15 Ideas for Custom Holiday Packaging

September 16, 2021

Discover the best, professional gift packing ideas for events and holidays.

When it comes to gift-giving, it is the thought that matters. But when it comes to corporate gift-giving, it’s that thought your gift conveys that matters. And you want your gift to not only dazzle your recipient but have them speaking fondly of your company to their friends and family. 

If you’re packaging is shabby and falling apart at the seams, your customer or employees’ first impression isn’t very high, and your recipient hasn’t even gotten to the gift! Don’t let bad packaging ruin an otherwise great gift. With a little thought and help from Gemnote, you can get professional holiday packaging supplies and ideas for an unforgettable gift experience! 

15 Creative Holiday Gifts Packing Ideas

1. Go fully custom!

What better way to up show off your branding than with custom packaging boxes with logo? It’s a brilliant way to create a strong first impression from the very start!  Plus, with perfect folds and sides that tuck just right, it keeps your swag damage-free, and your presentation professional.  

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

2. The Perfect Wrap 

Custom wrapping paper for gifts is always a win! And choosing a clean design like this one from Catherine Lewis Design which features modern botanicals and is also environmentally friendly thanks to the recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. 

3. Add a little something festive to the ribbon  

Your printed packaging boxes are just the beginning. Once your recipient opponents the box, it’s all about the swag! With a custom hangtag, you’ll have another opportunity to display your logo for a memorable corporate gift. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

4. A warm—or commanding welcome 

You know the old saying, It’s not what you say, but how you say it? Well, we think that would definitely apply here! Whether it’s a warm welcome and empowering statement (a little levity could be fun) or maybe something pertaining to your company, culture, product, service, or even what your recipient will find inside, this is an instant cure (and possible Instagram-worthy) for boring packaging!

5. Go Green 

So you went the extra mile in finding quality, sustainable holiday swag? Don’t let the packaging distract from your eco-friendly gift. With compostable poly mailers and recycled materials, your gift is a representation of your company values. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

6. Print your message in the box 

Sure it’s about the thought, but it’s also about all the extras! Plus, this is a great way to highlight your company’s tagline, website address, hashtag, special message, or even a call to action, like posting their pic with your gift on social. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

7. Sustainable fabric, pockets, and all the extras… 

Looking for surprise gift packing ideas that are sure to delight? These reusable fabric wrap options are sure to deliver! Especially since after the gift is unwrapped the fabric can be used to decorate a tabletop and more. Best of all, with fabric, you can wrap gifts of all shapes and sizes without having to worry about unsightly rips. Need holiday packaging for baked goods? Fabric works great for this too, and can even dub as an oversized napkin so your recipient can dig in! Not sure how to wrap your corporate swag gift with fabric? Check out this simple how-to from Better Homes and Gardens.  

Now that you have the wrapping covered, you may be wondering if your gift will live up to your eco-friendly packaging. Don’t worry, these 20 sustainable swag gift ideas have you covered. 

8. Just add color… lots of brand-loving color! 

Your holiday gifts packing boxes can actually strengthen your marketing efforts. Plus, what better way to bring on the festivities than with your company’s colors. Remember, just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you should shy away from your company’s brand pallet. If anything you should keep your branding consistent.

And if you still want to incorporate something different for the holidays? You can always use a metallic color for your holiday base, like silver or gold, or reverse out your logo. Just remember, your overall gift should still look like your company branding even when you can’t see the logo. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumi 

9. Reinforce your brand!

Whether you realize it or not, brand recognition plays an important part in your marketing efforts. And when it comes time to put the finishing touch on your packaging, make sure your gift speaks volumes without saying a word. By reinforcing your brand—on the packaging box design, inserts, business cards, and even your customized swag, you’re giving your company all the love it deserves. 

Photo Courtesy of Lumi

10. Add a breath of fresh air to the inside!

As you're thinking through holiday gifts packing ideas, thinks about more than just what your recipient sees. After all, the perfect gift can create a mood by delighting your recipient’s sense of smell. With candles, potpourri, scented drawer sachets, mints, and more you can give a breath of fresh air! Another holiday gift packaging idea is to focus on textures or add bells for a little more holiday jingle to entice their senses. 

Shown: Sweet Water Decor Soy Candle and Simply Mints in Awaken

11. Dress up an everyday kraft box!

Holiday gifts packing list: branded packaging tape and stickers. One of the easiest ways to dress up an everyday craft box without investing in customized printing is by adding stickers and custom tape to it! It’s an easy win to add to your logo. Plus, these extras can also be used for personalized treat boxes and holiday food packaging. 

Tip: If you keep your holiday packaging tape more generic you can use it all year round.  

Photo Courtesy of Lumi

12. Skip the wrap and go for a bag. 

Keep your branding consistent and let your gift be the holiday cheer.
Your logo and brand standards are nothing to be taken lightly. If you do not want to invest in your packaging, make sure to keep your aesthetics clean and your branding consistent with a custom swag gift, so that you can keep your brand awareness going strong. 

Trying to use up your inventory of plain kraft bags? Ask your Gemnote rep about printing your logo on transparent stickers so you can add in your own branding. 

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13. The perfect sentiment that keeps on growing!

A special card that’s also a seedling? Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving! When it comes to seasonal packaging gift boxes why not throw in a seedling card to wow them now and also delight them in the spring with fresh blooms? 

14. Skip the paper all-together and think reusable!

Why not replace big and small packaging boxes with reusable bags? For the recipient, it’s like getting two gifts in one! For you, it’s like getting an extra dose of brand marketing power. After all, today’s gift bag is tomorrow’s grocery bag, errand runner, and commute helper. Just make sure you customize it with your logo in a prominent place, since there is no telling all of the places it will go!  


Photo curtousy of Baggu and Lumi

15. Think Outside The Box 

Still haven’t found the packaging box design of your dreams? Not to worry, we’ll help you get there! Talk to a staff member at Gemnote for more “out of the box” ideas that will take your holiday swag gift from extra to extraordinary! And for more insanely clever inspiration, check out these packaging gems

Have all of these great packaging ideas left you rethinking your gift? Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for a slew of great swag for your VIPs, customers, prospects, employees, and just about everyone else on your company’s list that’s just in time for the holidays. Or, reach out to one of the helpful reps at Gemnote. Not only are they experts when it comes to great swag, but they can also create a collection of gift ideas to meet your company’s objectives and budget. In addition, they also can give you more ideas for seasonal packaging gift boxes too.

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