10 Best Welcome Back Gifts for Employees & Staff After Lockdown

June 24, 2021

Explore our list of the best gifts and give your employees a warm welcome back.

Now that more and more businesses are re-emerging from the lockdown of these past few months, we can look forward to picking up where we left off before the pandemic – with a lot of care so as not to spread the virus, of course. If you are expecting your staff to report to the office, you might want to considering getting welcome back gifts for employees apart from ensuring these five practices. Picking out welcome back gifts for employees is a great way to resume your operations, especially after the global lockdown we’ve all had! Here’s more that you should learn about it.

Welcome Back Gifts for Coworkers: Why You Should Do It 

Giving welcome back gift kits for staff has been a standard practice in a lot of industries, but more so in today’s times. Welcome back to the office presents are fast becoming part of the new normal – at least, for businesses that want to show that they care about your staff. These are some of the reasons why investing in welcome back to the office presents can make a world of a difference in the way you run things in your office in the new normal:

  1. It’s a great motivational boost – especially for those who had a hard time being at home for an extended period. An employee, who has been locked down for weeks on end, will certainly perk up upon receiving a welcome back to work gift basket. There’s a unique kind of stress struggling to work at home and balancing it with the demands of the home front, and the worst is that it can really get an employee down, big time. A welcome back to work gift basket is a super quick perk me up that can help him look forward even more to becoming productive in the work place.
  1. It can help them settle into work more quickly. A welcome back gift can be created in such a way that you can select items that are purposefully geared towards helping your employee readjust back to his usual corporate routine. This is especially true when he is readjusting from a new routine that he was forced to adhere to while at home. The contents of the welcome back gift can be tools that are used on the job everyday (can be new, or better replacements for existing items. Being in the midst of these shiny new work things can help your employee readjust quickly to being on work mode.
  1. It helps them feel appreciated and safe. When you think of gift ideas for staff members, you can factor in items that will help them feel that you really care about their well-being. These gift ideas for staff members can be items that will help them develop a healthier mental state (especially if they’re coming back from a super stressful home situation or lockdown-related personal experience), or items that will help give them additional health and safety protection while we wait for a coronavirus vaccine to be developed.

Whatever welcome back to work gift ideas you come up with will be well-appreciated by your employees, no matter what the contents of the gift box are. The great thing about welcome back to work gift ideas is that there is always some for every budget, so you don’t need to worry about having to use up a huge part of your operational budget to get it done.

Welcome Back to Work Gift Ideas for New Employees

If you need gift ideas for office staff who are coming in for the first time as new employees, these themed packages are a big hit especially after the lockdown. You can even continue checking back on this list periodically as you take on new hires later in the future.

  1. Safety package. These days, welcome back to work gift basket ideas will always include a coronavirus safety package. The economy might be restarting, but it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe to be out there. Welcome back to work gift basket ideas geared towards protecting new employees from possibly contracting the coronavirus will definitely be appreciated and can be used right away – on their first day of work, to be exact!
  1. A set of office supplies and desk staples. Gift ideas for employees who are new hires will always include items that he or she is expected to use on a daily basis. While the contents might be different depending on the department he is to assume work in, there are some general office supplied that almost everyone will appreciate and find use for.
  1. Health & wellness gifts. Have you ever thought of giving relaxing gifts on back to office for new employees? Relaxing gifts on back to office are a big hit and a refreshing change from the usual work-related themes. They make a new hire feel that you are intent on making him feel that his personal wellness is also a priority. You can even include welcome back to work quotes to the gift, along with a message that is explicitly telling them to not neglect their wellness.


Add a welcome back letter with each one (here’s a nice sample template you can refer to) and you’ve just made their transition back to the workplace a whole lot easier!

Where to Buy Welcome Back Gifts

If you’re looking for gift ideas for office staff under 5 dollars or even gift ideas for office staff under $20, the best place for you to check out would be a corporate gift supply company. These companies have it all – welcome back to work funny gifts, gift ideas for new moms returning to work, and everything in between. The great thing about working on your welcome back to work gift basket ideas with a company like Gemnote is you get to benefit from their professional experience. Their associates know which gifts will work well for new hires, which are the best gift ideas for new moms returning to work or corporate executives, etc. It cuts down the time needed to curate sets of gift ideas for your employees because you have someone attending to it.

10 Gifts for Welcoming Employees After Lockdown 2020

 Here are ten great suggestions that should be part and parcel of welcome back to work gift ideas for your employees:

1. Hair and head gear

United by Blue Mariner Beanie, Customized Hat, Carhartt Ashland Cap

Post-lockdown welcome back to work gift ideas for your employees should always include something to help them avoid touching their faces. These caps, beanies and headbands will work well to keep hair in place so your employee wouldn’t have to keep tucking away a stray strand (and risk contracting the coronavirus).

2. BYO Bottles

Klean Kanteen Insulated TK wide, Fresko Rush Flask, Miir Heritage Howler‍

Now is the time to avoid communal use items, so it’s best to put those pantry cups away and have everyone use their own bottles for drinking water. This is a good way to risk contamination and keep employees from moving around too much since they already have enough water by their desks.

3. Bag organizers

Bellroy Classic Pouch, Tooletries Koby Bag Olive, United By Blue Peaks Zip Case

These nifty zip case don’t just allow you to stay organized. They also isolate one’s essential “out of the house” items so they don’t get in contact with things that are exposed in the house. These are great for holding chargers, security remote keys, and other devices and tools that one has to use in the office and needs to be brought back home. 

4. Jackets

The NorthFace DryVent Rain Jacket, Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket, Carhartt Shoreline Jacket

Ideally, we’d all be wearing PPEs (personal protective equipment) when out in public and at the office. If that’s a long stretch, these jackets will come in handy by adding a layer of protection on the top half of one’s body. These jacket zips all the way up the neck, covering more skin than the usual raincoat. Pair it with a beanie, protective face mask, and gloves and your employee will be more at ease commuting to work with such great protection – especially in the winter time.

5. Clothes to maintain warmth

Patagonia Men’s Micro D Pullover, Bella + Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Sweatshirt, The North Face Tech ¼ Zip Fleece‍

The coronavirus will be particularly hard to beat come winter time, because it does more damage on people whose health are compromised. Keeping yourself warm can help prevent a cold from developing, so this amazingly toasty from reputable brands will make any employee’s welcome back to work gift basket extra lovely.

6. Desk essentials

Flight 001 Adapter 5 in 1 Box, Areaware Paper Clips, Areaware Concrete Desk Set

These items work stylishly coordinated with each other and will make any employee’s work station look extra appealing to work in. It’s an instant style upgrade that can motivate one to perform his best at work, especially if coming back from a stressful lockdown situation. Pair it with some motivating welcome back to work quotes and you will surely have done a lot to make your employee (especially a new hire!) look forward to doing his best every day.

7. Accessories organizers

Flight 001 Quart Bag, Flight 001 Spacepak Utilipak Set, Kiko Leather Desk Tray

These options can be a great catch-all for things that are brought outside the house (or office) and back. Things like loose change, house keys, store cards, pocket sanitizers and the like are whipped out and used in public. Keep them from contaminating other things in the house or office by keeping them in one area designed for such items!

8. Power charging cables

Native Union Night Cable, Native Union Belt Cable Twinhead, Nomad Carabiner Charging Cable‍

Minimize the amount of things that make it to the office and back with this these charging cables that your employee can leave at his desk. No need to bring home his trusty phone charger and risk contamination when he knows he already has one at his desk!

9. Hands-free bags

Timbuk2 Slacker Chest Pack, STATE Bags Webster Fanny Packs, Timbuk2 Rascal Beltbag‍

The less you have when you are out, the lower your chances of bringing coronavirus home with you. Keep your essentials safe while keeping yourself hands free with these belt, chest, and fanny packs. Stylish and gender neutral, it’s a must have during these times. 

10.  Bags for cutlery and plates

Flight 001 Spacepak Small, Aplay Culinary Tote Denim, Aplat Plat Culinary Tote Cotton

Bring your own plates and cutlery to work to keep safe from coronavirus contamination whilst dining at the office canteen! Keep your lunch essential safe from contact with others by storing them in these handy packs and tote.

Working from home most likely had its benefits as well as hardships, and returning back to the office will also be an adjustment. By offering your employees a welcome back gift, you'll help ease the transition, increase morale, and foster a company culture everyone will appreciate.

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