New Employee Announcement Ideas 20323

December 2, 2022

Find the perfect way to welcome incoming staff with our examples of new hire announcement ideas.

Many emotions come with starting a new job. The excitement of landing the job can wear off once the nerves of the first day start to set in. A creative employee introduction will let your employees know they are welcome right away. Whether you want to give them a shout out or the spotlight, you’re sure to find the perfect solution in our complete list of new employee announcement examples.

14 Ways to Ace an Announcement of New Employee

1. New Employee Announcement Swag

An onboarding kit is a nice, private way to make new team members feel at ease. Desk bound staff will appreciate high quality office supplies that can be used on the first day. The Simple Plan Undated Weekly Planner Journal by Ruff House is a beautiful piece for managing workflow and pairs nicely with these funky Colorblock Cap Pens from Poketo. Make it a complete kit with Kiko’s Cord-ganizer. Its elegant leather band keeps your iPhone wall outlet and USB cord neatly wrapped together in one pretty package. 

Why they’ll love it:

  • Not too showy – shyer employees will appreciate the subtlety
  • Functional gifts they can use on or off the clock

Shown: Kiko Leather Cord Organizer, Custom Planner, Poketo Colorblock Pens

2. Break for Cake!

Sometimes a new employee announcement email just doesn’t cut it. Roll out the red carpet with quirky cocktail napkins and cool keepsakes. These Do a TikTok Cocktail Napkins by Pretty Alright Goods will get the conversation and the cameras rolling. You can create a fun new employee announcement by customizing the text of these napkins. 

A great coaster will give your guests a stylish landing pad for their drinks that can also be taken home at the end of the night. Choose one like Hexagon Coaster from Oh It's a Party or customize your one to match your brand! On the night of new employee introductions, send them off with a custom Nalgene water tumbler that dons your company’s color and logo. These make great gifts for a team announcement.

Why they’ll love it…

  • Attention to detail makes a lasting impression
  • Customized gifts create a feeling of belonging


Shown: Marble and Wood Hexagon Coaster, Do a Tiktok Cocktail Napkin, Nalgene Water Tumbler 

3. New Staff Announcements Meet & Greet

Create space to get to know each other by hosting a Meet & Greet. Scheduling it on a work day? New hire announcements gifts help create buy-in and give everyone something to look forward to. The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler by Stanley keeps 40 oz of liquid cold for hours on end. Got a crew of caffeine lovers? Give away MiiR’s Camp Cup at a cafe Meet & Greet. For more drinkware options, talk to your Gemnote rep. 

Carbon footprint conscious staff will appreciate having a new reusable cup to bring to their favorite tea or coffee shop. Suits and ties too stuffy for your staff? Take your welcome announcement to the great outdoors! Host an unforgettable hiking or camping trip for a more creative employee introduction. Choose drinkware like this Sport Canteen by Corkcicle for the perfect souvenir. Its stay-put bottom will prove extra handy on a rugged trail or kayak ride.

Why they’ll love it…

  • Takes the pressure off of new hires
  • Gives the whole team a chance to get to know each other better

Shown: Corkcicle Sports Canteen, Miir Camp Cup, and Stanley Quencher H.20 Travel Tumbler

4. Take it Offline!

If email and Zoom calls are the main form of communication for you and your staff, an email or newsletter might not feel like the best way to go about an introduction new employee. Onboarding apparel is an effective way to create a sense of community no matter where everyone is located

Custom polos are great apparel solutions – they can be worn by men and women and are business casual. An embroidered design will elevate the look of your custom polo. For features like this polo from Gildan, look for a DryBlend fabric.  give your employees something they can feel proud of wearing. The Unisex Lightweight Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt from Independent Trading Co. will make remote work extra comfy. We love this gift for team announcements with mass hires because they are easy to customize with a range of sizes and colors.

Why they’ll love it…

  • Customized clothing feels personal 
  • Apparel makes people feel included even if they work from home

Shown: Gildan Jersey Polo, Independent Trading Co Sweatshirt

5. Combine it with your Office Party

Company clothes make fun new employee announcement gifts that new hires can show off on when they’re off the clock. Streetwear is a great way to guarantee your staff will enjoy repping your brand everywhere they go. Gifting high quality items like The Rain Jacket will show how much you value your employees right off the bat. Impress your new employees with apparel that are popular picks in high fashion. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic t-shirt. See design trends for customizing your tee shirts and more. 

Why they’ll love it…

  • All purpose clothing they can wear anywhere
  • Brand name gear shows off your company’s personality

Photo (hat) Courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown: Marine Layer Tee, Custom Rain Jacket,  Aimé Leon Dore Watercolor New York Hat 

6. Host a New Hire Announcement Networking Event

Brought a lot of people on board? No problem! The announcement of new employees is made easy with a networking event. The Tech Case from Topo Designs will help event goers maintain their devices, cords, and cables in one place. 

The Topo Designs Mini Shoulder Bag makes spontaneous outings easy when team members hit it off. Topolite Hip Pack from is a stylish and durable way for managing all of those loose business cards. These storage solutions are just a few new employee announcement examples that will please the whole crowd. 

Shown: Topo Designs Hip Pack, Shoulder Bag and Tech Case

7. Keep it Short and Sweet with an Email

Email is a simple an effective way of making a new employee announcement to clients. This is also a great new role announcement example for employees who shy away from the limelight. An email or newsletter can provide a less intimidating introduction new employee. Just be sure to follow up that email with novel onboarding swag, like a customizable hotel keychain or Sony’s noise-canceling headphones.

Shown: Happy Place Hotel Keychain, Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

8. Let’s Do Lunch – Team Style!

Having a company lunch for new hire announcements is a great way to build rapport. Baggu offers tons of fun new employee announcement gifts. Encourage guests to come dressed in socks customized for the whole company. Their Crew Socks come in fun colors and patterns that create a lighthearted environment from the moment they enter the room. 

Another great option are lanyards. Baggu’s Lanyard Keychain offers a solution for bigger lunch outings, letting your team display name tags in style as everyone learns who’s who. End new employee introductions by handing out a reusable bag, which will come in handy for future corporate events. Take a look at what kinds of bags can be customized

Shown: Baggu Lanyard Keychain, Baggu Socks, Standard Baggu Reusable Bag 

9. Make it a Dinner Date

High level executives will expect an elevated welcome new employee announcement. Make it happen with a fine dining date. Tech, leather goods, and homewares are a few new employee announcement examples of gifts that will please employees with refined taste. The Easton Wireless Charging Mousepad’s sleek design will fit nicely in any briefcase or portfolio bag. Kiko’s premium leather travel case allows traveling workers to easily store valuable toiletries. The Sophie Blanket from Loomia will make any home or office space more inviting. You can’t go wrong with classy gifts for new hire announcements. 

Why they’ll love it…

  • Impress them with high quality materials
  • Great new hire announcements gifts for traveling workers

Shown: Easton Wireless charging mousepad, Sophie Blanket, Kiko Leather Travel Kit

10. Take it Off the Clock with a Happy Hour

It’s hard to make time for small talk during the work day. Give your team the chance to unwind and let loose together. A cocktail hour can break the ice for incoming staff and help get the conversation flowing. A Happy Hour is the perfect opportunity for a new employee announcement to clients.  Serve drinks special glasses for the event, like the Porter Insulated Glass from w&p. Your staff will love having something to remember the night by. Encourage future good times with fun party favors. The Margarita Virtual Cocktail Kit and this adorable Pineapple Bottle Opener will make a perfect combo for a funny new employee announcement gift. 

Why they’ll love it…

  • Happy Hour creates great ambiance
  • Perfect opportunity for a photo op

Shown: Craft The Margarita Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit, Pineapple Bottle Opener, Porter Insulated Glass in Charcoal Terrazzo

11. Post Your New Hire Announcements on Social Media

Social media is a sure way to let a lot of people know you are ready to make a  welcome new employee announcement. With so many different social media channels, there are plenty of creative ways to present new employees. A new role announcement example should include a picture and something personal about your incoming staff – make it relatable to your audience. 

If your employee is willing, turn it into a video! This is an awesome opportunity to make a new employee announcement to clients by introducing the personality of your team. If it suits your brand, you can even use this opportunity to create a funny new employee announcement. 

Why they’ll love it…

  • Wide outreach that shows them off to clients
  • A funny new employee announcement keeps things lighthearted

So… what’s the best welcome new employee announcement

We hope our new role announcement example list has inspired you to give your new employees the welcome they deserve. If you’re still not sure how to pull of your LinkedIn new hire announcement, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s our company culture?
  • How do we want new hires to feel?
  • What message do we want to send to incoming staff?

The perfect new hire announcement aligns with your company’s values. Gemnote is ready to design, develop, and manage the perfect onboarding kit from start to finish. 

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