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April 20, 2020

Searching for the most unique retirement gifts for women? Is your friend or co-worker retiring soon? Well, you arrive at the right spot. Here, you can see a wide variety of retirement gifts for women. We will also give creative ideas for retirement gifts for women and where to buy them.

Retirement, especially for ladies, is an important milestone. This is why many are searching for unique retirement gifts for women. It is the final phase of their working career and the start of a new life chapter. Whenever someone is retiring soon, the party always comes to the scene. So, if you get an invitation, better prepare a great gift. You see, giving a gift is a special gesture. Not only do you show that you appreciate the invitation but also because you care about the person.

When you are searching for the most unique retirement gifts for women, make it personal. Know some important details about her like her favorite wine or the country she wants to tour. Whatever interests her, we just have the perfect gift for her.

Customized Coasters

This is one of the unique retirement gifts for women who collect novelty items such as coasters. The laser-engraved Google Campus Map on these coasters make them look very exclusive. Your friend or co-worker will surely appreciate your effort in finding such a creative gift.

Laser-etched Wood Coasters of Google Campus Map

Laser-etched Wood Coasters of Google Campus Map

Eco-friendly Tote Bags

One of the common goals among soon-to-retire women is to shop and to travel. What better way to do it than with a personalized tote. This is one of the best retirement gifts for women since it's practical and personalized. Whoever receives this tote will appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness

This tote bag wins a spot as one of the unique retirement gifts for women. It's trendy, practical and fit for ladies who love shopping.

Canvas Market Tote (SanMar) $12

Canvas Market Tote (SanMar) - Baggu Duck Bag

Specially Designed Mugs

For coffee lover retirees, this is one of the most unique retirement gifts for women they could ever receive.

Since you understand that retirement can mean more relaxation at home then this mug is perfect. Not only because you know that your co-worker loves coffee, but also this mug is special. She can enjoy fresh brew anytime she wants.

This press mug is handy that she can bring it on vacation or during family camping. All she needs are ground coffee beans and hot water to savor the rich blend. 

French Press Mug $20, Speckled Enamel Mug $8

kinto-cafepress Speckled Enamel Mug

Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup and Wine Tote

Who wouldn’t want to bring your favorite wine anywhere? This combo is a hit retirement gift for men and women. With this wine cup, they can enjoy sipping on their wine while they tour. This cup has triple insulation inside to ensure perfect chill for the wine. In fact, its triple insulation keeps the wine chilled for 25 hours. Also, it is equipped with a silicone bottom to prevent slipping off the table.

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the wine tote. This makes carrying wine safe and handy. Surely, your soon-to-retire dad or employee will love this gift combo.

Wine Tote $16, Corkcicle Stemless $24

Wine Tote - Corkcicle-Stemless-Glass - Stemless_12ozTumbler

Travel Pack with Custom Luggage Tag

When retirement comes into the scene, you cannot dismiss the subject on travel and vacation. These great retirement gifts for women are perfect for their upcoming tours and vacations. Aside from being practical, these gifts won’t break your savings. So, if your friends or employees are travel junkies, these are your best picks.

Custom Dopp Kit $13, Custom Luggage Tag $5, Personal Hand Sanitizer, Travel Lint Roller $8

Custom Dopp Kit - Travel Lint Roller - Custom Luggage Tag - Personal Hand Sanitizer

Cozy Holiday at Home - $30 (Originally $32)

Modern Dopp Kit, Insulated Camp Mug, Hammond’s Chocolate Bar, Custom Enamel Pin

If you are looking for the best retirement gifts for women who love the outdoors, then these are perfect. These are great additions to their camping gears. The insulated mug will keep their coffees warm while they stargaze or sing around the campfire. And when they want some midnight snacking, these Hammond's chocolate bars come in handy.

For adventurous soon-to-retire colleagues, these gifts are essential. Additionally, you can put them along with other camping accessories in one gift basket.

Modern Dopp Kit, Insulated Camp Mug, Hammond’s Chocolate Bar, Custom Enamel Pin

PF Reed Diffuser, Custom Frame 8x8, Custom Jersey Blanket with Tag

Some soon-to-retire women enjoy the cozy breeze of farm life. If someone close to you has this nature, then these personalized gifts for women you may consider. They can enjoy the relaxing scent of their favorite essential oils through this diffuser. While this blanket keeps them warm during gloom weather.

Here is why we know that these are great retirement gift ideas for women. Imagine, sitting in a quiet place with no paperwork and quotas to think about. Then you gaze at the beautiful scenery while breathing the scent of lavender. You cover yourself with a blanket that adds warmth to your body. Finally, you sip on your coffee and enjoy the rest of the day. Now, that’s one pleasurable way to enjoy retirement.

Customer love box 2 - $65 

PF Reed Diffuser, Custom Frame 8x8, Custom Jersey Blanket with Tag

Factors To Consider In Buying The Best retirement Gifts

Buying the most unique retirement gifts for women is a little tricky. You see, ladies have a lot in common yet they also have different preferences. In order to assist you in finding the best retirement gifts for women, read on.

Know the Hobbies

Yes, this is one way of understanding what gifts to give a retiring woman. If she likes arts and crafts, then giving her crafting tools is perfect. Maybe she likes a good read? Why don't you give her a new book from her favorite author? 

You see, women retiring soon will have ample time to do her hobbies. And giving a great retirement gift is a way to keep her reminded of you. This will keep your bonding intact even if you might not see each other often at work.

Know Future Pursuits

Buying great retirement gifts for women has to be well-thought of.This is quite similar to knowing her hobbies. However, this time it's something she plans to do after retirement. If she has expressed interest in gardening, then garden tools and seeds are great gifts. Same way, if she plans to do sewing or crocheting, tools for these activities are excellent.

Ask the Spouse

What better way to know the interests of a retiring officemate, friend or teacher than her husband? This is a no-brainer. Of course, a woman retiring soon tells her husband of her future plans. This will give you an idea of which best retirement gift to give her.

Know What She Needs

Giving useful items are the best retirement gifts for women. You can do that by asking the person what she really needs for her upcoming retirement. Does she need a new suitcase for her future vacations? How about a new cookbook for her cooking pursuit? To save yourself from thinking of what gifts to give your colleague or friend, just ask them.

Little Stalking

This may sound creepy. But hear us out. If you want to surprise your friend or your soon-to-retire secretary, you need to know her interests without her knowledge. And this is where a little stalking at work is necessary. Of course, you are doing this to find the unique retirement gift to give her.

Group Gifts

There are many less expensive yet special retirement gifts for women available online. In case, you are considering a group gift for your soon-to-retire colleague. You and your colleagues can chip in to buy expensive retirement gifts for her. More than the cost, your gift will remind her of your group’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

Think of her favorite purse brand or her most desired tea set. If these retirement gifts are way above your budget, then group gifts are a good option. There are many less expensive yet special retirement gifts for women available online. Go ahead and start browsing the net.

Be Creative

Think of something that reminds you of your retiring colleague. Then use it as an inspiration to create an art piece for her. Why not make a frame or a collage of her pictures doing her routine? How about a message board containing sweet messages from everyone in your department? Just make sure to frame it nicely and seal it properly.

Being creative is another way of giving unique retirement gifts for women. If you have the knack for papier mache or knitting, you can create personalized retirement gifts for anyone.

Small Gifts

Lavish or expensive retirement gifts for women aren’t always necessary. This is true if you don’t know the person very well. You can buy small tokens like scented candles, charmed bracelets or a mug. Remember, it's the thought that matters more.

Theater or Game Tickets

Getting the most unique retirement gifts for women doesn’t always mean material stuff. For many, the experience is more memorable than material gifts. If your mom or your mother-in-law is retiring soon, theater and game tickets are perfect.

You can give her and her husband tickets to watch a play. If it’s their first time, then it’s going to be special. Subsequently, if it was their way of dating before, then this will let them experience it again.

Another option is by giving them game tickets. For sure, she had missed watching her favorite football or baseball teams during her working years. Since her retirement is approaching, it is best to let her experience watching her favorite team play live.

Simple Yet Memorable

Some folks are sentimental, and that’s perfectly fine. If your soon-to-retire employee or colleague is quite sentimental. You can compile all your pictures celebrating the company’s anniversary or the holidays.

Then have them placed in a beautiful album and give it during her farewell party. It is simple but definitely one of those unique retirement gifts for women that you can give.

Retirement Gifts Buying Guide

You already know the factors to consider when buying retirement gifts for women. The following, however, are tips to make your purchase less complicated.

1) Avoid Redundant Gifts

This simply means avoid buying unique retirement gifts for women that are repetitive. Among these are a handkerchief, pen or a planner. These are most likely to be given by those who are too busy to find personalized gifts.

But if you are close to a soon-to-retire colleague, then choose something special. Try not to give common office or work related items like notebooks or key chain. Come on, you can do better than that.

2) Make Your Gift A Surprise

There’s nothing more exciting than not knowing someone is giving you a gift. When you want to surprise your soon-to-retire teacher or friend, never give them a clue. Once you have the best retirement gifts for women teachers, give it when she least expects it.

Learn their interests or retirement plans discreetly so they won’t have an inkling. You can give it during her class session or while she packs her things in her office.

More than the gift, the surprise and experience are more memorable for her. If you know her personally, you can think of creative ways to surprise her. Actually, you can conspire with her family or with your colleagues so you can execute the plan properly.

Even if you want to know what they want or their retirement plans

3) Buy Good Quality Gifts

Quality is different from being useful and functional. You may give them something useful, but if it’s low quality it may not last. Buy unique retirement gifts for women that are both high quality and functional. This way, your soon-to-retire friend can use your gift for years. Keep in mind that quality does not mean an exorbitant price.

Don’t give someone a gift just for the sake of gifting. Take time to buy something worth your money. Never buy retirement gifts for women because they are cute and fancy. Always go for something of high quality, useful and special.

4) Well-thought Gifts

Earlier in this article, we give the factors to consider when buying unique retirement gifts for women. Hence, this should not be a problem for you. Well-thought-of gifts are different from expensive ones. When you give someone, especially close to you, give her something personalized.

This gives her the idea that you did take the time to buy her a special gift. Ask yourself these questions to know if your gifts are well thought of. Does she need these after retirement? Will these be useful for her retirement pursuits? Will this remind her of you? Are these related to or part of her hobbies?

Answer these simple questions and you’re ready to buy those perfect retirement gifts.

Where to Buy Retirement Gifts?

By now, you already have few ideas on the best retirement gifts for women. This time, you need to find the best places to buy them. Here are the three best places to buy the most unique retirement gifts for women.

Online Shops

With the current trend, it’s undeniable that online shops are the best sources of unique retirement gifts. We at Gemnote have wide selections of special retirement gifts for men and women. Be it your spouse, your secretary, your colleague or daughter – we have everything you need.

Online shops the best source of ideas for retirement gifts for women  because they are easily accessible. Furthermore, most of them offer free shipment and charge minimal for special wrapping. Through online shopping, you can browse different products simultaneously to help you select the best. You can even compare prices and read reviews from actual customers. This frees you from the hassle of going out to search for that perfect gift. Using online shops, you just click, select and wait for its delivery. Everything is easy and fast.

Novelty Stores

If you have the luxury of time to check out some novelty stores in your area, then great. They can be the best places to find unique retirement gifts for women. A novelty store is a perfect source of items for collections. If your soon-to-retire mother or employee is into collecting novelty items, this can be a good source.

However, not everyone has the time to explore all the shelves of all novelty stores in the city. This can be taxing and time-consuming. Not to mention that they may not have the best retirement gifts that you’re looking for. Therefore, if you know of novelty stores that sell the items you want, then go for it. Otherwise, just shop online.

Favorite Bookstore

Buying the best retirement gifts for women does not apply in most cases. It is only recommended if your soon-to-retire friend or colleague wants a hardbound book. If you know that she loves reading, then giving her a book from her admired author is perfect. She will certainly appreciate your effort. It may be a little pricey, but hey it’s a gift for a person close to you.

Retirement is a momentous event that calls for a great celebration. It is indeed a major milestone for hard working women. This is the time when she will have ample time to check off her bucket-list of activities.

Soon-to-retire women can now catch up on their hobbies and personal pursuits that they kept aside for years. So, it is just right to give them special gifts they can use to fulfill these things. You want to make this chapter in their lives special, so always give unique retirement gifts for women.

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