25 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $50

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Forget ugly Christmas sweaters and bad gifts. These tasteful white elephant gift ideas are fun, useful, and under $50!

When it comes to giving memorable gifts that people actually want to receive, you’ll want to make sure you pick something not only fun but useful too. The best white elephant gift ideas $50 and under are out there and we can help you find them. From comfy apparel to backpacks, mugs, and more, these best white elephant gift ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, there are many appropriate white elephant gift ideas under $50 for all ages. 

White Elephant Gift Rules

So before we dive in, you may be wondering how does one actually play a white elephant game. Well, although you can find many different variations of the game from simple to complicated, the basics are pretty easy to master. First, everyone who is playing the game should bring a wrapped gift. Next, all gifts be placed together on a table or anywhere else that is in easy viewing of the recipients. Then, there should be one number for every person playing the game. So for example, if there are 20 people playing, there should be 20 wrapped gifts and the numbers 1-20 in a bowl or other container. Each person then picks a number. 

Now the real fun begins. Going in chronological order, the numbers are called. The person with number one can draw any gift from the pile and unwrap it. Next, it’s player number two’s turn. At this point, they can choose to unwrap a gift or steal a gift from number one. If they steal number one’s gift, that player can redraw from the pile. The game then continues until the last person draws. As you can see the player with the highest number has the best opportunity to choose or steal their favorite gift. 

White elephant games have the potential to go on and on, especially if you are playing with a large group of people. If this is the case, there are rules you can place on the number of times someone steals a gift to keep it moving. If you are hosting a white elephant game, you will most likely want to have a set amount that the white elephant gift should be. To best determine a price for your gift-giving game make sure to consider the people who will be playing and what they can comfortably afford. In addition, you may want to have a few “extras” on hand for any guests who forget or cannot afford to bring a gift. 

Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas $50

Our list features gift ideas for all budgets and even item your young players will enjoy. Plus, many of these make great last minute white elephant gift ideas too. 

White Elephant Gift Ideas $20 or Less

These items are proof that the best gifts don’t have to be expensive. Plus these are perfect for players of all ages. 

1. Festive Bath Salts 

For an inexpensive gift idea with spa-like finesse, you can't beat festive bath salts. It's the perfect reward after a hard gift-giving game of white elephant.

Shown: Botanical Bath Salts $7 

2. Yummy Candy! 

Candy Club reigns supreme on both the cuteness factor and their yummy candies. We’re loving these penguins ones that look like they came in straight from the north pole. 

Shown: Candy Club Penguin Parade starting at $7.98

3. A Handy Hand Sanitizer

Before the pandemic hand sanitizer was nice to have, now it’s thought of as more of an essential. If you’re thinking of gifting one this year, look for features like this clever travel-friendly one from Noshinku that smells divine, is moisturizing and uses organic ingredients. 

Eucalyptus Pocket Hand Sanitizer starting at $10

4. A Colorful Puzzle 

Not just for the kiddos, these food-inspired puzzles from Areaware offer are some of our favorite creative white elephant gift ideas $50 or less! Plus, at these prices, you can stock up and use for stocking stuffers too!  

Shown: Areaware puzzle starting at $15  

5. A Cool Beanie For Cold Days!

For serious white elephant gift ideas $50 or less, you can’t beat this pom beanie from The North Face. It’s the gift everyone is going to want to steal!

Shown: The North Face® Pom Beanie starting at $18 

6. A Pretty and Practical Mug

When it comes to useful white elephant gift ideas $50 and under, this Kinto mug is a winner! With a minimalistic, modern design everyone can appreciate, it’s perfect year round for coffee, hot chocolates, teas, and just about anything else you want to sip on.  

Shown: Kinto Mug starting at $18.80 

7. The Perfect Travel Tumbler

For useful white elephant gift ideas $50 or less, why not stock up on a couple of these Adventure tumblers with a rotating lid for use with and without the reusable straw. 

Shown: Stanley Adventure Tumbler starting at $20

White Elephant Gift Ideas $25

8. A Great Fitting Hoodie

Few people can resist a soft hoodie! It’s the one basoc you can never have too many of and there are many great styles under $25. 

Shown: BELLA+CANVAS ® Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Hoodie starting at $20.30

9. A Fun Plant Ready That’s Ready to Grow!

Who can resist getting a gift tat actually grows? With modern Sprout grow kits you can have everything you need to start growing herbs, flowers or in this case, champagne poppies! 


Shown: Modern Sprout® Grow Kit Champagne Poppies starting at $22.55

10. A Helpful Key Finder!

We all have those days… you know the ones where you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your body? Well, thankfully there’s a Tile Mate to help you find your keys or wallet or whatever you stash or add it to. 

Shown: Tile Mate starting at $24.99 

11. A Name Brand Waist Pack

FOr a gift that gives the added appeal of hands free storage and convenience, a wasit pack is just what you need! Plus, if you choose a name brand like Nike, you know it’s the gift they’ll want to steal!

Shown: Nike heritage hip pack starting at $25

White Elephant Gift Ideas $50 or Less

12. A Rainbow of Cool Hues!

Let kids or adult’s their inner child rejoice! These erasable highlighters are some of the best white elephant gift ideas under $50 for all ages! They’re the perfect gift for brightening someone’s day and getting creative with highlighter art

Shown: Pocketo Erasable Marker Set starting at $28 

13. A Handy Tech Organizer  

For traveling or just keeping your essentials nice, neat and in order, who wouldn’t love a stylish organizer like this one from Native Union? We’re pretty sure, everyone, Just check the 5 star reviews

Shown: Native Union Stow Lite Organizer starting at $34.99

14. A Powerful Charge

How many times would this gift have come in handy? If you’re looking for useful white elephant gift ideas $50 a nice power bank tops the list.  Plus this one from My charge (which also carries waterproof styles)  provides up to 4 extra charges and is 65% faster than the rest. 

Shown: Go Big Rechargeable Power Bank starting at $29.99

15. A Game To Get Them Talking

This 18 and up Confessions game features 100 cards and dice to help players confess or just kick off some daring conversations. 

Shown: Confessions card game starting at $30

16. A Terrific Drop Kit  

If your looking for a white elephant gift ideas 50 dollars or less, this Topo Designs drop kit will be a hit! Not only does it help keep your essentials organized, but it’s triangular shape is meant for standing up when not in use for a handy space-saving design. 

Shown: Topo Designs drop kit starting at $34 

17. A Stellar Coffee Mug

What makes this one of our favorite useful white elephant gift ideas $50 or less? For starters the triple insulation keeps your fave bevs hot for up to 3 hours! Not to mention this quality mug from Corkcicle is dishwasher safe on the top rack. But our favorite feature? All Corkcicle products help bring clean water to people in need.  

Shown: CORKCICLE® Coffee Mug - 16 oz. starting at $37 

18. Something to Spark an Adventure!

Backpacks are useful white elephant gift ideas $50 or less. Look for features like this one from Trailside that features padded back panel and shoulder straps, plus stretch pocket holders for water and essentials as well as inside pockets. 

Shown: Trailside Daypack starting at $39.98

19. A Classic Polo 

Who couldn’t use a sport-friendly polo for work and play? While it helps to know the size of the recipient you may want to gift a card that carries cool brands like Nike. 

Shown: Nike Dri FIT polos starting at $39.98

20. A Bluetooth Speaker that Rocks!

For a gift that’s sure to be a hit, you can’t beat a Bluetooth portable speaker, like this one from Anker® that offers 15 hours of continuous playtime. For major bonus points, order one for everyone and have it customized! Talk to your Gemnote Rep for details.  

Shown: Anker® Soundcore Mini 3 Pro Bluetooth® Speaker starting at $39.99

21. A Name Brand Backpack

For a gift even your younger partygoers will love, a name brand backpack like this one from Adidas is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Perfect for school and day trips to quick weekend getaways, it’s one of the most useful white elephant gift ideas $50 or less. 


Shown: Adidas 3 stripe backpack starting at $42.92

22. Cool Coasters

A colorful coaster that delivers on style and saves furniture from unsightly water stains. Talk about a gift that’s win-win! For a hands down favorite, this textured coaster from Areaware lives up to the hype.  

Shown: Areaware coasters $45 

23. A Gift That Glows

Candles are those wonderful household accessories you can never have too many of. For insta love, choose a style like this one from Brooklyn Candle Studio that’s pretty on the outside and 100% soy wax on the inside for an eco-friendly clean burn.


Shown: Brooklyn Candle Studio 'Santorini' starting at $48

24. Wireless Earbuds!

When it comes to gift giving, air buds like these from JBL are always a crowd favorite and make some of the best white elephant gift ideas under $50 for all ages! 

Shown: Vibe 200TWS True Wireless Earbuds starting at $49.95

25. A Murder Mystery Game 

How about a cool game that can keep the fun going long after your white elephant game is through? For serious white elephant gift ideas $50 or less, this Host Your Own Murder Mystery Reusable Game Kit keeps the fun going with 1920’s themed mysteries. 

Shown: Host Your Own Murder Mystery - Reusable Game Kit starting at $50

And there you have it, our best white elephant gift ideas $50 or less! While this is the most popular threshold, your host may have stipulated that you bring something you made. For DIY white elephant gift ideas, just search Pinterest for major inspiration or check out these DIY funny white elephant gift ideas

If your host stipulated white elephant gift ideas $50-$100, no need to worry! Just pick two or more gifts from the list above and wrap them in the same box for a generous and unforgettable gift! And, if you were hoping to provide all the gifts for your group to give, talk to a Gemnote rep about how you can save on your bulk order and get customization options too! 

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