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Google Design

The Google Design team does work that touches billions while exemplifying one of Google’s core principles: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”  We collaborated with their top designers to put together an event specific box for their first fully digital design summit.

Our team worked with design-focused suppliers like Vitra and Muji, while also bringing in new ideas and vendors to put together a truly unique summit experience.  This box included an incredible one-of-a-kind SumUX newsprint and other workshop specific items, while also keeping in mind the unboxing experience - all the way down to custom mailers, stickers, and packaging tape.

We sourced, customized, kitted, and shipped these to individual Googlers around the world in time for their global summit.

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Team-building in the age of remote work.

Despite not being face-to-face, over 600 employees joined together for a virtual summit to celebrate their accomplishments.

How we help Google Design

Our clients use us for a variety of services depending on their need. Here are ways Google uses Gemnote to scale the personal touch.
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