Holiday Gift Guide - Top 40 Gifts for Employees and Customers

July 23, 2021

Discover unexpected and memorable gifts branded for your company.

Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes time to find corporate holiday gift ideas for clients and employees, you don’t want to waste precious time looking only to find lack-luster items that will quickly be forgotten. Worse yet, wait until the last minute and those client holiday gifts you accounted for at your year end budget are likely to set you—and your company—back if you have to pay for expedited shipping. The good news is that by starting your search now, you can find unique corporate holiday gifts (and gifts for employees too!) that will leave a great impression and won’t be soon forgotten. And, if you are ready to start your search, but just aren’t sure where exactly to start, you’ve come to the right spot! At Gemnote, we take the hassle out of securing corporate holiday gifts for clients, as well as anyone else on your company’s holiday gifts list. From product selection and packaging (yes, even high end corporate gift boxes) to shipping, they’ll guide you every step of the way.

Whether it’s your most valuable customer or that customer you want to build brand loyalty with, how can you give business holiday gifts that are sure to delight? Don’t worry, our Holiday Gift Guide was created for employees and clients alike while in price ranges to suit every budget! 

Get ready for some serious browsing because the experts (or shall we say swag-perts?) at Gemnote have done it again with a no-fail, Holiday GIft Guide your customers and employees will flip for. Best of all, we’ve included holiday gifts for every budget, so you can check off everyone on your list!

Inexpensive Corporate Holiday Gifts - $25 and Under

1. Banale Eye Mask $13

Perfect client holiday gifts should make your recipient feel like a kid in a candy store, a day at the beach or just an adult who finally got a good night’s sleep. Lucky for you, you can box up that feeling with the Banale padded eye mask that comes with a carrying case and ear plugs that’s perfect for traveling. 

2. Sigg Water Bottle $23

Just add corporate gift boxes and you’ve got everybody’s favorite hydration tool. And even though you can score your swag under $25 this impressive water bottle is even featured at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  Below is an example of how Prada turned a classic, simple Sigg Water Bottle into an elevated gift.

3. Viski Faceted Crystal Wine Glasses $25

Just hold these unique set of glasses and watch them reflect an array of colors. And at a price every budget can appreciate it  just looks like one of the high end corporate holiday gifts

4. Psychotherapy Cards $20

Twenty beautiful cards designed around psychotherapy? Well who wouldn’t be more than intrigued? Plus at under $25, it’s the corporate gift that also dubs for fun giveaways at your next event.    

5. Carhartt Beanie $24

Soft to touch and ready to personalize, this all-purpose beanie comes in your choice of colors and is just begging for personalization!

6. Stormtech Tolietry Bag $19

Need sure fire holiday business gifts that won’t disappoint? Stormtech’s  Sequoia toiletry non-bulky bag, offers a lightweight way to organize your toiletries thanks to it’s two internal mesh pockets. 

7. Areaware Table Tile Coasters $18

Cool, colorful contemporary… these unique Table Tile Coasters put the fun in functional. Not to mention they’re great at preserving furniture from dreaded ring spots!

8. Poketo Acrylic Frame $24

The next best thing to giving art? How about a cool acrylic frame that leaves the guesswork to your recipient. After all, they say art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

9. Swig Can Cooler $24

A swig can cooler from Swig Life is an affordable holiday gift that’s functional long after the decorations come down. Plus, it will keep your fave slim can bev (like red bull, slim sodas, seltzers and more) nice cold for 12 hours!

10. Packable Travel Blanket $25

When it comes to inexpensive corporate holiday gifts that pack a punch, this packable travel blanket is legit. All packed (and zipped up) it’s a comfy pillow. Unzip, and voila it’s your personal travel blanket! 

Corporate Holiday Gifts - $50 and Under

11. Nike Heritage Hip Pack $30

Let’s break it down, if it has a Swoosh, you can feel good about putting your brand on it. Kids love it, teens covet it, and adults have a stockpile of it. Elevate your company’s cool factor by gifting personalized hip packs. It’s as functional as the fanny pack, just way cooler to say.  

12. Mino L Bluetooth Speaker $49.90

For small holiday gift ideas for employees that really pack a punch, look no further than the Mino Speaker featuring bluetooth with passable bass. Rechargeable, handsfree mic, and 5 hours battery time. Whoever said good things come in small packages was right!

13. Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirt $50

Sure it’s the gift that counts, but why not dazzle your clients or prospective clients with a gift they’ll actually use, like a Champion Reverse weave sweatshirt. Why Champion? Well the name speaks for itself. It’s the leader in it’s anti shrink and heat protection thanks to the Reverse Weave technology which is used by clothing brands all around even today. Plus, did you know the brand actually invented the hoodie? If you love a good comeback story, check out Champion’s claim to re-fame. 

14. Baggu Horizontal Duck Bag $34

We all love the classic Baggu duck bag for it’s stash and go design. But what made this horizontal duck bag worthy of our top 40 holiday gifts lists is the reimagined horizontal design that’s perfect for stashing your laptop, files, gym duds, and just about anything else you want close at hand. 


15. Stanley 7qt Cooler $50

The 7-quart leak-proof cooler with an adjustable bungee system for securing bottles is one of the holiday gifts for employees that you are going to want for yourself! It’s from the Stanley Adventure Series Collection and keeps things cold all day long, or more specifically 27 hours! Plus, with Stanley’s amazing efforts toward sustainability, you can give this gift with confidence to your most valuable clients!  

16. Public Goods Safety Kit $50

Need great gift ideas for employees on a budget? Public Goods Safety Kit is one that never goes out of style. Featuring a ten-pack of KN95 respirator masks with five layers of filter protection, a 2-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer gel and a 2-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer spray. With the highly contagious Delta Variant spreading, this Safety Kit it’s a thoughtful gift that spreads goodwill. 

17.  Ovalware Cold Brew Maker $36

Hot tea, cold brew...Ovalware’s Cold Brew Maker is all about perfecting your favorite cup of joe! And because cold brew is less acidic than hot brewing, you get a smooth, richer taste. Plus, it locks in freshness and flavor for up to two weeks! When you want to give quality that won’t blow your budget, this cold brew maker makes a great holiday corporate gift idea for under $40! For more tasty ideas, check out these edible corporate holiday gifts. 

18. Topo Designs Nylon Camp Hat $32

Perfect for camping, packing, crazy hair, rushed mornings, sunny days and just about everyday in between. The 5-panel Nylon Camp hat is the perfect take along for all of life’s adventure and is one of our favorite holiday swag bag ideas. 

19. Miir Vacuum Insulated Traveler $27.95

You can’t have a holiday corporate gift idea list without including great drinkware like this 16 ounce stainless steel insulated travel tumbler from Miir. It keeps liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. But what makes this an impressive company holiday gift is that Miir gives back to trackable projects. So when you give a customized tumbler for example, your recipient receives a give code that allows them to see the story behind the purchase.  

20. Carhartt Canvas Packable Duffel $45

As far as inexpensive corporate holiday gifts go, this Carhartt canvas is a steal. That’s because it’s basically two bags in one thanks to the separate utility pouch that can be used to store your duffel or on its own. The packable duffel keeps water out and all your stuff neatly inside. Plus, with a dependable brand like Carhartt you’ll be proud to personalize it with your company’s logo. 

Holiday Swag Ideas - $100 and Under

21. Viski Barware Set $60

Top top holiday gifts for employees that set you apart from the usual swag—distinguished barware. This 4-piece set from Viski with a heavyweight cocktail shaker, Hawthorne strainer, double-sided jigger with measurements, and a weighted bar spoon is the pleasant surprise they didn’t know they wanted. 

22. Marine Layer Quarter Zip $88

There are good gifts and then there are stellar gifts. This Marine Layer quarter zip is the latter and is great for bulk corporate holiday gifts. Why? For starters it’s the definition of soft and the touch of stretch lends to all-day comfort. It’s fool-proof for holidays and is an easy win when investing in gifts for employees appreciation. 

23. Morihata Sasawashi Room Shoes $67

For those on the hunt for ahh-mazing corporate holiday gifts for clients and employees alike, you can’t go wrong with room shoes from Morihata. With longevity, simplicity and comfort as their core values, these Sasawashi room shoes deliver! Plus, their natural deodorizing properties prohibit mildew from growing and the fibers from breaking down.  

24. Torsten Knitted Blanket $95

Great corporate holiday gifts should be fun and functional. Luckily, this Torsten Kitted 100% cotton blanket brings all the snuggly warmth you want for lounging with the sleek design that’s paramount for displaying when they aren't. Ask your Gemnote rep how you can customize with your logo for ultimate swag points.  

25. Haus Duo Set $63

Need holiday gifts for clients that will have them talking well past the next year? Let the Haus Duo Set bring the cheer! With flaves like Grapefruit Jalapeño, Rose Rosé and more you can diy holiday swag lets you build the perfect set they’ll really want to toast to! 


26. North Face Tech 1/4 Fleece $60

Your customers and employees will love the softness of this Fleece pullover with stretch for max-mobility while you’ll love the amazing value from none other than The North Face. Plus, with a contrast logo on the sleeve, you’ve got ample room to add yours just about anywhere for one of the best personalized corporate holiday gifts around. 

27. Carhartt 36-Can Cooler $84

Ready to highlight your company’s cool factor? This Carhartt 36-Can Cooler packs the fun in corporate holiday gifts ideas. In fact, thanks to its insulated main compartment that’s seamed-sealed to prevent leaks, your best clients will be thinking of you on all their upcoming excursions

28. North Face Zip Fleece Jacket $100

If it’s corporate holiday gifts for employees you're seeking, why not get something they’re sure to love and you can customize with your company’s logo? That way your diy holiday swag multi-tasks as a branded piece that’s perfect for events, casual Fridays, networking and more.  

29. Topo Designs Rover Pack $99

Another favorite among corporate holiday gifts for customers & clients, this Top Designs Rover Pack will have them searching for their next journey. Mountains, trailhead, workday commute—thanks to the durable construction this Rover Pack goes everywhere and anywhere in style! 

30. Packable Quilted Blanket $77

This packable quilted blanket is one of the Covid holiday gifts for employees that may have you considering opening your own swag store. Perfect for  concerts, picnics, the beach, and just about anything thanks to its mostly sustainably-produced lightweight, washable material. 

Luxury Corporate Holiday Gifts Ideas - $200 and Under

31. North Face Everyday Insulated Jacket $140

When it comes to corporate branded holiday gifts, The North Face consistently tops the list. With superior quality that’s keen on adventures, gifts like this Everyday Insulated Jacket will be the one that wear on repeat.  

32. Picbot $200

Not sure what Picbot is and why your employees and clients will flip for it? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you. Pitbot is like having your own videographer wherever you go. Just download the app and let the bluetooth remote do the rest. With 360 degrees auto rotation and facial tracking it’s one of the best holiday gifts for employees! 

33. Stormtech Juneau Hoody $120

Remember, not all hoodies are created equally. So when you’re on a quest for the most unique high end corporate gifts, don’t overlook everyday essentials.  And, this coveted Juneau Knit Hoody provides excellent warmth and a low-key sleek design. Plus, with 3 zippered pockets, soft knit fleece, and even an audio port, it didn’t skip a detail.     

34. North Face ThermoBall Jacket $199

Need creative corporate gift ideas for those extra-special employees on your list who always go above and beyond the call of duty? Consider this ThermoBall Jacket by The North Face, their perfect “clothe-mate.” Water-repellent, insulated, and featuring a hem cinch cord, pockets and more, this packable synthetic jacket works almost as hard as they do. 

35. Kinto Coffee Brewer Set $187.50

Finally, a coffee brewer set your recipient will actually want to show off on their countertops. With it’s sleek design and dishwasher and microwave-safe features, the Kinto Coffee Brewer set is worth its weight in gold as far as holiday gifts for clients and employees go. 

36.  Marine Layer Corbet Pullover $145

With an almost perfect 5 star rating, this Corbet pullover by Marine Layer, is soft, warm and best of all, reversible! When you’re looking for holiday gifts for clients and employees that go above and beyond, this one delivers!

37. JBL Live 660NC Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones $199

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays sometimes the best corporate Christmas gifts for clients and employees are those that promote peace and quiet. So while you can’t give peace on earth, you can ensure they can get a break when they need it most with these noise cancelling headphones by JBL.  

38. Solo New York Re:Treat Carry-On Luggage $153

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal” — Paulo Coelho

Help your employees and clients embrace their next adventure with a bag as eco-friendly as it is design savvy thanks to the recycled water bottles it’s constructed from. If your looking to give upscale corporate gifts that are sustainable, this Re:treat Carry On Luggage bag by Solo New York is a game changer. In fact they are planting a tree for everyone who takes the 30 days plastic free challenge

39. Apple Watch S3  $199

From it’s practically effortless set-up to hard core features like an emergency SOS and an optical heart sensor, it’s like a lifesafer and boredom buster in one sleek design. Connect with Siri, meditate, sleep better, work out harder, and basically app it up. The Apple Watch (or should we say electronic brain for the wrist) is one of the best high end corporate holiday gifts around. 

40. JBL Charge 5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker,  $179.95

Looking for holiday tech gifts for employees that speak (or sing) volumes? How about a speaker that lets your employees and clients party til the cows come home. That’s because this Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker features a whopping 20 hours of battery life- and will allow them to charge and play simultaneously. Not to mention their Cool Summer Tour is bringing people together safely and bringing the music! 

Remember, when it comes time to invest in holiday gifts for business clients the experienced staff at Gemnote has you covered! From presenting you a curated collection of ideas for company holiday gifts and showing you creative ways to customize your holiday swag items, (think etching, embroidery, imprinting, screen printing, leather de-bossing and more to fulfillment and warehousing, let the  knowledgeable staff at Gemnote do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business. 


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