15 Best Gifts For Interior Design Employees and Clients

May 19, 2021

Explore the best swag bag ideas for interior designers and clients.

5 Tips for Universal & Unique Gifts 

When it comes to swag, gifts for interior decorators may take a little more thought than your average customer, so once you find that perfect gift you want to invest in  you can bet all of your employees and customers will like it too.  

  1. Keep it modern. Interior design gifts with clean lines and minimal patterns will blend in easier to any decor taste. So when it comes to swag, think modern. 
  2. Keep it functional. Downsizing is not just a trend, it’s a way of life. When you give a gift that’s functional, it’s less likely to be forgotten on a shelf collecting dust or even —gasp— regifted.   
  3. Keep it neutral. While neons, hot hues, and expressive brights might demand our attention, choosing more natural hues will fit in more seamlessly and allow your recipient to accessorize in a way that suits their taste. Not to mention, the gift can continue to evolve no matter how many times their taste (or the color of the year) may change.  
  4. Keep it unique. You know the saying, don’t reinvent the wheel? Well, you don’t have to score a gift straight from Shark Tank to invest in something unique. From mugs, kettles, candlesticks, fabric ware, coasters — it’s definitely all been done. Gemstone can help you find unique, everyday products to spoil all your best employees and clients. 
  5. Keep quality in mind. It may be the thought that counts, but it’s the quality that lasts. Whether you’re investing in apparel, accessories, home decor, consumables—high quality gifts will go a long way in making your recipient feel appreciated and will also reflect well on your company.   

15 Gifts For Design Enthusiasts

1. Fellow Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs

Sure, it’s a mug, but one unlike any other. With a modern, matte design and a sleek copper accent, this innovative mug is not only inspiring, but the handle-free design is a cool space saver when not on display. And, speaking of cool, its double wall insulation keeps your hands from burning while sipping your favorite cup of joe. 

Looking for a one of a kind mug for your home interior gift swag? Look for features similar to this Joey Double Wall Ceramic mug from Fellow in your choice colors and sizes. 

2. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle  

Kettles can get a bad rap for making water taste, shall we say, not so fresh thanks to water chlorine, chemical coatings, and other unpleasantries. Thanks to this well crafted Stagg EKG Electric Kettle from Fellow you can get a fresh cup of tea—or other hot water favorite— any time. 

An innovative kettle with stunning minimalist design like this one from Fellow makes perfect gadgets for architects thanks to its temperature control, quick heat time, 60 minute hold mode and more.  

3. Pocketo Puzzle 

While puzzles never really went away, they did have a spike in popularity when the pandemic hit. And finding one that’s equal parts fabulous and unique can be a challenge. Thanks to these well crafted puzzle designs by Areaware, nailing your interior designer gifts is a perfect fit. 

A soothing, stress relief that breaks the monotony of screen scrolling while keeping the mind sharp, puzzles can also be great diy gift ideas for architects. 


4. Poketo Packable Backpack 

Looking for small gift ideas for architects? Look no farther than the Pocketo Packable backpack! This minimalistic essential really packs a punch thanks to it’s ability to keep things in place when you need it and pack up small for a space-saving design when you don’t.  

As far as gift ideas for creatives go, look for items they can appreciate everyday like this unstructured nylon packable backpack from Poketo. 

5. Areaware Bitmap Textiles Coasters 

Who wouldn’t appreciate an eye pleasing coaster? But when it comes to functionality, it’s overlooked until you get a faulty one that, while pretty enough to leave out on your coffee table, fails to do its one main job—keep your table free from unsightly rings! Thanks to these Textile Bitmap Coasters from Areaware you get both: beauty and a beast of function. Plus their reversible design is perfect for mixing things up.   

If your budget is falling short, and you need cheap gifts for interior designers, don’t overlook the necessity and affordability of a great coaster. 

6. Areaware Reality Hand Bowl 

If you're looking to infuse a little light hearted fun in your custom merch collection, then this Reality Hand Bowl from Areaware is worth getting your hands on. See what we did there? 

Aesthetically pleasing bowls in neutral colors like this one from Areaware are super versatile, yet unique in their own way and make perfect gifts for interior design clients.

7.  Hasami Teapot 

When it comes to spoiling customers and employees with interior design gift ideas, nothing could be more sweet and serene as a teapot. From it’s simple yet quality design, it all but invites you to take some time for tea.   

Thinking a teapot should top your list gift ideas for creatives? Make it extra special by throwing in a set of tea leaves. 

8. Kinto Brewer Stand  

Design professionals know quality when they see it. And thanks to this innovative slow brew Kinto Brewer Stand with 4 cups, you can gift unforgettable items while they can appreciate the finer things in life.  

If you’re looking for memorable gifts for design enthusiasts (even the most picky of the bunch) then, look for serious quality products, like this Kinto Brewer stand,  with simple silhouettes and clean lines like Kinto. 

9. Kinto Water bottle 

As we continue the fight for more sustainable products and less single use waste like water bottles that are inhabiting landfills and oceans, travel bottles can be found almost everywhere. Thanks to Kinto, you can score a fine looking water bottle that’s both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. 

Unique, well designed water bottles are a simple, yet well-appreciated custom merchandise offering that tops good gift ideas for architects. 

10. Coyuchi organic waffle kitchen towels

What's an everyday essential that everyone needs, but rarely does one purchase for themselves? A great dish towel set. If you’re looking for an easy gift that’s loved, appreciated, functional, and blends in with any decor, think kitchen towels. Even those who only eat in thanks to delivery services will appreciate having a fine set of towels in their kitchen toolbox. 

For extra bonus points, choose features like a side loop for easy hanging and organic waffle fabric that’s soft and absorbent. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a set of six, like this premium set from Coyuchi. 

11. Coyuchi Organic Cotton Throw  

Living room, bedroom, study, home office— is there really a room in the house aside from maybe the bathroom that couldn’t benefit from a well crafted throw like this minimalistic throw from Coyuchi? The perfect weight for year round use, this throw with muted earth tones styling fits perfectly strewn across the foot of the bed or over the arm of a chair or sofa. 

If a high quality throw is topping your interior designer gifts ideas, look for features like Coyuchi’s 100% organic cotton fabrication. This one is grown in Turkey and woven in Germany. And mega bonus points if it’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the world's leading textile processing authority for organic fibers, certified. 

12.  Morihata Lana Room Shoes 

Premium slippers, or in this case, room shoes, are every bit as welcoming as they are soft and plush. They’re the perfect companion after long work days, early mornings, and just kickin’ it, relaxing weekends.  What makes slippers good gifts for interior designers, are features like high quality and coveted designs that are universally appreciated. The Morihata room slippers offer all the features you want: think plush softness that feels like cashmere weave that’s washable and consists of 100% cotton fibers. 

When it comes to gifts for interior designers surprise them with something that makes them want to kick up their feet and enjoy the simple things in life.

13. Morihata Organic Genmaicha Loose Leaf Green Tea 

Personalized gifts for interior designers that are just their cup of tea, literally. For friends, family, customers, VIPs, employees and even gifts for interior design students, tea is an easy, affordable gift that symbolizes warmth and friendship. When thinking through consumables, invest in high quality ingredients that your recipients can appreciate, like Morihata’s organic genmaicha loose leaf green tea with is described as “A slightly savory green tea blended with roasted rice that is perfect for daily drinking and pairs wonderfully with food.”


Thanks to all of the different options on the market, quality tea also tops the list for trade show gifts for interior designers thanks to being low cost, space saving, lightweight and easy to ship. For an upscale gift add a kettle or tea pot to your gift like the ones above, and you’ve got a memorable gift that will keep you and your company top of your recipient’s mind.  


14. Hawkins NY Candlestick

The best gifts for architects and interior designers don’t have to blow your budget. Which is why these Hawkins New York candlesticks are just right. From their functional yet modern-minimal design they are the perfect accent or centerpiece or their own and when in use, create a beautiful ambiance for dinner parties to romantic evenings in.  


Candlesticks and holders are a versatile gift that’s perfect for almost everyone and also make well loved birthday gifts for interior designers. 

15.  Hawkins New York Space Towel Set

A well crafted towel isn’t something you think about buying yourself even though it’s used daily. Which is why a quality towel set isn’t only a thoughtful gift but one that is appreciated day after day. When looking for gifts for young interior designers you can’t go wrong with a Hawkins New York towel set since it’s something, as they say “out of this world” that new designers probably won’t splurge on for themselves. 

For extra bonus points, customize with embroidery for personalized gifts for interior designers they’ll love to show off. 

For more inspiring gifts, talk to one of the representatives at Gemnote to see how they can create a curated collection of the best gifts for interior design lovers— including interior designer funny gifts! 

At the end of the day, gifts are about showing someone appreciation and just like anything else, if done with sincerity will go a long way in fostering a relationship. Talk to a Gemnote rep today about how you can see curated collections of gifts tailored to your company or industry, marketing efforts, design style, and budget. They can also help you find ways to save on design costs or help you create your own merch store so you can make a profit on your designs while increasing your brand exposure. Plus, when it comes to personalization, Gemstone can help you make your logo standout on almost anything.

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