Our customers and their stories

98% positive feedback from candidates, boost in employer brand

The sheer volume of people that list Gemnote as being one of the more magical moments of the whole process is very, very high. We get a ton of comments from people that we didn’t hire that say, "Hey, sorry it didn’t work out. I guarantee I’m gonna steal this gifting idea and pass it onto my existing teams because we don’t do anything nearly as cool as this."

Executive Recruiting @ Starbucks


Partners since 2015. Gemnote was brought on to scale gifting for candidate experience for the Recruiting Team.

Use Case

Employee and candidate experience. Gemnote personalizes and automates gifting for executive and middle management interviewees at Starbuck’s Headquarters in Seattle, WA.

98% positive feedback, spending 30% less on price per gift, reduced in-house labor and increased efficiency with Gemnote’s software

Our recruiters love using Gemnote for their candidates. The site is easy to use, the process is streamlined, the turnaround is quick and the items are high quality. I don’t know what we did before Gemnote existed!

Recruitment and Talent @ Box


Partners since 2015. Gemnote was brought on to ensure that the new hire experience was memorable and authentic to Box’s company culture.

Use Case

Employee experience and company events. Gifting was previously very manual and prepared ad hoc by in-house admins when available. The team wanted to transition off old-school vendors like Edible Arrangements and Harry & David, which costed 2x more without using economies of scale.

Stayed under budget by 21% with positive feedback from C-Suite. Sent 1,000 custom gifts in less than a week to customers domestically and internationally.

In all honesty, Gemnote has been a lifesaver since [our partnership] in 2016. [They] handled our first mass holiday gift program with such poise and organization. We were able to work together to create different packages that aligned with our brand and resonated well with our customers. Every time we've used Gemnote, they've gone above and beyond to execute our gifts. I can't thank [them] enough!

Marketing @ ZipRecruiter


Partners since 2016. Gemnote was brought on to manage all client gifts for holidays and support the sales/marketing team with year-round gifting.

Use Case

ZipRecruiter was unhappy with previous vendors’ low quality products and mediocre service. The recipient’s gifts were not personal enough and they wanted to elevate the client’s experience without overspending.