Best Event Swag items for your Audiences

November 17, 2021

Keep your audience excited and engaged with fun event swag for every budget.

When planning an event, one of the most important things to plan is what kind of virtual conference swag items you will give out. Whether you're buying items for a small number of attendees, or purchasing custom event swag combos in bulk, choosing what best represents your company and brand is the first step to making a big impression.

Even at tech conferences, where the primary purpose is the tech itself, people still expect event swagger, and these digital swag ideas 2021 can help.

The Best Conference Swag Ideas for Attendees 

1. Custom Nylon Backpack

Having a custom nylon backpack made for an event is an excellent swag item to give out. It can be used for years after an event, making it worth the money. This is great to give out at tech conferences, where people are more likely to need backpacks daily.

These also make great virtual conference swag bags since they are lightweight and easy to ship.

Shown: Custom Backpack

2. Hanes Crewneck Sweatshirt

Another excellent swag item to give out at a conference is a Hanes crewneck sweatshirt. This is perfect because it's something you can wear at the event, making it suitable for branding and networking purposes.Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

3. Custom Canvas Pouch

An option for cool event swag is a custom canvas pouch with your company's logo on it. This is great because it can carry small items around, making your brand recognizable even when you are not at an event.

A canvas pouch is one of many perfect women event swag bag ideas because women will use the pouch repeatedly after the event!

Photo courtesy of Honest

4. Sports Water Bottle

Some of the best swag items to give are sports water bottles with your company's logo on them. You can use these at the event, getting your brand name in front of the people who show up, plus attendees can use them for years after an event.

When you're purchasing items like these bottles, mugs, t-shirts, and other general goods, it's most cost-effective to get custom event swag in bulk, as you'll get the best price this way.

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

5. Embroidered Patch

Customized embroidered patches are a popular event promotional swag item used in all sorts of industries. They're great for promoting your company, brand, or product while also providing a unique keepsake that people will truly appreciate and will think about long after the conference is over.

Photo courtesy of Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.

6. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a great way to show your attendees that you appreciate them from the moment they step into your event.

You can give these out at registration or distribute them during social events or parties. They have a great chance of being used for more than just the conference, making it a perfect keepsake item.

Photo courtesy of Stealth Bros & Co.

7. Custom Notebook

Some of the best conference swag is useful for your actual conference. A custom notebook is a great swag item for all attendees. This notebook can be handy if your audience members need to jot down meeting notes during or after the event.

Photo courtesy of Public Supply Co.

8. Custom Chocolate Bar

It is safe to say that chocolate never loses its appeal among audiences or event attendees. Chocolate bars are some of the best virtual event swag ideas.

A wonderful gift for your audience would be a personally molded milk chocolate bar with your business logo on the top of the bar!

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times 

9. Baggu Tote

When you're thinking of virtual event swag bag ideas, one of the first times that comes to mind is the Baggu tote. This tote bag is practical yet promotional. It's very durable and will last a long time, and also very stylish!

These totes will get used by your attendees, and because they fold easily, they can carry them around wherever they go. Attendees can use this bag for business trips, grocery shopping, etc.

Shown: Baggu Tote

10. Custom Socks

This is an uncommon conference swag idea but will be a memorable one for your audience. Everyone wears socks, so these are great items to give away at conferences. They can be branded with your company's logo or tagline, and they will get plenty of use.

Photo courtesy of OnlyNY

11. Custom Hand Sanitizer + Mask

Nothing says conference swag 2021 more than sanitizer and mask. After Covid, hand sanitizer and masks are essential items that everyone traveling will either need or want.

Every attendee will want to protect themselves at the conference they are attending. This is a great swag item since it has multiple purposes and can be used numerous times throughout the day.

Photo courtesy of HypeBeast

12. Sticker Sheet

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and stickers are definitely going to make your event's attendees remember you. Create a custom sticker sheet with an image of your logo on it or memorable quotes.

Give these out as people walk by the booth or leave the event, and they'll be sure to carry good memories with them!

If you're creating a virtual event swag box, this item is a must. It doesn't take up a lot of space but will be impactful for your audience and help your brand awareness as they can use them on their computer, water bottle, and other items they use in public.

Photo Courtesy of KRTVD
Shown: Hyper Sticker Sheet

13. Custom T-shirt

Custom T-shirts always make great swag items for an event. They're loved by all, with branding event swag, you can keep reinforcing your rebranding efforts. Place in your virtual event swag bags and encourage your live and virtual attendees to share pictures or videos of themselves wearing their cool event swag on social media for great marketing exposure!

Photo courtesy of A24

14. Baseball Cap

A custom baseball cap with your company on it is a great way to grab your audience's attention. By giving something people can enjoy for a long time—like a cap—means they can take your brand with them wherever they go. 

Photo courtesy of Museum of Peace and Quiet

15. Portable Hand Fan

Portable hand fans make excellent event table swag for conferences and keep attendees cool while they wait to enter a conference room or take their seats.

Photo courtesy of 4All Promos

16. Custom Canvas Duffle Bags

Canvas bags are a great way to say thanks and provide an easy way for attendees to carry all their conference items. These bags are inexpensive and easy to customize with your logo. ​If you're including this in a swag bag for virtual event-goers, this is a great item to include. 

Photo courtesy of A24

17. Enamel Keychain

An enamel keychain is one of the best swag items to give out at a conference and can be designed to fit your company's branding.

Photo Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co. 

18. Custom Towel

Custom towels can be used at the gym, pool, spa, beach, and anywhere. Many companies like this item because it fits in with their brand while giving something useful to their audience. 

Photo courtesy of A24

19. Custom Camp Mug

Another great swag idea is a custom camp mug. These mugs have lids which make them easy to use while on the go.

They make for great corporate event swag, as people can use them at the conference and at the office.

Photo Courtesy of Topo Designs

20. California Gummy Bears

For the best conference swag, give your attendees yummy swag items they can snack on!

Shown: California Gummy Bears

The Best Conference Swag for VIPs, Speaker Gifts, and Swag Bags

Whether you're creating these yourself or using an event swag bag distribution company, here are the best conference swag items your special guests will love! You can also use the following items to make a swag event giveaway prize and add a fun, competitive element to your event.

1. JBL Headphones

One of the top VIP items to give out at a conference is headphones. Your VIPs and speakers will love having a nice pair of headphones to use throughout their day.

Shown: JBL Headphones

2. Custom Blanket

Another great idea for a VIP gift is to give them a custom blanket. These items are versatile, as they can be used at home or even while traveling.

Photo courtesy of A24

3. The North Face Fleece Jacket

If you're looking for a great VIP or Speaker swag item, The North Face fleece is it. Talk to your Gemnote Rep about the different styles you can customize with your company's logo and branding.

Shown: The North Face Fleece Jackets

4. Champion Crewneck T-shirt

Another great product to give out is a Champion crewneck t-shirt. It's made of quality material and fits comfortably on the body, making it one of the best swag giveaways for your event.

Shown: Champion Tees

5. Kiko Leather Cord organizer + Luggage Tag 

The Kiko leather cord organizer and luggage tag is a simple gift with a lot of value. Quality products like this show that your company truly cares about the individual's experience and will leave a lasting impression. Plus, it gives some real utility to an overlooked area of travel.

Photos courtesy of Kiko Leather

6. Rains Weekend Bag

Your VIP guests will love this Rains weekend bag. This unique bag features a stylish look and keeps the items inside dry, protecting them from any weather or other elements that could harm them.

This is a great gift for speakers as they will have a nice bag at their disposal wherever they are.

Shown: Rains Weekend Bag

7. Native Union Charging Cable

The Native Union cable is a multi-tasking and high-quality cable that works perfectly with electronic devices. This durable gift is an excellent option and ensures your VIPs will use it in the future.

Shown: Native Union Charger

8. The North Face Backpack

A great speaker gift idea is to give them a quality North face backpack. These items are well designed and will help your audience members organize their belongings to focus on everything else at the conference.

Speakers always have lots of information to remember about future engagements, so anything that helps them manage their belongings is a fantastic gift.

Shown: The North Face Dyno Backpack

9. Lexon Bluetooth Charger

One of the best tech event swag items you can give out is a Lexon Bluetooth charger. This item is handy and will make sure your guests never run out of battery during your conference.

This product makes for excellent tech conference swag because it can be used at multiple engagements throughout the year.

Photo courtesy of Lexon

10. The North Face Puff Vest

A great product to give out at a conference is a Facebook puff vest. This item is stylish and wearable in any situation, making it a versatile choice for many different seasons.

This item is useful because it's simple to use and gives your guests something trendy to wear when they're out and about after the event.

Shown: The North Face Puff Vest

There You Have It!

With these great items, your guests will love their conference swag. Remember to stick within your company's style and branding to ensure the products are beneficial. Each item featured on this list is an outstanding option for conference swag that will leave a lasting impression!

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