Best Sustainable Swag Ideas & Corporate Gifts

October 4, 2021

Discover sustainable corporate gifts and swag ideas recipients will love.

Our Picks for Sustainable Giftables & Giveaways

1. Solo New York Parker Hybrid Ladies Tote

If you’re looking for sustainable luxury corporate gifts for women, this hybrid tote makes an excellent choice. Not only is it elegantly sleek and stylish, it transforms into a backpack and has lots of thoughtful design details making it sure to be a favorite that gets a lot of use. There is also the cachet of the Solo New York brand since the company received the 2020 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. They received the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award for their Re:cycled Collection, and in addition to producing eco-friendly bags, the company aims to remove 40 million plastic bottles from landfills by 2024.

2. Gel-Cool Bento Box

Created with sustainability in mind, these reusable BPA-free Gel-Cool bento boxes not only eliminate the use of one-time use plastic, but keep food fresh and safe for four hours. If you’re looking for sustainable merchandise ideas for onboarding employees, this is a good one—especially when you pair it with reusable bamboo utensils.

3. North Face Ladies Everyday Vest

Lightly quilted vest with color-blocked design is a chill-fighting must-have, not only because it’s a primo brand but also because it uses 100% recycled polyester taffeta for the body and lining.

North Face is a brand known for the intentional and innovative way they create products, and helping you shop sustainably as well as understand how to take care of and extend the life of your gear, to giving used gear a second life. This is a find for those seeking luxury sustainable gifts.

4. Oceanides Eyewear Istro Blue

These expensive-looking polarized sunglasses are made from 100% recycled materials, so they aren’t as pricey as they look. Their on-trend design and polarized lenses make them the perfect complement to your everyday life, and the perfect sustainable conference swag for events held in sunny locales. Create sustainable gift baskets with sunglasses, sunscreen and a branded water bottle.

5. Bamboo Cutlery 

All-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo cutlery set has it all: fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, and even a reusable straw with its own cleaner brush. This reusable set rolls up nicely to fit  in your car, purse, backpack, or lunchbox so you can say no to single-use plastic utensils when you’re on the go. Crafted by Zero Waste MVMT, a Canadian company that uses plastic-free in recycled cardboard boxes, sealed with paper tape. And a tree is planted with every purchase! Sustainable gift bag item ideas don’t get any better than this!

6. KeepCup Brew Cork Cup

KeepCup Brew Cork cup was created as one of the first reusable to-go coffee cups made specifically to barista standards. The durable, tempered glass and sustainably-harvested cork band are sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Thoughtful, ergonomic design features will make this a favorite for any beverage and an excellent sustainable brand promotional item. Want to put together sustainable gift boxes? Pair this cup with Fair Trade coffee beans and some tasty snacks!

7. Oceanides Eyewear Yellow Nile

Like their blue counterparts above, these expensive-looking polarized sunglasses are made from 100% recycled materials, so they aren’t as pricey as they look. Their on-trend design and polarized lenses make them the perfect complement to your everyday life, and the perfect sustainable conference swag for events held in sunny locales. Put together a sustainable gift box with sunglasses, sunscreen, a packable hat, and portable fan!

8. Cotopaxi Bataan Hip Pack

Once the butt of many jokes (ahem), the fanny pack is now the bag of choice for active folks on the go who need to keep the essentials handy and their hands free. Cotopaxi’s Bataan Hip Pack is crafted from 100% repurposed, lightweight, remnant nylon fabric, and each is one of a kind because every pack is a unique color combo. As sustainable swag examples go, this one gets added value from the fact that Cotopaxi is both B Corp certified and Climate Neutral certified. Don’t forget that you can use this bag as sustainable gift wrapping for smaller items.

9. Bucky Sleep Masks

The health-zapping effects of poor sleep have negative repercussions in all areas of our lives. Complete darkness has been proven to help many people get a better night’s sleep, which is why eye masks are really catching on. Bucky sleep masks are lightweight, smooth, and breathable, with lots of creative design features built in for maximum comfort. Plus, they are made with safe, non-toxic glues to be better for the environment, and safer for the delicate eye area. These make terrific sustainable trade show swag for business travelers.

10. Tartan Wool Blanket

The Tartan Blanket Co. is a small Scottish family-owned brand that offers lovingly-designed wool blankets and scarves woven from sustainably-sourced recycled wool, lambswool, and cashmere. Their goal is to be a Positive Impact Company—not just avoiding leaving a negative footprint on our planet, but to trying to leave “a positive handprint and a bit more love in our wake.” Choosing to give a cozy gift from such a brand can only reflect well on yours. You can even use a beautiful scarf as sustainable gift wrapping.

11. Hanes Eco-Smart Sweatshirt

If you’re on the hunt for good sustainable swag items of clothing, consider this sweatshirt from Hanes. It gets points for sustainability because it’s made with up to 5% polyester created from recycled plastic. Plus it’s engineered with reinforced neck and armholes for extra durability. That plus the soft, durable, pill-resistant fleece make for a sweatshirt that will get worn many, many times (marketing your brand every time).

12. Public Goods Wool Dryer Balls

Unlike fabric softener sheets for the dryer that contain chemicals, wool dryer balls not only eliminate static cling, they actually improve the drying cycle by separating large clumps of wet clothing, allowing air to circulate evenly and thus reducing the time and energy needed for the perfect dry. Public Goods wool dryer balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool which is why they are ultra-durable and long-lasting. Use these for sustainable swag giveaways to show you’re on the ball.

13. Solo New York Re:Claim Backpack

The heathered gray fabric used to make this urban-cool backpack is created from recycled PET bottles and the bag design has thoughtful details like two top loops to hold a jacket or umbrella, and back straps to slide over your luggage pull handles. From Solo New York’s Re:Cycle Collection, this bag has to be one of the best sustainable corporate gifts for employees, getting max points for eco-friendliness, sustainability, plus superior design and functionality. Use the backpack as sustainable swag bag ideas for onboarding new employees by filling it with smaller sustainable custom gifts bearing your company brand.

14. Slippers

If you’re looking for sustainable Christmas gift ideas, comfy room shoes are a great gender-neutral gift that everyone will appreciate. Plus, ditching street shoes by the door and wearing room shoes inside does wonders for keeping your home environment cleaner and safer. And that means you use less power vacuuming and fewer chemicals cleaning. For easy giving you could also try sustainable gift cards. 

15. HoMedics TotalClean Portable Air Purifier

Small enough to fit in your car's cup holder, this air purifier is a big help when it comes to reducing allergens, germs and odors in the air at home, at the office, or on the road, in three ways:

  • 360° HEPA-type filtration helps reduce allergens
  • UV-C light helps kill bacteria, virus, mold and fungus
  • Prefilter captures large particle while activated carbon helps reduce odors


It’s a combo of self care and eco-friendly that belongs on your sustainable corporate gifting list.

16. The North Face Dipsea Cover It Gaiter

A gaiter (or neck gaiter) is a tube of fabric originally designed to be worn during outdoor activities, like skiing and running, to provide light warmth and moisture wicking from the neck and head. People have also discovered that gaiters work well as an alternative to face masks as protection from COVID. The North Face Dipsea Cover It gaiter offers extra comfort and protective benefits with super soft wicking jersey-knit fabric and a 40+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

17. Baggu Reusable Tote

When it comes to sustainable giveaways—specifically sustainable conference giveaways—a reusable tote is a crowd pleaser. Not only is it instantly useful as a carryall during the conference, but it will advertise your brand every time it is used thereafter. Baggu, is a company committed to sustainability. They minimize waste and increase the durability of their bags by assembling each from one continuous piece of recycled nylon. Looking for sustainable fabric gift bags? Look no further. Tuck in some branded bamboo pens and a sustainable swag customize notebook for your sustainable event giveaways.

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