric, the pants are great for lounging at home or running errands.

14. Rumpl Everywhere Blanket

Can anyone have too many blankets? No, especially if they add the Rumpl Everywhere Blanket
 to their collection. This blanket is available in over 30 prints and colors. Plus, it’s useful in several situations. 

HR professionals can use it for camping, attending an outdoor music festival, or staying cozy at home.

HR Gifts from Clients

When clients give gifts to HR professionals, it’s often to thank them for finding gainful employment. Therefore, high-end gifts make sense.

15. Studio Buds

Studio Buds
 from Beats boast the best noise canceling features. They also provide eight hours of listening time and balanced sound. 

If you need gifts for recruiters who landed you a stellar job opportunity, the Studio Buds
 are one option.

16. The North Face® Ladies Tech 1/4-Zip Fleece

Data shows that women hold 67.5% of the managerial positions in the HR industry. Therefore, the North Face® Ladies Tech 1/4-Zip Fleece is great human resources merchandise to pick up.

The fabric helps the body breathe so it makes a great layering item on hikes or while running errands. Available in 10 colors, you can purchase them in bulk and hand them out as HR team gifts.

17. Nike Long Sleeve Dri-FIT Stretch Tech Polo

Another polo that male HR professionals will enjoy is the Nike Long Sleeve Dri-FIT Stretch Tech Polo
; the definition of human resources swag. 

Nike products continue living up the hype. The polo allows a full range of motion and is available in six colors.

Gifts for Coworkers in HR

Employees develop relationships amongst each other on different levels. Those who want to show their appreciation can do so with thoughtful gifts.

18. Brew Book

An estimated 65% of office workers drink coffee. Plus, they consume three cups a day on average. At least 38% have stated that they wouldn’t make it through the day without a cup of Joe. Therefore, the Brew Book is a practical gift for most HR professionals. 

Gifts for New Professionals HR

Most people remember the jitters they felt on the first day of a new school year. The feeling is similar when starting a new job or position. Gifts help people feel welcome.

19. Simple Linen Throw

Throws such as the Simple Linen Throw
 are versatile gifts for recruiters. Interior designers use them to add texture and decor to rooms. However, HR professionals can keep them in their office too since office buildings have a way of becoming chilly. 

Available in 14 colors, it’s a throw for all seasons.

20. Vitruvi Stay Diffuser

Job satisfaction among HR professionals hovers around 45% stating that they are very satisfied. Nonetheless, they deal with employee discipline and cutbacks. Sometimes aromatherapy in their offices helps set a calm mood for them and those who see them. 

The Vitruvi Stay Diffuser in Oat is an HR gifts from clients idea to consider. A long-lasting diffuser, the stylish case has a 700 square ft diffusing ability and three run time options. 

21. Oil Burner & Tealight Candle

While it may not make a practical gift to keep in the office, the Oil Burner & Tealight Candle
 is one HR teams can enjoy at home. 

Recipients can burn their favorite essential oils by filling the orb with water and dropping a couple of drops of oil. The orb floats effortlessly and creates a relaxing ambiance. 

22. Kinto LT Teapot 600ml / 20oz

The Kinto LT Teapot 600ml / 20oz
 is another beverage-related option for gifts for HR professionals. Made from porcelain, Kinto designed it to enhance the flavors of tea.

Plus, recipients can enjoy their tea in the Japanese tradition

23. Areaware Hex Vase

Picking out human resources gifts sometimes poses a challenge. You can’t go wrong with gifting something that they can use in their offices such as the Areaware Hex Vase. 

The glass vase features hexagonal shapes that make it unique from others.

HR Gifts to Employees

When HR departments hand out gifts to employees for hitting sales quotas, milestones, or as thank you’s, they can hand out tasty treats. They have other options too. 

24. Ember Mugs

The Ember brand’s claim to fame is its temperature control mugs. Given the number of HR professionals who probably drink coffee, you won’t need to look much further for the perfect HR appreciation gifts.

Pick from the 10-or 14-ounce version. Ember also sells a travel and metallic version.

25. The Porter Bottle Terrazzo 

Employees appreciate receiving reusable items such as water bottles. The Porter Bottle Terrazzo is made from high-quality glass and includes a protective silicone sleeve. 

This Porter Bottle can carry 20 ounces of water, tea, and coffee.

As you can see, several human resources gifts exist. What you should give to this professional depends on your relationship to them. If inside jokes exist among them, funny gifts for HR manager have a place. Another way to approach funny gifts for HR professionals is calendars that contain daily jokes. Since it’s an office environment, it’s best to keep funny gifts for HR executives to a minimum. 

When they double as recruiters, high-end gifts for recruiters let them know that you appreciate the work that they put into finding your new career opportunity. 

HR professionals enjoy similar gifts as employees in other departments. Plaques and commemorative items are great add-ons. However, employees prefer versatile and reusable gifts, especially in 2022. Gifts that help solve problems are additional options. Professionals in human resources face several challenges. They execute change management, help develop leaders, and measure the effectiveness of policies and training programs. 

Traveling and participating in outdoor activities have become more common with professionals. It allows them to enjoy nature during the weekends and on vacation. Therefore, travel items are welcome. Gifts that help organize technology and its wires are good choices too. It’s not uncommon for office workers to commute with their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You might lean toward funny gifts for HR manager but simple organizers might make more sense.

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Before giving gifts to employees, consult with a tax accountant. Gift giving has tax implications for the giver and the receiver. Thus, your accountant may help you find the most appropriate gifts too.

Employees value authenticity. When in doubt, check the trends. Then, take a look at human resources merchandise that help solve common problems on employee inconveniences. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?