Mass Hiring Tips, Challenges & What to Avoid

February 15, 2023

Ace your mass hiring strategies with these tips and ideas for hiring the best candidates and welcoming them to your team.

Mass hiring can be a great way for quickly and efficiently filling multiple positions within an organization, while also helping to reduce costs. The advantages of mass hiring are numerous; it saves time and money compared to traditional recruiting processes, as it eliminates the need for multiple rounds of interviews and other recruitment tasks. Additionally, mass hiring enables employers to quickly deploy new employees and get them up to speed with their job duties.

To ensure a successful mass hiring experience, employers should consider developing a comprehensive recruitment plan that outlines how applications will be reviewed and sorted. This plan should include clear criteria for what qualifies as an ideal candidate, as well as strategies for streamlining the selection process. Additionally, employers should be sure to avoid any potential legal pitfalls by remaining compliant with all applicable employment laws. 

With the right preparation and mass hiring tools, how to do bulk hiring can be not only successful but a rewarding experience for both employers and employees alike. By following these tips, employers can make sure their next mass hiring process is a success! 

Mass Hiring Techniques and Tips 

Wondering how to do bulk hiring? Check out our tips for mass hiring techniques. 

1. Define the skills and qualities you need in an employee

It is essential for mass hiring strategies to identify a set of qualities and skills an employee needs in order to meet the organization's objectives. A mass general hiring process, or what is sometimes referred to as a batch hiring process, requires specific criteria which allow employers to determine a person’s capabilities and how successful they will be in a certain role. 

Qualities may include enthusiasm, self-motivation, and assertiveness, whereas technical or industry-specific skills are also important factors in filtering through potential candidates. Other considerations such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities must also be kept in mind when mass hiring as teams must work together efficiently. Ultimately, mass hiring strategies should identify the right balance between an individual’s experience, skill set, and qualities that make them successful in their roles and position within an organization.

2. Determine If You Need the Assistance of Mass Recruiter Companies 

If the thought of how to mass recruit is overwhelming, you may want to leave the mass general hiring process to the pros. By taking advantage of experienced agencies that specialize in the batch hiring process, you can place your time and focus on the last round of interviews after many unqualified candidates have been screened out. 

While you pay an additional cost for the service, it may help you save valuable time and money as well depending on how many roles you are opting to fill.  

3. Develop Mass Hiring Techniques For Your Screening Process

Developing a bulk hiring process is an effective way to weed out unqualified applicants while saving valuable time and money. To do this, create a series of steps in the hiring process that will help you quickly identify good candidates who are the right fit for the job. 

To start, make sure that there are clear qualifications designed for each of the roles you are filling. In addition, make sure those doing the interviewing or screening process have a clear understanding of what the job entails, as well as being able to identify the key skills needed to succeed in it. 

You should then create a set of criteria that applicants must meet before making it through to the next step of the hiring process. This could include a combination of personal characteristics, qualifications, certifications, experience, or other relevant criteria. 

If a certain number of criteria isn’t met, then it's likely the applicant is not suitable for your role and should be filtered out immediately. By creating an efficient bulk screening process such as this one, you can quickly filter out unqualified applicants and ensure your bulk hiring activities conform to industry best practices.

4. Utilize Different Platforms for Your Mass Recruitment

Social media platforms, job boards, and online classifieds are excellent mass hiring tools that can help you reach a wider pool of potential candidates. The mass general hiring process can be a daunting task, requiring thought and planning. So by taking advantage of any mass hiring tools that are available to your company,  you can significantly increase exposure for your job openings. 

Mass Hiring Tips for Connecting with More Candidates:

  • Paid ads targeted to potential candidates
  • Post-boosts on social media sites
  • Sponsored posts on job boards

You can be much more creative with your approach too—joining discussion groups, engaging in conversations with potential applicants, and utilizing free local promotions, can significantly help you reach a wider pool of applicants. Just be sure to focus on the key aspects of mass marketing ideas such as knowing where to look and how best to draw attention to your position quickly. With careful strategies for mass hiring using the right channels, utilizing social media platforms, job boards, and online classifieds can help in finding suitable candidates fast!

5. Create a Mass Hiring Event 

When it comes to how to do bulk hiring, hosting a mass hiring event can help you get in front of a large pool of candidates in a shorter amount of time. Mass hiring events like open houses and career fairs offer organizations an ideal route to source potential talent. Furthermore, they allow employers the opportunity to expand their scope beyond just traditional job boards and social media channels. 

Such mass recruitment events are especially useful for organizations looking to fill multiple positions simultaneously and introduce potential candidates to the organization’s corporate culture. They also offer job seekers an opportunity for face-to-face communication with recruiters and hiring managers, as well as helping them understand what the company is looking for. Overall, mass recruitment events can be an effective means of reducing worker turnover and ensuring that top talent is being considered throughout the mass hiring process. 

6. Create a Mass Hiring Plan for Next Steps and Training

When bulk hiring new employees, having a plan in place for training them quickly and efficiently is key to making sure that everyone arrives up to speed. An effective bulk hiring process should provide each potential new employee with the necessary information and resources to be successful from day one, allowing them to hit the ground running with all the knowledge necessary for their particular job. 

Of course, this will vary depending on the position, but some mass marketing ideas companies can use for training include providing detailed documentation on company policies and procedures, best practices, and the job-specific skills that are needed for the position. Offering regular check-ins throughout the new hire onboarding process is also essential to ensure that new employees remain engaged. 

Furthermore, additional communication and follow-up will help them also gain an understanding of their roles and responsibilities better, and proved them with any additional support they may need. By having a plan in place for bulk training new employees, managers can create positive experiences that instill self-confidence in their new hires’ early performance and success.

7. Complete Your Bulk Hiring Process With Onboarding Kits

Ready to welcome your new recruits? Once you’ve used the mass hiring techniques for screening, interviewing, and hiring, it’s time to help your new hire feel like an individual again and not just a number in a massive pool. One way to do that is through employee swag

After an offer has been accepted, giving customized swag kits can help your new hire feel good about their decision to join your team. In addition, a customized swag kit helps show your appreciation for them in return. You can also use your swag kit to distribute important papers, like signed agreements, health insurance information, employee badges, custom lanyards, and the like.  

5 Top Swag Kit Examples for Your Bulk Hiring Strategies 

Customized gear and swag that your new hires can wear or show off to family and friends are invaluable for keeping engagement high. Here are some of the best mass marketing ideas when it comes to your onboarding swag kits.  

1. Everyday Essentials 

Magnets, reusable drinkware, and a custom polo are ideal for gifting your new hire and helping them feel part of the team from day one. 

Basic Swag Kit Exanple
Shown: Ogio Custom Polo, Personalized Sticker Mule Magnets, Reusable Drinkware

2. The Upgrade 

An oversized towel, reusable bag, and logo keychain are great for customizing. For companies whose employees have badges, you can also throw in a custom lanyard to the mix for added convenience that’s on brand. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more ideas. 

Elevated Swag Kit Example
Photo courtesy of Baggu and A24

3. Anything But Basic 

Whatever your branding colors, Gemnote can help you create the best custom merch to match your brand. Want more product ideas? From office supplies to home decor, apparel, accessories, and more, they can also help you curate an on-brand special swag kit within your budget. 

Elevated Swag Kit Example
Shown: Native Union Mag Safe Accessories + Poketo Creative Cap + Appointed Planner + Custom Hoodie

4. Detail Oriented

Well-loved essentials like custom hoodies, socks, drinkware, and, even a dopp kit, are ideal for weekdays and weekends alike. Plus, with added personalization features like leather embossing and more, you can make even a large mass-hiring event feel special. 

Great Swag Kit Example
Photo courtesy of Only New York (sweatshirt and socks) Shown: Miir Wide Mouth Bottle +  Only NY Sweatshirt + Only NY Socks + Kiko Leather Dopp Kit 

5. Multi Taskers

Custom swag gifts that are just as useful off the clock as they are for the daily grind are much appreciated. Talk to your Gemnote rep for personalization ideas, like embroidery and patches for even more brand power. 

Great Swag Kit
Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore (tee) and United By Blue (blanket); Shown: Corkcicle Origins Tumbler + Native Union Belt Cable + Aimé Leon Dore Pocket Tee + United By Blue Blanket 

6. The Heavy Hitters 

If you’re looking for an onboarding kit to really set your company apart, including sustainable merch like reusable water bottles, custom outerwear, backpacks, and more is always a great idea! Best of all, upgraded swag kits like these also make memorable custom gifts for upcoming sales kickoffs and more. 

Luxe Swag kit Example
Shown: Custom Windbreaker, Soma 25-oz. Water Bottle, ASColour Camp Hat, Baggu towel,  InCase Backpack, Poketo Metallic Pens, and Public Supply Soft Covered Notebook. 

Whether you present your onboarding swag kit once the position has been accepted or on their first day of training is up to you. You can even gift your swag kit when you share your employee announcement with the rest of your company. 

Challenges with Mass Recruitment Efforts

As with any mass offering ideas, there are challenges associated with the mass hiring process that employers should be aware of before committing to the process. For starters, it can be difficult to sift through hundreds or even thousands of applications in order to identify qualified candidates. Furthermore, if the employer is unable to find enough qualified applicants, the whole hiring process may need to be restarted from scratch. 

To avoid potential challenges that could arise, it is important for companies to understand the time commitment that will be needed to allow for a thorough interview process and block their schedules accordingly so that potential candidates are not rushed through the process and left feeling like a number instead of an individual. 

In 2013 many job candidates are looking for a company culture that reflects their values. In addition, work-life balance continues to be a big factor for candidates. In fact, a survey done by Joblist of over 1,000 full-time workers found only 11% of workers would work more with better pay. As for individuals who have found a work-life balance, they say they would need an increase of $10k or more to dedicate more time toward work. One eye-opening finding from the survey found that more than 30% of employees were willing to give up some of their pay in exchange for more time spent away from work. 

With that in mind, it’s important to know that your potential employees are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. And for candidates, like millennials who have been dubbed the burnout generation, it may even be harder to prove that your company does value a healthy work-life balance. Making sure your company puts its best foot forward throughout the process will go a long way in helping potential candidates see for themselves your company’s culture. 

What to Avoid when Mass Hiring 

1. A Bad Company Reputation. 

It is essential for companies to maintain a positive reputation in order to attract quality candidates. If potential applicants view a company as untrustworthy or unprofessional, they are less likely to apply. If your company already has a bad reputation through negative reviews, employers should be ready to talk through strategies of what is being done to correct the problem.  

2. Incomplete Job Descriptions.  

Detailed job descriptions should be provided in order to give potential applicants a clear understanding of the role and expectations. While this saves employers time when going through the interview process, it is also beneficial to the employee who also doesn’t want to waste time applying and interviewing for a position without the proper requirements.

3. Unprofessional Mass Hiring System.  

The recruitment process should be conducted in an organized, professional manner. This includes avoiding discrimination, following protocols, and ensuring all communications with potential candidates are timely and respectful. 

4. Lack of Timeliness and Follow Through. 

It is important for companies to act quickly when it comes to recruiting new employees. When job openings remain unfilled for an extended period of time, this can hurt the company’s reputation and lead to a lack of qualified applicants. In addition, when it comes to mass hiring, even though you are interviewing many candidates, they should be treated respectfully and as individuals. 

Bulk Hiring Strategies Recap

There are many mass offering ideas to help you find the right candidates to join your team.  For the best strategies for mass hiring, make sure you define the skills and qualities you are looking for, invest in a company with experience in mass hiring if needed, develop a screening process, and look for potential candidates on social media platforms, job boards, and more. 

Additionally, an event to meet with multiple candidates at once can save you valuable time and money. And when you do make that important hire, have a plan in place to help your new employee hit the ground running with valuable training, as well as custom swag kits to foster continued excitement. Taking all of these necessary steps will pay off when you have a dedicated team of employees who feel supported and good about their decision to join your team and help represent your company. 

Need more mass marketing ideas for your onboarding? Contact Gemnote for on-brand custom swag kits designed just for them.

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